Crystal Wands: Uses, Benefits, Properties (2021)

Crystal Wands: Uses, Benefits, Properties (2021)

What are Crystal Wands

Crystal wands have so many benefits and healing properties that it is sometimes called a “magical wand.” Crystal wands are made of an amazing facade of natural gemstones. When you need focus or clarity, wands are good to hold. They could be short or long, with a facing or smooth cylindrical shape. Additionally, they have properties where you can point to one end and round the other end of the wand. They can also be circled or marked at both ends. And some wands are wider, rough, and naturally pointed than the other. Through this shape, the energy is channeled towards you.

Types of Crystal Wands

Crystal wands are made of crystals of healing. Many of these are shaped for focused energy rituals in a cylindrical or pointed way. There are different types and shapes such as wire matrices, round, blocks, tapered. cylindrical or pointed. 

Wire Matrices

One of the types of wand crystals is wire matrices. Wire matrices are wires that mostly come in copper, rose gold, and gold colors. However, plated, silver sterling, 9ct gold, copper, brass, and more are also an option. This type is used for a much more elegant feels that is perfect for teens.


These crystal wands also come in round shapes. These shapes have rounded ends and are gradually tapered. Each one is made of a bigger natural stone or crystal. The circular end or fattest end of a crystal wand is used to pull negative energies sometimes. That is why this is one of the recommended shapes by crystal healers.

Cylindrical or Pointed

This shape is wide and the most commonly used shape of crystal wands. It looks elegant and fits all ages! It also provides many benefits as its energy is accumulated at the center of its point. Hence, the long, cylindrical form of the majority of wands allows the crystal to direct its healing energy. The wand point concentrates its energy in order to be directed and used on a particular part of the body.

Overall, the different shapes of crystal wands target varieties of areas in your, especially in the healing form.

Crystal Wands Benefits

Crystal wands are a versatile stone that has benefits in various areas such as healing, meditation, energy cleansing, love and relationship, massage, and more! One of the benefits of using a crystal wand is massage, this crystal is perfect for facial and body massages, especially curve-shaped wands. Additionally, one of the benefits of crystal wands as healing aids. They have a powerful energy that can be used to channel all the negative energy in your body and work on those parts that need repair. This crystal is also known as the power of intention which is great if you want to set your life goals! 

How to Use Crystal Wands

A wand of a crystal can be used to draw the imaginary line of sacred symbols depending on your intentions or protective thoughts. Although certain wands are used for rituals and incantations, they also have practical uses every day. There is no perfect way to use crystal wands, it is so versatile that it can be used in so many ways! 

Hence, one of the best ways to use crystals is to open chakra energy. Through rubbing crystal wands over your chakra points, you can open the chakra chain. As well as, If you try to meditate and activate chakra power simultaneously, you should maintain the stones on the chakras of the recipients. By means of this, you can channel your chakra and your reiki energy.

Crystal wands are extensively used as a part of reflexology to massage powerful energies felt through the vibration. It is also useful to purify the skin and cleanse things. When the energy and etheric levels of the corpus are used, wands become more effective. That is why it is a perfect crystal for massage and therapy.

A crystal wand can also be used to amplify your intentions and thoughts. You can generally use a crystal to draw affirmation words or manifestations as a writing tool. You can also write them out physically and view the movement to track the words. By following a rectangular or counterclockwise direction when drawing the symbols with a crystal wand.

Crystal wands are also used to amplify your crystal grinds. You can use your crystal wand to activate it once you have put your crystals in your preferred grid style. This helps the crystals in the grid guide the energy you want.

Other notable uses of crystal wands include positive energy attraction, cleansing the negative energy in your body, meditation, as well as healing properties in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Healing Properties of Crystal Wands

List of powers

There are so many spiritual mines in the world that can diminish your energy and your inner power. That is why the crystal wand is one of the major tools for crystal healing and is used to draw away energy. These crystals possess powerful healing energy that can work in all areas of your life. 

In the energy process for crystal cures, crystal wands are extremely useful, because they are able to direct the curing energy to certain parts of the body, which cures emotional and physical conditions associated with these parts. 

Crystal wands energy also penetrates your spiritual well-being. They are an essential component for the purification and purification of spiritual rituals. In addition, they are also used for therapies and healing as the crystal wands slowly activate positive energy and chakra at the center of your body.

