Raw and Rough Crystals: Uses, Healing Benefits, Properties (2021)

Raw and Rough Crystals: Uses, Healing Benefits, Properties (2021)

What are Raw Crystals

Rough or raw crystals are by far the most basic form of crystals as they are quarried. These are chunks of rocks that were compacted to the most natural way. It looks exactly like how they came up from the Earth, untouched by humans and machines which makes it refined or heart-treated. The shapes are occasionally unusual or awkward, and they usually lack the lustrous glitz that tumbled pieces have. And since it is already unique in appearance, it is said to be the most sacred gemstone. Additionally, Several other people also believe that raw stones have more pure energy because they have been untouched and unaltered

Raw Crystal Benefits

According to some healers, the more natural or unworked a stone is, hence more energy it produces. In this case, Raw stone provides lots of benefits especially in harnessing energy within yourself and healing towards your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. This type of crystal is best in proving positive energy and addressing the toxicity out of your body and environment. It is also used in therapies, as it calms your nerves and soothes them. This is also beneficial to your homes as itt brings calmness, especially whenever you take a rest. You can generally connect with this stone to a much deeper level in a natural state which  can have a subtle effect on a room or emotional state.


How to Use Raw Crystals

As magnificent as it sounds, raw crystals provide varieties of uses in different ways. The most common way to use raw crystals is for decoration. Whether or not you are fully aware of the benefits of using crystals for energy healing, crystals in general look lovely when used as ornaments because of their unusual shape and design. This kind of crystal will surely fit in any type of placement, specifically, in your bedside table and office table so it can brighten your space. Moreover, raw crystals are also used as grounding, in which it realign your energies and reconnect it with the earth. By means of using raw crystal as grounding you can imagine yourself being connected with the earth and draw all the negative energies towards and make your meditation effectively. 

Raw crystals can also be used as a dreamcatcher. These crystals are works of art that are so beautiful that you would never guess that their primary function is to keep harmful or evil energies at bay. By placing it in your bedroom you can experience good night sleep and keep negative energy away from you.

Crystal grind is also a notable use of raw crystals. This is a collection of crystals that are arranged in a manner that enhances your prosperity, safety, health, defense, and other purposes based on your needs and intentions. And also, by means of using raw crystals as  crystal grinds, it can keep your home safe and secure, happier, and more abundant.

Another remarkable use of raw crystals is in love altars. Raw crystals are specifically tuned to the heart chakra and relationships that is why it is best fitted to be placed in love altars. This is also a tool to improve your power of love and improve your relationship from platonic. 


Healing Properties of Raw Crystals

List of Powers

Raw crystals are a powerful tool because of their unique natural energy intact. Raw crystals are also handled with extreme caution because they are extremely powerful and therapeutic for the chakra and auric energies. This type of crystal that is pure in form and energy, unmodified, intact, and significantly different is really rare. That is why, it vibrates at the highest frequency and allows you to connect with the earth in its most natural form. A raw crystal is not just a powerful source of grounding energy, consistency, and greater vibrations, but its raw existence also transforms the way you function with its energy. It is mostly a channel to improve yourself and draw negative energy away from your life. Raw crystals also have the power to help you dig deeper into your layer upon layer and your unique self. They teach you how to accept and love yourself, and also how to reach your full potential.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

The energy of raw crystals is overflowing to the point that it takes away all the negative energy within your body and your environment to the Earth. It is high in vibrational energy that mostly targets your emotions and it generally encourages the release of anxieties and sadness that bind the heart to the past or uncertainty about the future, and motivates to be present in the perfection of the present time. Raw crystals also take unnecessary negative energies from both the area of yourself and the environment, and then attract positive energy that can strengthen yourself and feelings as an approach towards certain things.. Specifically, one of the gemstones that provides great healing in feelings and emotions is Dolomite. It is a one-of-a-kind stone that connects you to the etheric realm while also calming your physical body and emotional self. It is a deep-chakra meditation stone that calms you down. 


