Stichtite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

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What is Stichtite?

Stichtite is a magnesium chromium carbonate mineral occurring as masses, foliates, or spotted inclusions in other minerals. A mineral called Atlantisite is an example of a variation with this characteristic (Stichtite formed within a Serpentine host rock).

Stichtite is also a mineral that is a hydrated magnesium chromium carbonate found in igneous and metamorphic rock. Stichtite is a chromite-containing Serpentine alteration product.

Stichtite Meaning

Stichtite is a rare and complicated stone. It sends forth energies that link and stimulate the heart, third eye, and crown chakras. When one receives the purple light rays from Stichtite, one's intuitive and emotional bodies react in unison. This intriguing relationship is quite rare in nature, with only a handful of stones possessing this initial capacity that we've ever dealt with.

Because it belongs to the "clay mineral" group, it may be mistaken for "perplight," which has a similar visual appearance and properties because it is shallow in hardness and soft. This, however, is an entirely distinct mineral.

Healing Properties of Stichtite

Stichtite is said to be a stone of salvation, restoration, and forgiveness. By generating sentiments of love and compassion, the gemstone is said to aid in the healing of unsolved difficulties and emotional disorders. Metaphysical healers use Stichtite to help people recover their mental and physical health after sickness, despair, or emotional trauma

Stichtite's energies significantly impact the brain, altering how you think and feel about eating. This makes Stichtite an excellent stone to have if you suffer from an eating issue and utilize it in conjunction with the May Birthstone. This stone can help with digestion as well as emotional binge eating and food cravings.

It can help you maintain a healthy blood pressure level. It can help with tension headaches and stress-related muscle strain. Stichtite can also help to regenerate the skin and increase suppleness. It can assist you in your weight reduction attempts as well as your postpartum recovery. Stichtite can aid in regenerating neuronal connections in the brain that support dementia and spinal injuries. It can also aid with hernia therapy.

Wearing Stichtite

Stichtite is a beautiful stone that may help you in various ways, mainly if you conduct your life in spiritual service. It will help you connect with your higher self and remind you that your guardian angels are always there for you. This stone should be carried with you at all times since it will teach you to be more compassionate. It will get rid of your negative self-talk habits.

If you want to employ Stichtite for spiritual healing, combine it with Sugilite and Purple Amethyst, which encapsulate the violet flame's energy. When combined with Amethyst crystals or Black Tourmaline, the stones' mental protection is amplified.

Stichtite at Home and Work

You must be willing to apply intellect and solid judgment if you want to be successful in your financial life. Your compass will be made of Stichtite. It will fill you with the energy of wisdom, maturity, and decision-making. It will help you cultivate all of the traits necessary for financial success.

This stone will help you become more productive and affluent by improving your lifestyle. This stone's energies will also help you develop the self-discipline to master the talents you need. It will motivate you to put in the effort and be disciplined since genuine wealth does not come easily. This stone will assist you in being self-sufficient to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Meditation with Stichtite

Focus on releasing your emotions when meditating with this stone. Try sitting up straight with your feet crossed, and your favorite Stichtite item placed squarely on top of your head. Allow the vibrations to flow freely and straight into your head. Keep an eye on how your thinking grows, and your decision-making skill improves.

You'll be able to answer that question the vast majority of the time honestly, and you'll be able to escape that toxic reality. If you cannot do so, your brain will not go into survival mode (as it has done previously to bear the weight of your unpleasant experience). Still, it will instead seek methods to relax and gradually release these sensitive feelings. Stichtite will not solve all of your issues, but it will transform how you think about them and remind you how essential your health is.

Stichtite and Chakras

Stichtite has a tremendous influence on the Heart and Thymus Chakras because of its highly loving vibration. Because it stimulates sentiments of love, forgiveness, and compassion, it is an excellent stone for dealing with unsolved concerns. It's a stone that can help you recover from emotional trauma. Stichtite is a lovely stone that incorporates the purple ray's energy and creates a profound spiritual connection.

Stichtite Shapes and Forms

This stone has a pleasant, almost soapy scent. It comes in a variety of colors, from light pink to hot pink to deep purple. There are a variety of hues in between. It is found in various locations, including Australia's Tasmania, Canada, and South Africa. Green stichtite has an oval shape. This stone is made from serpentine-containing chromite that has been modified.

Stichtite Origin

Stichtite was first found in Dundas, Tasmania, Australia, in 1910. It was named after the manager of the neighboring Mt Lyell copper mine, Robert Carl Sticht. Stichtite is a purple-pink to a purplish rose-red mineral frequently found in conjunction with chromite and green serpentine. This mix produces intriguing specimens as well as appealing carving stones.

Stichtite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Stichtite is the Virgo zodiac stone, and it aids in the awareness of negative sentiments and attitudes that stand in the way of accomplishing your intended goals. People born in August and September are said to have the birthstone of Stichtite. People born in August and September receive a lovely vibe from the crystal with varying tones of pink.


Purple, Lilac, Rose Pink

Crystal Structure:






Chemical Composition:



Heart, Thymus

Astrological Sign:


Numerical vibration:



Australia's Tasmania, Canada, and South Africa



physical conditions:
Emotional conditions:

Enhances emotional wisdom

spiritual purposes:

creates a highly spiritual connection

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