In conclusion, wands are a great power, since they can concentrate your thinking and energy on a single goal or purpose, as well as their healing benefits.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

There really is no limit to healing crystal wands' soothing and energizing effects. May it be healing in your mental, physical, emotional, or even your relationship aspects! That is why when it comes to emotions, relationships, and love, crystal wands are extremely good to use! 

These wands will improve your affection for your partner. In addition to strengthening your loving relationship, a crystal wand will also promote a closer relationship with your friends and family. When you use a crystal wand to work on your love life, you will improve your life's love and connection. In any kind of situation, these wands entice love and worship. As well, these crystal wands will encourage you to be more caring and loving simultaneously.

And also, when you use these crystals, you will get ecstatic from within and it will fill you. Crystals can fix your underlying tension to turn you into a new person. It's fantastic and will get you excited!


Crystal wands are perfect for healing because they can work in all areas of your life, especially for meditation and mental healing. Meditation and healing when it comes to mental aspects are some of the notable uses of crystal wands. 

Like a chakra wand, your meditation session will be intensified with a wand. It can help you concentrate and observe your actions spiritually. Meditation wands are ideal with the power of energy for crystal rituals. If you need clarity or focus, crystal wands are very beneficial to hold. They are also great for crystal cure because of their powerful healing energy. A wand pointing out your body will take away energy, hence it will give you clarity and peace of mind.

Most wands of meditation are made of higher crystals of chakras that awaken the crown and the energy of the third eye. This is why it can help you open up your mind by meditating with crystal walls. It can help to alleviate confusion and develop fast decision-making skills.


For general health and general well-being, you can use crystal wands. This is one of the best uses crystal wands provide! Mainly because they have a powerful energy that can help boost your physical energy and remove blocks that prevent organs and systems from functioning properly.

Additionally, Your entire anatomy of the body is subject to gemstone wand healing. It's certainly difficult, but you can cure mental, psychiatric, circulatory, digestive, fertility, and related balancing problems with gemstone wands. 

A crystal wand can also help you if you want to boost your energy. It also stimulates sexual energy and tackles sexual dysfunctions. Crystal wands, nevertheless, are a great stone that can help in resolving stress-related diseases, such as depression and irrational fears.

The number of people who have even experienced terminal diseases and been cured of healing crystals is amazing. Most especially, with crystal wands. This energy is so powerful that it penetrates the deep layers of your body. Hence, it is perfect for ages 40 and above, or for people suffering from diseases.


Almost all of the infectious ailments, such as headaches, stomach upset or achy joints, are caused by the poor spiritual condition. And when it comes to healing crystals, a perfect crystal to amplify negative energy in your spiritual well-being is crystal wands. The reason is that it has a powerful energy that targets the weak spot in your spirit, and takes it away.

And also, gemstone wands are filled with higher crown and third eye chakra energies to heal you. It takes you higher and connects you to your guiding spirits. Chakra wands also often have stones in our spiritual bodies embedded in the wall's body which are colored to represent the various chakras.

Many spiritual virtues can be traced back to the use of crystal walls by gemstone users, from an astral voyage to lighting. That is why the benefits of crystal wands are proven and it is also recommended by spiritual healers and crystal therapists. 

Crystal Wand Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Wearing Crystal Wands

Healing wands are made of various materials in many shapes and sizes. Many of them are cylindrical and can be faceted or not. Crystal wands often have an abrupt end and a pointy end, although both ends are sometimes abrupt or both ends are pointed. That is why this unique shape is used in various accessories such as rings, earrings, necklaces, hair clips, or as a wand itself.

Wearing a crystal wand will serve as an accent piece to your outfit, hence it will make you stand out. One of the best-selling jewelry pieces of crystal wands is a ring. Crystals are like companions and take various forms yourselves throughout different layers of your body. And using your ring will help you heal your body, to trust your intuition, to be grounded, centered, and above all creative.

Wearing crystal wands cannot only serve as an accent piece but can also attract positive energy into your life and surroundings. It should be maintained as close as necessary – depending on the person or task involved. In terms of the physical aspect, you can start by putting the wand as close to the affected area in your body in order to draw negative. 

Crystal Wands at Home 

Crystal wands have many uses, may it be in healing your body, attracting positive energy into your life, jewelry or you can put it at home! Crystal wands have these unique characteristics of shape that can be used as a decorative price in your home. It is beautifully carved present in different colors that will fit any style and space in your home. In addition, crystal wands are exceptional in drawing out negative energy not just within yourself but also when it comes to your space and home. They are also great for cleansing, which can help boost your home vibrations and channel positive chakra in your body and home.

