Chrysocolla: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

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What is Chrysocolla?

Its vivid blue and green tones distinguish the Chrysocolla stone. It occurs in various shapes and sizes, ranging from spheres to bubbling discs to enormous stalactites. Many people mistake Chrysocolla for a crystal, although its chemical composition is amorphous and does not produce transparent crystals.

Chrysocolla is frequently found near copper deposits. Copper ore is this stone. It's also common to locate it among Malachite and Blue Azurite formations. These ores are referred to as cousin minerals. Chrysocolla is derived from the Greek words "chrysos" and "kola," which alternately entail "gold" and "glue." It's about the origin of the melting gold substance, which they utilized in 315AD.

Chrysocolla Meaning

Chrysocolla is a Gemstone of Speech, first of all. It is committed to creativity, independence, and instruction at its core. Its tranquil turquoise-blue tint dispels bad energy, relaxes, and enables reality and inherent knowledge to emerge and be understood. A tranquil gemstone highlights the impact of our statements and behavior on people around us, encouraging empathy and personality development.

Cuprite is found in certain Chrysocolla. Chrysocolla is a copper gemstone that comes in various styles ranging from pale green to bright blue and is frequently found with Malachite and Azurite. It's thought to be a wealth and commercial savvy gemstone, responding to logical and perceptive talents. It may excite the intellect while also relaxing sentiments, similar to a balancing level.

Chrysocolla is a gemstone representing womanly dominance, suggesting that true strength is best conveyed through compassion. It's a Goddess crystal, and individuals who connect with it will undoubtedly sense her timeless and eternal powers emerging inside them. It is the gemstone of compassion, serenity, and psychological link building. It promotes tolerance and assists us in regaining our natural fluidity.

Healing Properties of Chrysocolla

The gentle romantic nature of Chrysocolla, often regarded as the Learning Gemstone, piques your interest and inspires you to pursue a better understanding. It is recognized as the gemstone of intelligent ladies around the planet, considering its lengthy and famous past with rulers and monarchs.

It encourages women to funnel their vitality into creative exploration, offer their meaning and purpose to society, and rest in the peace of their hearts. It's also known as the hermit's gemstone because of its soothing properties, which assist individuals in keeping calm in times of solitude.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

On a more intimate level, Chrysocolla emphasizes the importance of both expressiveness and silence. It is possible to talk and utter everything or to stay quiet and express a great deal. The calming vibration of this gemstone nullifies emotionally charged circumstances, harsh remarks, or fear-filled mockery, allowing one's reality to be conveyed with insight and authentic dialogue.

Chrysocolla encourages harmony and completeness by releasing repressed sensations that prevent the brain from thinking correctly. It also aids males in expressing their fragile sentiments and recovering from violence perpetrated by their partners.


The Learning Stone is responsible for teaching us about expressiveness, consciousness, and the desire to learn more. Chrysocolla may be a good resource for wiping away those self-limiting ideas and unwanted sentiments that can slow you down if you're willing to increase the pace when it comes to sticking into your strength. It's a gemstone of profound self-awareness that may be a powerful resource for people seeking to reconnect with their reality and make healthier methods to share it with the entire world.

Keeping Chrysocolla close by may aid anybody suffering from stressful and tighter partnerships, be it with a partner, spouse, or colleague. It keeps things from becoming too intense, allowing conversation and compassion to glide like exquisite velvet. The Learning Stone encourages individuals fighting to transcend heartbreak or sorrow that there are things to be learned even from the lowest of places.

Chrysocolla assists you in discovering your pleasure in life and provides you with the courage and desire to make your dreams come true by channeling your painful thoughts into something good and constructive.


The soothing impact of this gemstone aids its bearer in the treatment of neurological illnesses such as anxiety and sadness, remorse, and dystonic activity. It's also a good gemstone for women since it relieves menstruation discomfort and promotes pleasant births by calming first-time moms' fears.

Remember that gemstones are not recommended as medicinal alternatives to cure diseases. Thus, they serve as our healing guide. It is strongly suggested to consult a doctor for such instances.


Chrysocolla enhances one's creative characteristics, allowing one to let go of unfavorable sentiments and get a greater comprehension of everyone else. Understanding the universe's magnificence offers the knowledge needed to restore physical existence, mind, and affections. This internal equilibrium and personality instill courage and increase mental fortitude. It aids in attuning to the Earth, communicating with its psychic energies, and offering guidance on assisting the Earth to regenerate itself.

This stone also promotes self-awareness and a healthy environment. It permits you to embrace frequently changing conditions and follow your objectives regardless of highs and lows. Chrysocolla is in charge of all elements of acoustic treatment, including language and sound waves. Its essence shows you how melody impacts your physical world and how you may modify that existence by improving how you speak.

