Arfvedsonite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

This article aims to give the reader a more profound, better understanding of Arfvedsonite – and is your handy, most complete guide to Arfvedsonite on the internet!

What is Arfvedsonite?

A naturally recurring, rare stone found in select caves worldwide, Arfvedsonite is widely considered to be one of the rarest stones around. Since their color ranges from dark blue to blue-green to black with high-flash blue rays, Arfvedsonite is sometimes confused with other more common gemstones such as Astrophyllite and Nummerite. However, Arfvedsonite's chemical makeup – sodium amphibole, to be exact – separates it from the rest of the other minerals. It's a relatively new crystal discovered in 1832 by Swedish chemist and explorer Johan August Arfwedson (who also discovered Lithium). Since then, however, it has been used by several people worldwide thanks to its stellar healing properties and the positive energy that it can bring you as well.

Arfvedsonite Meaning

Named after its discoverer Johan August Arfwedson, Arfvedsonite is a crystal that is of help with so much more than what's already known. It's beautiful, almost surreal dark glow might conjure up thoughts of absorbing the negativity out of your life and other more prolific things ahead. And you'd be correct – for the most part, that is. 

Arfvedsonite mainly deals with a feeling of helplessness or being lost, making it the stone of choice for everybody nowadays. Additionally, its properties ensure that you can feel more focused and concentrated during your working hours. Short meditation with Arfvedsonite can also help you deal with everything that is your work – or anything else for that matter!

Though Arfvedsonite is one of the relatively newer members of the crystal family, its significance on the crystal field ensures that it will be as helpful as beautiful. Thanks to being a newer member, there isn't a historical meaning contained within this crystal other than the fact that it's named after its founder (which also coincidentally discovered Lithium)However, do not let that fact discourage you from its more than functional healing effects – as its long-lasting, more than beautiful effects will be everything you'll need to be a brand new you.

Healing Properties

The Arfvedsonite might seem that the healing property imbued within the Arfvedsonite isn't as prolific – and as plentiful – as other crystals available out there. However, it's still widely considered to be one of the best stones you can buy if you're all about self-improvement above all else. 

Firstly, meditating with Arfvedsonite nearby can help curb your anxiety and depression levels unlike any other. The Arfvedsonite is powerful enough to reassure you, especially the more taxing and challenging world that we live in today. 

Vibrating the Arfvedsonite also aids greatly whenever you're feeling like the whole world is plotting its way against you for some reason – and can help you towards the path to joy. One of the proven healing properties of Arfvedsonite is the fact that it can help you release whatever form of energy that might be blocking your body. Though it might not seem like much, this energy blockage can help you become that much more at peace with yourself and others in the same process. The energy flow that's building up inside will be willfully released towards the earth where it once belonged – clearing your mind in the process, too. The power that's stored deeply inside the Arfvedsonite will be able to help you re-live and power up the light inside of you. This, in turn, will help you create more sound judgments while also clearing out the way towards happiness for you. 

Arfvedsonite Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Though most would want to argue that the Arfvedsonite isn't as valuable as other stones that can bring more to the table, remember that being a master of one is better than being mediocre at everything else. 

Wearing Arfvedsonite

Wearing Arfvedsonite isn't advised when first interacting with it – after all, it's a powerful stone that can single handedly tip the energy balance scale when used the wrong way. However, you can start wearing it once you've grown accustomed to it – and by then, you can notice that it helps you break the negative cycle that you've been accustomed to. It can also help you restructure and reorganize your life faster whenever you wear it as an accessory. 

Arfvedsonite at home and work

The energy stored inside Arfvedsonite can help make your home a better, friendlier place to live in as well. Thanks to its positive energy and the fact that it can easily repel negativity and energy attacks, you can rest assured that it'll make your home that much better in the first place. 

Additionally, placing the Arfvedsonite in your workspace will be able to help you concentrate so much more on what you're doing, hence boosting your productivity in the long run. Arfvedsonite also can lighten up your mood – which can help make your work better and feel more about what you're doing in the long run as well. 

Arfvedsonite and Chakras

Since the Arfvedsonite is known as the Stone of Truth, the chakra that the stone provides will help you boost your intuition much more. The power stored within it will also help make you think clearly and become that much more accustomed to everything that the world must throw at you every single time. Arfvedsonite will also be able to help you open your throat chakra, which can help if you're currently tackling self-esteem issues. 

Arfvedsonite Shapes and Forms

In its most natural form, Arfvedsonite is a crystal that can mainly be described as fibrous, needle-like prisms with a parallelogram base. With their color mostly ranging from black to bluish-black, these stones are mostly seen as a large, square shape. However, most Arfvedsonites are sold with their default square shape. Most cure and transform it into an accessory. 

Arfvedsonite Origins

Discovered in 1832 by the founder of Lithium, Johan August Arfwedson, most of the world's supply of Arfvedsonite is found on Mt. St. Helens, South Africa. Denmark, Germany, Russia, and Quebec. 

Arfvedsonite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

One of the birthstones for Gemini, Arfvedsonite, can help you feel that much calmer in months where Geminis tend to feel terrible. The stone's properties ensure that you'll be feeling less impulsive and feel every time they'd want to. Wearing it as a part of your jewelry when you're a Gemini (well, once you got used to its energy anyways) will help you reach heights you haven't before. It can also help beak the stressful, more challenging ways of life while providing you with the courage that you've always needed to become that much more successful in the long run.


Black, deep green

Crystal Structure:





translucent to opaque

Chemical Composition:




Astrological Sign:


Numerical vibration:



Mt. St. Helens, South Africa. Denmark, Germany, Russia, Quebec. 



physical conditions:
Emotional conditions:

Calms your emotional body

spiritual purposes:

allows Divine Light to flow through your soul

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