Moldavite: Meaning, Properties, Dangers and Warnings

Moldavite is widely considered a new generation gemstone, transmitting the energy of the mystical realms.

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a spontaneous crystal from extraterrestrial impacts that belongs to the Tektite group. Tektite derives from the Greek word tektos, which means molten. Tektites have an indeterminate crystalline phase and are vitreous mixes of silicate minerals, alumina and iron oxide, and other noble metals. Opaque Moldavite is evergreen, unlike some other Tektites from across the planet, pitch black or brown. It is the only type appropriate for carving and forming as a jewel.

Moldavite is costly for a myriad of factors. Notably, the bulk of Moldavite can be found in strata dating from the mid to high Miocene, when the craters were formed. Much of it is submerged beneath the Earth's surface and should only be discovered in a few places, including the aftermath of rock formations. Meticulous and comprehensive steps are required to extract it from the Earth, resulting in a significant expense.

Also, Moldavite in these locations is typically associated with the formation of droplet-shaped microparticles of only a few millimeters. Because Moldavite is so tiny in its native condition, the method of purifying it as a gemstone and trimming it to be used in accessories carefully aims mainly at an even tinier fragment of Moldavite. Consequently, bigger chunks are extremely tough to obtain, making even little bits of the gem quite costly.

Since there is a severe lack of Moldavite and no chance of it spontaneously reproducing and appearing on Earth anymore, the price of Moldavite has risen due to the restricted availability combined with demands from individuals who are more emotionally engaged in its therapeutic powers. Consequently, many fraudsters are attempting to make replica artifacts with more texture.

Moldavite Meaning                              

Moldavite is undeniably a magnificent gemstone, theoretically sculpted of cosmic flame and predestined for grandeur. This mysterious greenish amulet was created by nature's catastrophic celestial collision with Planet Earth. Moldavite, engraved by strength and heat as it descended from the sky, resurfaced changed, a crystal of incredible refinement and elegance prepared to help the world.

Moldavite bears an intense vibration as a Gemstone of Connectedness, a synthesis of worldly and otherworldly forces sensed instantly and often profoundly in individuals who align with its potency. When using Moldavite initially, it might cause a burning feeling in the palm, spreading all over the body.

The Heart Chakra may be triggered in certain circumstances, resulting in a beating wave, perspiration, redness of the cheeks, and an empathetic understanding that ranges from joy to tears. Moldavite's resonance may take a little more time accustomed to. Still, its tremendous capacity to speed one's spiritual development makes it extremely valuable in the heavenly realm, both for its fundamental properties and as a mediator for bringing in Illumination to help Earth's restoration.

The collision energy morphed the granite, resulting in a Moldavite-strewn meadow in two largely rural districts of Bohemia. Farmers frequently discovered the gemstones while mowing their lands, while others surfaced after the warm season or substantial rainfall in the autumn. Enthusiasts have lately used tracing and excavating through fine sandstones to dig for gemstone level and gallery level samples.

Moldavite has a long history, having been treasured since the Neolithic Period and utilized as a magical charm and emblem of incredible luck, reproduction, and safety in addition to knapping and grinders. It was discovered at the Venus of Willendorf old heritage, the world's earliest recorded Deity sculpture.

This stone has been related to stories about the Holy Grail, which was also an Emerald that plummeted from the heavens from Lucifer's tiara until he was expelled from Paradise. It was presented as a ceremonial present to induce matrimonial peace in Czech folklore, and it has been utilized in fashion, liturgical goods, and psychological change for generations.

Popular questions about Moldavite

What does moldavite do?

Moldavite assists in protection, self-healing, and even cleansing. Moldavite is also aiding transformation, and accelerating deep, personal and lasting change.

Where to buy real moldavite?

You should buy moldavite from a seller that can provide at least some form of authenticity and share the source from which the stone came from.

How to activate moldavite?

You can activate moldavite by holding it in the hand and exposing it to a direct sunlight or moonlight. For the best results close your eyes and talk through the intentions you want to set for the stone.

What is moldavite good for?

Moldavite is great for jewelry, personal metaphysical usage and as a decor. This rare stone is also used for spiritual and healing purposes.

How to tell if moldavite is real?

The best way to tell if moldavite stone is real is by taking it to the lab. If you don't have the means to do it - then your best chance is spotting obvious visual cues such as size and polish. Real moldavite is never perfect and rarely weighs more than 100g.

Characteristics of natural and imitation moldavite.
Moldavite Chinese imitations 19th-century glass imitations
Color Light green to brown Light green Light green
RI 1.490 (1.480–1.510) 1.520 1.545–1.580
Density 2.35 (2.27–2.46) 2.52–2.53 n.a.
Fluorescence Inert in UV Chalky in short-wave UV Inert in UV
Absorption spectrum Minimum at 550 nm Maxima at 460 and 640 n.a.

