Apache Tears: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

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What are Apache Tears?

Apache Tears, also termed Obsidianite and Marekanite, is a rare black Obsidian variety that crystallized as small, indented stones. It was produced when water was absorbed during the cooling of silica-rich lava contained in the high-water-content mineral Perlite; volcanic glass is made when water is absorbed during the cooling of lava.

Apache Tear is a kind of obsidian that has similar qualities to Black Obsidian but has a softer effect. It's a volcanic, somewhat spherical vitreous stone usually black or smoky. When held up to the light, it seems opaque at first, but it becomes translucent when held up to the light.

Apache Tears Meaning

Black obsidian in Apache Tear is a milder version of black obsidian. It's perfect for kids and their more sensitive energies. Negative energy is absorbed, and your energy field is protected. It establishes a strong connection between your root chakra and Mother Earth, offering a steady, anchoring energy. When you need consolation or are mourning, this is an excellent stone to use. Apache tears are volcanic glass spirituals. This stone's energy inspires bravery in confronting danger and adopting a warrior's posture. It also serves as a protective and grounding link to your inner sources and guides.

Healing Properties of Apache Tears

Apache Tear is a powerful stone for transformation and progress. It aids forgiveness, spontaneity, and the dispelling of self-limiting ideas. It is beneficial to one's emotions and emotional equilibrium. It encourages you to cry in times of sadness, especially repressed tears, and it soothes grief. In addition to all of the characteristics often associated with Obsidian in all of its forms, Apache Tears have a particular affinity for the bereaved and grief-stricken. It also has a considerably milder vibration than other Black Obsidian varieties.

Apache Tears have a powerful emotional healing effect. These natural gems provide consolation and aid in grief healing. They do, however, have a friendlier vibe than some of the other forms of Obsidian, making you feel at ease with them. They are a form of Black Obsidian that has not been changed in any way. Maybe it's their odd out-of-shape look that comforts you when you're sad. They are powerful stones for anchoring and protection, as well as clearing unwanted emotions that may be preventing you from moving forward.

Wearing Apache Tears

An arrowhead worn around the neck is a protective and strong sign. Apache tear is black obsidian that has a softer effect than black obsidian. Negative energy absorption and aura protection are both excellent.

Black Obsidian is a very creative and strong stone with remarkable healing powers. It is renowned as a protective stone that protects the wearer from negativity. Obsidian frees the wearer of resentments, wrath, and fear, making them feel liberated, present, and serene.

Apache Tears at Home and Work

If you wish to enhance your financial position, the most excellent method to employ Apache Tears is to tap into its stabilizing and healing powers. It removes negativity from the ambient and your aura, allowing you to have more satisfying relationships with people while also instilling self-confidence and self-belief. These characteristics will come in handy if you want to enhance your earnings by asking for a raise at work or starting your own business.

Meditation with Apache Tears

If it's the correct thing to do, never be afraid to leave a task or project incomplete. If you believe that what you've committed your time, money, and energy to isn't worth it, Apache Tears can be employed in meditation or just some quiet thinking time.

It can assist you in being discriminating and quitting if that is the best course of action. To receive the energy of the Apache Tear, sit in a sitting meditation position with the Apache Tear in your less dominant hand. Feel the couch or the floor underneath you for support. 

Apache Tears and Chakras

When we are solely thinking about our upper Chakras, Apache Tears' mighty grounding force may be used to transfer our spiritual energy back down to earth. It accomplishes this by assisting us in connecting our spiritual experiences with our physical bodies, ensuring that balance is achieved. Apart from these lower chakras, the apache tears, although deeper in color than other famous stones for the heart have distinct vibrations that link with the heart chakra. The apache tears provide gentle emotional healing, removing harmful vibrations and imbalances from the heart chakra. Apache Tears are unique because they also have an affinity with the Heart chakra. The heart is stimulated to emit positive energy, filling the environment with compassion, love, and kindness. 

Apache Tears Shapes and Forms

According to legend, the Apache tribe women mourned day and night for nearly a month after learning they had lost their dads, husbands, and kids in such a horrible fashion. Their tears produced the oval-shaped stones known as Apache Tears when they fell to the ground. As a result, legend has it that anybody who owns or carries a portion of this stone will never have to grieve again because the Apache women shed enough tears for all who mourn.

Apache Tears Origin

The name "Apache Tears" is derived from a tragic tale set during the height of the American Indian War. In the 1870s, there was a bitter rivalry between the United States and the United Kingdom. Cavalry and roughly 75 Apache tribe people. This battle took place on a peak in modern-day Superior, Arizona.

Apache Tears Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Although Apache Tear is not a conventional birthstone for a particular month or sign of the zodiac, it is associated with the Sun sign of Sagittarius in some circles (Nov 22 to Dec 21). Wear Apache Tear jewelry to emphasize your talents as a Sagittarius, such as your conversational ability or optimism and enjoyment of fun.


Brown to Black

Crystal Structure:





Smokey Translucent

Chemical Composition:

SiO2, MgO, Fe3O4


Root, Heart

Astrological Sign:


Numerical vibration:



Superior, Arizona. Nevada and southwestern Utah



physical conditions:
Emotional conditions:

aids forgiveness, spontaneity, and the dispelling of self-limiting ideas

spiritual purposes:

helps to transfer our spiritual energy back to earth

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Apache Tears
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Apache Tears
Apache Tears

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