Worry Stones: Benefits and How To Use Them (2021)

Worry Stones: Benefits and How To Use Them (2021)

What are worry stones?

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The rediscovery of the healing power of crystals and alternative remedies at the time of a pandemic is nothing short of divine intervention.

Worry stones are the latest well-being trend that combines precious gems with energy healing. A worry stone may be composed of quartz, onyx, moonstone, sodalite, jasper, or other gemstones that target chakras and lead to healing.

While using a worry stone for use meditation dates centuries back, now is the perfect time to look at the healing properties of worry stones to calm the mind and deal with anxiety and stress.

Worry Stone Meaning and Benefits

Worry Stone Meaning

A worry stone is a small, smooth crystal or gemstone. It’s often shaped like an oval with a thumb-shaped indention.

Worry stones fit perfectly between the thumb and index finger. The gentle motion of massaging one’s thumb back and forth across the stone provides a physical touchpoint that can bring therapeutic and psychological benefits. 

The therapeutic use of worry stones dates back to ancient Greece, Tibet, Mesopotamia, North America, and Ireland. Much like how prayer beads are used, the action of rubbing a stone and holding positive thoughts and intentions can help deal with anxiety or aid in prayer or meditation.

Worry Stone Benefits

Calming crystals have the profound power to impact the brain and shift one’s mindset to reduce

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Soothe the nervous system
  • Ease negative thinking
  • Clear the mind
  • Help keep you grounded

Worry stones use the principles of cognitive behavior therapy in psychology. In the worst-case scenario, anxiety can lead to harmful coping mechanisms like avoidance, aggression, and the use of alcohol or drugs, especially in adolescents.

Using a worry stone for kids and adults can support healthy self-soothing exercises to help replace negative and counterintuitive comforting habits like pulling your hair, biting your lips or nails, or picking a scab.

How and When to Use Worry Stones 

With the help of a calming crystal or gemstone, you’ll find yourself grounded, and your anxieties will start to fade away. This helps to keep you confident and positive, whatever the situation.

Worry stones are also great if you’re a fidgeter, which is why a worry stone for ADHD is an effective coping mechanism. Keep them in your pocket when you have the urge to fidget in school, work, or church.

Pick a Worry Stone based on Your Feelings

Worry stone properties vary by crystal type, so you’ll have to choose a worry stone that will benefit you in a particular situation.

Worry stones for stress and negativity include Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Jade, and Lepidolite.

If you’re faced with a tough decision, go for Flourite, Clear Quartz, Amazonite, or Tiger Eye.

To help with grounding or centering, go for Onyx, Jasper, Smokey Quartz, or Hematite.

How to Use Worry Stone

The repetitive action of worry stone usage can help shift your focus from what’s causing stress onto something you can physically fidget with.

  1. Keep your hand to your side, with your palm facing in. 
  2. Make a loose fist and hold your worry stone between your thumb and index finger. Larger stones are held in the palm of your hand.
  3. Rub your thumb back and forth, side to side, or in circles across the surface of the indention.

To help make your practice deeper, try focusing your energy or doing some meditation and slow breathing:

  • Worry stones as a tactile point of focus during meditation
  • Speak a mantra with every rub
  • Rub a worry stone as you do deep breathing exercises

Healing Properties of Worry Stones

List of Powers

Worry stones have been used throughout centuries for crystal healing. Each worry stone has a unique vibrational energy, promising to share those vibrations that can affect you positively –– in mind, body, and soul.

Worry stone varieties depend on crystal or gemstone material, and there are many uses for them as each stone corresponds to an element of Earth. Each element offers unique gifts that help to center and disperse any negative energies.

Improving the flow of energy and getting rid of negative energies in the body and mind can promote physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

The key to this self-care experience is ultimately acceptance, mindfulness, and reflection.

Effect on the Mind, Body, and Spirit

According to acupressure, triggering specific points on your hands help stimulate nerve endings that activate different parts of the brain. 

In essence, rubbing calming crystals between your fingers or palms will stimulate pressure points connected to energy meridians within physical bodies. Activating specific energy meridian points in your body has the power to stimulate your brain for balance and promote the flow of good energy.

When using worry stones, your brain releases endorphins, naturally creating a euphoric and calming effect. To this day, worry stones are at the forefront of alternative medicine, gradually being applied to therapy for relieving tension, stress, and anxiety. 

Meditation with Worry Stone

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It’s possible to deepen your practice and meditation with the help of worry stones and focused energy work. When combined with meditation or prayer, intention setting, and positive thinking, worry stones can create incredible changes in mindset, behaviors, and thinking patterns.

For worry stone meditation, close your eyes and take deep, slow breaths until you feel centered. Try to feel all the areas of your body and sense where tension or worry is held.

Upon locating the energy blockage in your physical body, try to visualize what it looks like, then guide the energy through your body. You should lead it down your arm and into the stone. 

As you’re rubbing the crystal, allow the negative energy to be released from your physical body and absorbed by the worry stone.

Worry Stone and Chakras

Spiritual crystals come in seven chakra colors, each serving a unique and beneficial purpose:

  • Root (Red)
  • Sacral (Orange)
  • Solar Plexus (Yellow)
  • Heart (Green)
  • Throat (Blue)
  • Third Eye (Indigo)
  • Crown (Violet)

“Chakras” refer to balls of energy within your body, and meditating with crystals can help you connect with vibrational frequencies that open up chakras, leading to a deeper level of healing.