How to cleanse moldavite?

Best way to cleanse moldavite is with running water, direct sunlight or with burning sage. You can also cleanse it with other crystals like clear quartz.

How to use moldavite?

Best use of moldavite is definitely for beautiful jewelry but you can also use it as a standalone stone for things like meditation or intention setting.

Where does moldavite come from?

The original moldavite comes only from European localities such as Southern Bohemia (Czech Republic), but they can also be found in the far west region of Czech Republic, near Dresden, Germany, or near Radessen, Austria.

What does moldavite look like?

Moldavite looks like dark green eroded gemstone, it is transparent with a mossy green color, with swirls and bubbles accentuating its mossy appearance. Moldavites can be distinguished from green glass imitations by observing their worm-like inclusions of lechatelierite.

How to charge moldavite?

There is no best way to charge moldavite but popular ways are direct moonlight or sunlight, as well as burying it in the ground overnight so it gains the energy of the moon or the earth.

Why is moldavite so expensive?

Moldavite is so expensive because it's extremely rare, comes from one locality and is a result of a meteorite impact.

Why is moldavite so powerful?

Moldavite is considered so powerful because it has a very high vibrational frequency due to their cosmic connection.

How much is real moldavite per gram?

Typical Moldavite price ranges between 8 USD and 15 USD per gram.

How to meditate with moldavite?

Hold a moldavite crystal in your hand, or place it on your heart or third eye during this meditation.

Healing Properties of Moldavite

Moldavite is thought to possess psychic characteristics that allow you to travel through time. As a result, numerous individuals find the gemstone beneficial whenever they desire to discover their heart's course in any aspect of life or interact in a former life.

Therapists use Moldavite to eliminate feelings and other undesirable unresolved issues from a previous life from the spectrum. Moldavite is openness and helping individuals uncover sentiments or impulses that preserve them locked in unfavorable conditions at the moment. Those people are likely to identify the elements keeping them stuck in a bad situation and move on.

Feeling and Emotional Healing

Moldavite is a Heart Stone, digging deeper into somebody's true feelings and drawing to the forefront what one most acknowledges, respects, incorporates, or relinquishes. Its reverberation unites the eyes and soul, enabling them to collaborate in a cooperative manner. The intellect turns to the emotions for guidance in creating good things, and the brain comes to perceive itself many with empathy and understanding.

Moldavite is an unusual gemstone that inspires surprising ideas and reawakens long-buried recollections. It aids in the release of ancient dogmas and lengthy notions that were no longer convenient to one's well-being and the neutralization of telepathic instructions.

This gem’s vivid green hue is disliked by someone who is intolerant to feeling but needs to encounter love and care to be complete. They may have underlying psychological pain that has to rise to the fore and recover, necessitating the use of more stones.


Moldavite has numerous advantages, one of which is its function in assisting us in our alternative therapy path at this period of extreme world changes. It may increase Chakra activation, and another typical result of its use is that it can assist you in making touch with your guardian angels since it is a powerful gemstone for enhancing telepathic powers.

If we're to be a component of the tremendous psychological developments that may be nearing completion, we must produce the perfect something of it. Thus, strengthening the mind in conquering every challenge that life unfolds. At the same time, you can expect enhanced mental health when you use this stone during meditation. It promotes healthy brain cells, which is beneficial, especially for children.


Moldavite can be used as a diagnostic tool, highlighting the reason and cause of instability or sickness and assisting in the release and recovery period. The dynamically varying frequency of this gem aids in re-establishing obstructed regions, allowing tissues to recover to their natural completeness condition.

Like many emerald gems, Moldavite is an excellent booster for curing rheumatism and is beneficial for vision. It may help with illnesses and health disorders, infections, or sores caused by conventional toxins or contamination, as well as helping the body overcome influenza and malnutrition.

Moldavite is a regenerative gemstone that promotes self-fulfillment and delays the signs of aging. It helps with cognition and guards from cognitive deterioration. It may assist in normalizing abnormalities in the visual cortex nerve currents and is beneficial for difficult-to-treat progressive diseases.


Moldavite is a charm given to Earth to help in religious experience, change, and development. It allows one's awareness to link with the Divine Providence in a powerful, vivid, and specific manner. It has specific celestial power, which allows it to communicate with the otherworld and pull onto the planet the most favorable thoughts and behaviors and luminous harmonics for progress and enlightenment.

Moldavite also generates a psychic protective force when harmonizing with it. It helps to detach somebody from harmful personal ties by preventing destructive impulses and beings from interacting with or adhering to someone's atmosphere.

