Crystal Subscription Box: Best Monthly Gifts and Mystery Boxes

Learn about the concept of subscription boxes and find the right one for your intentions. This articles showcase a list of most popular monthly subscription boxes guides to help you on your journey of using crystals.

In current history, crystals and jewelry have grown in popularity as tools for individuals to interact with themselves via consciousness and relaxation, rather than merely as stylish house decoration. Numerous individuals consider that crystals have magical qualities that can aid in cleansing, de-stressing, and meditation, among other things. No wonder crystal subscription boxes have been among the most sought-after crystal-related products nowadays.

Suppose you trust in the gemstones' possibility of increased strength or think they're attractive and entertaining. In that case, these crystals subscription boxes are a terrific opportunity to add more attractive jewels to your journey each month.

What are Crystal Boxes?

For centuries, gemstones have been utilized to strengthen the mind-body link. Early cultures sought to draw into the soothing frequencies of gemstones by using them in anything from ornaments and charms to sculptures and mystical rites. 

A crystal subscription box might be what you have to have whether you're hoping to expand your gem inventory and want help navigating a different approach for happiness. Crystal subscription boxes usually include a gem of the month that does have a particular function, like boosting clarity or releasing an individual's ability, or a mix of gemstones and many organic stones to broaden your stash and enrich your sense of becoming.

A crystal subscription box is a bundle containing handpicked goods sent regularly. They often include various things with a similar subject, including gemstones. Usually, you have no idea what the manufacturer will include inside the box, but subscriptions enable you to personalize it.

The packages also make excellent anniversary or Christmas presents for anybody passionate about gemstones. They can appreciate what is delivered to them, whether professionals or novices. The boxes are designed for various reasons, including leisure, contemplation, and wellness, and you may even personalize some of them depending on your star symbol and whatever you wish to accomplish from the gemstones' incredible strength.

Therefore, subscription boxes are presents that give big since they come far once the particular occasion has passed. These gem and jewel packages are likely to be a delight monthly if you're already indulging yourself or anyone you care about.

Crystal Therapy: At a Glance

Crystal healing is a natural treatment medicine wherein gemstones, and other minerals are used to treat and prevent illness. According to advocates of this practice, Gemstone works as therapeutic channels, ensuring adequate, therapeutic air to circulate into the system while bad, negative force streams outwards.

Many healthcare physicians and specialists view crystal healing as a superstition despite its sudden success. There's no definitive proof that anybody can utilize gemstone therapy to treat ailments since illnesses haven't been proven to be produced by an alleged power flow in the body. Moreover, no ongoing study has proved that you may use gemstones and jewels' molecular makeup or appearance to cure a specific condition.

Crystal healing practitioners claim that crystals and minerals have therapeutic abilities for everyone. Numerous websites support crystal healing claim that it has a long tradition, extending back to approximately six millennia to the era of Mesopotamia's early Sumerians. In these sources, age-old Egyptians are also mentioned as one of the earliest individuals to wear gemstones, like Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, and Turquoise, to fight against disease and bad vibes.

Crystals are given diverse qualities in crystal healing, and practitioners have varying viewpoints about which gemstones have particular attributes. Several people say that Amethyst is good for the stomach, Green Aventurine is good for the heart, and Yellow Topaz is good for emotional stability. Seven energy sites on the physique are related to the shades of crimson through the lavender.

Many crystal healing enthusiasts love picking up crystal subscription boxes to ensure that they are connected to the healing properties of the stones. Whether you like one or more crystals, crystal subscription boxes should be on top of your list! They give you flexibility and introduce you to the different crystals you may not have met yet.

Best Crystal Subscription Boxes

Certainly, you might get your super buddy the crystals or simple incense sticks for any festivities. Still, with the enormous diversity of religious subscription boxes offered, you might let your imagination go wild. There's certain to be a service around for your buddy's similar magical hobbies, from fortune-telling packages to gemstone groups. It's strictly a means of choosing the results.

Fortunately, we've compiled a list of several of our preferred subscription packages for believers, mysticism aficionados, and gemstone therapists in your community. Continue reading to discover the ideal present that keeps on coming – it's nearly magical.

Magickal Earth Subscription Box 

Every crystal fan will enjoy a fantastic present from the Magickal Earth. The month's crystals are the focus of the Basic Crystal-Only membership. Moreover, this crystal subscription box will give you three to five crystals. Each delivery is unique, and the stones hold the vitality of that month.

Crystal Gemstone Shop

The Crystal Gemstone Shop subscription box is for anyone who wants to develop their crystal set. Each package is filled with top-notch gems and stones sourced from everywhere globally. There are three subscription choices sold in the store. Every month, you'll get a package filled with gemstones as well as lovely crystal accessories. Furthermore, each package has classification and details about the gemstones inside.

The Crystal Pouch

The Crystals Pouch subscription boxes are ideal for newcomers and seasoned subscribers. Based on what you wish to concentrate on, you will obtain a bespoke crystal package. Once they arrive, the gemstones are reiki energized and purified.


Prepare to hunt for a range of gemstones the same as a true miner! Surely, there's a My Magical Mine for you, whether you're a mineral hunter, gemstone aficionado, crystal lover, or like exciting DIY hobbies. My Magical Mine has created at-home dig sets to provide you with a genuine geological journey sprinkled with enchantment.

