Crystal Sphere: Uses, Benefits, Properties (2021)

Crystal Sphere: Uses, Benefits, Properties (2021)

What are Crystal Spheres

Crystal spheres represent powerful crystal tools that generate balance and positive characteristics. The sphere is historically perfect and sacred: all points are within the same distance from the center and thus are a pure expression of unity and integrity. A crystal that is sculptured and polished as a sphere can be a strong energy conductor. Additionally, the sphere is our Earth's perfect form and shape, this form allows the crystal to radiate energy in all directions simultaneously. It is so powerful that it can be used in so many things, such as healing, the attraction of positive energy, as well as opening the 3rd chakra.


Crystal Sphere Benefits 

Due to the shape and perfect symmetry, the crystal sphere attains powerful energy that can be used in so many things and provides benefits in so many areas. Such as it can clean and heal any leaks in the auric field. Additionally, in times of stress, crystal spheres are excellent as "hand refrigeration devices." and their healing vibration is brought into the auric field that allows the energy fields to shift. Other notable benefits of crystal spheres are meditation, use for home because of its feng shui properties, serving as a decorative piece, and reducing great stress.


How to Use Crystal Spheres

Thanks to its perfect symmetry, a crystal sphere releases positive energy in all directions to increase your space and self-resonance. The spherical shape helps also to clean out chaotic environments through the promotion of a flawless energy flow so that you can operate efficiently.

Crystal spheres are versatile, hence, they can be used in so many things. One of its notable uses is a stress reliever. You can relieve exponential tension in your body in times of stress. Your crystal sphere is a site of comfort rolls for certain areas of your body that feel tight, sorrowful, or energetically "blocked," which heals with light and reflexology motion.

In addition, crystal spheres are also used for meditation because it helps in calming your mind and emotion. It is also popular among women living alone, or with their families because they use them as a feng shui because the crystal sphere increases the space's vibration and promotes a happier environment. You can determine the energy you want to bring and schedule your crystal for this purpose.

A crystal sphere can also be used as a decoration because of its unique properties. This will transform your workplace, by putting it into a decorative glass the sphere will be able to promote creativity, increase your chance, bring money to a company or just clean up the room of negativity to create a better environment for the workplace. By doing so, you can place your desk with a crystal sphere and scheme your crystal to "crystal clear concentrate + clarity of mind." Once you have programmed your sphere to support your intention, it keeps you focused so that you can overcome your mental barriers.

Overall, a crystal sphere can be used in so many things, but one thing is for sure - it is a perfect crystal for healing and blocking out the negative energy in your life.

Healing Properties of Crystal Spheres


List of Powers

 A crystal sphere is a powerful stone that emits powerful energy. This stone is said to be, one of the most powerful tools in crystal healing. Due to its symmetrical shape, a crystal sphere emits an extremely high rate of harmony and positive energy. In addition, the shape of the sphere is a powerful conductor of energy which is a perfect tool if you want to open your 3rd eye chakra points, which contributes to the increase of intuition and clarity. It can also help you calm many negative emotions and help you make your mind comfortable so that you can concentrate on the positive in your life. The smooth surface of the sphere makes clear communication easier and helps the flow of energy to move. It also helps to empower the mind through the conscious body with consciousness and directly support healing energies. Overall, the crystal sphere is so powerful that it provides healing, and can draw away negativity out of your life.

Feelings and Emotional Healing 

Among the most powerful tools in crystal healing are the crystal spheres. Especially, when it gives off positive energy and draws away from the negative ones out of your life. Given the fact that it is powerful, hence, one of its uses is feelings and emotional healing.  

Crystal healing spheres help you calm many negative emotions and help you make your mind comfortable so that you can concentrate on the positive in your life. This positive energy also affects your overall relationship with someone may it be your family, friends, relatives, or lovers. It cleanses the energy within you and your surroundings making you feel uplifted and positive!



Crystal sphere is a magical stone that is perfect for healing in many areas of your life may it be in the area of physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental aspects. You have always had the potential to reinforce the reflection of yourselves and channel the occurrence of your energy, as well as you have a conduit of universal energy. This stone falls under the benefits of relief and meditation. 

