Chakra Crystals - 7 Chakras Guide

The body has 7 main chakra centers, where life energy flows and crosses. Through our chakras, we transmit and receive physical, emotional and spiritual energy. Chakras are embodied in a person's physical state. The ideal situation is to keep all chakra centers clean, balanced and full of vitality for the best happiness. Chakra crystals are gemstones that have the ability to heal, recharge and harmonize each chakra. The chakra system can be traced back to ancient oriental masters. Using crystals for chakra healing is the most effective and natural way of healing and harmonizing the body. Chakra crystals are the best healing stones for any chakra imbalance, as they can be used in many ways – either separately, in pairs or as one combined set. You can use your chakra crystals together with any other healing stones. Each chakra is associated with a specific area of ​​the body and a color on the spectrum and each crystal has its own unique vibration.

Chakra Crystals

Chakra crystals are meant to heal the body and soul and are considered very effective. They are easy to use and work in the background. To use the power of chakras, you can wear chakra crystals as jewelry, carry them in a bag or keep them close to your body, for example in a pocket, or on the body, for example in a bra or on the forehead. If you have a chakra stone, it is best to sleep with it under your pillow, as this is the best way to fully activate its power. You can also use chakra crystals in meditation.Chakra stones work best when they are charged. To charge the crystals, it is best to use the natural light of the sun, moon and stars. To do this, leave them in the sun for a few days, or place them under the light of a full moon.

If you are in a hurry, you can also place your chakra stones on a sheet of quartz (crystal) and charge the chakra crystals.It is recommended to use each chakra crystal separately, as each quartz crystal has its own unique vibration and energy. The chakras can be used separately or together. The most powerful way is to use them all together in combination. This is a very powerful combination and the most effective healing method. If you do not have all 7 crystals, you can still use the chakra combination, but it is not as effective.Chakra crystals are very powerful and can be used for healing and energizing. You can use them alone or together with other healing crystals, to heal any kind of illness, disease, imbalance or pain. You can also use them to strengthen your aura, and to protect yourself from negative energy.




Lapis Lazuli



Blue Lace Agate


Blue Topaz

Moss Agate

Green Adventurine

Rose Quartz


Tiger's Eye


Orange Calcite


Yellow Aventurine

Smoky Quartz

Black Tourmaline


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