Black Tourmaline: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

Reduce anxiety and stress and get rid of negative thoughts with Black Tourmaline—a constant cloak of protection.

What is Black Tourmaline?

This jet black wonder belongs to the Tourmaline family and is often referred to as Schorl. Typically, it takes the form of long columnar crystals with triangular cross-sections and striped surfaces. A tourmaline crystal is made up of six-membered silica rings that attach to a massive cation, such as sodium, above them. There are several variants of Tourmaline depending on their shades, yet Black Tourmaline is quite exceptional. 

Talking about the color spectrum, black is the combination of all the colors. Hence, Black Tourmaline is perceived as the combination of all other tourmalines. And for some people, it is a combination of all the crystals. 

In terms of its purpose, Schorl is the only variety of Tourmaline that has the power to get rid of negative energies. Moreso, it can also serve as a protective shield against negative forces--both natural and supernatural. 

In today's time, black Tourmaline is often associated with cleansing and purification. It is seen as a symbol of strength. This crystal is often possessed by people who are experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress.

Black Tourmaline Meaning

As deep as its color, Black Tourmaline carries a long way down of history. Black Tourmaline is commonly referred to as Schorl which corresponds to the town’s name, where the gem was first discovered, in Saxon, Germany. 

Ever since the Medieval Period, the elegantly jet Schorl has been widely used across different cultures. Many shamans of different ancient tribes often carried Black Tourmaline as a sort of protection. In addition, ancient magicians typically rely on Black Tourmaline to protect them from demonic spirits and energy while casting their spells and executing their rituals. On the other hand, Black Tourmaline is considered to create an energy barrier and help develop empathy in the user in Chinese Feng Shui.

However, Black Tourmaline only received the spotlight as a precious gemstone in late 1800, when the famous jewelry brand Tifanny & Co. introduced Black Tourmaline in their collection. Since then, the demand for the crystal skyrocketed, which then makes it one of the most sought-to crystals worldwide. 

Notably, one of the most distinguished characteristics of Black Tourmaline is its ability to be electrically charged by simply rubbing it. In modern times, Black Tourmaline is popular among traders as a tool to collect dust from their Meerschaum pipes. 

Black Tourmaline is still highly regarded as a powerful cloak of protection that eliminates unwanted energies and entities and repels supernatural forces in the modern spiritual world. Also, the stone is used as a purification item that guards users against radiation and shifts negative thoughts into a positive one. 

Healing Properties

Black Tourmaline is an electrically charged gemstone that can benefit you in various ways. The following are some of the healing powers that Black Tourmaline possesses. 

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves immunity
  • Stabilizes mood
  • Detoxifies heavy metals and pollutions
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Supports weight loss and reduces bloating
  • Helps in disengaging from obsessive behavior

Feelings and Emotional Healing

The ink-black Tourmaline helps improve your mental health in various ways.

After a traumatic or exhausting episode in your life, you are most likely to develop negative thoughts and emotions--which is pretty understandable and expected. However, it is not a good thing. To cut you some slack and burden, you can use the power of the Black Tourmaline. With its power to get rid of negative energies and unwanted emotions, you can stay calm and composed during these unfortunate times. 

On the other hand, Black Tourmaline is also a great gemstone to keep you grounded to the earth. A good sense of being rooted maintains your root chakra pure and balanced, allowing you to feel connected to others, be confident, and make better decisions. Chances are if you are in good emotional conditions, you also attract luck and brighter things ahead of you. 

As necessary, the stone is also proven to help you remove your unhelpful obsessive habits. With its powerful frequency, it can eliminate negative energies that cause you to make unhelpful habits. Then, it will transform them into a pure and useful one which can help you stay composed and at your best.


Black Tourmaline benefits your mind by significantly reducing your negative thoughts. Notably, after some unwanted experience--often traumatic and exhausting, your mind is soaked up with a range of negative thoughts and emotions. If this case happens, tourmaline cleansing or flushing is an excellent way to aid you. The stone helps you eliminate negative thoughts and emotions. Then, it will help you transform these hostile forces in your mind into a positive and purposeful one. 

This gemstone is also a perfect pair with meditation in achieving inner peace and calmness. It will be much easier for you to take on challenges and deal with hurdles and problems you may encounter with a healthier mindset. It will also help you have a better outlook on life. 


The powerful frequency of this jet black gem radiates within your body and gives you better physical health. Black Tourmaline helps in straightening your spinal cord. It stimulates reflexes in the lower back, thighs, ankles, and feet. It relieves pain and aids in treating strained or torn muscles, numbness, arthritis, and scar tissue.

