Tumbled Stones and Crystals: Uses, Benefits, Properties

Tumbled Stones and Crystals: Uses, Benefits, Properties

What are Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are also known as polished stones, polished rocks, baroque gems, and a variety of other terms. These stones are known as tiny, round, and high gloss rock and mineral fragments. They are formed by putting rough rocks in a rock tumbler and tumbling them until the angles and areas are clean and refined. Unlike their raw stone counterpart, tumbled stones have gone through several stages to smooth them out. The tumbling procedure does not affect the stones' energetic or vibrational properties, hence it is very effective in healing as well as it provides so many benefits to its user. 

Tumbled Stone Benefits

Due to its smooth properties and powerful energy, tumbled stone provides varieties of benefits. One of its notable benefits is through decoration. Tumbled stone is very pleasing to the eye because it has a smooth surface. It also attracts positive energy into your home. Tumbled stones are also widely used in the jewelry and accessories industry. Mainly because of their appearance as well as due to their energy that emanates in all directions. This energy can help in repairing your life and working into the deeper level of your aura. Other notable benefits include healing in all areas of your life, especially with your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


How to Use Tumbled Stone

Tumbled stones are used in so many things, because of how smooth their physical properties are. Not only that, but tumbled stones also attain powerful energy that is used to aid healing to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Some of the uses of tumbled stone include decoration in your home. Tumble stones are often placed on tables, or in a cabinet to serve as an accent piece decoration of your home. You can even add an enormous amount of tumbled stone in different colors to your plant vase or vases in general. Tumbled stone also provides benefits, such as provides healing and positive energy to you and your environment. That is why it is widely used by homeowners as well as businessmen because of how it generates energy. Which means it can bring positive luck and money.

You can also use your lovely tumbling stones as jewelry or to design your jewelry. You only need wire and glue to create your wearable art.

Tumbled stones could also be used in a variety of crafts. They can be used as one-of-a-kind, vibrant, and intriguing decorations on a variety of items. Because of its unique appearance, tumbled stone can transform any object into a unique and customized work of art. And even using a piece of wire and some glue, you can use tumbling stones to embellish a note stand or a cardholder.

In addition, Tumbled stones due to their smooth surface and their close resemblances with the game pieces, can be used as a substitute or you can use them for the same thing! You may hide them in a sandbox and have the kids go on a treasure hunt to find them all. Tic-tac-toe can also be played with two different colored tumbling stones. You may even use your tumbling stones as tokens in your own board game.

Overall, the tumbled stone is a versatile stone that has many uses that are fun and can be beneficial to you!

Healing Properties of Tumbled Stones

List of Powers

Tumbled stone is a powerful stone that can be used in so many areas. It is a healing stone that works towards making your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being be okay. In general, tumbled or polished stones emit mild, soft energy that spreads outward in all directions. This stone is perfect if you are sensitive to very strong energy.

Many people like the smooth and even finish of a tumbled stone. Since it feels wonderful in your palm and highlights qualities of the crystals that would otherwise be hidden in the raw form. Though many healers believed that shaping or polishing a crystal can decrease its energy, which results in the making of a tumbled stone. However, this myth is debunked by crystal experts saying that altering the shape of the stone does not affect the crystal's inherited properties of energy. Hence, tumbled stone still attains powerful energy.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Tumbled stones are beautiful pieces of stone that are produced from natural raw rocks and emanate soft energy via their polished and smooth surface. This stone attains powerful energy that provides a wide variety of uses. One of these uses is balancing your emotions and attracting a positive relationship in your life. There are many crystals under the tumbled category that you can choose from if you want to work this specific area of your life, such as moonstone tumbled stone.

Moonstone is said to aid in the acquiescence of love and provides the heart with nurturing energies. It is a good gemstone for first or fresh love, and it is also a reassuring talisman if love has to be kept hidden. It was also said to be capable of bringing loved ones back together after a fight. That is why the moonstone is greatly recommended for people who are in a new relationship, or for people who want to keep their relationship strong.


Tumbled stones provide healing in all areas of your life, and notably in your mind. These stones are even popular among spiritual healers, mindfulness practitioners, and meditation practitioners because of their healing properties when it comes to mental well-being. 

The smooth surface of a tumbled stone is typically soothing to hold, particularly when one is anxious or meditating. Because there are so many stones to pick from, meditation with tumbled stones opens up healing possibilities. The mental stillness, focus, and tranquility that the stones provide aid in deeper meditation states, boosting the desirable outcomes of intentions. There are recommended ways to properly utilize the energy of a tumbled stone when you meditate. You can hold the tumbles with your hands, preferably your left hand, and start meditating. 

