Crystal Pyramids: Ultimate Guide To Uses and Healing Benefits (2021)

Crystal Pyramids: Ultimate Guide To Uses and Healing Benefits (2021)

What is a Crystal Pyramid?

Crystals have varieties of colors that signifies its purpose, as well as crystal shapes that are said to matter because it affects the way you acquire energy from the crystal. The pyramid is a mystical shape that fascinates, charms, and speaks to us of secrets from the past, with its wide base grounded at the Earth and its four equilateral triangles ascending into the heavens. Its shape intensifies the energy at the pyramid's apex, which is said to be sending our intentions into the universe. This is why the Pyramid Crystal is very powerful for manifesting your desires, drawing off negative energy, and clearing blockages. 

Crystal Pyramid Benefits

The energy of the Crystal Pyramid is incredible! It also offers lots of benefits that surely want you to know. Crystal pyramids can open your chakra points for healing, all you have to do is charge the pyramid for 12-72 hours at the charging altar and then use it to massage your chakra points. It also controls and regulates your emotional feelings, and healing health. This pyramid also helps to release Vastu Dosh, where lack of understanding, sadness, negativity, can change into wisdom, happiness and positivity. It does not only benefit your inner self but also your surroundings because this pyramid detaches the evil’s eye effect on you, your business and surroundings. Surely, this pyramid crystal will stack all the positive energy unto you and bring you to the next level.


How to Use the Crystal Pyramid Power

Egypt is known for their pyramids, these pyramids are a sacred geometrical shape that gathers energy from the universe and channels it through the top to mankind. This is the reason why Egypt's pyramids produce a powerful energy vortex. Pyramid power is now abundant in crystal pyramids, which can be utilized to your advantage in a number of ways by means of healing and lifestyle development that has produced amazing benefits for many individuals today. 

There are lots of ways where you can take advantage of the crystals' pyramid power, and among the others, healing stands out. Your body can benefit fast and intensely from the pyramid power when you surround it within yourself particularly when you sleep, when your energy is down and when you want to light your aura. Generally, crystal pyramids bring healing to the aura and to the 7 chakras. 

Meditations using crystal pyramids for clairvoyance and high spiritual vibration are also notable uses of the pyramid power. The pyramid naturally vibrates on a spiritual level that is why it is best placed in your palm or in front of you while you meditate, you can also put it anywhere in that room or sacred location to utilize it as a meditation tool. 

Placing the crystal pyramid in your bedroom is a great way of preserving your aura and beauty because it brings you good and restful sleep that can help take care of your appearance. It is also advisable to keep the pyramid near your mirror or vanity, or wherever you do your self-care.

Making an elixir out of a crystal pyramid can bring you good health and strong physical physique. To prepare an elixir, place your crystal pyramid in or near your water jug. Keep the stone in place for a couple of hours. This will revitalize your water supply, and when you drink it, it will provide a direct bodily benefit. 

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Healing Properties of Pyramid Crystals

List of Powers

The Crystal Pyramid is a powerful tool for manifestation, healing, meditation and many other notable powers. It is abundant in crystal pyramids, which can be utilised to your advantage in a variety of ways.It is also an amazing source of attracting the highest form of cosmic energy into your being, aura and environment. Working with crystal pyramids for healing and lifestyle development has produced wonderful benefits for many individuals today. It provides treatment to all kinds of acute pain, as well as rage, fear, and anxiety. Inspire and promote meditation, unselfish giving, and humanitarian service. Pyramid power is mainly concentrated in giving off positive energy ​​for the Pyramid wishes, as well as Vastu and Feng Shui based on the type of the pyramid crystals used. Overall, Crystals are said to effectively work on yourself by interacting positively with your body's energy field, or chakra, captivating the crystal power towards you. 

Feelings and Emotional Healings

Crystal Pyramids are thought to aid physical, emotional, and spiritual healing when held or placed on the body. They're supposed to increase the flow of positive energy and aid in the removal of bad energy from the body and psyche, resulting in physical and emotional benefits. Crystal pyramids are a good kind of investment as they bring joyful experiences, and attract pleasurable things in your life. It helps you to control and balance your emotional feelings to alleviate stress, anxiety, problems and lack of concentration within yourself. And not just that, pyramid crystals are also known to lead to a ‘fresh start’ so you would be able to move forward with your life without burdens and uneasy feelings. It also connects to the other aspects of your life to deepen your relaxation states, as well as your intentions and visions. These crystal pyramids do not just draw energy for your feelings and emotional healings but they can also change your life.