In addition, Black Tourmaline helps you prevent EMF-related health risks like chronic lung diseases. It can serve as an effective guard against heavy metals, radiation, and pollution. It strengthens your immune system and improves blood flow throughout your body. Notably, Balck Tourmaline can also improve your metabolism. 


Since Black Tourmaline is best for keeping you grounded, it helps you proper your spiritual well-being. It also keeps you connected to the spiritual forces and brings a more concise expression of Light. Moreso, it also keeps you spiritually conscious during dark times of your life. It also protects you from being imbibed with dark spiritual forces by the enlightened people that surround you. 

Aside from its power to keep you grounded, another best thing about Black Tourmaline is its deep connection to your base chakras. This connection helps you have a better sense of being rooted on earth and makes you feel safer. Black Tourmaline gives you a good sense of self-confidence by balancing your chakra and paves your way to spiritual healing. 

During spiritual meditation, Black Tourmaline is a crucial gemstone. It allows you to explore the spiritual world safely. 

Notably, dreaming of a tourmaline serves as a precaution against an accident. As per its divine meaning, Black Tourmaline provides you insight into overcoming and clearing confusing problems. 

Black Tourmaline Uses and  Metaphysical Properties

Black Tourmaline is one of the most versatile gemstones when it comes to using it. There are plenty of ways you can use it. 

Wearing Black Tourmaline 

If you feel vulnerable to negative thoughts and stress, it is best to wear Black Tourmaline as a piece of jewelry. Wearing a piece of jewelry with a Black Tourmaline is comparable to wearing a cloak of protection against negativity, energy, and emotional assaults.  In addition, wearing it will keep you connected to the power of the stone, helping you feel assured and safe wherever you go. And as necessary, wearing a piece of jewelry with Black Tourmaline will keep you safe from the risk of exposure to radiation and pollution. 

Black Tourmaline at Home

Using Black Tourmaline at home can offer you various benefits. 

First, it can protect you and your family from negative natural energies like pollution and radiation. Placing a black tourmaline on the corners of your home can keep you safe from detrimental substances. If you have multiple gadgets at home, especially if it emits radiation or EMF, placing a black tourmaline is recommended to lessen its adverse effects on your body. 

In addition, black Tourmaline can also improve the relationship of the people inside a home. By eliminating the bad energy that lingers among members, you can have a more open and honest relationship with each other. 

Aside from simply placing it, you can also use black Tourmaline at home in various ways, including black tourmaline gem elixir and black tourmaline grounding bath. This means of using the gem is best if you are trying to detoxify and cleanse your home. 

Black Tourmaline at Work 

Stress and exhaustion at work are almost inevitable. Regardless of your experience and position, certain times will make you feel down. If you think that your stress is already disrupting your career, including Black Tourmaline can help. Having a black tourmaline at work can keep calm and composed throughout the day. It will also get rid of unwanted emotions and thoughts. Moreso, it can also keep you safe from pollution, radiation, and heavy metals. 

Having a black tourmaline at work can also helps you always be on top of everything you do. 

Meditation with Black Tourmaline 

One of the most common gemstones used in meditation is Black Tourmaline. It has the power to keep you grounded to the earth’s energy and connect you to a higher being. Also, including Black Tourmaline can help you be calm and composed. Moreso, it empties the negative thoughts and emotions in your mind; thus, you can meditate with a more pure mind. It also allows you to have a safe spiritual exploration. 

Using Black Tourmaline in meditation is simple and easy. You can just place it with your other crystals, hold it, and even place it anywhere in your meditation area. 

People and relationships 

If you are often involved in heated arguments with other people, especially with people you are always with, like family members, friends, and colleagues, Black Tourmaline can help. It cleanses your spiritual and emotional well-being, which is vital when interacting with others. Also, it helps you keep your mind free of negative thoughts and emotions, reducing your urge to argue with other people. Moreso, this gem transforms negative energies and emotions into positive and constructive ones to prevent the situation from worsening. 

In addition, black Tourmaline has the power to lighten up the environment, which significantly reduces tension and emotional burdens like stress, anger, and sadness. 

Black Tourmaline Crystal Therapies

In our everyday life, we are susceptible to the risk of physical, emotional, and mental disturbances. Among them all, the latter is the worst. It is primarily because our minds have the power to heal everything under them. Indeed, mind over body. 

In healing, Black Tourmaline is a powerful gemstone. It powers up the mind by eliminating all the negative thoughts and emotions. Moreover, it connects a person to a higher being, giving them a better sense of confidence and security. 

Black Tourmaline is also beneficial in the therapy of people who experienced traumatic and depressive events. It lightens the mood and reduces depressive episodes of the people. 

