Tugtupite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

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What is Tugtupite?

Tugtupite is a highly remarkable and one-of-a-kind stone that has the power to bring love, peace, and harmony into your life. It is a very high-intensity stone, and anyone who chooses to align with its energies would undoubtedly profit much from it.

Tugtupite, a member of the feldspathoid family, is an exceedingly uncommon aluminum beryllium sodium chlorine silicate mineral (minerals that resemble feldspars but have much lower silica content). It's commonly found alongside hydrothermal Sodalite veins and vast masses of Albite with inclusions.

Tugtupite Meaning

The tugtupite is an irregular pink crystal that contains profound loving harmony. Its frequency has the power to rekindle long-forgotten love as well as unremembered yearning. When you accede to this stone's loving energy, it may be able to remove indifference or neutrality towards love.

Tugtupite is a fluorescent beryllium silicate with the unusual property of changing color when heated. This might be caused by the body's heat, excessive light exposure, or exposure to the sun.

Healing Properties of Tugtupite

Wave after wave of bright, crimson self-healing rays is ushered in by Tugtupite. You may notice a shift in your mood and patience level as you begin to absorb these energies. This is due to your subconscious efforts to achieve inner serenity, particularly mental tranquility. Every day, while our brains spin at breakneck speed, we lose sight of the essential thing in the world: ourselves. As a result, our mental health begins to worsen as we get preoccupied with the wrong things.

Another fantastic tugtupite benefit is that it aids in the ejection of anybody who gives you distress from your life, ensuring that you are never in the presence of bad energy. The stone may help you become more collected and serene in your life by supporting you in pushing away evil and harmful spirits. You'll also begin to concentrate on the most important things to you, as these are the things that will undoubtedly make you a wonderful person.

Wearing Tugtupite       

Tugtupite is a stone that evokes strong emotions. Wearing or carrying the stone may shield you from various harmful energies, and it's a popular choice for this purpose. It may also be used to cleanse the aura and remove energy blockages. Tugtupite improves romantic relationships, increases love and sexual experience, and helps people overcome depressions. Physically, tugtupite is utilized for general healing, blood purification, hormone stimulation, and reproductive enhancement.

You may utilize it to become more enthusiastic about your significant other and begin making extra efforts to make them happy. Tugtupite may be used to fill your heart and soul with love so that you can experience the love that the universe has for you in its whole if you feel that your life is lacking in love.

Tugtupite at Home and Work

Tugtupite is a happy stone that can help you get rid of evil thoughts and feelings. Tugtupite can help you get a deeper awareness of yourself and the environment so that you can correctly determine your place in it without the worry of being lost. Tugtupite can help you obtain the confidence you need to take on various jobs throughout the day, so you're never caught off guard.

Meditation with Tugtupite

Tugtupite is a stone of integration that connects the compassionate heart with the enlightened intellect, anchoring unconditional love in the globe. It stresses the importance of self-love, without which you cannot appreciate yourself or others, give or receive love, or experience intimacy. Tugtupite helps you break free from a life of confinement by allowing you to see a glimpse of clarity in your mind, especially during profound meditation.

Tugtupite is a very tranquil stone that is connected to the pink flame of pure love. It has the unusual feature of tenebrescence, which means that it becomes scarlet when exposed to sunlight or ultra-violet light or when worn or handled.

Tugtupite and Chakras

It will help you spiritually awaken to higher realms of awareness by connecting to the energy of the higher heart chakra. This stone enables profound spiritual growth by allowing the energy of Divine Love to travel through it.

Tugtupite's energy will vibrate across all chakras, from the heart chakra to the transpersonal chakras, passing via the Throat Chakra, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra. If you open your heart fully and begin to experience the vibrations of Divine love inside you, incredible changes may occur if you choose to go with the flow.

Tugtupite Shapes and Forms

This gem might be white, pale pink or any shade of pink from light pink to deep red. You could also see that, even if it starts off white or pale pink. Nonetheless, if you start wearing it regularly, it turns a darker pink in images. The tugtupite is linked to the blue sodalite because the crystal structure is similar. 

Tugtupite Origin

Tugtupite was initially discovered in 1962 and got its name from the place it was discovered, Tugtup in Greenland. The paler areas of the Tugtupite stone start to become white if left in the dark for too long, but re-exposure to sunshine is adequate to restore the colors.

Although this is the most common location, minor quantities have also been discovered in Russia and Canada. It's a form of fluorescent beryllium silicate with an intriguing property: it changes color when exposed to heat.

Tugtupite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

According to Tugtupite astrology, wearing Tugtupite as a talisman can help with health, relationships, academics, and profession, among other things. Talismans are jewels that are said to increase a person's luck. It is believed that the present alignment of the stars and planets in the universe affects a person's life when they are born.


Red, white-pink

Crystal Structure:






Chemical Composition:



Heart, Crown

Astrological Sign:


Numerical vibration:



Greenland, Russia and Canada


Very Rare

physical conditions:
Emotional conditions:

Helps with Trauma

spiritual purposes:

Spiritual Awakening

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