Meditation and concentration is one of the remarkable healing properties when dealing with your mind. That includes mindfulness, contemplation, and acceptance which are essential components of a self-care practice, and is a key factor in composing your mindset. Crystal pyramids can also be used in different ways for meditation and acquiring a positive mindset, such as, placing it in your hand or in front of you, or you can put it anywhere in your room or in a sacred area while performing your meditation. Using a crystal pyramid will attract vibrational energy and help block the pessimistics thoughts that will collude in your mind. It is said to protect you from negative energy and absorb it, as well as promote courage, fast thinking, and confidence. And, overcome personal issues with your mental health, depression and loneliness. By making use of the pyramid's power to its full potential, you will see a difference to the way you think and the way you live.


Crystal healing is a type of complementary medicine in which crystals and other stones are used to treat illnesses and prevent disease. Particularly, it makes use of the Crystal Pyramid that provides you with physical healing in various ways working in the area of beauty and youth, good health and the body in general. The pyramid offers you a decent night's sleep, which will help you appear younger. In addition, making use of the pyramid as an elixir will provide you with a direct bodily benefit. The pyramid power will assist you in maintaining good health and a strong physical physique such as, it will improve in healing your vision problems, cellular levels, and blood diseases, as well as the alleviation of melancholy, anxiety, and insomnia. The Pyramid crystals effectively work as therapeutic conduits, allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body while bad, and disease-causing energy flows out.


There are plenty of various types of crystals that even some people believe each had their own healing abilities for the mind, body, and soul. And when it comes to spiritual healing, it is supposed to strengthen your spirit and help you cope with the situation by preparing you to "show up" fully. Making use of the crystal pyramid is ideal, especially with Reiki, it is an important factor in spiritual healing because it works with major universal symbols, making crystal pyramids ideal for it. By infusing reiki energy within yourself, it will help you in inputting your objectives into a crystal that helps you to focus on the therapeutic benefits of your specific needs. This can be for anything that you want, including greater love, money, health, spirituality, or anything else. It is a lucky charm that that balances your emotions that helps balance your emotion with respect to your spiritual anchorage. 

Crystal Pyramid Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Wearing Crystal Pyramid

Wearing crystals as a means of receiving their therapeutic energies is an old tradition. Historically, crystals have been viewed as a sort of medicine, with notions drawn from ancient forms of Paganism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Today, crystals are regaining popularity not just for their beauty but also for their therapeutic powers.

There are different ways to wear crystal pyramids, and one of them is through jewelry. Crystal pyramid jewelry comes in different types of pieces may it be in a form of a ring, earrings, bracelet and even necklaces. There are also pyramid crystal examples which target the distinctive trends in modern jewelry, which are sometimes made out of pure quartz, milky green fluorite, purple amethyst, and everything in between. 

Generally, incorporating the pyramid stone into jewelry and wearing it everyday can attract the universe's energy and positive things in your life. Alongside with that, crystals should be used in conjunction with a genuine willingness to welcome positivity, success, and happiness within yourself. Wearing it can activate chakra, that means it stimulates vitality and balances your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of your life. It provides great healing and draws away the negative energy that is crawling within you and your environment. 

These crystals do not only give you an advantage but it is also a great way to spice up your style!

Crystal Pyramid at Home

Crystal should be used to its full potential given the fact that it has so many uses for both yourself, and your environment. That is why Crystals Pyramid is recommended to be put at home. Crystal pyramids enhance your home's Feng Shui. They can be placed wherever you want and will provide Universal healing energy regardless of where you place them. Crystals function as a healing conduit, allowing positive, healing energy to enter the body while pushing negative, toxic, disease-causing energy out as well as attracting positive energy into your surroundings. It is also used as a decorative piece, which can make your house uplifted and unique.

Crystal Pyramid at Work

Since the crystal pyramid is a great meditative and attractive piece to get hold of, it is naturally used in so many areas, especially at work. These crystals can be placed in places where you work and get your task done, maybe in your desk, cabinets or near your space. By doing this, it balances your Chakras, draws negative energy and blocks them making you more productive as you’ll ever be. This is also used to increase your drive to work, be motivated and enthusiastic. Overall, placing a crystal pyramid at work will make you harmonious and successful in your field.