Using meditation crystals will give you an excellent strategy to strengthen your meditation and fulfil a desired result during your meditation. Raw crystals have pure energy that is best used for meditation. It brings consciousness and awareness that can deepen your instincts and as well as give you clarity. The energy is overflowing with raw crystals, hence, it provides positive energy in your mind. There are varieties of raw crystals that specifically target meditation healing, one is the amazonite raw crystals, Amazonite aids in seeing both sides of a problem or different points of view. It relaxes the brain and nervous system and guides in the improvement of health. Another notable meditation crystal is the natural aventurine raw crystals, that are said to stabilize one’s mind, stimulate perception, and enhance creativity. This type of raw crystals also helps in dissolving negative thoughts and emotions, as well as it encourages perseverance and decisiveness. 


Raw crystals are also great to use for physical healing. It draws positive energy towards you and it can target the weak part of your body for repair. It cleanses your body as well as your aura. It also repels negative energy and stimulates the Crown Chakra. Raw crystal is high in spiritual vibration that is extremely powerful and protective. Raw crystal stone like dolomite is mainly used when you have high blood pressure or poor blood circulation, dolomite is frequently used to help you recover faster. It is also great for people with anxiety as it has a deep-chakra meditation stone that calms you down. Stones like astrophyllite are also used for physical healing as this crystal's properties are so powerful that it overflows your system with light and hinders darkness from surrounding you. Overall, raw crystals promote better sleep, attracting abundance, and channeling chill good vibrations into your life. 


Raw crystals can shift your perspective, infuse you with fresh sources of energy, and link you to Mother Gaia. With its characteristics of pure, natural and untouched stone with intact energy it is sure to be extremely powerful. Raw crystals are beneficial to the chakra and auric energies. Specifically, raw lapis lazuli crystals are best used for spiritual healing because they have righteousness stripes and they can transport you far and wide into your own conscious experience. Raw Fuchsite stone is also used for spiritual healing, It is possible to use it to draw strength from angels, fairies, and other spirit guides. Overall, raw crystals create a physical experience and it also addresses the different layers of your energy while also meditating. It can also help you create a physical experience and address different layers of your energy as you meditate. It also clears and heals the various levels of consciousness.


Raw Crystals Uses and Metaphysical Properties

Wearing Raw Crystals

Raw crystals do not only give benefits and healing properties to your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional self due to its energy but it can also be used as an accessory to yourself. Raw crystals are so beautiful and unique, they have this unmarred appearance that makes raw crystals stand out. ​​Raw crystals are also naturally unevenly built with a variety of configurations to optimize the quality harmony of their energies. To protect their independent energies, rough and raw crystals are made into jewelry. 

Raw crystal jewelry is available in a wide range of fashions, such as with pendants, tassels, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and ornaments. By wearing it, you can technically block and dispel the negative energies that will be coming after you. And also by wearing it, you can have protection towards danger and instead bring good luck.  

Raw jewelries are also a statement piece in your body and outfit. It will make you stand out and create a positive aura that shines within you. This type of crystal is versatile and can fit to all occasions. 

These kinds of crystals not just aim to lead to a competitive advantage, but they are also a fun way to brighten up your appearance!

Raw Crystals at Home

Beautiful and useful, these two adjectives describe raw crystals. Raw crystals uneven properties is such a unique statement to be a decorative price in your home. And not only that, raw crystals also provide lots of benefits that will warm your home and innate positive energy. Specifically, it is used as a feng shui because of its internal energy that can attract luck in terms of your career and keep your money growing with investments. It can also be used to cleanse your area at the end of the day so that it can take captive all abundances in your life.

Raw Crystals at Work

Stress at work? Don’t worry raw crystals got you! Raw crystal’s property of pure and natural energy is best fitted to cleanse and to block all the negative energy in your life. These places can be placed particularly in your working area for it to work effectively. There are varieties of raw stones that specifically target negative energy at work, like the raw crystals amazonite which can remove your stress at work and cleanse the clutter of energy in your life. 

To sum it up, using raw crystals at work would help you be so much more balanced, positive and powerful.