These crystals can be used in your meditation session to connect with more power. There are recommended ways to properly used it, first find a quiet space to feel comfortable and secure. Then, set a minute timer — the number 11 symbolizes the posts of an energy gateway. Sit comfortably on the floor, hold each hand in a crystal sphere while meditating. As well as concentrate your energy in every area and feel the weight in your hands as you draw on your inner strength. By doing these things your meditation will be much more effective!



Crystal sphere is excellent in providing comfort, especially to your physical body because of the benefits they bring such as healing physical, the mind, and calming your emotion. Hence, this shape of the crystal is recommended by physical therapists, crystal therapists,s and healers as it radiates positive energy that penetrates into the deep layer of the body.

Additionally, crystal spheres are perfect for massage because of their smooth properties and durable characteristics. It can also be paired with massage oils and lotions so that the sphere can glide perfectly in your body. By doing so, it can wind your tense muscles with a crystal sphere is a cool and soothing effect. 

Crystal spheres can also keep the energy in your body flowing which can draw out the negative energy. As well as in cleansing or healing any leakage on the aura field, crystal spheres can be effective. In times of stress, crystal spheres are an excellent "hand consoler."



Crystal spheres have the characteristics of a transparent field of heavens that is postulated as a being between the fixed stars and the primum mobile. Which can be correlated to the spirit realm. Crystal spheres do not only provide benefits in terms of physical, mental, and emotional but also include spiritual well-being. 

And also, screaming or looking into a crystal sphere is the most popular of using this divine orb. This can be accomplished with any color stone you like. By doing so, it can connect you to the Divine realm. 

On the whole, the sphere form is probably one of the most powerful in crystal healing. In every direction, it irradiates the energy of its crystal and moves it evenly throughout the place where it is located. The sphere's connection to the Earth and stars make it one of the most revered and widely used shapes in crystal healing.


Crystal Sphere Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Crystal Spheres at Home

With their perfect forms and strong energies, crystalline spheres are alluring. These energies can be used and utilized in so many things. Particularly, they are chosen as one of the crystals that are perfect for the home. Its energy radiates positiveness and it blocks negative energy from coming to you and to your place.


Another notable use of crystal for your home is decoration. It has smooth properties that are appealing to the eyes and can elevate the look of your space. In addition, crystal spheres are also perfect for home Feng shu, because their energy can be used to uplift your home. And also, by placing the crystals in the right spot or by hanging them at your door, it can balance the feng shui energy at your and you can also harvest the benefits of the healing spirit of the stone and bring nature home by placing actual natural crystals in your bedroom, family room, or office.


Crystal Spheres at Work 

Crystal spheres are all-around, they can be used in so many things, and one of them is to be 

used in your workplace. Crystal sphere is perfect for the workplace or business because it attracts positive energy that can be beneficial in these areas. 

Additionally, you can place your crystal sphere in the center of a room, table, or group harmony meeting place. Since this will make your seance, focus group, or study group be organized and effectively work together. The crystal sphere can also equate your space, creating a climate of cooperation and compromise between everyone in the room because it says that it spreads the forces equally. And also, the splendor of crystal spheres impresses your guests and yourself. Whether you design your office, home, or garden, natural stone spheres add to your designs colorfully and earthly.


Meditation with Crystal Spheres

One of the notable uses of crystal is meditation. Similar to scrying, crystal sphere meditation helps you to become hypnotic. The spherical form makes it easy when meditating to hold the crystal. You are a pipe of universal energy and crystals can amplify your resonance, channel, and increase your energy frequency. If you hold or put a crystal grid in your hands during your practice of meditation, your ability to get deeper into meditation, will increase a nutritional balance in your body. You can try it and you can notice the consciousness you reach after such an exercise.


People and Relationships

​​Crystal spheres are powerful instruments that emit harmony and positive character. In history, space has a perfect form and is sacred, it is a pure expression of unity, integrity, and completeness at the same distance from the center. This positive energy attracts people together and makes them in-tact. This is perfect for working your relationship with other people, may it be your friends, family or your love since the energy of a crystalline sphere can be harnessed by putting one in common spaces, especially if conflicts happen and a fight arises. The result is a calm environment and negative emotions are neutralized.