Meditation with Crystal Pyramid

One of the best uses of the Crystal pyramid is meditation. Meditating with a Crystal Pyramid is an excellent way to tap into its healing power as well as its inherent power as a geometric accumulator and amplifier of energetic forces. Because it is an important form of sacred geometry, the pyramid naturally vibrates at the spiritual level. The pyramid's energy assists in raising your vibrations, allowing you to progress to the next level of spiritual development. Thus, in order to make use of the pyramids energy into its potential it is advisable to place the crystals directly into your hands, in front of you within a room and in a sacred area. 

People and Relationships

Crystals do not only draw positive chakras within yourself but also surround your environment and its people with positive energy. It also seems to aid in the restoration of trust and harmony in all kinds of relationships while somehow improving their deep relations. That is why crystal pyramids are greatly used by couples and even families to strengthen their relationship and bring positivity into it. It can also protect you, your families and loved ones from negative things and a destructive situation. By means of these pyramid powers, it will not only allow you to grow into a relationship but also allow good things to center in this part of your life.

Crystal Pyramid Therapies

Crystals have been around for millions of years, and the use of crystals, amulets, and talismans has been documented since the dawn of time (around 60,000 years ago). The theory of using crystals to heal has been there for centuries, but with public figures such as Victoria Beckham publicly displaying their notion in the practice, it's had a more mainstream resurgence in popularity, thus introducing crystals to be used in therapies and healing.

Crystal healing is a form of complementary therapy that involves any use of gemstones to restore the balance to a person's life and mind. This healing therapy is done by a certified crystal healer. The crystal healer process of this therapy starts by assessing the person's aura and visualizing his/her future, and then allowing them to lay down on a flat surface to place the crystals of their needs to their chakra points. After doing so, the client can feel the tension and energy shifting towards one part of their body as a sign that the person’s energy is flowing to where it is needed the most. To conclude the therapy session, the crystal healer recounted every one of the viewpoints she had while working on their client.

Crystal Pyramid and Chakras

The Chakra Power Pyramid is a four-sided pyramid made of layers of gemstones. Pyramids are well known for their ability to amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex. The chakra power pyramid is a quick and easy method for distinguishing negative energy and blockages from each of the Chakras. There are recommended ways on how to properly harness the chakra energy. The first step is to specifically point the apex of the pyramid through each chakra for thirty seconds, or longer if necessary. Then you should close your eyes and focus mainly on the chakra area. As you move from chakra to chakra, feel the clearing sensation, similar to a sense of freshness. The sensation of stagnation will gradually dissipate in each chakra. ​​Another technique you can do is to lie down and then place the base of the pyramid on each of the chakras, In this way the chakras will clear in the same way, and the sensation you will experience will be similar. 

Through the given steps, you can effectively attract positive energy into your life and bring the recommended healing benefits of crystals primarily to mental well-being, such as feelings of increased tranquillity, positivity, and focus, as well as improved immunity and pain relief. This is the reason why this pyramid chakra is versatile and well-used.

Crystal Pyramid Types

Amethyst Pyramid

Amethyst pyramid is a purple stone that has many benefits, it is believed to be incredibly protective, provides healing, and detoxifies your body. It also seems to help clear the mind of negative thinking and give you humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom. It is also said to aid in the promotion of sobriety and sleep.

Quartz Crystal Pyramid

This type of gemstone is said to enhance your energy by absorbing, collecting, releasing, and regulating it. It's also supposed to help with concentration and memory. This stone is strongly aligned with others, including rose quartz, to aid and develop their abilities.

Rose Quartz Pyramid

Just like the color of a rose, this pink stone is said to attract love. This is a great pick for people in a relationship as it brings trust and harmony while also improving their close bonds. It's also said to help with comfort and calm during times of loss.

Aventurine Pyramid

The thymus gland and nervous system greatly benefit from aventurine as it balances your blood pressure and stimulates your metabolism. Aventurine stones have a very soothing energy that is extremely beneficial to those who suffer from anxiety, fear, or restlessness.

Carnelian Pyramid

Carnelian is a glassy, translucent stone that sometimes comes in a shade of orange. The healing properties of carnelian can help with physical, emotional, and spiritual balance and issues. Carnelian’s notable healing therapies include increasing motivation, stimulating metabolic activity, and combating procrastination.