Meditation with Raw Crystals

Meditation has been one of the major applications for the raw crystals. Raw crystals are a gemstone that enhance your mind and start concentrating, and addresses your mental faculties. Raw crystals are widely used in meditation as it effectively draws negative energy away from your body. To effectively use raw crystals, all you must do is make contact with the raw crystal and shut your eyes throughout the meditation. This will lead you in the right direction, and you will be able to analyze the joy of the raw crystal powers you are using. By means of this meditation, it can heal you from the inside and outside of your consciousness.

People and Relationship

Crystals will give you positive outcomes with your self-growth, career, and most especially with your relationship with your friends, family and lover. It deeply connects you with people and builds a connection with them. There are crystals who specifically target this area, for example pink quartz. Raw pink quartz encourages unconditional love, self forgiveness and acceptance. It also cleanses the heart on all peaks, bringing deep sense healing and self-love These will restore trust and tranquility in existing relationships. Through the use of these raw powers, you would not only be able to grow into a relationship, but you will also be able to center good things in this area of your life.

Raw Crystals Therapies

Raw and rough crystals are gemstones that have a loose natural crystals properties that have not been tumbled, refined, or only thinly surged. Many crystals are stunning in their natural state, and some are considerably less expensive than their polished cut counterparts. It has an amazing vibrational energy that is best suited for therapies.

Crystals overall have high vibrational energy that can target most of the areas within your body which is popular in therapies and as a therapeutic tool in spa. And in raw crystals’s cases, it is widely used to attract positive energy in your life and block the negativity that will possibly surround you. This mostly deals with aligning your chakra with growth and balances things in your life. It can also boost your self to have an optimistic confidence and energy, and it can remind you of your specific intent. Since raw crystals are pure in nature they are incredibly powerful as a healing component for the chakra and auric energies of yourself. Raw crystals like black tourmaline are mainly used for therapies as they purify your energy and neutralize negative energy attacks. This stone can also train you on positivity and this chakra stone can help you align your life with your goals.

Raw Crystals and Chakras

Crystals are not just mystical stones that will transform your life. Crystals are also techniques and tools that can assist you in reaching greater depths within yourself, however you should also still do the work for it to fully activate. Raw crystals specifically have a chakra power that aims to attract positivity into your life. There are different ways to utilize the Chakra power of the raw crystals, first is by programming your crystals with your desired intention so it can work to the areas of yourself that are mostly surrounded by negative energy. Followed by, wearing your crystals that can help you with the chakra energy in your life. Another technique you can do is by constantly meditating with them because it connects you to the metaphysical power of your chosen raw crystals. And also, by means of ritual it can harness the crystal's energy that can heal your emotional scars, forgive yourself or someone else, and let go of perceptions that no longer serve you.

By utilizing the raw crystals power in your daily habits you can reap all its benefits. That is why it is recommended to use raw crystals because of its pure energy which effectively targets all your issues in life.

Raw Crystal Types

Raw Emerald

Raw emerald crystals strengthen psychic powers, open knowledge of the future, and encourage the use of greater intellectual capabilities. It contributes to the conscious thought of the unknown by imparting purpose and wisdom. These crystals promote activity and concentration in one's actions. It improves memory and provides clarity of thought.

Raw Amethyst

Raw Amethyst is a beautiful type of raw stone that brings magnificent energies into your life and environment. This soothing stone is especially beneficial to the third eye chakra. It could also be used to relieve skin inflammation, as well as to harmonize and connect the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Raw Moonstone

Raw moonstone is used to remove different issues in your life such as depression, anxiety, negativity and sadness. This stone has added energy that would help direct you through all the complicated psychological circumstances, as well as a personal relationship to the divine feminine. Raw moonstone in general has a wide range of healing properties because it is associated with the crown, third eye, and heart chakras, calms and reduces stress while going to release all forms of love.

Raw Jade

The raw crystal jade is a protective stone that particularly targets your physical body for healing which is thought to improve the processes of the heart, kidneys, nervous system, and immune system. Jade sraw stones also bring goodluck to your relationship. It also stabilizes your personality and can help you  delve deeper into ritualized knowledge, inspire innovation, and vision.