This gem’s capacity to anchor Illumination for Earth mending is another of its essential qualities. It teaches us about the intrinsic oneness of all living things and our obligation to perceive our environment as a complete being in need of kindness and care.

Wearing Moldavite

Moldavite in ornaments permits its vibrations to stay in someone's vibratory space during the day, amplifying its benefits and boosting the occurrences of favorable coincidences in daily existence. Some people may suffer illumination or a loss of anchoring as a result of Moldavite's strong resonance, and they might have to progressively adapt to using it.

Moldavite at Home and at Work

Wood Energy, the force of life, development, renewal, nutrition, and wellness is used by Moldavite. It boosts energy, offers riches, and preserves us physiologically developing. Green gemstones may be utilized to improve any open kitchen, a children's room, or a space in your house where you are starting a new endeavor. Wood Energy is typically linked with living space or office's southeast corners. It is linked to the areas of marriage and well-being, as well as success and luxury.

Meditation with Moldavite

Moldavite is indeed a wonderful gemstone to get if you need some of your other gemstones' frequencies to be amplified. Moldavite is said to have spiritual characteristics, including making it easier to communicate with excitation frequencies in the universe and inside your inner consciousness if you stare into a transparent part of the stone while concentrating. This stone is also an excellent stone for contemplation, including enhancing awareness to direction, insight, and prophecy, and the capacity to interpret signals from the spiritual world.

People and Relationships

Moldavite will function as your closest buddy, preparing you to cope with the feelings associated with being in a romance or a partnership. Although passion is the most exquisite sensation in the world, it is also the most confusing and unmanageable. Even the most powerful and knowledgeable individuals may do the most heinous acts in the throes of passion.

Moldavite's forces will ensure that you and your emotions are protected whether you fall back in love or begin a commitment. This gemstone can also make you realize how your spouse functions in your marriage.

Moldavite Crystal Therapies

Moldavite is an anti-cynicism stone that links even the most jaded adult to the glories of the cosmos. Even when the reason is unclear, it dispels uncertainties and alleviates financial concerns by offering previously unconsidered options.

Moldavite is a valuable gemstone for stellar offspring and bitter people that struggle to cope with pain and profound feelings when in embodiment on Earth. Moldavite, when put on the heart, reveals the motives and meaning for one's presence here, as well as easing anxiety for individuals whose origin is unknown.

Moldavite and Chakras

Moldavite is widely believed to have come to Earth to assist the world in transcending its present condition. Hence it is frequently utilized in Earth Chakra healing ceremonies. Additionally, it is initially a gemstone of the soul, with its lovely green vitality. On the other hand, Moldavite's vibrations can stimulate each of the Chakras because of its faster dynamic resonance. This gem frequently works the same way but with a significant deal of intense feeling. Kundalini force also was found stimulated by it.

Close to the middle of the ribcage lies the Heart Chakra. It influences what we welcome and what we reject in our interactions with the outside realm. When the Heart Chakra is blocked, you might seem in charge or dominant in a relationship. Still, you may be judgmental of somebody else's minor flaws. Green gemstone power is produced to eliminate obstructions and regulate the Heart Chakra, allowing us to comprehend our personal feelings and desires more accurately.

Moldavite also activates the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. The Third Eye Chakra is our awareness and organization to reach. It guides our vision and understanding of the world daily. This Chakra houses our awareness, and it is through it that we communicate with ourselves. Your ideas and feelings are bright and lively when the Third Eye Chakra is in equilibrium. You could regulate the exchange of power throughout all channels and are receptive to new thoughts and visions.

Our entrance to the wider cosmos is the Crown Chakra, which is positioned at the center of the head. It has a strong influence on how people perceive and interact with the environment around us. It is the foundation of our divinity and the wellspring of our values. Our emotions are in harmony when the Crown is in equilibrium. We understand our role in the cosmos and perceive the world as it is.

Moldavite Dangers and Warnings

Since Moldavite is a very powerful stone it is a good idea to get acquainted with its potential dangers and warnings.

Some people think that Moldavite is toxic, poisonous or can make you sick. It is not toxic and can't make you sick, but different people have different emotional reaction to it.

Moldavite Shapes and Forms

Moldavite replicas and fakes were widely known, particularly in the Czech Republic, where gemstones are found natively. A kind of Bohemian gemstone or river jewels was employed in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Green beverage crystals did not become popular in ornaments until about the modern period.

Nevertheless, regardless of how long false Moldavite accessories were around, knowing how to recognize a counterfeit Moldavite is essential if you would like the actual product. You could be glancing at a fake Moldavite or a colored glass replica in some instances.  If you watch closely at Moldavite, you'll see that most are light in color, and interior spirals or blisters sometimes enhance its dense green look.

