Crystal Identification: Best Identifier Apps, Stone Color Charts and Guides (Identify My Rock)

Learn about the process of crystal/rock/mineral identification and the best tools out there to simplify the process for you. This articles showcase a list of mobile app and guides to help you on your journey of identifying your crystals.

What is Crystal Identification

There are different dynamic compositions and patterns of crystal, and they vary a lot. These two characteristics make them unique and remarkable. There are numerous crystal types, so they need to be classified and identified in order to understand their uniqueness, differences, and similarities.

Crystal Identification is the process of identifying crystals by their physical or chemical properties. It can be classified based on color, streak, luster, hardness, crystal shape, specific gravity, tenancy, and more. And each of these crystals has different forms that impact their appearance and energy capabilities. 

Best Solutions for Crystal Identification

There are different ways to identify crystals, and some of them are listed here. One of the notable classifications is between physical properties like colors, streak, luster, and more. To further out this classification, we will discuss each.

Colors are a distinctive feature of a crystal and one of the easiest to do. However, there are varieties of hues from a type of crystal. For instance, quartz, in general, can be white, gray, clear, purple, and every color. The reason for this is the impurities and changes in chemical composition. Crystals should also be rubbed with each other or utilize an unglazed plate to scrape the crystal to produce a powder. This powder will classify the crystal's authentic color. 

Using a Mohs hardness scale can help categorize where the crystal belongs based on its hardness. You can even do an acid test, magnetism, and tenacity test, to see the characteristics of your mineral and later on classify based on them.

Crystal Identification Apps

Exploring different applications through the phone is fun, right? As the world is going to a more advanced innovation and technology, identifying crystals is not that hard, but rather, it's already accessible. 

There are free apps and some are paid. You need to find the feature that works for you. In this article, we are going to discuss the best apps that can identify crystals, minerals, and rocks.

Stone Crystal Identification App

Stone is an app that contains metaphysical properties and background information about crystals. The stone app aims to provide crystal knowledge — and add a little light to modern life. The stone app has a list of crystals and is currently expanding since the crystal identification data is only 69 crystals. However, the good thing is — the crystal gallery shows 12 images of crystals at a time. It is perfect for memorizing the physical appearance of the crystals and practicing picture-based crystal identification. 

Compared to the rest of the apps, stone has the cleanest and uncomplicated layout. It is minimalist and is easy to use. The only downside of this app is that the list of beautiful images has no titles. It is not visible, so you have to click each one to know its name and figure out what they are. Yet, you can browse the term and therapeutic properties of a crystal which came in very handy. 

Geology Toolkit

Geology toolkit is one of the best apps for identifying minerals. They are easy to use and are remarkable for geologists. It is best for students or interested in crystal since it serves as a guide and will give correct results. This app allows users to analyze and observe mineral, rock, and crystals characteristics under hand-specimen attributes or through a microscope. It's the best feature this app has. Alongside that, there are questions related to the color, streak, luster, hardness, form of habit, kind of fracture, and specific gravity, of your chosen crystals. As soon as you complete answering the questions, the app will list five mineral options and their estimated probability.

Geology Toolkit Premium

The geology toolkit is free, but it has a premium version. The cost of it is not bad at all. The geology toolkit premium will cost you at least $7 for the download. Compared to the standard app, this premium version has many features and includes huge database of rock and minerals for identification. This app can also be helpful as references for your science essays and great for expanding knowledge and igniting your passion. 

Geology of Rocks - Handbook of Rocks

Geology of Rocks is among the best apps for students, geologists, crystals enthusiasts, and children. It is accessible — for free, and has noteworthy features. You can provide findings and observations in exchange for high-quality results and details. You can also research and browse the available rocks, minerals, and crystals present on Earth. Overall, this app will give additional data for further understanding and options to protect nature.

Minerals Guide: Rocks, Crystals, and Gemstones

This app has accurate software that allows users to understand and analyze the crystal, mineral, and rock characteristics. It also assists us in identifying varieties of fossils. They have over 4000 distinct crystals, properties, and terms based on the given specific feature. You can also search for certain characteristics on its color, streak, luster, hardness, specific gravity, fracture, magnetism, and others.

This app has many features; the app has an advanced search with an autocomplete. You can search for keywords and text, and suggestions will pop up. There are also examples provided to demonstrate the concept of minerals or crystals. It is voice automated — you can search by voice. You can even search offline because there is data programmed within the app for offline purposes, and there is no additional cost for it.

Crystalyze: Crystals & Stone

This app, Crystalyze, is easy to use, and it has a minimalist design like the mentioned before Stone app. Among all the lists, this app is the most user-friendly. It is also enjoyable to explore. But this app will give you a love and hate relationship. The reason for this; This app provides high-resolution images, so the details of the crystals are visible. Compared to the Stone app, Crystalize has names included, so you will not click the image itself to know further information. It also has enough description with 180 words. However, the crystal list is only 50 or so items, and it’s very restrictive. You cannot simply identify crystals unless you scroll through the page and look at your crystals. 