Moonstone Pyramid

Moonstone is also known as “the new beginnings”. This crystal has also been shown to promote positive thinking, intuition, and inspiration, as well as success and good fortune. At the same time, it promotes inner growth and strength, especially when you are starting over. And allowing you to calm those uneasy feelings of stress and instability, for you to move forward easily.  

Labradorite Pyramid

Labradorite is a stone of overall goodluck. It is said to promote concentration, clarity, courage, understanding one's life purpose, and the release of negative energy and attachments. It also aids for physical disadvantage as it treats eye and brain disorders, improves mental acuity, and alleviates anxiety and stress.

Onyx Pyramid

This crystal is known to give strength. It also increases vigour, tenacity, and stamina. Provides self-assurance, allowing you to feel at ease in your surroundings. Onyx alleviates grief, improves self-control, and stimulates the ability to make wise decisions.

Obsidian Pyramid

Obsidian, a fiercely protective stone, is said to aid in the formation of a shield against physical and emotional negativity. It is also said to aid in the removal of emotional blockages and to promote qualities of strength, clarity, and compassion in order to aid in the discovery of one's true sense of self. 

Sodalite Pyramid

Sodalite is a deep blue crystal that is known to bring calmness and soothing energy.  It is a gemstone of insight, tranquility, and judgement that aids in the opening of the throat chakra. It also boosts your creativity and promotes self-discipline and efficiency.


Crystal Pyramid Combination

Using at least two different crystals at the same time can result in powerful healing crystal combinations. We present to you effective crystal pairings for a variety of applications:

Amethyst Pyramid and Quartz Pyramid

Amethyst pyramids and rose quartz can help you uncover hidden deficiencies in your energy profile and correct them before it's too late. The combination of these stones will bring you a chakra energy that identifies the imbalances and blockages in your life, then attempting to correct them. Amethyst and rose quartz are also associated with the crown and heart chakras.


Citrine Pyramid and Aventurine Pyramid

Citrine and aventurine are a powerful combination that responds to the constant need to be grounded on the Earth. Both of these stones help in boosting and amplifying the central life force that keeps you alive and kicking on this planet. This crystal pair can also help you sense and experience life, improving your understanding of your own potential.

Black Tourmaline  Pyramid and Selenite Pyramid

The combination of black tourmaline and selenite is excellent for clearing negative energies and improving your overall energy profile and aura. Black tourmaline, in particular, can aid in the release of your negative emotions such as anger, unhappiness, shame, regret, and grief. After the black tourmaline cleanses you, the selenite ​​will take care of the cracks and fissures that will appear.


How to Care for the Crystal Pyramid

There are different ways to take care of your Crystal Pyramid to utilize its chakra energy. Particularly, you can hold it in your hands, and visualize the light surrounding it, and state your intention for it; for example, do you want it to attract love, heal a condition, or protect you from negative energy? This will keep your pyramid as close to you as possible to reap the benefits of its vibrations and energies. By means of this care, the healing properties will be much more effective and will last longer. And because crystals absorb energy, both positive and negative, your crystal pyramid will need to be cleansed from time to time. Placing it in the light of the sun or moon for a few hours recharges its "batteries" and makes it ready to use again.

How to Cleanse Crystal Pyramid

Crystals are used by many people to relax their mind, body, and soul. Some people believe that crystals act energetically, sending natural vibrations out into the world. These crystals absorb the negative energy when it is used, that is why it is advisable to clean the crystal properly or every after use. 

There are different ways you can clean it, First is by using running water. Water can neutralize the negative energy that was absorbed by the stone. You can also use salt to soak the crystals because it absorbs unwanted energy and banishes negativity in your life. Brown rice is also recommended to draw out negativity by burying the stone full of rice in a closed container. It is mostly beneficial for protective stones like the black tourmaline. Natural light, Sage and sound can also be used for cleansing.

How to Program Crystal Pyramid

In layman's terms, programming a crystal entails imbuing your desires and desires into the vibrations of the Crystal energy in order to make them a reality. There are different things that you can use which are affordable such as a light calming incense, aromatherapy relies heavily on candles and incense. Lighting a pack of lavender incense assists in quickly clearing toxic vibes.

Water and sea salt are both excellent ingredients for removing the layer of negativity that your crystal has absorbed. As well as chants, that can make your intentions genuine, and best use to sleep crystals to increase the frequency of soulful dreams. Herbs, reiki crystal and brown rice can also be used to program your crystals. 

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