Best Gua Sha Tools: Uses, Benefits and Comparison

Best Gua Sha Tools: Uses, Benefits and Comparison

What is Gua Sha

Gua Sha is an alternative therapy that helps your skin improve tissues and blood circulation. It's a tool often used to aid muscle pain and tension. It aims to move energy, best known as qi or chi, around the body, it has a practice of applying pressure and scraping the skin to soothe the pain and stress. Gua sha facial massage is known for its strong effects fighting against skin aging.

This name came from the Chinese words Gua means to scrape, and sha means sand, it is pronounced as gwahshah.

Rubbing the skin's surface using a Gua sha tool helps it to reduce the pain, or inflammation and promotes healing. It is generally used on a person with neck and shoulder pain, arms, legs, buttocks, and back pain. Gua sha massage is a common traditional treatment in China and ancient Egypt. Gua sha tools like Rose quartz, Purple, and Jade are known crystals used to create one. Gua sha face lifting therapy is now being used by women and men all around the world.

In a 2014 study, gua sha was said to be a way to improve the pain in those people who frequently used computers compared with other control groups that had no previous treatments.

Benefits of Facial Gua Sha Therapy

Gua sha is known as an effective tool to prevent skin problems, for the face area that needs to lift the skin from sagging, wrinkles, and inflammationsI It’s a technique for more visible younger looking skin used by most Chinese as part of their routine. This tool has a lot of benefits on how the skin looks younger and smoother, and for constantly renewing and rejuvenating, using gua sha for acne has a strong result because it increases the collagen production of skin that helps to decrease the damage caused by the face acne. It stimulates the blood flow to support the cell for treating skin issues and soothes inflammation caused by the swelling of pimples.  But it is not advisable to use gua sha for cystic acne for it will only irritate the skin more.  

Researchers went through small studies on some groups of people to see if gua sha works. They are those women near menopause, people with joint pains from computer use, male weightlifters, helping them with their recovery after training, and older adults with back pains. They were amazed at how gua sha techniques worked on all of them. it improved their movement and relieved the pain for the regular use of gua sha tools for face.

After a week, they got improvement and reported to be flexible and in pain as before.

But not all pain can be suitable for aids by gua sha. Here’s a list of conditions that cannot be compatible with gua sha therapy:

  • People who have medical skin conditions cannot use this tool as it can cause conflict with their veins or skin cells. 
  • Those people who blood easily because gua sha produces slight bruises after using.
  • Individuals suffering from tumors, infections, and not yet healed.

One of the benefits of Gua sha is to relieve symptoms of the following conditions:

  • Perimenopausal syndrome: it's a persistent change of mostly seven days or more in the normal length of a woman's menstrual cycle. It also includes insomnia, fatigue, dysmenorrhea, hot flashes, and anxiety
  • Breast engorgement: A condition of a woman who is experiencing too much pain due to the overfill of milk. The breast becomes swollen and firm. Gua sha can calm the blood circulation of the breast which can ease the pain and help them to breastfeed their babies after the treatment.
  • Migraine: There's a study on how Gua sha helped a 72-year old woman with her migraine headaches. She used the tool in 14 days and found it to be a technique effective remedy for headaches. But more study needed for this.

10 Best Tools For Facial Gua Sha

  1. Plantifique Rose Quartz Roller for Face - A real quartz roller made from 100% natural quartz that has a smooth surface texture that won't scratch your face while using. It’s a type of Gua sha tool that comes with a magical body and facial massager called Gua sha for skin toning, sagging, or firming effect for a younger complexion. It also promotes eye firming effects and removes puffy eyes for a perfect skincare routine set! It is the best gift idea especially to those who want to enhance their appearance and help them improve confidence day after day. It has twin rollers that beautify your skin, a small roller is good for under eye and ear areas, while the larger one for the neck, face, and arms. Buy one from Amazon!

  1. Nuonove Jade Roller + Gua Sha Set - It's a perfect setting for a complete skincare therapy every night or day. It's made of natural quartz stone, and it's a handmade Jade gua sha tool that carries amazing color and texture. Use it gently into your skin to avoid bruising and red linings. It contours skin, removes puffy eyes, promotes blood circulation, and absorbs skincare products for extensive effect. It has a multi-function from the face and skin improvements to legs, arms, and anywhere that needs a massage or needed to stretch and to relax. It's a natural remedy for those who want to be healthier, glowing, and younger! It's more effective when placed in a refrigerator before using the next morning. 