Overall, tumbled crystals can make you feel calm when you meditate. They are also perfect for achieving your manifestation goal while you meditate!


When it comes to healing, tumbled stones are one of the best stones for that because they are calming and pleasant gems. They are also incredibly comforting pieces to work with because they are known to calm stressful surroundings. One of the notable uses of tumbled stone is alternative medicine, especially to your physical state.

Hence, when it comes to the body, they help with pain reduction and assistance during the recovery of physical disorders such as chronic and long-term illness. They can also aid in determining the reasons for bodily disorders, providing support during detoxing, and energizing the body as well as clearing the mind.

In addition, tumbled stones are frequently utilized and placed on various chakra points to alleviate various physical pains. They removed the negative energies in your body, which can help to improve illness and block them. This stone can also protect you from harm and add a layer of protection to yourself. 


One of the notable uses of tumble stone is spiritual healing. The energy of tumbled stones can be used to align your energy to allow you to have a strong connection with the higher beings and your higher self. 

In addition, the tumbled stone is perfect for women to keep it close in their life. Keep close to their bodies such that they can tuck them under their bras or put them under their pillows, which is a great method to keep healing vibrations near the heart chakra. These therapeutic stones can provide positive energy in your life and increase your attachment to your inner self. In a way that these stones will be used as grounding, relaxing, prosperity, success, happiness, creativity, and feminine energy in you.

Overall, Tumbled stones' nature allows you to draw more abundance and universal attraction into your vibration. This vibration allows you to be spiritually mindful and increase your spiritual connection to the higher beings.

Tumbled Stone Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Tumbled Stone at Home

Tumbled Stone has many uses, especially for your home. Tumbled stone has unique physical properties, such as a smooth surface and a variety of colors. This means that you can put them in your home as a decorative piece or an accent. It makes your guest and the people around you are drawn to its looks. In addition, tumbled stones provide cleansing energy to your home. It also provides healing, since it radiates positive energy to you and your home. Not only that tumbled stone also protects you and your home. Overall, it is a good stone to be put in your home since it provides aesthetics and benefits.

Tumbled Stone at Work

Tumbled stone is also perfect to put in your workplace. It is mesmerizing at the same it will make your space be uplifted. This stone is fitted to any decoration of your space. Tumbled stone also provides energy that is beneficial to you and your business. It attracts prosperity, abundance, and money. Another thing is that it can also aid in making your intentions and manifestation come through. It is also recommended to put this stone near you, or where you usually do your work. By doing so, it can help you connect with your thoughts, and be effective in working in your career.

Meditation with tumbled stone

Tumbled stones provide excellent therapeutic chances due to their smooth texture, soothing vibrations, vibrant hues, and healing capabilities. Tumbles are vibrant stones and have profound healing abilities that open the door to a path of healing and progress, specifically, when it comes to your mental well-being. Tumbled stone is perfect for meditation since it shields and blocks you from negative energy. This stone is also perfect if you want to bring calmness and peace to your inner and outer state. This stone provides mental serenity, concentration, and tranquility, which aids in deeper meditation realms, thereby boosting the desired outcome of your intentions.

People and Relationship

One of the notable uses of tumbled stone is emotional healing. Tumble stones have a light and strong energy that can bring positive energy to you as well as to your surroundings, may it be with your family, friends, children, acquaintances, or lovers. This energy works in bringing good connections and fixing your relationship with them. In addition, sodalite tumbled stone is the perfect type of tumbled stone for you. Especially if you had to deal with one of those classic head-versus-heart debates. This stone will also aid in good communication and your connection with other people. Overall, this is a perfect crystal if you want to work your relationship with other people and for yourself.

Tumbled Stone Therapies

Healing stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Among these varieties are tumbled stones. Tumbled stones are one of the most colorful and adaptable stones. It is also a beautiful stone because they are produced from natural raw rocks and emanate soft energy via their polished and smooth surface. With so many hues and kinds to select from, understanding how tumbling stones are made and what kind of therapy they provide is beneficial. 

Tumbled stones provide therapy in all areas of your life, such as your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This therapy extends to healing. They are said to be relaxing and provide excellent therapeutic help. 

One of the notable types of tumbled stone is Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is a popular, coarsely tumbling stone because it is cleansing, grounding, protecting, and relaxing, black tourmaline is an excellent healing partner.