Crystal Wands at Work 

The right crystals can help to boost, clean, and significantly improve your space's energy, especially in your workplace. Sometimes the workplace can create negative energy, bad luck and stimulate stress in our personal life. Hence, obtaining a perfect crystal for this area will give you so many benefits. But say no more because crystal wands are ready to the rescue. Crystal wands have a powerful energy that can draw away the negative energy in your workplace. They also provide benefits such as memory mix, concentration to be maintained and strengthened, and vital life force amplified. You can place it in an area where you do your work so that it can fully utilize the energy.

Meditation with Crystal Wands 

Crystal wands are a stone of healing, it works in any area of your life may it be in your physical, spiritual, emotional or mental aspects.  also serve as meditation crystals. They have a powerful energy that can shift your mind and energy into a positive one. They bring calmness and peace into your life and when you use this crystal your thoughts will become substantial and creative. In addition, ​​Crystal wands induce a combined positive effect on the body as well as intuitive forces. And also, crystal wands such as this Labradorite are an optimum way to cure various heart diseases, thyroid, brain, and blood.

People and Relationships

Crystal wands are extremely beneficial when it comes to the concerns of affection, relationship, and admiration. They actually appeal to a new romance and love. It can be used by people of all ages who still want to have a deep connection with someone, want to build a strong relationship with their family, or create bonds with friends. Furthermore, If you use a crystal wand for your love, you are going to improve your relationship and bond. In any situation, these wands will inspire love and worship. Crystal Wands will also encourage you simultaneously to be more sympathetic and loving.

Crystal Wand Therapies

Crystal wands build-up and provide direct energy in your life. The long cylindrical shape of most wands allows the crystal to straighten its healing energy. It provides many benefits especially when it comes to healing in your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. That is why it is one the most used and recommended crystal of crystal healers and therapists. 

Specifically, crystal wands have a type of energy that is suited for therapy. It is used to practice reflexology that examines the links between bodies, energetic systems, and body parts of the nerve-linked skin and muscle zones. By incorporating the crystal wands in reflexology the energy in your body is in tune and balanced. This will also provide you with powers, relaxation, and protection.

In addition, crystal wands can be used in massage. It has a smooth surface that will effectively target the points that need to be worked on. It also has an asymmetry shape that allows two different contact intensities between the skin and the crystal: the more focused the point, the more energy transfer is intensified. Some wands even converge at a sharp tip and maximize the flow of energy between the body and the crystal. Making it more effective for massage and will make the energy flow in your body!

Crystal Wands and Chakras

In various stones and crystals, different types of wands are available. Various crystals have various healing energies as well. This means that the body, chakras, and auras are also healed differently. That is why finding the right type of wand will be a challenge. However, wands, in general, attain powerful energy that can effectively work in your life. They provide the same ability of healing and attraction in your life.

To dig deeper, crystal wands can help you cue every type of pain or illness you are experiencing in all parts of the body, including the chakras and aura. It also magnifies and transmutes all the positive energies around you. This makes the crystal wand effective in connecting to any other stone or crystal since it improves your healing energy.

The chakra energy of crystal wands can also be a channel if you need clarity or focus. They are also excellent in crystal cure because they direct strong healing energies. A wand pointing away will draw energies from your body. A wand pointing to your body can convey the energies into it.

Overall, the energy of the natural universe is harnessed by a crystal wand making it a powerful crystal. It also contains unmodified healing energies coming directly from the earth. Hence, its chakra energy is channeled from within.

Crystal Wand Types

Amethyst Wand

The amethyst crystal wands in the metaphysical product world are known as the master healer. Amethyst affects the highest chakras so that you can attain true illumination. It can help you to remain on a narrow and straight path by preventing bad and bad forces. In addition, the immune system is supposed to be boosted and the mind and the body be cleansed. Amethyst crystals wands are also powerful to help people calm and release pressure. They help people drive fear, fear, and concern away. The walls can be used as a wonderful psychic product for amethyst massages.

Citrine Wand

Citrines are known as the merchant's stone, which increases the revenues of the store and prevents negative energy, which can inhibit patronage when placed near a cash register or a cash store. In addition, Citrine wands with double ends are often used in making multiple crystal rituals because of how they cleanse your body and stabilize your energy.

Clear Quartz Wand

Clear quartz is a great wand for beginners. Quartz was often referred to by its ability to convert adverse energy to positive energy as a master healing stone. It also dissipates negative energy and clears it off, hence the spiritual, mental, and physical planes are ready to be cleansed and clarified. This crystal is also ideal for mediation and in your workplace as it directs you with focus and clarity.