  1. Areum Finest Rose Quartz Derma Massager Tool - It is a heart-shaped gua sha used for facial products and scrapes away fluid to absorb the skin fluids deepens into the pores. Jade crystal is one of the best materials for gua sha tools and proven its power to stimulate negative thoughts and deeper healing. It's a massager that helps treatments in lymphatic drainage and reduces eye puffiness leaving your skin smooth with a non-sticky finish! This set of rose quartz gua sha and roller are facial tool massager that gives total healing and relaxation all over your face and body. It’s a natural anti-aging tool for everyday use! It rejuvenates your skin and has healing properties which help you improve blood circulation and increased immunity. 

  1. Bliss Oak Authentic 4 - in - 1 Rose Quartz Face Roller - It's a unique toolset made of a rose gold metal, with an ergonomic handle & easy to use without giving too much pressure on your hand. Gua sha stone has a detachable feature that allows you to refrigerate it before use. For extra meaning and benefits you, may choose what types of gua sha tool you're fit with. Each crystal has its own power and benefits added to the standard effects of gua sha and it has an unbreakable handle, unlike typical rollers. This tool is a black amorphous material from molten lava that helps to relieve stress, tension, anxiety, and improves blood circulation, you may check the inside guide on what are the best materials for gua sha tools are best for you! It enhances the benefits of serums, essences, creams, and moisturizers. It has the power to tighten skin for a more youthful glow and great gua sha tools at home!

  1. InnoCreation 3 - in - 1 Stone Face MAssager Kit - it's made of real Brazilian jade which originally used for skin treatments and youthful glow. Real jade is set to be in a deep green and clear appearance to boost blood circulation, smooth fine lines caused by aging, and eye's puffiness. It's a 5 tools all in one set is the best affordable anti-aging set for women and men! It's gua sha tool can also be used for face and body massage. It has a solid "spa-fee" frame that uses a strong Zinc alloy so it won’t bend or break for continuous use.

  1. Movalues Mini Eye Roller Set - This is one of the unique set of a ridged roller that has an alternative to micro-needling feature allows being more effective for deeper absorption of oils, serums, or essences to the skin. Use the bumpy roller to smoothen your bumps and blemishes and bring relief to your skin and facial muscles. It has a mini eye-roller that helps the eye relax and improves under-eye skin complexion. It's so handy that you can easily put it inside your bag and bring it anytime you want for emergency depuffing. Its tension release gua sha is properly curved for facial contours and this tool can rescue you from the inside out.

  1. Emerald Cove Beauty - For softer, and more luxurious skin, this set of tools is a must-try for facial therapy! It treats royalty as it is said to be used by kings, queens, and high-society for looking fresh and feeling fresh all day! It helps create canvass for your clean-beauty routine helping the absorption and application of your lotions, serums, and makeup. The gua sha tool can be used hot or cold to create remarkable soothing experiences and rejuvenates skin for a more radiant glow. Simply roll and sweep to promote perfect contour and relaxing with a cooling sensation as you massage it. There’s so many benefits for using a Gua Sha tool especially when it has a unique crystal embedded to it. You can see Labradorite properties and healing powers and be amazed! It has the same color display like emerald but has different skills when it comes to therapies.

  1. Inotka Gua Sha Massage Tool - Only natural beauty can reveal everyone's inner confidence. This set of massage tools is a way to uncover your inside beauty by gently scraping along your skin's surface. It promotes natural microcirculation that reduces the signs of aging. It comes with a stylish protective storage case and instruction inside for a complete relaxing massage experience! It has a perfect gua sha size fits to face and body contouring. It speeds up healing, reduces tension, and muscle pain, it improves metabolism, and heightened confidence all the time! It's made of authentic materials that give you more confidence and bring out your natural beauty without too much effort.

  1. Fancer Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool - This is a carnelian stone used for calming, soothing, and reflection. It is known to bring prosperity, security, health, and protection against envy, relieve stress and anxiety. It also increases courage and focus. This toolset is a care to many parts of your body. It works on the face, neck, back, and foot. It has a 90-day hassle-free warranty, a 24-hour prompt email reply, and a friendly customer service for questions and confirmations. It has a tool gua sha, a technique used to heal muscle pain, and tightness. It has 3 Fancer carnelian boards and a storage pouch. Where to buy Gua sha tools? Click here: Amazon.