Black Tourmaline and Chakras

Black Tourmaline’s powerful ability to keep you grounded also improves the balance of your root chakra, which governs the stability and security of all other chakras. The root chakra is placed near the base of your spine. 

As necessary, this stone is also associated with the Earth Star Chakra, lying 6 feet under the earth’s surface. This chakra is responsible for the connection between the earth and oneness. Since Black Tourmaline is an excellent grounding stone, it goes beautifully with the Earth Star Chakra. 

Black Tourmaline Shapes and Forms 

Black Tourmaline does not always have to be black. Its shades vary from dark blue to deep black. Notably, not all tourmalines are black. There are other variants of Tourmaline, depending on their colors. While Black Tourmaline is the most abundant, watermelon tourmaline can be the most loved due to its green and pink color that resembles a watermelon. 

In its natural form, Black Tourmaline is usually prismatic and columnar in appearance. But, it can also be cut out into various shapes, typically round and oval.

Though Tourmaline is abundant in nature, it is still considered rare, which makes it expensive. 

Black Tourmaline Crystal Combination

Just like other crystals, the Tourmaline goes well with other stones. The combination depends on the properties, color, and shape of other crystals. If you are clearing your Solar Plexus, it is best to pair Black Tourmaline with Yellow Calcite. If working on your Third Eye, it is best to combine this stone with Lapis Lazuli. Pairing this stone with Amethyst also improves the process of healing. There are more crystals that you can combine with Black Tourmaline. 

In terms of color, since Black Tourmaline is obviously black, it goes well with most colors. Most commonly, this stone is paired with Amethyst due to the balance it gives to the deep hue of Black Tourmaline. 

Black Tourmaline Origin

Black Tourmaline is abundant in many parts of the world. Among the locations where Black Tourmaline, and Tourmaline in general, is mined includes Pakistan’s Shigar Valley, in Nangarhar Province in Afghanistan, Namibia, and Madagascar. There are more locations across the globe where the stone can be obtained. 

Black Tourmaline Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Black Tourmaline brings balance to humans. No wonder it is the zodiac stone of Libra--an astrological sign for people born between September 23 and October 22. Notably, Libra is the only inanimate zodiac sign--a balance beam. Though Librans are balanced and charming, they are not so strong-willed in facing challenges. This is why Black Tourmaline goes well with them. The stone will help them be more courageous and confident. It can help them by eliminating the stress they are suffering from.

In addition, Black Tourmaline also goes well with the zodiac signs Capricorn and Scorpions by balancing their demanding and shy attitude. 

Black Tourmaline Energy Color

Unsurprisingly, The energy color of Black Tourmaline is black--the color of the Universe. The black Tourmaline is the stone of strong will and courage. It gives you the confidence for exploration and the desire to have power. 

How to Cleanse and Charge Black Tourmaline

Since black Tourmaline works like a sponge--soaking and absorbing all the negative energies surrounding it, it is important to cleanse it regularly. To cleanse it, you can soak it in clear water for 24 hours. This will allow the energy to flow away from the stone. Also, you can just wipe it clean to cleanse it. 

Like a battery, Black Tourmaline releases good energy; hence, it is important to charge it. You can either keep your stone under the new moon or full moon to charge it. There is also a charging station that can quickly charge your Black Tourmaline. Also, you can let your crystal under the sunlight to cleanse it and charge it as well. More methods of charging a black tourmaline include burying it in soil and washing it using natural running water.

How to Program Tourmaline

Like the "Law of Attraction," programming Black Tourmaline works under the same principle--one's thoughts affect their circumstances. In the programming stage, you will realize the true power your stone holds. 

The simplest form to program Tourmaline is by holding it, then letting it be filled with energy and asking it to protect, guide and ground you. You can also put it on the location of the chakras you want to work on for several minutes before or after meditating. 

Final Thoughts

Black Tourmaline is a powerful crystal that connects us to the Universe and our higher self. It grants us the strong will that we need in facing many challenges in life. Also, it purifies us from deep within and sets us free from negative thoughts and emotions. It connects us to a deeper meaning of life and of ourselves. Having a Black Tourmaline is wearing a cloak of protection. 

Definitely, it is pretty understandable why Black Tourmaline is a very in-demand crystal. It transcends more than its deep beauty but also the power to transform us into something better. It is our thoughts that prevail over everything. With a Black Tourmaline, you can clear your mind and make yourself pure.



Crystal Structure:






Chemical Composition:



Root Chakra

Astrological Sign:


Numerical vibration:

Numbers 3 and 4


Africa, including Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia



physical conditions:

Physical vitality

Emotional conditions:

Emotional stability

spiritual purposes:

Repels and protects against negativity

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Black Tourmaline
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Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline

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