Best Crystals for Protection

Best Crystals for Protection


The world is currently facing an epidemic phenomenon due to the amount of negativity and the number of people who are suffering physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Often, as a result of being around negative people, we don't even know we have become negative as well. One of the best ways of repelling negative forces and shielding yourself from absorbing negative energy from others is by using healing crystals.  In this guide, we are going to talk about the best protective crystals and stones and how to use them.

Using Gemstones, Crystals, and Stones for Protection from Negative Energy

Healing stones and crystals offer many ways of providing spiritual security. A good example of this is toxic people's negative thinking in your life. Healing crystals have the ability to give you protection from jealousy and envy which can leave you feeling heavy, exhausted and anxious. These forces are difficult to shake without spiritual security.

A similar effect can be seen in stressful environments. Customers lining up in queues in places like airports and shopping centers have brief tempers and bad attitudes. Using a healing crystal for protection from negative energy will block those emotions to prevent you from being affected by them.

In more advanced settings, healing crystals for protection against negative entities are also very helpful. For instance, when astral traveling, certain stones deter malevolent spirits or attachments to the spirit. The best healing crystals for protection from spirits can shield your aura and avoid a psychic attack.

There are also crystals for protection against black magic and curses. Considered aggressive magic, curses can be lifted by crystals that! There are crystals for removing curses that can absorb the trapped spirit hexed on you and revert it to the perpetrator.

Best Crystals for Protection

The secret to choosing the best crystal for protection is to look for those that suit the type of security you need in your life. Here are some of the best crystals for protection from negative energy that can help, along with tips on how to choose the best stone for your intentions:

Black Tourmaline 

A strong all-round protective stone, Black tourmaline is something that you must have in your collection. This black protection stone is possibly the best crystal for deterring lower frequencies and energies or promoting a more positive outlook towards emotions.

What makes black tourmaline a very effective crystal for protection is its ability to transmute negative energy into positive. It functions as a shield of spiritual energy surrounding you, to steer away from negative thoughts and feelings from other people.

The black tourmaline protection stone also safeguards you against ill-wishers and poor attitudes by stimulating the link between the root chakra and earth, thereby cleaning up stagnant energy within your surroundings.


One of the most powerful crystals for protection against black magic, Jet is a gemstone that carries the powers of peace and divination and expels evil.

Jet is actually fossilized wood, not a crystal. This black stone for protection is more complicated than coal and is believed to provide protection against abuse or disease. It is an option for older souls that have often reincarnated to earth, and are assumed to retain ancient experiences.

When spiritually traveling, Jet is a protection stone that watches over evil beings or spirit attachments. It is also effective for securing your company and managing your finances.

Always make sure to regularly clean Jet, because it consumes more unclean energies than it releases.

 Black Obsidian 

Considered as one of the most powerful black crystals for protection, Black obsidian is created by volcanic eruptions and incorporates many strong and raw elements including earth, fire, and water.

Among its interesting features is that it cracks like flint. Metaphysically, the resultant sharp edges may be used to break through lies, blockages, damaging habits and unharmonious relationships.

The black obsidian protection stone is also preferred by shamans and white witches. They use obsidian for protection and for returning curses, ill fortune, and sorcery.

On top of that, black obsidian is also perfect for empathy. If in your life you need to protect yourself from negative people, bullied, or experience unnecessary feelings from other people, it is one of the best black stones for protection that will cut off the connection from this draining force.

To reflect negative traits, attributes, or past behaviors, you can use a black obsidian mirror. Doing this would allow you to be truthful about yourself and improve your self-development.

 Smoky Quartz

A must-have stone for protection from negative energy, smoky quartz transmutes limitless negative force. Before bringing them back down to earth, it can remove negative energy forces, induced by feelings such as resentment and anger.

Although smoky quartz has a gentle nature, it is a strong and durable defensive stone. Therefore, in the ethereal world, if you are a clairvoyant or one who conducts tribal rituals, it will provide you protection from harmful energies.

The smoky quartz protection stone is also a great choice for defending against electromagnetic smog and radiation.


Known as the Stone of Spirituality, Meditation, and Contentment, amethyst has a strong vibration that could shield your energy field from spiritual assault and negative influence.

It is a strong defensive stone yet has the wonderful property of transmuting bad energy into good, thanks to its high vibration.

In ancient times, the amethyst protection stone is often used to break off dysfunctional relationships, providing inner strength and promoting peace of mind. When traveling, it has also been used to provide protection from robbers.


Known as the Stone of Discernment and Aptitude, the essence of Fluorite is solely protective. Therefore if you struggle with unwelcome external influences, harmful patterns of behavior, or stress, fluorite could help you with that. It can also provide protection from negative people.

This healing crystal may also shield your aura, hiding you from witchcraft and supernatural assault.

Fluorite is a protective stone that requires regular cleaning. It can be used as a protective grid around your computer if you are suffering from electronic and electromagnetic stress.


With its metallic luster and high iron content, this stone for protection from negative energy does not really work like the others.

