Amethyst remains one of the most precious stones used for purposes of healing.
Its power and abilities are special compared to other kinds of stone in existence today.

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Crystal Meanings

Bring inspiration, empowerement and wellness to your life

Crystal of the Month

November - Citrine

Citrine has positive characteristics when aiding the physical self and has an important role in valuing the spiritual self as well. It awakens and expands the higher mind, especially conscious awareness.
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Crystal Uses

Learn more about use of healing crystals and how to apply them for good

Best Crystals for Self-Love

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Best Crystals for Anger

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Best Crystals for Abundance

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What are the Best Crystals for Pregnancy?

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Best Crystals for Money

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Best Crystals for Migraine

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Best Crystals for Depression

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Best Crystals for Sleep

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Best Crystals for New Beginnings

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Best Crystals for Grief

The crystals for Grief can be a life-saver when you are going through a difficult time. From the dawn of history, they have been used as charms, amulets, and holy items.

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Best Crystals for Focus

Do you struggle to focus on the tasks and are you in search of the best crystals for focus? Your search for a crystal that will suit your needs has led you to the right article. Focus is an essential skill that will help you both in school and at work and in your relationships with friends and family. The best way to understand the focus is to visualize it as a power source. By maintaining your focus, you will ensure that you are dealing with only one task at a time.

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Best Crystals for Confidence

Do you feel like the world is against you? Like no matter what you do, things will never go your way? This feeling of negativity can weigh heavily on your mental health and cause a lack of confidence. If you have ever felt down about yourself or are less than confident in your abilities, it's time to look into crystals for confidence!

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Best Crystals for Luck

Whether it's bad luck or good luck, luck is a major part of our personal and professional lives. We rely on luck to decide what to wear and when to go to work from the moment we wake up. The majority of people ask how they can improve their luck. Basically, crystals are natural stones with the ability to improve your luck.

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Best Crystals for Creativity

Creativity is the power to see new opportunities in things that already exist. It can be hard to feel creative when you're not feeling inspired. You've probably heard about stones that can cleanse and heal, but did you know they can also boost your creativity? You may not know it, but crystals can help you find your creative flow and release stress.

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Best Crystals for Love and Romance

Love and romance are the most powerful human emotions. Crystals are a wonderful way to find inner peace in relationships. They can help with energy healing, balancing chakras, protection against negativity, the manifestation of goals or desires, and more! With the right crystal, you can achieve many goals, such as attracting love.

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Best Crystals for Empaths

Even very powerful empaths can use some of these gemstones to regulate their energy levels. The crystals for empaths also provide protection from negative energies when an empath is around other people or in highly-charged spaces.

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Best Crystals for Prosperity

Many people believe that crystals can bring about prosperity. The principle behind this belief lies in the belief that by attuning ourselves to specific crystals.

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Best Crystals for Weight Loss

A lot of health issues arise from being obese or overweight, and the use of weight-loss crystals is one way to solve these problems. These crystals can help you lose weight by balancing your energies, reducing your stress, and motivating you to remain focused.

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Best Crystals for Protection

One of the best ways of repelling negative forces and shielding yourself from absorbing negative energy from others is by using healing crystals.  In this guide, we are going to talk about the best protective crystals and stones and how to use them.

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Best Crystals for Fertility

Fertility issues affect up to 15% of couples. Luckily, there are a few natural ways to increase your fertility and become pregnant faster, here's a list of best crystals used for fertility.

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Best Crystals For Anxiety

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Shapes of Healing Crystals

Crystal Pyramids

Crystals have varieties of colors that signifies its purpose, as well as crystal shapes that are said to matter because it affects the way you acquire energy from the crystal. The pyramid is a mystical shape that fascinates, charms, and speaks to us of secrets from the past, with its wide base grounded at the Earth and its four equilateral triangles ascending into the heavens. Its shape intensifies the energy at the pyramid's apex, which is said to be sending our intentions into the universe.