Instead of merely looking for rough or tumbling stones, look for points, clusters, tumbles, spheres, polished crystals, faceted stones, towers, mineral specimens, carved crystals, palm stones, and worry stones, among other things.

Empowering Oracle Box - Awakening in a Box

The Empowering Oracle Box is a subscription service box that will assist you in expanding your board set and encouraging you to use your abilities. An Oracle Deck, a gemstone, and two practice items are included in this bundle. Every package will be designed after the current month's decks.

Crystal Mystery Box - Soul Gifts by Purple Dawn Gems

If you want a little bit of mystery, the Crystal Mystery Box is for you. Purple Dawn Gems bring you the magic of gemstones as four to five random crystals are included per box. Expand your collection, enhance your spiritual journey, and receive crystals you may not have picked for yourself or heard of yet when you get one of these.

SpiritHand's Customized Box

Vintage is still in! Spirit Hands' Customized Subscription Box is for you if you want classic and classy stuff. Whether you are into herbs, plants, books, home decors, jewelry, crystals, and more, this box should be on your bucket list.

Cosmic Crystal Box

The Cosmic Crystal Box is a monthly subscription offering that sends you handpicked organic crystals, gemstones, or minerals. Each package contains monthly crystals and an instruction leaflet about the crystals. Furthermore, all choices are a giant crystal or a grouping of crystals, rough gemstones, groups, raw samples, and cultured stones.

Enchanted Crystal - Crystal Variety Box

Explore the enchantment of gemstones and crystals with professionals who have a long association with the gem and crystal realms. Every gemstone in the Crystal Variety Box has been handpicked for you by global suppliers. The purpose of Enchanted Crystal is to spread magnificent gemstones to the global market.

Awakening Box by Awakening in a Box

Awakening in a Box wishes to accompany you on your gemstone power transcendence path. Allow this to send you cleansing and positivity each month through gemstones chosen instinctively for you and items made to assist you on your road to awakening. Its mission is to assist you in strengthening your linkage to the cosmos.

Just Rocks Crystal Subscription

Each month, try out two additional gems and gain knowledge about them. Enabling the qualities to boost your frequencies may significantly impact your life and who you wish to be. Develop a guided meditation if you're genuine about transforming. Utilize chanting with gemstone to enhance your mindfulness. Just Rocks Crystal Subscription is truly for everyone.

Tamed Wild Box

Tamed Wild specializes in sorcery and nature healing, and each package is carefully designed with heavenly ground energy and organic spirituality in the heart. You can find gemstone, plants, teas, ceremonial instruments, shrine objects, and other everyday materials within boxes. The monthly lunar ceremony for establishing goals is a hot item, and the factual details on the stones make this box one of our best-selling items.

How to Purify, Recharge, and Stimulate your Crystals

Learn how to purify, recharge, and stimulate your powerful healing gemstones in the most effective way possible. Discover how to use the magic of the purpose of taking control over your existence. Crystal therapy has been practiced ever since the dawn of time, and it remains to influence today's society everywhere in the world.


Crystals can be washed or placed in freshwater or saline. Springwater offers anchoring powers that can help with emotions of uneasiness or uncertainty, while saline purifies the gemstone by removing stagnant and sluggish energies.

Important Reminder: Some gemstones may be harmed by water. Before cleaning in water, ensure your therapeutic gemstones are insoluble.

Meanwhile, soak your gemstones in brown rice. Every other vitality will be absorbed by it. To purify the frequencies of your gemstone, you may also use a chanting bowl or a gemstone tower. Furthermore, you can lay your crystals overnight, note the location, and recover it the next day.


Put your gemstones in the light of the moon if you want to exert extra effort, align energies, improve recovery, or stimulate psychological change. Set your gemstones in the sunshine to recharge if you want to stimulate and elevate or stimulate activity and enthusiasm. You may also use other gemstones to recharge the choice you make.

Pour your force or purpose into the gemstone while holding it in your palms. You may use a strong light to imagine and touch the gem swelling. Pick a good hue that corresponds to your goal. Concentrate on sending spiritual force into the gemstone from the Crown Chakra, via the Third Eye, the chest, straight your hands, and fingertips, similar to Reiki or intention.

You may also concentrate simply on filling the gemstone with power from a single channel, such as the Heart Chakra for romance or Solar Plexus power rising up and towards your wrists and hands for courage and determination.

Integrate your gemstones with the planet's natural gift by placing them in your lawn, shrubs, or other home flowers. Green therapy is beneficial for promoting new development and broadening your horizons.


What purpose do you have in mind for your stone? Provide an intent to your gemstone. If you think your crystal will give you whatever you want, whether it's mental therapy, romance, prosperity, security, excitement, or security, it will! That's all there is to it.

Final Thoughts

Crystal Subscription Boxes make it simple for customers to learn about the various effects that crystals may have in their lives. Each crystal has its spiritual properties, enabling people to benefit from the therapeutic properties and the aesthetic value they provide to a household. Patrons will continue adding to their inventory whenever the packages arrive, thanks to meditation and an influx of power of positive thinking in every given item.

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