Rather than merely consuming lower frequency energies, the hematite protection crystal often produces a protective barrier around the body that reflects back the negative energies to the sender. On top of that, the high content of iron renders it among the toughest grounding stones.

If you are a bit impulsive and easy to lose focus or distracted, this Stone for the Mind can help you respond to negative attitudes or poor comments from others.

Blue Kyanite

If you are experiencing any sort of bullying or abuse, Blue kyanite is the best healing crystal for you.

It could be a huge asset when having trouble understanding unkind or malicious attitudes because of its association with the third-eye and the throat chakra. It will provide you with the strength to talk honestly while building trust in yourself, which helps to settle your emotions and reactions.

Blue kyanite is also one of the best stones for protection from evil. If you need protection from curses, blue kyanite mantras can be used to get rid of the dark entities.

The black kyanite protection stone never requires washing, since it does not absorb or retain negative vibrations or energies.


Labradorite, known as the Mystical Stone, sheds a light in the dark. Perfect for destroying both hexes and the evil eye, Labradorite diverts negative forces that fall on you. To prevent energy leakage and keep yourself safe, you can use a Labradorite Wand for Sympathetic Magic.

The mixture of iridescent colors from Labradorite gives you the freedom and freedom to be who you really are, without worrying that your strength will be consumed by others.

The tremendous energy emitted by the labradorite protection stone can also protect your aura from psychological and ill-wishing attacks, keeping it intact and free from harmful forces.

The labradorite can also divert negative energy and other people's unwanted attention, such as envy or obsessions away from you.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the best crystal to purify every place you believe is cursed and can erase doubts from your mind.

The deity for the activation and the energies of Clear Quartz. is Michael the archangel. You can call unto him if you suspect that you are dealing with the evil eye.

The best way to use the clear quartz protection stone for removing Evil Eye is by smudging it with five sacred herbs. Take your Clear Quartz Crystal to remove Evil Eye, and place it on the crown chakra. Say this Affirmation then: "I will overcome negativity. Heal me with your crown chakra powers, clear quartz."

How to Use Crystals For Protection

To improve your emotional strength, you can use crystals and gemstones for protection in a number of different ways. These powerful protection crystals can be worn for security, used during meditation, placed on sacred altars, and used to build crystal grids for protection. It simply relies on your desired purpose for your crystal.

Wearing Healing Crystals for Protection

Wearing crystals for protection goes back a long way. Presently, we may wear spiritual protection jewellery as a way of reminding ourselves to check in and give priority to our energy. Even when we are at work, or surrounded by others, at the cost of our own energy requirements, we sense the need to tend to other people. A protective crystal necklace or bracelet has the ability to create barriers that protect from bad energy in your surroundings.

When you start to feel the bad energy of somebody else coming to you, move away from them to seek a better place, and reconnect with it by holding your crystal with your hands for security. Prior to wearing your defensive stones, the most crucial thing to do is to provide them with a job. To do that, purify them with the sage's smoke, keep them in your hands, and set a purpose with the stone for your work. An intention may be set by audibly voicing an affirmation.

Cutting Ties

It is not unusual for us to feel the pain of other people's experiences in our own energy field, especially when it is someone we care about who is sharing with us about the difficult things that he or she is going through. This usually generates an energy attachment. You must cut your energy bond with them if you want to continue to be a constant source of strength and good energy for that person. It prevents you from being exhausted and helps you to be there for them absolutely whenever they need you.

To sever energy bonds, grab a piece of black kyanite and keep it in your hand while drawing an invisible line across your body, running the crystal over your forehead, sides, and back. Envision the cord which is connected to you, and see the kyanite break through it. You should attach a purpose to this activity, saying something like: "I unleash this energy with love and light, and send it back to [ name of the person]. I am made clean." 

Using Protective Healing Crystals for Meditation

Using spiritual protection stones during meditation is a perfect way of filling your body and mind with their restoring properties. Look for a peaceful place in your home that brings you calmness while holding protection crystals that make you feel safe. To deepen the foundation of your meditative state, you can also build a body grid.

Making a Crystal Grid for Protection

It is recommended to use a combination of black onyx, selenite, and black tourmaline for your body grid. Position the black onyx protection stone by your feet while lying flat on the floor, enabling it to attach to your root chakra. Next, place on your throat a tiny piece of black tourmaline, helping you to clean up any discomfort created by the trapped energy that you are keeping there. Place an obsidian rainbow on your heart, so it can send caring and cleansing vibrations towards your heart chakra. Carry in each hand a piece of selenite.

While working with protective crystals, you will start to feel more balanced and emotionally sustaining. That is the healing stones' real strength. Even after people keep pushing their own resentment on you, your transition to a better mindset will prevent your happiness from being affected by those vibes. This is why it is crucial not only to use protection crystals when you feel weak and powerless but also to give yourself strength as a safety precaution before you go out of your house.