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Raw Crystals

Rough or raw crystals are by far the most basic form of crystals as they are quarried. These are chunks of rocks that were compacted to the most natural way. It looks exactly like how they came up from the Earth, untouched by humans and machines which makes it refined or heart-treated. The shapes are occasionally unusual or awkward, and they usually lack the lustrous glitz that tumbled pieces have. And since it is already unique in appearance, it is said to be the most sacred gemstone. Additionally, Several other people also believe that raw stones have more pure energy because they have been untouched and unaltered

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Crystal Clusters

A crystal cluster is a collection of crystals that form in an open area and have a euhedral crystal form established by their internal crystalline structure. They emit a massive amount of energy due to their numerous crystal points. Each cluster crystal might be different with its metaphysical property, however, they attain the same characteristic which is, they bring powerful, healing Earth energy into your environment. These healing crystals are also really efficient at eliminating bad energy from an environment, at the same time they fill the surrounding space with light and positive energy.

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Crystal Points & Crystal Towers

Crystal points and towers are ideal for spiritual practice or any space for healing ritual objects. These 2 are the perfect combination of crystals that can be beneficial to you, especially if you want to attract the energy of love and relationship into your life. However, to further learn and differentiate crystal points and crystal towers, a crystal point has a strongly defined apex on either side or each side of the crystal.

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Crystal Wands

Crystal wands have so many benefits and healing properties that it is sometimes called a “magical wand.” Crystal wands are made of an amazing facade of natural gemstones. When you need focus or clarity, wands are good to hold. One of the benefits of using a crystal wand is massage, this crystal is perfect for facial and body massages, especially curve-shaped wands. Additionally, one of the benefits of crystal wands is healing. They have a powerful energy that can be used to channel all the negative energy in your body and work on those parts that need repair. This crystal form is also known as the power of intention which is great if you want to set your life goals!

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Crystal Spheres

Crystal spheres represent powerful crystal tools that generate balance and positive characteristics. The sphere is historically perfect and sacred: all points are within the same distance from the center and thus are a pure expression of unity and integrity. A crystal that is sculptured and polished as a sphere can be a strong energy conductor. Additionally, the sphere is our Earth's perfect form and shape, this form allows the crystal to radiate energy in all directions simultaneously.

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Crystal Geodes

Geodes crystals are notable for their uses, they have unique points that are beneficial in different fields. These crystals produce positive energy and therefore all energy is regulated in its immediate environment. In addition, the energy and the internal connection created by the geode will help your mind calm and the spirit relax. Geodes can also help you to communicate with divine beings and help to create better moods, equilibriums, and energies, which can help in meditation, stress, and decisions.

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Tumbled Stones and Crystals

Tumbled stones are also known as polished stones, polished rocks, baroque gems, and a variety of other terms. These stones are known as tiny, round, and high gloss rock and mineral fragments. They are formed by putting rough rocks in a rock tumbler and tumbling them until the angles and areas are clean and refined. Unlike their raw stone counterpart, tumbled stones have gone through several stages to smooth them out. The tumbling procedure does not affect the stones' energetic or vibrational properties, hence it is very effective in healing as well as it provides so many benefits to its user.

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Crystal Eggs

Crystal eggs are ideal if you have been seeking a possible future and can be utilized if you want them to bring more healing and magic into your existence. Eggs, as we all know, are responsible for the origin of existence. This is why they are often associated with the creation of enchantment. Crystal eggs are also ideal for meditation and sleep pacing. In general, the egg shape helps in creating a balance between leisure and work.

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Crystal Hearts

Crystal hearts are a work of art, they are hand-carved from a diverse collection of minerals, crystals, and gemstones that are found in nature. Crystal hearts are typically associated with love and relationships. Many believe that crystal hearts bring two lost souls together, and find comfort and love with each other. Not just that, crystal hearts are also a perfect stone for self-love and enhance connection with yourself.

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Amethyst has the ability to convert lower vibrations to higher frequencies, which then transforms negative energy to love energy. It works with the Third Eye Chakra, which is located between the eyebrows. This provides peaceful energy, which is perfect for meditation and for developing psychic abilities.

Heart chakra paints your life with all the wonders of beauty and love. Rose quartz chakra, the heart, is the gate of pure light that aligns all energy in your body and uplift, heals and transforms you.

Lapis lazuli won’t be completed as being the Wisdom stone without this Throat Chakra linked with it. This can communicate, if you feel unheard, and not being understood, this is an absolute choice of stone. This helps you expose what you feel inside, knowing the inner truth, and expressed confidence, clarity, and standing up with yourself. It pushes you to convey a full expression of words, and discomfort of showing yourself to others. It will encourage you to speak with a clear mind and share the real you with other people.
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