Chiastolite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

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What is Chiastolite?

Chiastolite is a kind of Andalusite with black graphite particles organized in geometric designs. Within a metamorphosed rock, the graphite is pushed aside by crystal development. Particles get concentrated at crystal contacts as they develop. The outcome can be a cross-shaped pattern within the crystal.

For generations, people have known about these cross-stones and revered them for their religious or spiritual significance. Cut and polished specimens are frequently used as amulets, charms, and novelty jewels.

Chiastolite Meaning

Chiastolite, commonly known as Cross Stone, is a highly uncommon variant of Andalusite, an aluminum nesosilicate mineral containing crossed Graphite and Carbon inclusions. The cross is only visible when this crystal is cut, but it runs the stone's length. Chiastolite is a kind of Andalusite that creates cross-shaped crystals. It is most commonly found in metamorphic rocks, along with Ruby, Sapphire, and Kyanite. It can also occur in igneous rocks, primarily Granite, on rare occasions. Graphite makes the cross in the middle of these stones, giving them a deep greyish black tint.

Tumbling, cutting, and polishing are frequently used to enhance the inherent beauty of these stones. To illustrate the cross, they are always chopped in a cross-section. Chiastolite is a very inexpensive stone that may be found in jewelry as well as tumbling stones.

Healing Properties of Chiastolite                                               

Chiastolite is a soothing stone that bestows strength, power, and tenacity. Many people believe it is a powerful barrier against bad energy since it deflects rather than absorbs it, and its use is to ward off curses. It also has a solid link to the death and rebirth cycle and can help accept life beyond death. Andalusite, especially the opaque kind known as chiastolite, is highly protective. The more distinctive, translucent gem-grade form offers a warm, friendly, and instantaneous energy that protects, comforts, and boosts emotions.

Chiastolite is an excellent stone for blood disorders, particularly blood circulation and blood pressure. It's also thought to aid in the healing of structural damage to bones and connective tissues. It can also help to strengthen your teeth and bones. Rheumatism, muscular weakness, gout, and nerve damage can all benefit from it. It will aid people who have a stroke or paralysis has disabled by restoring equilibrium to their bodies. The energy of this stone can assist nursing moms in increasing breastfeeding.

Wearing Chiastolite

Wearing a pendant made of this stone is unique and eye-catching.  Chiastolite jewelry is excellent to wear to help you keep grounded, and it's on the list of zodiac birthstones. Chiastolite is a rare dark brownstone with a natural black cross structure that is simple to find. It was formerly treasured because the cross within it was thought to be highly mystical.

Chiastolite at Home and Work

Chiastolite is a highly protective stone. Because of its psychological resistance, it's a fantastic stone. It will shield you from bad energy and aid in the replenishment of your energies. It will surround you with a protective shield, making you feel safe and secure. It's an excellent stone to have on hand if you work in a very hazardous atmosphere or constantly deal with difficult situations.

The responsibilities of the work may be overwhelming for many around you, but you will feel light and energized. Even on the busiest days, you'll have reserves of strength, and you'll have enough energy left over to spend on yourself or with your loved ones.

Meditation with Chiastolite

When conversing with the spirit realm, Chiastolite will assist you in channeling your powers. It's also an excellent stone to meditate with since it helps you concentrate on the energy around you. You'll also be able to glimpse memories from previous lifetimes.

Whoever wears Chiastolite will gain strength, tenacity, and power. In the middle of the chaos, it will also help you feel calm and collected.

Chiastolite and Chakras

Chiastolite is a powerful spiritual grounding stone that provides positive energy and healing to the entire body. Your auric field will be repaired as a result of this. You will be connected to the earth chakra when you utilize this energy, and you can use it if you need assistance altering or if you have an unforeseen disease. Chiastolite can be a burdensome stone to work with in terms of your spiritual relationship, yet it has a pleasant vibration that can help you relax. This stone can assist you as you get older and realize that you cannot perform the things you used to be able to do—this helps in the formation of strong bones and teeth, balancing blood flow, and repairing chromosomal damage.

Chiastolite Shape and Forms

Chiastolite is a kind of Andalusite that varies in hue from light brown to dark brown and has black or green cross-shaped inclusions. Chiastolite (also known as cross-stone or macle) is a clay-slate that produces elongated prismatic crystals surrounding symmetrically organized wedges of carbonaceous material at a granite contact. It has a black cross on a grey ground in cross-section, and polished cross-sections of the mineral are sometimes worn as charms. It has kyanite and sillimanite polymorphs.

Chiastolite Origin

Chiastolite, commonly known as Cross Stone, is a highly uncommon variant of Andalusite, an aluminum nesosilicate mineral containing crossed Graphite and Carbon inclusions. The cross is only visible when this crystal is cut, but it runs the stone's length. This mineral was initially referenced in a 1648 book titled "De Gemmis et Lapidibus," but José Torrubia was the first to record it in 1754.

Chiastolite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Chiastolite pendants are beneficial to wear for protection, and it is a Libra birthstone. They are beneficial for anyone working in the psychic field to wear since they will help you build a good spiritual connection while remaining grounded.


Gray, White, Brown

Crystal Structure:






Chemical Composition:




Astrological Sign:


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Spain, France


Very Rare

physical conditions:
Emotional conditions:

ease the pains of emotional traumas

spiritual purposes:

spiritual grounding stone

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