7 Chakra Worry Stone

The best chakra worry stone combines all seven crystals in one worry stone, allowing you to stimulate each chakra for healing.

Worry Stone Types

A worry stone is generally made from crystals, gemstones, or rocks. 

Some of the most valuable worry stone materials are:

Amethyst Worry Stone

Amethyst crystal, the all-purpose anxiety stone, comes in beautiful purple hues to protect, heal, and purify. Simultaneously, Amethyst creates calming and positive energy that helps to focus and clear the mind. 

Clear Quartz Worry Stone

Quartz targets all chakras, especially the crown chakra, to repels negative energy and open the heart to higher guidance.

Rose Quartz Worry Stone

Targeting the heart chakra, Rose Quartz stimulates the healing of the heart for forgiveness, compassion, and tenderness. It helps to clear resentment and brings the energy for commitment.

Labradorite Worry Stone

Also referred to as the “sorcerer’s stone,” Labradorite is the perfect stone for manifestation. Labradorite is gray with hints of blue, green, and yellow.

Its energy can stimulate determination, motivation, and unparalleled attention.

Aventurine Worry Stone

Aventurine benefits the nervous system and thymus gland. It has an anti-inflammatory effect that helps allergies, eyes, and skin. It’s one of the most powerful healing crystals with the ability to stimulate metabolism, balance blood pressure, and heal the lungs, heart, muscles, sinuses, and urogenital system. 

Carnelian Worry Stone

Carnelian is used to balance energy levels and improve coordination and oxygen levels for exercise and training.

Moonstone Worry Stone

Moonstone targets the sacral and crown chakra to strengthen intuition. It’s often used to help with pregnancy, fertility, and childbirth to help balance female hormones and stabilize emotions.

Black Onyx Worry Stone

Onyx is a powerful protector that helps to absorb and transform negative energy. This worry stone for negativity prevents energy drain and develops physical and emotional strength, especially during grief and trauma.

Obsidian Worry Stone

Obsidian is another powerful protective stone that helps to shield against negativity. It blocks negative psychic attacks and absorbs negative energies in the environment by drawing out tension and mental stress.

Sodalite Worry Stone

Sodalite helps calm panic attacks and helps emotional balance. It can enhance self-acceptance, self-trust, and self-esteem. It’s also great for boosting the immune system.

Jasper Worry Stone

The “supreme nurturer,” Jasper is the ultimate support in times of stress. It can bring a sense of wholeness and tranquility by providing protection and absorbing negative energy.

Tourmaline Worry Stone

This stone helps balance all the chakras by dissolving negative energy and thought patterns and replacing them with beneficial energies. It acts as a personal shield from unwelcome thoughts and energies.

Citrine Worry Stone

The “golden optimizer of life,” Citrine helps to bring enthusiasm, joy, and wonder into your life. It helps dispel doubt and fear by replacing those tension and anxieties with mental clarity, warmth, and motivation.

Lapis Lazuli Worry Stone

The stone that connects you to to the higher truth and cosmic energies, Lapis Lazuli grants a soothing space that purifies lower energies with higher and healthier vibrations.

Worry Stone Combinations

The many different healing properties of worry stones can be combined to stimulate more profound healing when the situation calls for it.

Here are some of the most potent combinations of worry stone for anxiety:

  • Rose Quartz with Blue Calcite or Lepidolite: The love crystal Rose Quartz also has destressing properties to nurture self-love and self-care. Combine Rose Quartz with Blue Calcite or Lepidolite to enhance relaxation.
  • Amethyst with Peridot and Smokey Quartz: Amethyst is the ultimate crystal for relieving anxiety. Amethyst combined with Smokey Quartz to help with grounding and Peridot for healing emotional wounds and tension creates the perfect solution for stressful and anxiety-inducing situations.

How To Care For Worry Stone

Worry Stone Cleaning

If you are carrying your worry stones throughout the day, be careful to keep them in your pocket and to avoid exposing them to:

  • Harsh chemicals and household cleaners
  • Skin products (cream and lotion) that can lead to oil build-up

When washing worry stone, it’s best to use only warm water and mild soap to avoid any discoloration. Dry your worry stone with a soft cloth.

Worry Stone Cleansing

As healing crystals, worry stones can also absorb negative energy.  Energetic cleansing is a must to discard any built-up negativity that can damage them.

Worry stones are cleansed based on vibration levels, which are determined by their type and color.

Energetic cleansing is done in a variety of ways:

  • Burying in the earth for two to three days
  • Placing under the moonlight for about six hours
  • Placing under the sun (except Amethyst, Citrine, Fourite, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, and Aventurine)
  • Smudging with white sage to repel negative energy
  • Burying the stone in coarse sea salt
  • Placing the crystals along a running stream (except for Selenite)

Right after cleaning and cleansing, you must set a new intention for your worry stone. Hold the worry stone in your hand and close to your heart, set your intention and renewed purpose.


Which worry stones are you drawn to?

The beauty in worry stones is how they can fit right in your pocket, discreetly helping you calm your nerves while you’re in public or with a group. 

Depending on the chosen material, rubbing a worry stone with a positive intention can help deal with physical, mental, and emotional tension and stress.

Worry stones are, quite literally, relaxation and anxiety relief at the tip of your fingers!

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My name is Ana Crystal and I’ve been a crystal enthusiast for as long as a I remember myself.

My passion started when I was a kid and grew into a full time thing. I’m currently writing a book on crystals, running a non-profit initiative to help ethical sourcing of crystals and helping out local miner communities.

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