  1. Blue Odacite Crystal Contour Gua Sha - Its a vegan-friendly and no nasties ingredients handcrafted in beautiful California! It is made of blue odacite crystal that lifts and revitalizes skin for younger-looking. Its color stone encourages harmony and restores peace which releases tensions and fears and brings balance into every aspect of your life. Gua sha has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, it has a lot of benefits especially to women who want to keep their youthful skin and promote healing from within. This set of tools are perfect for calming and heals areas for visibly fresh and natural glow. For deeper healing you can see Lapis properties also used as Gua Sha tools. 

Jade Roller vs Gua Sha

Jade roller generally works on blood circulation, which can quickly stimulate blood flow and eye puffiness, It also best to help in lymphatic drainage. A Jade Roller is a simple and straightforward tool for getting a relaxing feeling. While Gua sha on the other side is more on a deeper treatment and works extensively than a jade roller. It is best for face contouring and soothing deeper inflammations and deep-set wrinkles. 

Using these two tools is different from handling usage. For a jade, roller shape is set to roll gently into the skin while the Gua sha is shaped to be held in the hand compatible on the face's shape and skin's surface, especially on the face's edges. Helping more deeper while doing a skincare routine. 

But for those who used it both, they commonly declared it to have the same treatment depending on what your skin needs. It both delivers a sensorial experience for facial massage. They are both good and effective in reducing signs of aging, facial muscle tension relief, soothes inflammation, and increased facial lymphatic drainage.

They working both beneficial to our skin issues. It's just Gua sha works a lot harder than a Jade roller. It's simply a jade roller that is a basic gua sha tool for general beauty remedies.

Jade Gua Sha versus Rose Quartz Gua Sha 

Rose quartz Gua sha is more expensive than a Jade gua sha. It works slightly smoother than the jade gua sha. Jade Gua sha believed to have the ability to enhance the energy and most commonly used in China as a symbol of wealth. While Rose quartz believed it is associated with love. Modern practitioners assume every time you have contact with Rose quartz crystals will open your heart and increase love in connections. 

Jade quartz is the basic crystal used in Chinese medicine. It symbolizes purity, integrity, and eternal life. It is considered as the ultimate gemstone of ancient Chinese beauty therapy. 

Jade quartz is known to protect us from negative vibrations, calmness, balance, and clears away existing negative thoughts.

The chic classy look of Rose quartz, pretty in pink, and elegant look every woman loves to see, has a remarkable history of beauty treatments, especially in ancient Egypt. It is considered to soothe vibrations, and a powerful tool to relieve tension especially in the face. It is also advised to help decrease fine lines and wrinkles. Its crystal is smoother and slippery than a Jade one. Associated with heart chakra that promotes feelings, self-love, trust in relationships, and harmony. 

They are both doing the job for a beauty regimen, but different on how the power of their crystals is added to the tool.

How to use gua sha tools on the face

Before starting the process of using the Gua sha, it is advised to use oil or serum applied on the skin for effective and visible results. You may warm the Gua sha tool before using it for more intensive absorption of the serum or oils inside the pores. You can rub it using your hands for 3 to 5 minutes to create more grease.

After doing the first step, you may start on the upper part of your face. Start by giving the gua sha tool some pressure towards your skin facing the curved side to it and glide gently in an upward pattern, next step is to sweep up your neck on both sides over Adam's apple. It is to treat problems of the neck, head, abdomen, and face.

The third step is under your chin, glide it smoothly from the middle of your face going to your earlobe, keeping the tool flat, and doing the same position on the other side.

Next is to gently sweep it from the middle of your chin over your jawline back and toward the earlobe to create a contouring line and tighten the jawline for both sides.

For your cheekbones, lightly sweep it finishing at the hairline helping the skin reduce the wrinkles and linings. When using it under your eyes, you need to add an extra eye cream for smoother scraping for that delicate area. The top corner of the Gua sha tool's channel near the corner of your eye, near to your nose, and slowly massage it towards your ears and do the same pattern on the other side.

Are there any gua sha side effects?

Gua sha is not suitable for all skin types and to those who are suffering from some skin problems causing it more damage. It is believed to create bruises to skin from scraping it continuously with pressure. This is one of the side effects others are complaining about. It leaves red or purple bruises on the skin, but not considered to be painful. 

Some experience capillaries that leave marks on their skin. Other people are getting temporary skin lines of indentation after the treatment. It will take a few days or a week to heal those marks on the skin and take painkillers to reduce swelling. 

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