Atlantisite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

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What is Atlantisite?

In the realm of minerals, Atlantisite is a plausible occurrence. A yellowish-green gemstone with plum-colored streaks is typical. The features of these stones are brought together by the attractive mix of emerald Serpentine and mauve to lavender Stichtite. Tasmanite is another name for Atlantisite.

Atlantisite is currently exclusively extracted extensively in Australia. Atlantisite is a good ground cleanser that promotes environmental harmony. It clears the soil and restructures the energies in regions where chaos and suffering have occurred.

Atlantisite Meaning

Atlantisite will assist you in achieving spiritual serenity. It'll also help to keep your emotions in check. It's a lovely relaxation gemstone that can assist you in accessing and retrieving old facts and knowledge from previous lifetimes. It will lead to a greater understanding of protection in the case you define your limits.

Atlantisite is a vital instrument for connecting with the spiritual realm. It will increase your sense of empathy and affection for everyone else. It will also offer calmness to your surroundings by inducing a peaceful vibe in your existence. Moreover, it's also a beneficial crystal for removing sluggish energy. Atlantisite also encourages a more laid-back outlook.

Healing Properties of Atlantisite

Whenever it relates to marriage and romance, Atlantisite will bring empathy and devotion into your partnership. It will load it with all the beautiful aspects that will make you smile, engage, and be hopeful. This gemstone will ease the obstinate views preventing you from getting into a relationship, joy, and fulfillment. Something that is not good for you as a companion will be thrown out.

Despite enduring psychological pain, Atlantisite will assist you in achieving mental restoration. It will enable you to embrace life with a curious mind, removing any grief, sorrow, or worry. You can't continue pressing things away or depriving oneself of the opportunity to be truly happy! It's a delicate crystal that will teach you how to appreciate yourself, your spouse, and those who wish to respect you.

Atlantisite will help anyone feel more secure in your interactions by avoiding confrontation. You'll be more outspoken regarding anything you want and more daring in asking for this area to be recognized by the ones you love most. If you first speak the wrong word, Atlantisite is an excellent gemstone to choose from. It will cause you to stop and reflect on the impact of your thoughts before speaking.

Wearing Atlantisite

Atlantisite is a gemstone of peace and equilibrium, and it helps establish limits in partnerships and resolve conflicts. Wearing or having a chunk of Atlantisite might make you realize before you talk if you're someone who seldom analyzes prior speaking. It's also an excellent gemstone to put in the living room or at the front entrance if you stay independently.

Atlantisite at Home and Work

Place a fragment of Atlantisite in an area you wish to remain pure, tranquil, and quiet. This crystal's harmonics will provide protecting forces that will drive evil at bay. It's a gemstone that may allow you to make a particular space in your house by providing a serene and relaxing atmosphere. Atlantisite is also a powerful protector.

It's an excellent mineral for safeguarding your house, assets, and property. Employ Guardian gemstone, like Atlantisite, to safeguard or defend anything you care about. Once you place it in your bedroom or the beds of your family members, Atlantisite's defensive powers will push hostility and peril at bay.

Meditation with Atlantisite

Atlantisite is a powerful spiritual mineral that may assist you in restoring balance to your reality's forces that have gotten out of control. You could become capable of building a center of tranquility inside yourself and take a more balanced approach to life in the form of this gemstone. In the notion that it forms a conduit that unlocks the entrance to your soul, Atlantisite is beneficial in promoting the steadiness of your psychic abilities.

You will experience that Atlantisite will improve the sentiments of affection, kindness, and sympathy onto others to provide a feeling of protection and identify barriers. This crystal's relaxing frequency can aid you in coming to terms with your past and current circumstances via meditation.

Atlantisite and Chakras

You can experience unexpected spurts of wrath, jealously, or criticizing others for any problems that emerge in your existence if your Heart Chakra is blocked. You may want frequent reassurance of your identity, feel belittled, or have a total lack of empathy for everyone else.

With this gemstone in possession, you may link the base energies to the upper levels to establish equilibrium. It will strengthen your natural therapeutic value and develop compassion for yourself and your people.

Atlantisite Origin

Atlantisite (formerly known as Tasmanite) is a sporadic mix of crystals and colors found in 1910 and is a reasonably new introduction to the gemstone and crystal industry. Gerald Pauley coined the generic version Atlantisite, which is unique to the stone found in Tasmania. Stichtite Hill, a tiny ridge in Zeehan, Tasmania, is the only place where Atlantisite is found and extracted.

Atlantisite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Atlantisite is a calming gemstone that inspires you to become more empathetic toward yourself and others. It's a compassionate crystal that helps you come through and realize you're all specifically significant. Along with its natural capacity to communicate with Virgos, this gemstone is ideal for them.



Crystal Structure:






Chemical Composition:



Heart, Third Eye

Astrological Sign:

Gemini, Scorpio, Virgo

Numerical vibration:





Very rare

physical conditions:
Emotional conditions:

Emotional healing after trauma

spiritual purposes:

accelerates spiritual evolution

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