Larimar: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

Learn more about in Larimar's healing properties and abilities.

What is Larimar?

Larimar is a rare, valuable stone that has only been discovered in a small region of the globe, a small mountain range in the Dominican Republic, and has remained one of the best-kept secrets of rare precious stones. Due to volcanic action, a unique mix of minerals dissolved in a cooled hydrothermal fluid crystallized into Larimar.

Most mined Larimar is greenish in hue and contains faults that prevent it from being used in high-end jewelry. Instead, the greatest Larimar, with a pure blue hue and no fractures, can be obtained by accident while mining. Cooling and mixing during the creation of Larimar led to its distinctive asymmetrical pattern and hue.

Larimar Meaning

According to an American Peace Corps member and locals, Larimar was discovered on the Dominican Republic's beautiful beach in 1974. The buried jewels are said to have been displaced by an earthquake. Larimar samples were submitted to geologists at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington after its discovery.

The name of this uncommon precious stone was established by Miguel Méndez, a great artisan who worked with Larimar. As a consequence, the name Larimar is a combination of his daughter's name "Larissa" and the Spanish word "mar," which means "sea."

Larimar is a Blue Pectolite. This solid mass, which is frequently accompanied by other crystals such as Hematite, develops within basaltic lava holes. Copper traces are responsible for the brilliant bluish hue, yet all Larimar crystals have a distinct white stripe. A higher-quality stone will be darker in hue and may include transparent portions, as well as sky-blue variations.

It is classified as a water stone due to its island habitat and distinctive aquamarine hue, which is odd given that Larimar is mainly created by volcanic lava. Larimar has also been described as a rare stone that perfectly balances fire and water.

For years, it has been claimed that this uncommon azure stone is linked to ocean dolphins. Crystal healers occasionally use Larimar to harness dolphins' bright and loving energy to aid with various modern illnesses and disorders. Some even claim to be able to psychic converse with aquatic animals.

Furthermore, nothing compares to Larimar. The fact that one can only find it in one location in the Caribbean appeals to crystal enthusiasts. Because of its crystal characteristics and its renowned blue-green light and healing capabilities, Larimar is regarded as one of the most sought-after crystals in the world.

Healing Properties of Larimar

Larimar is thought to provide many health advantages. Larimar is claimed to offer mental, emotional, and spiritual advantages in addition to enlightenment and healing. It is also thought to activate various internal and exterior body components, allowing for more profound manifestation and understanding.

Holding this near wherever you are, according to urban mythology, would instantly reunite you with your inner dedication. It also reduces tension, calms tempers, and calms fears, bringing harmony to the body, mind, and soul. Larimar, which represents serenity and clarity, emits healing and loving energy.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

You may start letting go of damaging emotions once you've learned to distinguish between constructive and destructive negative emotions, which is one of Larimar's health advantages. It also aids in identifying self-imposed limitations and self-destructive conduct, particularly toward pain, and aids in the regaining of self-discipline and control over one's life.

Working with the heart, releasing emotions, and removing old emotional patterns, Larimar breaks down the walls created around the heart as a protection mechanism. It aids in lowering fear and anxiety by strengthening emotional functions and balancing energy and stress-related imbalances—Larimar assists in confirming guilt and restoring the feeling of serenity and integrity when you are guilty. It also allows you to re-establish a more natural state of fun and childish vitality. Having a sense of self-respect and affection for oneself inspires the bearer to share such sentiments with others.


When combined with yoga breathing techniques, Larimar can help you acquire more clarity in your life. This gemstone is an excellent exercise for promoting simplicity, open-mindedness, and yin energy. Larimar's therapeutic qualities can help men and women enhance their femininity, intuition, and receptivity. Larimar makes it simple to enter a profound state of meditation.

Larimar eliminates self-destructive conduct, particularly the desire to be a martyr. Also, it naturally improves consciousness and harmonizes you to a new vibration by integrating body and mind. It stimulates the throat chakra, bringing a sense of serenity, assurance, and creativity. You will be able to eliminate self-imposed barriers and limitations as you take control over your life.


Stress, sometimes known as the "silent killer," is a significant issue that contributes to various medical ailments in today's society. Larimar is a calming gem that relieves tension and benefits the entire body organically. It can assist women in managing stomach cramps throughout the third trimester of pregnancy, combat excruciating pain after delivery, and prevent postpartum depression.

Physically, Larimar is undeniably helpful. It aids in the treatment of cartilage and throat problems and the removal of blockages in the head, neck, and chest. Alternative therapies, such as those that employ radiation or water, benefit even more from Larimar usage. You can also use the gemstone to cure bipolar illness and treat emotional extremes by acting as an antitoxin.

You may reduce infection, temperature, and edema as well by utilizing this stone. High blood pressure, stress, and other symptoms are better relieved by Larimar. This stone can also be used to treat stress-related skin conditions such as hives, rashes, inflammation, and psoriasis.


Larimar is also linked to the energies of the sky and the sea; as a result, it aids women in reclaiming their natural compassion and reconnecting with nature. It exudes vitality, pleasure, and a sense of self-control. It aids the individual in reuniting with their feminine, unrestricted, and vulnerable natures.