Chrysocolla helps you to connect to the Divine. During relaxation, place it on the third eye and crown chakras. Let it assist you when performing psychic journeys or profound meditation activities. This gemstone represents your soul's growth as it passes across ages and encounters new things. Mystical visions that address your concerns, spiritual earth rites, and ceremonies honoring the Divine may all be induced using Chrysocolla. If you wish to draw affection and dispel anxiety, it gives you a focal point.

Wearing Chrysocolla

Wearing Chrysocolla as accessories is among the finest approaches to include it in your everyday enjoyment. Wearing this gemstone close against the skin, either in the form of a Chrysocolla necklace or a sea-bright pendant, is among the most excellent methods of lapping up that fantastic positive vibes.

When you touch the therapeutic crystal against your skin, it can deliver those frequencies to every nook of your existence since there is no boundary between you and them. By possessing a diamond that informs you of your tremendous potential, it's also a terrific meditative technique of remaining in contact with your objectives.

Chrysocolla at Home and at Work

Chrysocolla invites calm colors into your home with its soothing and therapeutic Feng Shui influence. When it pertains to Feng Shui, it's no coincidence that this gemstone is associated with the water element. You may put it in spaces where a conversation is prevalent and let it perform its wonders in assisting emotions and realities in a remaining firm and open without becoming angry or agitated.

The blue-green gemstone is exceptionally effective when used in areas where imagination flourishes. It provides a fantastic art installation for a workshop or workplace since it allows your energy to pour onto a canvas or paper.

Meditation with Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is a gemstone of rooting, and it helps keep one's thinking process in check throughout deep retreats. It gives power and safety in creative journeys and cosmic transit, and its high mysticism aids meditation and promotes mental calm.

People and Relationships

This gemstone connects most strongly with the Heart and Throat Chakras, allowing you to love unconditionally from your soul to others. It allows you to communicate your inner knowledge more democratically, enabling you to openly share your views and emotions about your relationship and other individuals.

A balanced chakra improves your ability to provide care and gives you more control over your life. The crystal's frequencies can better comprehend your feelings and desires, and you react correctly to errors.

Chrysocolla Crystal Therapies

Chrysocolla gemstones can connect your Root Chakra to your Throat and Heart Chakras when it pertains to chakras. It gives your forces both tenderness and strength, a duality that can be observed in the crystal's vivid colors. It may make your life more fluid by helping you to flow through your feelings with elegance and composure. It also makes you feel strong compassion and empathy for everyone around you. 

When you use this gemstone, you will get a new understanding of your physique, its dynamics, and the potential that emanates from inside you. It's all about bridging the gap between your cognitive and emotional energy.

Chrysocolla and Chakras

The Throat Chakra is opened and stimulated by Chrysocolla, which allows it to convey the kind wisdom of the soul to everyone else. It enables the straightforward expression of one's natural inner voice, as well as the discernment of what that prudence is. This talent of articulation is demonstrated by the astonishment of seeing yourself say out an idea more profound than what one had in the heart.

The Throat Chakra is the heart's representation, a force channel through which the vitality of the other chakras can flow. It can impact the growth of the other chakras if it is obstructed or out of alignment. It helps us to communicate what we believe and experiences when it is in harmony.

We can convey our thoughts, opinions, and feelings. We may reveal our authenticity to society when the Throat Chakra is balanced and free. Inside the body and soul, there is a smooth release of energy. The power that rises from the lower chakras can remain on its course, allowing for normal response and discharge.

Chrysocolla also aligns with the Heart Chakra, calming and easing psychological grief while also bringing posture and stamina. It improves one's ability to love even more.

The Heart Chakra influences everything we welcome and what we oppose in our interactions with the outside realm. It allows us to be courageous in the context of our surroundings. When the heart balance is disrupted, we might seem either dominating or ruled in a friendship, and we may grow judgmental of others' minor flaws.

We may experience excessively emotional reactions to everyday environmental events. Green gemstone power is produced to clear obstructions and bring stability to the heart chakra, allowing us to comprehend our personal feelings and desires better. We can cope with the ups and downs of feelings and emotions, recognize their cyclical character, and appreciate the fluctuations.

Chrysocolla Shapes and Forms

Chrysocolla has been employed as jewelry or ornament in the past and even in the present. Because of its natural beauty, many fell in love when this gemstone was carved into accessories such as necklaces, lockets, pendants, rings, earrings, piercings, bracelets, cabochons, and the likes. Wearing a piece of jewelry made from Chrysocolla fragments enhances your fashion statement.

Tumbled stones made from Chrysocolla gemstone deposits are also trendy. They are perfect for various applications such as decorative materials, charging stones, accessories, and many more!

Chrysocolla spheres have also conquered the game. They are employed in houses and offices as decorative figures. They are believed to amplify the positive energy wherever it is placed. They also filter the atmosphere, picking apart unnecessary and harmful energies that may try to ruin your mood.