The Magic Of Crystal

The Magic of crystal app is one of the best app options. Though it is not for free, it will still be a good purchase. This app has a minimalist design and is simple to use. The names and descriptions of each crystal are on the front page — there is no need to click the picture itself for more info. The good thing is that — the description is not limited to the crystal itself, it also has details about chakras and uses. 

Other Apps You Can Check Out

Here are some of the applications that you can check out:

Crystal Color Charts

Sometimes it is hard to recognize a crystal solely by its name. So identifying them through their hardness, luster, streak, colors, and more is effective. However, the easiest among the rest is color. Colors have different meanings based on culture, traditions, and religions. 

The colors of the crystals can help us identify and scale back our options. It will also serve as a guide to the crystal you don’t recognize. To further understand the color classification, let’s refer to the color spectrum. 

The color spectrum reflects the colors visible to the human eye. It is electromagnetic energy that depends on frequency and wavelength. Red has the lowest frequency, has the least amount of energy, and has the longest wavelength. On the other hand, Purple has the highest frequency, a high amount of energy, and the shortest wavelength.

Red Crystals

Red is a powerful color. It has exceptional use for physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. This color is associated with blood, Mars, and the root chakra — its energy is exceptionally high, primal, and dynamic. Red is the color of deep love and drive. They also bring great energy, courage, and motivation. A red-colored crystal is a must-have if you want to feel powerful, invigorated, and fired up. You can choose red colors if your focus is on these emotions.


Orange Crystals

The color of orange conjures up images of sunsets, the warmth created by the fire, and the sweet yet refreshing task of an orange lemonade. It is an energizing color similar to red — the only difference it has is the yellow hues, making it appear more welcoming than harsh and powerful. Orange crystal helps people reconnect and bring together — it gives unity and peace. It is also often associated with sex and pleasure, in other words, the Sacral Chaka. This chakra signifies the sexual satisfaction that everyone has the moment we’re born.


Yellow Crystals

Yellow is a happy and energetic color. On brighter and fun days, the color yellow often comes into our minds. This color is fantastic in providing uplifting energy to yourself and the people around you, and it encourages trueness. Yellow crystals are known for revealing greater consciousness, understanding, and exceptional knowledge. It also ignites positivity and hope. You can use yellow-color crystal to improve conviction of personal power and confidence.


Green Crystals

The color green is often associated with flora which is calming and soothing like the benefits of plants. Green signifies growth within the physical and spiritual aspects. Green also denotes money and success — often, green crystals are used to manifest financial stability, career growth, and business success. Security and safety are one of the benefits of green colors since it signals that danger has already passed. Green crystals can also be used to feel nature's energies and connect you to the environment.

Blue Crystals

On a cloudless day, you can see the blue color of the sky. The color blue signifies a deep emotional connection with everyone. It’s a pleasant color, soothing, and modest. Using blue crystals allows an impact in a variety of ways. For instance, you can wear blue crystals if you want to be peaceful and gentle. You can also make use of blue crystals to enhance psychic abilities. Blue crystals are for you when you want to evoke these kinds of emotions and sensations in your life.

Pink Crystals

The pink color is often associated with the heart chakra, devotion, and of course, love. This color is pleasing and soothing, so it’s often used for relaxation. If you have been feeling down and angry lately, pink-colored crystals can help you address these issues. You can utilize pink crystals for self-love and healing. Many people even use this to open their hearts to love.

Purple Crystals

As mentioned above, purple has the highest frequency, high amount of energy, and shortest wavelength, so compared to other crystals, it is the most powerful. Purple crystals have lots of benefits in all aspects of your life. These crystals have the most potent energy that can uplift your spirit and uplift your attitude. Even when you’re going through tough times, anxiety, and depression, purple crystals help ease its effects. It helps shift your mindset, calm your thoughts, and be focused. In the worst-case scenario, purple crystals came in very handy!

Clear (Colorless) Crystals

Clear or white crystals signify simplicity, purity, and serenity. Its energy bring clean and refreshment yet, it is powerful. This color represents the unity of all the colors from the spectrum presented above. However, white is not exactly a color, even though it accumulates the other colors. It is beneficial, especially for cleansing and deep relaxation. 

Black Crystals

Black crystal is a crystal of security, safety, and protection. They are said to be an unseen mantle within our homes, family, and property. Because of the absence of light, they are used to fight unwanted energies. 

To further help you understand the colors uses and benefits, you can look at the color chart spectrum below:



The list of the best apps, color charts, and ways you can do to identify crystals concludes our crystal identification guide.

Crystal Identification can be done by using color, streak, hardness, luster, and more. You can also opt to use an app, which is an outstanding choice because of its accessibility and convenience. 

In addition, Crystals can also be identified through the cubic crystal system (Isometric system), in which its unit is in a cube form. It is a shape used to distinguish between crystal types, but this is a more complicated way.

Classifying and identifying crystals is a significant task since each crystal is unique. When you know what your crystals are, then you can work on the crystal benefits and channel them all to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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