At the same time, Larimar is beneficial in spiritual and cellular realms. A fantastic mineral for safeguarding one's physical health and situations. Larimar is also a stone for Earth healing since it represents clarity and tranquility and emanates a divine and healing energy.

Wearing Larimar

Because of its link to the Throat Chakra, Larimar is most beneficial when worn as an ornament, particularly as a pendant. Wearing Larimar as accessories, though, can destroy it rapidly owing to its hypersensitive quality, mainly if you spend hours in the sunlight. If you're using a Larimar pendant, put it under your clothing as much as you can while you're in direct sunshine to keep the intense blue hue.

Larimar at Home and at Work

Larimar works with Water power, which is associated with calm, peaceful power, and cleansing. It represents untapped talent. It is also supple, shapeless, and yet strong. As a result, the Water element bestows the ability to regenerate and resurrect.

It is the force of humanity's cycle. Larimar stones may be used to improve any place used for relaxation, peaceful meditation, or meditation. Water energy is usually connected with living space or the houses’ northern half. Its fluid vitality ensures the equilibrium of energies as your existence expands and streams, and it is connected with the Work and Future Course region.

You may set it beside your smartphone or laptop at your home or office where you regularly connect with everyone or in areas where people convene, such as your cooking area or living area. By placing Larimar in these areas, you guarantee that the crystal's soothing and connectivity properties cleanse all discussions and activities that occur there. It will protect everyone involved in these encounters from falling into destructive psychological habits instead of keeping things productive and beneficial.

Meditation with Larimar

It is a lovely gemstone for meditation since its potential benefits on interaction extend to communication with the divine beings of the cosmos. The usage of Larimar gemstone in meditating can be done in various techniques, depending on your particular preferences and general concentration approach.

For example, you could want to wear some Larimar accessory near your flesh, allowing the crystal's finest impulses to lead your meditation trip.

People and Relationships

Larimar will assist you in high-affinity connections with everyone as well as with yourself. Therefore, the first aspect of developing good connections with others is to build positive interactions with yourself.

It can assist you in successfully communicating your sentiments, recognizing undesirable and poisonous emotions, and dispelling them in a healthy working manner.

There are numerous moods in which this is true, but distinguishing between them would be difficult. Rage, for instance, may be a beneficial feeling if it motivates us to improve and correct wrongdoings. Nevertheless, it may also be a highly poisonous feeling with no beneficial consequences. These two types of rage have the same feeling while we are feeling them. But they're not the same.

Larimar Crystal Therapies

The gemstone Larimar is the Truth Seeker. Seekers have an abundant source of power that links the stone's inherent force with the sentient inner self's innate potential to open up perspectives and possibilities.

The new beginning gemstones are points, guides, and gauges. These are the researchers, the explorers, the predators, the travelers, and the pioneers, all simultaneously. Moreover, they're as well the pupil's and professor's gemstones.

Larimar is also an excellent gemstone to keep beside your bed for a peaceful and pleasant night's sleep. If you suffer from terrible nightmares or sleeplessness as a result of worry, this jewel can help. If you own a Larimar and are having problems resting due to anxieties, putting it beside your pillow so you may keep it and touch it with your finger before falling asleep is among the common approaches to relax your mind.

Larimar and Chakras

Larimar is used to treat mouth ulcers, gastritis, toothaches, and asthma on a physiological basis. These therapeutic properties of Larimar indicate that it is linked to and has a strong affinity for the Throat Chakra. Communication is essential in any partnership, whether at home or business. Because of its connection to the Throat Chakra, Larimar enables many to communicate effectively and quietly to relatives and friends.  On the job, this diamond aids you in maintaining positive relationships with coworkers and effectively communicating your demands to supervisors.

Larimar Shapes and Forms

Naturally available in various blue shades from faint to vivid volcanic blue, Larimar gets its color during its formation. Larimar’s unique blue color comes from copper inclusions, which could also be the reason for greenish-blue variations in the stone. Almost all Larimar gemstones are bound to contain swirls of white coloring. It’s hard to find an absolute solid blue variety of this stone. The white coloring is one of the deciding factors of the value of the Larimar gemstone.

The vivid blue variety of Larimar, also known as volcanic blue, is the most valuable, with minimal whitish marbling. It’ll fetch high prices. On the other hand, whitish Larimar with a light blue color is considered the least valuable.

Larimar is usually transparent, although it can also have areas of reflective glass. While there are some slightly transparent variations, Larimar is mainly dense and has a lovely sleek sheen. Because it is generally formed into dome designs or cabochons, this gem has cloud-like styles.

Larimar is a somewhat delicate mineral, with a hardness level of 4.5 to 5 on the Mohs scale. Larimar's composition makes it difficult to carve into different forms, which are made up of many inclusions. Larimar is cut into cabochons in various shapes, including pears, rounds, triangles, and ellipses. Larimar is sometimes carved into abnormal curvatures to accentuate a specific color palette or highlight an interesting trend. These gems are perfect for creating yet another ornament.