The Best Protective Crystals Combinations

Combining protection crystals for a specific intention produces more effective results and yields greater benefits. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for protection:

Amethyst and Smoky Quartz

Amethyst and Smoky Quartz are among the best crystals for protection that are common and very easy to find. This combination of the Quartz family of crystals serves well in absorbing and transmuting bad energy.

Black Tourmaline and Selenite

Two of the most popular and powerful protection crystals are Black Tourmaline and Selenite. Combining them works very well in blocking and purifying all kinds of harmful and negative energies.

Apache Tear & Clear Quartz

Apache Tear is an obsidian type that protects the emotions whilst Clear Quartz further enhances its defensive qualities. The Quartz helps to restore the aura as well.

Black Tourmaline, Selenite and Hematite

These three stones are deemed to be the Holy Grail of all protective crystal combinations. They block and purify negative vibes, and deflects them. As soon as you start holding this powerful trio, you will be able to feel the improvement in your aura.

Black Obsidian, Garnet and Hematite

A powerful combination of crystals is perfect for pushing away any negative energies you find and breaking them apart. They also help to make your power and aura stronger.

How to Use Crystals to Protect Home From Negative Energies

The home serves as our sanctuary in this chaotic and stressful world where we can recharge, get a good night's sleep and shut ourselves off from the outside. Therefore, it is very important that you know how to protect your home from evil. Crystals for home protection are best suited for harnessing security and comfort in our households. Utilize the powers of these protective crystals to block negative energy from getting into your home.

Setting up a protection grid for your home using protective crystals is quite simple. All you need to do is place four pieces of black tourmaline at every corner of the room, or around your home's exterior corners to establish a protective barrier. Positioning a piece of black tourmaline by the door in a bowl of water and salt also helps prevent you from bringing negative energy into your home from outside.

How to Use Crystals for Protection at Work

You can use protection crystals to ward off negativity in your office or workplace. Make sure you regularly clean up your space with a piece of Selenite. It is among the best crystals for protection at work that cleanses other healing stones and the surrounding environment. It also doesn't need recharging.

You can also place Tourmalinated Quartz and Black Kyanite on your desk. Tourmalinated quartz allows you to expel any negative energy that you carry onto your body or mind and helps you focus on the positive and the light in your life. Whenever you feel trapped in a pessimistic mindset, hold your Tourmalinated Quartz to turn to the positive. Black Kyanite lets you sever ties with a colleague or somebody else you've met all day long that drained you from your own strength.

How To Use Crystals for Psychic Protection

Some of us are born with inherent psychic abilities, and it is normal for those gifts or powers to just start, without any warning.  You can experience the development of psychic abilities quite involuntarily. You can help enhance your psychic abilities by using or wearing high-energy crystals. 

Knowing how to protect yourself from negative psychic energy is also very important. As you interact with others, you will also find that you are bringing unnecessary negative energy into your own field of energy, which could sometimes have a really bad effect on you. An effective way of protecting yourself against this is by using psychic protection stones. Some of the best crystals for psychic protection include Fire Agate, Libyan Dessert Glass and Moldavite which are used in making protective crystal pieces of jewelry.

How To Use Crystals for Sleep Protection

Not being able to get enough sleep causes physical and emotional exhaustion. Healing crystals can help with sleeping problems like insomnia, sleepwalking and night terrors. Look for crystals that are of the Earth element, these are commonly browns, earthy reds, and black. Crystals that are grounding or associated with the Lower Chakras are usually very helpful. Selenite is a crystal that everyone can use to get a better night’s sleep. The calming and soothing energies of Aquamarine and Lepidolite can also help.

The bed is the best location where crystals will have the greatest effect when they are placed around or under. The head part of the bed, including the headboard, pillows, and the nearest side table are the most relaxing places to put your protection stones. Carefully choose and place your crystals.

How to Use Crystals for Child Protection

Children are of course energetically active and many of them see auras, spirits and other forms of energy. Some of the best crystals for child protection are Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye and Hematite. Kids love crystals and they have a special affinity to choose which stones are the best for them. It is very important to educate children on how to build defensive walls and if they can use crystals to enhance this practice, it will be of enormous help as they get older. Having a piece of jewelry crafted from one of these protective stones will greatly benefit them if they are not yet old enough to do visualization activities.

How To Use Crystals for Radiation Protection

Several studies show that putting specific crystals or gemstones around your computer will help lessen the device's emitted radiation. The commonly used crystals for radiation protection are moonstone, sodalite, pink tourmaline, aquamarine, kunzite, rose quartz, emerald, and lapiz lazuli protection stones.


There are a lot of protective stones and crystals that can be used for specific purposes and reasons. Many crystals are good for redirecting bad energy, while others are great for blocking or cloaking negative forces. Others may prevent you from to be manipulated by persuasion, and some may change or modify the energy that surrounds you so that it becomes harmless. 

The trick to selecting the best crystals for protection is to choose the ones that best suit your needs. Protective crystals with just the right kind of vibrations will put your physical, spiritual, and emotional states into balance and harmony.

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