Chrysocolla Crystal Combinations

There are numerous quartz crystals and gems that elegantly benefit the therapeutic qualities of Chrysocolla, from Aquamarine to Blue Lace Agate, the gentle glow of Opal, and the healing protecting characteristics of Hematite.

You may also use Amethyst's crown chakra power as a perfect complement, the Amazon gemstone to channel your feminine strength, and various kinds of Chalcedony to discover their feeling of harmony when placed next to the Chrysocolla gemstone.

Another gemstone that looks great when paired with Chrysocolla accessories is Lapis Lazuli. The Throat and Heart Chakras' songs, as well as the Third Eye's nourishment, can develop to luxuriant degrees of individual awareness.

Chrysocolla Origin

The majority of Chrysocolla sold in significant retailers originates from various places, including Australia, Chile, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, previously known as Zaire, Israel, Mexico, Peru, Russia, and New Mexico, and Arizona in the United States.

Chrysocolla Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Blue Chrysocolla is a traditional birthstone for people born as the globe anticipates the vernal equinox and the arrival of springtime. It's a period of confidence and belief when fresh creation is ready to break forward. Tolerance and compassion are brought to you by blue gems.

Chrysocolla, a turquoise-colored gemstone, is among the natural birthstones for individuals born in the spring season.  Chrysocolla gemstones provide you with equilibrium and exploration. Their frequencies assist you in regaining your composure and finding yourself.

Chrysocolla is a zodiac gemstone for individuals born in the sign of Sagittarius, which represents the conclusion of the planting and harvesting and the start of wintertime. Sagittarius is a cheerful, friendly, and daring sign with a good view of the world.

Chrysocolla Energy Color

As wintertime inevitably leads to springtime, pale blue Chrysocolla is the hue of small puddles of water illuminating the heavens. Its color beam encourages us to ponder, analyze, and unwind as we embrace the world we enjoy. Pale blue trinkets aid in the development of forbearance, the resolution of conflicts, and the seeking of reconciliation. They're great for overcoming dependencies or harmful behaviors, calming down irritability, and helping us become more reliable and joyful. Sky blue gemstones can also help with sorrow, letting go of the olden days, and getting rid of remorse.

How to Care for and Cleanse Chrysocolla

Maintain your Chrysocolla purified, energized, and prepared to use to get the most out of this gleaming gemstone and its capabilities. Because Chrysocolla is a water element gemstone, you may readily wash it by submerging it in water. You may refresh your Chrysocolla by putting it in the presence of other stone or quartz gemstones and letting them do the process of filling it with vitality.

By cleansing your crystal on a consistent schedule, you are removing any trapped vitality or guaranteeing that bad vibrations are swallowed up, allowing it to remain delicate and exquisite, willing to give its joyful appeal anytime necessary. You may also smudge your Chrysocolla with the herb to re-infuse it with psychic energy and the melody of mind and soul.

How to Program Chrysocolla

Among the most efficient methods to activate the energies of Chrysocolla is to wear them as accessories. When you wear Chrysocolla gemstone ornaments, you can be assured that it is constantly exerting its charm on you. Chrysocolla is a lovely spiritual means of keeping with you on all occasions since it encourages heart-opening and promotes connection.

Taking your Chrysocolla with you when you're on the move ensures that your gemstone is always available if you need it. Place your Chrysocolla on your chest to engage with its soothing frequencies when you're in an unpleasant circumstance or having difficulties connecting into your inner place.

You may put it in a convenient location, like carrying it in the form of jewelry or a gemstone in your handbag or pouch. Having a Chrysocolla gemstone in your house or other surroundings provides another depth to your gemstone therapy. It will serve as a necessary consequence of your desire to speak and present yourself genuinely and from the soul.

Final Thoughts

Among the most therapeutic gemstones, you may have in your gemstone collection is Chrysocolla. It is an excellent gemstone for anybody attracted to the calm water-like vibe or comforted by color palettes that glitter from light to dark. Chrysocolla is mostly about instinct, wisdom, and eventually discovering your journey to serenity.

Harmony isn't always synonymous with quiet; it may also relate to a strong sense of personal tranquility and the transcendent strength of understanding you're dwelling in the glow of compassion and honesty. Prepare to utilize Chrysocolla to cleanse your skin and mend your soul. With the Chrysocolla gemstone, you may wave goodbye to bad vibes and refine your strength.


Blue, Green, Light Blue, Venusion-Green

Crystal Structure:





Translucent to opaque

Chemical Composition:



Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Root Chakra

Astrological Sign:

Taurus, Gemini, Virgo

Numerical vibration:

Number 5


Southwestern USA, Chile, Australia, France, England, the former USSR, Zaire



physical conditions:

Supportive stone for women and may offer relief from symptoms of PMS and menstrual cramps

Emotional conditions:

Healing heartache and increasing feelings of compassion

spiritual purposes:

Calms, cleanses and re-energizes all the chakras

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