The secret to distinguishing authentic artifacts from some good knock-offs is to examine the present surface and abundance of ripples. You can always check for a glossy or slightly damp sheen, a feature of fair jewels but not fakes. Any multifaceted gemstones without flaws or blisters that appear to be a clean or perfect sheet of material are almost entirely speculative.

Moldavite comes in various forms, including decline, spherical to highly compressed, skillet or wedge, rectangular, spherical, hammer curls, circular, spherical, or spiral, all prevalent in liquid splatter designs. Bohemian Moldavite is more plunged, tubular, or shaft-like, while Czech gemstones are more cylindrical. Moldavite is most commonly found in hues of green, while some are pale yellow or almond, and others are brownish-gray, particularly in Bohemia.

Moldavite Crystal Combinations

Moldavite is highly effective when combined with other gemstones, especially the translucent powers of Crystal types. It is one of the harmony gemstones and is well suited to the creation of animated objects. To enhance the impacts of talismans, brooches, patterns, panels, and other instruments, contribute to them.

Moldavite and Rose Quartz                


It is a frequent amulet and a popular among gems with its inherent beauty. Rose Quartz is a precious gem for Gem Traders, contemporary lovers, and global healthcare professionals known for its superior therapeutic capabilities. When meditating on the Heart Chakra, use Moldavite with Rose Quartz to break down toxicity and improve learning, kindness, comfort, and love.

Moldavite and Clear Quartz

When collaborating on the Crown Chakra, Moldavite can be coupled with Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz is sometimes referred to as the Master Healer. The gemstone is thought to enhance its good energy with everything associated with it, which is why the inherent mending capacity of whatever follows is strengthened.

Moldavite Origin

Moldavite is a volcanic crystal with a distinctive structure; scientists theorize that it was produced by the radiation from a meteor strike millions of years back. Its momentum then propelled the molten glass shooting throughout Europe, where it is being extracted presently. The majority of the Moldavite crystallized in the atmosphere upon landing, and a large amount of it landed in the Czech Republic's southern regions.

Moldavite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Moldavite is among the traditional birthstones for individuals who were born in the springtime. It will aid in your rejuvenation, new enterprise achievement, and excellent health. Moldavite is a gemstone produced of the constellations and hence a global creation of all the zodiac, while not being connected with any particular astrological sign.

Moldavite Energy Color

Moldavite is a renewal Gemstone that uses neutral color vitality and is a vital mediator of humanity's Source Of the life of conception, expansion, and emergence, as well as the ability of evolution's perpetual regeneration. It's a powerful tool for developing new ventures, whether they're family ties or businesses. It's suitable for storing a business going, a program on the path, and lives on the route.

Brighter Green gemstones help you to grow spiritually and reaffirm your dedication to a more significant cause. Trinkets representing physical mass and development and journey protection are those with a deeper color.

How to Care for and Cleanse Moldavite

Since Moldavite is so sensitive, it's critical that you keep it with caution. Preserve the jewels with a gently cushioned box with a cover composed of plastic resin lining. Moldavite may be a jewel, although it comes from a meteorite and is essentially a kind of silica, as previously stated. The gemstone will degrade and finally disintegrate if submerged in water. It is critical that you do not submerge it in fluids and preserve it clear of hits, scratches, and other factors that might hasten its degradation. Moreover, it should never be cleaned with alcohol to prevent scuffs.

It is unlikely to degrade or discolor if you consider leaving it behind, using it only occasionally, and carefully keeping it while not in use. Yet, others claim that if you use it for religious healing, it will reflect light somewhat depending on your attitude.

How to Program Moldavite

Even those who are typically not receptive to gem and mineral vibrations may sense the power of this gem. No one can deny its strength. You will feel distinct responses and harmonic energy just by touching it with your hands or putting it on your chest.

Final Thoughts

The gemstone's energy is incredibly effective when anything breaks down and comes to the base of its source. This gemstone may initially be an overpowering technique, so you must expect a significant outcome. However, be sure that the first surprise element is justified the returns.

This gemstone will empower you on all levels. It has many transformational features, and its vibrations will perform miracles on you and your friends.



Crystal Structure:



5.5 - 7


Opaque, translucent, transparent

Chemical Composition:



Crown Chakra, Third Eye, Heart Chakra

Astrological Sign:


Numerical vibration:



Czech Republic, Austria, Germany



physical conditions:

Body balance

Emotional conditions:

Kundalini Energy, Meditation, Raising Vibrations

spiritual purposes:

Moldavite energetic vibrations have a catalyzing effect on one's spiritual evolution and the ability to ground light vibrations for the healing Earth

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