Natural Larimar gemstone can be expensive, depending on its quality. It looks lovely with bright green blotches, brownish specks, or other hues due to the exterior's molecular flaws. The perfect sea-blue Larimar gemstone, on the other hand, commands the most significant rates. If a cost seems surreal while acquiring Larimar, you are not obtaining the natural stone and are not engaging with a reputable or legitimate merchant.

Larimar Crystal Combinations

Larimar is a rising, optimistic gemstone that is wonderful for interaction. Thus you may use it with a variety of different gemstones and minerals. Any other gemstones you take in association with it are probable to suffer hypersensitivity or harmful effects. In other words, there's no need to be overly cautious about how you match it. Exploring your options is your best bet.

Let's say you're curious to learn more about Larimar's mystical abilities. 

Based on the aspects of spirituality you want to explore in such a scenario, you can match it with Amethyst or Agate.

If you want to build a solid spiritual foundation, Amethyst will be a better choice because of its cerebral properties. Agate will approach angelic or heavenly entities and engage with their forces if you have a foundation yet to interact with more significant influences.

You can match Larimar with gemstones that help power transfer into the other Chakras because it is an excellent healing gemstone for the Throat Chakra. You can also use it in conjunction with other Chakra gemstones to alleviate particular issues caused by obstructions or impulsive behavior in the several Chakras.

Larimar Origin

As the gemstone's moniker implies, the Dominican Republic is the primary supplier of gem-quality Pectolite or Larimar gemstone. You can find other comparable and comparable Larimar gemstone variations in a variety of other places. Pectolite faceted crystalline is also produced in the Thetford Mines and Asbestos in Quebec, Canada, and is apparent and ranges in hue from whitish to bright blue-green.

Alaska produces massive jade-like gemstones as well as fine-grained bright blue minerals. Pectolite is also found in Greenland, Morocco, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Japan, the Czech Republic, Russia, and Sweden.

Larimar Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Larimar isn't a conventional birthstone, nor is it a standard Zodiac gemstone. However, this azure jewel is among the traditional birthstones for individuals born around February and March, as the globe anticipates the winter solstice and the arrival of springtime. The natural birthstone of people born in the spring months is the Turquoise form of Larimar.

Larimar Energy Color

The color power of Larimar is gentle blue. Blue gemstones create confidence, tolerance, compassion, regard, and a desire to be more genuine, responsible, and honest. Sky blue gemstones assist us in accepting our life, cultivating forbearance, resolving conflicts, and making amends.

They're great for helping us escape from vices or harmful behaviors, calm down, and become more trustworthy and joyful. Light blue gemstones can also help with sorrow, leaving the past, and getting rid of remorse.

Larimar also uses turquoise's vitality. As flesh and existence develop, we are moved to tranquility by the fresh, welcoming vitality. It is a source of optimism, knowledge, and equilibrium. Turquoise balances off abundance, bring peace after a disaster, reduces tension, and balances out polarities. It aids in the control of aggression and the management of anger. It returns us to the core. Turquoise power fosters internal balance and tranquility via attaining enlightenment in brighter colors.

How to Care for and Cleanse Larimar

Although some Pectolite crystals, like Larimar, are durable gemstones, their hardness range makes them prone to scratching. Unexpected tremors or minor collisions can cause a diamond to shatter or crack. You should not use intense cleansers and abrasives since they might damage the outer layer and degrade its quality.

It would be best to clean Larimar jewelry with soft soapy water, lukewarm, and a gentle bristle. Also, please don't use an ultrasonic cleaner on a jewel since it might harm it. Make sure your Larimar gemstone isn't exposed to compounds contained in home cleaners, cosmetics, hair gel, or even fragrances.

When carrying out activities, diving, housekeeping, or landscaping, do not wear Larimar. This gemstone is light-sensitive. Since a result, extensive sun exposure and other essential factors are discouraged, as the hue may diminish over time. Furthermore, avoid storing Larimar with other gems; instead, keep it isolated in a textile display case or a clean microfiber and keep it in a cool area.

How to Program Larimar

Putting Larimar gemstones in one's workplace or at home helps create a relaxing and friendly ambiance. These gemstones are good for reducing stress because their frequency immediately transports you into a profound state of meditation, making them an excellent tension reliever.

Using the gemstone in a necklace or therapy on the Throat Chakra will assist in releasing the speech of someone's most profound knowledge.

Also, using a piece of these azure gemstones during spiritual practice can help you engage spirits and sync with the Divine by amplifying their frequency.

Final Thoughts on Larimar

Many aspects regarding Larimar's abilities are uncertain. However, it is beneficial because of its link to the Chakra system and the water component.


Light Blue, Blue

Crystal Structure:



4.5 - 5


Opaque to translucent

Chemical Composition:



Throat Chakra

Astrological Sign:


Numerical vibration:

4, 5


Domincan Republic



physical conditions:

Promotes self healing and is excellent for unplugging the meridians and dissolving energy blocks, particularly in the head, neck and chest

Emotional conditions:

Promotes self-confidence and encourages us to express our deepest truths and fears

spiritual purposes:

Connects with nature and will counteract imbalances in the earth's energy.

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