Crystal Sphere Therapies 

Often, a crystal sphere takes thousands of years to form and hold the energy, history, and ancestry of the earth. All this helps to bring positive energy and imagination to your gaze. Hence, this crystal is a valuable crystal to use, especially in therapies may it be in physical therapy, mental, emotional, and spiritual therapy. 

This crystal attains soothing energy when you hold it you can feel calm and collected. 

This is why it is widely used for meditation therapy. In addition, one of the most known uses of crystal spheres is physical therapy, crystal spheres are the perfect shape for self-massage and reflection so you can roll over tight muscles where tension and stress are held. The use of a light to medium pressure allows rolling crystal spheres to relax doubly over the areas of your body, physically and energy. It can also be used to cleanse your feelings and emotion as it attains positive energy to move into your life. 


These crystals are versatile and can be used in so many areas, and you can choose the right crystals that target an area of therapy for you. You can either choose crystals based on the healing property you are looking for or let your intuition guide you to the things that are most beneficial for your soul.


Crystal Spheres and Chakras

Crystal spheres have a powerful energy that can be used in so many things. It is excellent too, especially in utilizing your chakra energy. ​​With their perfect shapes and strong energies, crystal spheres are charming. They help to open the third eye chakra that helps increase intuition and vision. In crystal healing, the spheres can pass through the aura or be held over the chakras. And also, the center sphere has the ability to radiate in any direction is a perfect choice. 


The crystal spheres shape also enables your energy to irradiate all directions at once, making it an excellent choice for many purposes. Crystals have enormous energy for recovery which can be beneficial for working in most areas of your life. The crystal shape adjusts its frequency: the higher the rotationally symmetric the frequency of the crystal. The crystal areas emit powerful, high-frequency healing energy which can be used in various situations because spheres have the most symmetrical shape.


Crystal Sphere Types

Amethyst Sphere

A crystal sphere of amethyst provides so many benefits, particularly induces and relaxes the neural signals through the brain. It facilitates the decision-making process with good reason and understanding. It enhances motivation and memory – allowing a good decision to be made. It also alleviates obsessive-compulsive and hyperactive disorders.

Quartz Sphere

Quartz overall promotes spiritual growth, spirituality, sensitivity, and wisdom. Specifically, It enhances your creativity and inspiration. It can also help in your concentration, study, and keep what you learn to be retained in your mind. Quartz is a harmonious stone and is useful for romantic relations.

Citrine Sphere

Citrine offers strong healing on many levels. Especially, the Citrine sphere enhances self-discipline, strength, and professional success. Hence, it was named "the stone of the merchant" and could be placed everywhere. Their abilities, their popularity for family members, and social and physical advantages are strengthened if the crystal sphere is placed in areas where families mostly gather, like in the living room. 

Clear Quartz Sphere

This stone can improve additional energy, it is an energy generator and will adapt to your vibrational needs. The sphere form signifies the emanation of energy from within. Clear quartz is one of its strong protective types. It dissipates negative energy and clears it away. The spiritual, mental, and physical plans can be cleansed and clarified.

Rose Quartz Sphere

Rose quartz is a stone of universal love. It has various benefits, however, the notable ones include restoration of confidence and harmony, fosters unconditional love. In addition, the rose quartz sphere purifies and opens up the heart at every level to promote love, self-love, friendship, and profound inner healing. They are ideal for feeding a fractured heart, attracting love, or placing in the room of a child. Rose quartz spheres create positivity and foster growth and healing.

Smoky Quartz Sphere

Smokey Quartz suppresses fear and heightens depression and negativity. It also brings emotional calm, stress, and it relieves anxiety. And it encourages good thinking and action and reduces suicidal trends. It also helps in focusing your energy, eliminates distractions in the mental world so that you can focus on the physical, and eliminate negativity.

Pyrite Sphere

Iron Pyrite is a stone that has several purposes. It is known for the user's richness, fortune, and wealth. It gives a strong stone for the defense of the user against negative energy and pollutants in the environment. Healer's Gold or Fool's Gold is also known. "Iron Pyrite is a very positive stone, the Crystal Bible says. It eliminates inertia and inadequate sentiments.