Rose Quartz Wand

Rose quartz is known for its healing properties, especially in the area of love and relationship. And also, empathy is dependent on the immense curative qualities of rose quartz as well as clearing out other people's anger, envy, and resentment. This is also linked to true love because it can heal hurts in the past and offer you a chance to love again. Overall, these crystals make it possible to cure discomfort associated with emotions. 

Smokey Quartz Wand

Smokey Quartz diffuses fear, raises depression and negative energy out of your life and surroundings. Most of the time, the situations in your life will shift to being calm, stress-free, and relieved of being depressed. It also helps to foster positive thinking and action and alleviates tendencies to suicide. Additionally, it scatters nightmares and shows your dreams.

Moonstone Wand

Moonstone is a great help in balancing energy by delving into the depths of past and present, especially the emotional trauma, and by enlightening the shadows so that we can begin our healing journey. Additionally, Moonstone helps us to channel our feminine side as a gem for intuition, balance, and wishes. It can also help you to relax and relieve stress while releasing the love of all kinds, linked to the curve, the third eye, and the heart chakras.

Lapis Lazuli Wand

Lapis Lazuli is made with lazurite, calcite, and pyrite mineral combinations. It is thought to be in existence from the time of birth and used for ceremonial robes by ancient Hebrews. Lapis Lazuli, an opener of the Third Eye Chakra, links the physical and the sky. Lapis offers deeply peaceful knowledge into mystical realms and links to spiritual caretakers. And also, it prevents a psychic attack, protects against negative energy, and returns to their source any negative vibrations.

Labradorite Wand

Labradorite (sometimes also called Spectrolite) is a pillar of transformation and magic regarded by mystics. The aura of the labradorite crystal wand is said to be clear, balanced, and protected, and an excellent stone for protection in general. It is also meant to contribute to clarification and insight into your ultimate fate and to generate success.

Fluorite Wand

Fluorite can also clear the aura of mucky energies, it is a popular stone among energy healers. Fluorites enhance mental ability, help to quickly organize and process information and can lead to otherwise chaotic mental clarity and stability.

Crystal Wand Combinations

Crystal wands are powerful themselves, however, their chakra energy can double its power. There are many classifications of crystals that target different areas. Hence, there are recommended crystal wands combinations that you can choose from that are best suited for you!

Heaven and Earth Crystal 

This beautiful wand is combined with heaven and earth crystals. It includes Lemurian quartz, phenacite, turmaline, Moldavian, green amethyst, peridot, diamond herbal Herkimer, quartz druzy, and epidote prehnite.

Enchantment Crystals

These crystals are made of the seven powerful crystal wands such as  Angel Aura, peridot, Watermelon Tourmaline, Herkimer Diamond, Labradorite, Amethyst, and Rainbow Moonstone.


How To Care For Crystal Wands

Keeping a clean energy crystal is an important part of a crystal collector or a crystal owner. Especially, if you own a crystal wand because it easily absorbs negative energy. Hence, there are recommended ways to properly take care of your crystals.

The first is to keep the wall in your hand sideways (right hand if you are right-handed and vice versa). Concentrate on cleansing your aura and scan it up and down the aura field slowly, with negative energy sweeping away. 

Within a few days, the emotional energies will be clear and you will feel much better. As often as desired, aura cleansing can be made.

How To Cleanse Crystal Wands

When cleaned and recharged after each use, crystal wands became stronger. The vibrational energies of your crystal wand are regenerated and strong for the next cure. You can clean your crystal wand in a number of different ways.

Water can recharge your crystal wand easily and effectively. Usually, for 12 to 24 hours, you can also soak the crystal wand in water. Crystal wands can also be cleaned with sea salt to permit water to be washed over them or to soak in a saltwater basin for up to 24 hours. You can rinse and energize in the sun with fresh water. With the Sage, Sweet Grass, Cedar, or Inca, you can smudge the crystal wand.


How To Program Crystal Wands

Programming a crystal will also help to effectively harness your wand’s energy. That is why crystal healers and therapists recommend ways to properly program your crystal wands.

Just go out into the morning sun (if not too luminous or shining). Point the tip of the aura to the third eye (not to the skin) and the end of the sphere to the sun. Close your eyes and let the sun shine through the end of the wand. With the sunlight entering and going through the crystal, the energy is polarized in the seven colors of the chakras through the crystal wand. 

By doing so, you can effectively program your crystals and activate their chakra energy.

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