Raw Garnet

Garnet is a great crystal for regulating circulation of the blood in your body. It targets all your issues in your body as it lowers the risk of hematoma and inflammatory while increasing hemoglobin levels. This stone helps in igniting your passion when the energy stone touches the connection to mother gaia. This stone also targets healing with your spiritual self as it brings strength ans safety into your life. It also improves your higher spiritual thinking and self-improvement.

Raw Citrine

Raw citrine stimulates your brain and helps in increasing your knowledge. This gemstone is associated with light, satisfaction, and abundance, thus, it helps in building energy for powerful meditation. Additionally, this gemstone motivates, stimulates creativity, and helps improve overall aspects in your life.

Raw Quartz

Raw quartz helps in improving spiritual development, spiritual practices, consciousness, and wisdom. Quartz is a stone of harmony that aids in concentration, learning, and remembering what one has learned. It also helps in rebuilding your relationship with your family, friends and especially with your lover. 

Raw Malachite

Malachite crystals is a gemstone that is associated with physical healing and is known for reducing inflammation, and its relaxing existence certainly helps. Malachite is also in accordance with the bones, promoting rapid healing of serious injuries, torn muscles, and joint issues.

Raw Rose Quartz

Raw rose quartz helps in building your relationship. Raw rose quartz is a heart-centered gemstone that can help you recover and even obtain everlasting love. It also helps in clearing out your anger, selfishness, and hatred, and allows for the healing of heart problems and disease associated with having such negative feelings.

Raw Crystals Combination

There are no exceptions when combining your raw crystals and by combining them you can work on healing with your specific intentions. Present to you the different intents and the crystals combination that best suited you!

Love and Spirit Combinations

The combination of Raw Amethyst and Rose Quartz is perfect when you want to target your relationship and spirit because it deepens your self-love and spirituality.

Good dream and sleep

Crystal combinations of Raw Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Blue Lace Agate can be combined to create a dreamlike combination of heavenly bodies and insomnia crystals.

For Spirit Protection

The combination of Raw Amethyst and Black Tourmaline protects you during your metaphysical adventures. It's a critical integration for empaths, who are especially sensitive to negative energy and could benefit from an extra shield.

How to Care for Raw Crystals

Crystals help you in many ways hence it should be taken seriously. There are recommended ways that you can do to care for your raw crystals and maintain its pure and natural energy. Raw crystals are rougher and lack the shine and shimmer of other crystals that you may have seen in stores. This natural energy will be more powerful when it is fresh and its chakras are always activated. And since it has untouched properties, raw crystals can be resilient and they must be handled with gentle love and care. By caring with them more you can utilize its chakra power so it will work effectively especially when you are drawing out negative energy in your body as well as the environment. Additionally, raw crystals are delicate and dissipate after continued exposure to the sun, and because of that keep your crystals in it in a pouch or wrapped in a silk scarf when not in use to keep them safe. 

How to Cleanse Raw Crystals

Many people use crystals to loosen up their thoughts, body, and spiritual life. Some people seem to believe that crystals perform enthusiastically, emitting natural vibrations into the environment. These crystals deflect negative energy when used, which is why it is important to clean the crystal properly or after each use.

It is very important to cleanse your crystals and there are different ways recommended by a healing therapist to properly do it. It is a good idea to soak raw, hard geodes or clusters in salt water for a long period of time to release debris and dust. You should also need to polish the raw crystal point or sphere with an eyeglass cloth because it removes oils and fingerprints. And also, by placing any raw crystals you want to cleanse on your windowsill during the next full moon to soak up some of the lunation's revitalizing energy. Traditionally, you can also bathe it with moon water or running water and it works like a chef kiss!

Person Holding Clear Glass Jar

How to Program Raw Crystals

Do you understand what programming is? Not programming a web page or a desktop, but rather programming a healing crystal? Crystals gain power after being "programmed," or attuned to a particular function of your choice. This is best done immediately after you've cleared your stone.

There are different ways you can fully program your raw crystals and utilize its energy in your life such as, placing the crystals in your palm and by saying the affirmations that you want your crystals to target in your life. Once you envision your crystals' purpose you can feel the chakra energy flowing in your palm as it slowly activates. Additionally, you can also wear it for 7 consecutive days so your affirmations can be connected with you. 

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