Garnet Sphere

Garnet is an empowering stone used to entice dedication and accomplishments and to activate it. Grenet is a healthy stone that brings healing to all your mind, body, and spirit levels. It is used to purify your chakras and re-energizes them. It also revitalizes, cleanses, and has consistent energy and, as appropriate, brings serenity or passion. Inspires devotion and love. Garnet sphere also provides balances the drive of sex and softens emotional discord.

Fluorite Sphere

Fluorite is a preventative pillar and helps protect your psychic mind from mental attacks and machiavellian energies. It has many benefits, however, one of the notable use of fluorite is an aura purification stone that helps block geopathic stress. Fluorite is a foundation for the spiritual level and helps to increase its tunings.

Aquamarine Sphere

Aquamarine supports physical healing, in combination with opening and activating the heart chakra, the energy center of unconditional love and sympathy. It is also known to relieve sinuses, lung, and respiratory conditions. Bronchitis, colds, hay fever, and various allergies are also thought to be helpful.


Crystal Sphere Combinations

For your specific healing objective, you can make unlimited crystal combinations. You can never go wrong when you combine your crystals into one. Combining crystals, especially crystal spheres, has been a practice for a long time, it is done when you want to make your crystals emit much more powerful energy. Particularly, there are 7 best crystal sphere combinations that may be perfect for you!

A combination of Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Goethite, and Lepidocrocite, which are known as Melody's Stone, which makes it an extremely powerful stone. Combining 2, 3, or all of them can help you express the cure and metaphysical characteristics of yourself. These super 7 vibration crystals will reiterate your self-confidence and enable you to use the blessing that you give both to yourself and cosmic ascensions. As the process continues and your gifts develop further, you can see that your psychological knowledge becomes much more precise and that you are led to know the right way to proceed. Meditating with these stones is one of the better ways to use them.

How To Care For Crystal Spheres

The possession of a crystal sphere speaks much about your personality and faith. Crystal spheres are so powerful and delicate, hence, you should know how you can care about your crystal sphere. You ought to do two things: CLEAN and CLEANSE! Cleaning your crystal sphere deals with physicality, while purifying deals with spirituality and the metaphysical. Thus, you clean and clean to remove the absorbed negative properties by doing these steps.

You can start by putting the blocker in your washbasin to clean your crystal ball. Then, place a towel in your sink, then fill your sink with water, enough for the crystal ball to fully plunge in. You can also mix the sea salt in the water in two tablespoons. Then, put your crystal ball into the water for 24 hours. Take the crystal ball away and dry it with a cloth that does not contain lint. And lastly, put him back on or back to the base and cover him with a dark tissue. 

How To Cleanse Crystal Spheres

Crystal spheres should always be cleansed so that they can always work if you use them. When they are always clean every time you use them, then it can attract a massive amount of energy and positivity than what you expected. There are possible ways to properly clean them. Hence, you can do these easy steps.

First is to use incense likewise, open fire, or sandalwood to purify your crystalline ball. Then, you can light the fire and put it next to your crystal ball in a holder. Then take the burning incense, wave it around and wave it over your crystal ball. Once you have felt like bathing in smoke, extinguish the crystal ball. Wipe a lint-free cloth from the crystal ball. 

Cleaning your crystals will not take much of your time, that is why you should opt to clean your crystal sphere regularly, especially if you always use them.


How To Program Crystal Spheres

Spheres emit energy in all directions equally, making it easy to flow through and through the crystal. Crystal spheres are made of a very large crystal then cut into a polyhedron form and melted into an extremely rough sphere shape then put into an area polishing machine with larger grains and finer grains before the final buffing gives the beautifully clean and shiny surface that we all know and love. This process made the spheres slightly lose their energy. Hence, it needs to be programmed.

You can set your crystal on your altar or a site you won't be disturbed while you program your glass, by any method you like, and sit with your crystal. Hold your crystal in your dominant hand and clear up unrelated thoughts with your right hand. Then, begin to concentrate on your crystal programming intentions. Concentrate on your crystal intention with aloud descriptive words. Or write down them so that they're solid and intended. Keep the crystal holding and repeat the intention until it feels like the vibrations have fallen into the crystal. By doing so, you can effectively program your crystals!

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