In addition, tumbled stones help people relax in stressful situations. They can help in decision-making and provide clarity. When it comes to your body, they help with pain reduction and assistance during the recovery of physical disorders such as chronic and long-term illness. They can also aid in determining the reasons for bodily disorders, providing support during detoxing, and energizing the body as well as clearing the mind.

Overall, the tumbled stone is perfect if you have issues that you need to work on. They can help you uplift yourself, and provide positive energy for your specific needs.

Tumbled Stones and Chakras

Increased linkages to your inner consciousness and connection with the divine beings, can be made through tumbled stones. These stones are effective when used in healing stone grids and when they are inserted into the body while meditating. Because there are so many stones to pick from, meditation with tumbled stones gives up healing possibilities.

In addition, because of their healing nature, tumbled stones are notable when it comes to chakra balancing. Depending on the chakra being focused upon, the type of tumbled stone will be chosen based on the associated attributes such as energy, intention, and even the color that corresponds with that particular chakra.

One type of tumbled stone is amethyst tumbled stone. Amethyst stone will guard you against physical aggression, metaphysical danger, or ill-wishing. They also transform negative energy into positive and loving energy before returning it to the universe. They are also perfect if you want to balance your chakra energy, particularly brow chakra. 

Overall, to properly harness the chakra energy of the tumbled stone, it is recommended to be put on body locations that often cause you discomfort. You can also hold it in your hand and place it at the center of your body so that the chakra energy will be aligned. 


Tumbled Stone Types

Tumbled Amethyst

Amethyst stone is a stress-relieving stone that promotes tenacity, creativity, and awareness. It also promotes good energy while removing negative energy from your body and home. Amethyst also promotes sobriety and aids in the overcoming of addictions; promotes spiritual awareness and tranquility; transformation and meditation; and soothes, balances, and clears the aura.

Tumbled Amazonite

Amazonite is an enticing stone that is hued with aqua-green color. Its strength is as strong as the stream it is known after, and as fearless as the fabled women warriors with whom it is associated, but it tempers anger, calms the irrational, and calms the restless. Amazonite tumble promotes harmony as well as balance in your life. It is also a great stone if you want to express your feelings and emotions to other people. Amazonite is a versatile stone that provides benefits to all aspects of your life.

Tumbled Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline cleanses, purifies, and transforms heavy energy into a lighter frequency. They are known to be a defensive and protective stone that prevents bad energy and attacks. These stones are also a top tier for purifying energies for your physical as well as emotional well-being. It is also used for your mental health, in a way that it combats your stress and reduces irrational thoughts. In addition, black tourmaline helps you balance your energy and improve your life.

Tumbled Carnelian 

Carnelian is known for its ability to heal your mind, boy, and soul. It is a great Chakra Stone because it opens the Base and Sacral Chakras, allowing sexual and creative energy to flow freely. Carnelian is a great tool for those who want to boost their self-esteem, the strength of character, enthusiasm, and force. As well as it helps you become more eloquent with your words and be courageous with your actions.

Tumbled Moonstone 

Moonstone is known as a stone of fate. It has a powerful energy that helps promote hormonal balance, appetite, and reproduction. It also stimulates the kundalini energy and sexual drives. Hence, it is a stone known for love and sexuality. In addition, its energy is therapeutic, that will help you master your thoughts as well as your emotions.

Tumbled Lapis Lazuli

Tumbled Lapis Lazuli helps in opening your third eye chakra. It is a very powerful stone that has long existed, specifically in Ancient Egypt. Lapis Lazuli is a stone that can help you achieve spiritual enlightenment, as well as aids your dream meditation and psychological journey. This stone is also very helpful when it comes to meditation, psychological journey, and spiritual enlightenment.

Tumbled Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is by far the most dynamic among all the healing stones. It provides you with unlimited options such as, shields you from negativity, connects you to your higher self, soothes illness, and has been demonstrated to both increase and reinforce the aura. In addition, it is a powerful stone for amplifying your intention and gives you a clear mind. 

Tumbled Sodalite

Sodalite is a stone and has all of the magnificence of the universe. This is also a versatile stone that provides you with spiritual implications such as Intellect, the openness of consciousness, imagination, and celestial beauty. It is also a cleansing stone for your aura and negative emotions.

Tumbled Stone Combinations

Tumbled stones are versatile. They have wide use and can be paired with other stones. Combining different stones will make its benefits and energy more powerful. Hence, here are the top tumbled stones combinations that you can use:

Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline

Clear quartz is known as the master healer, while black tourmaline is known as the negative energy receiver and king defender. By combining these two crystals, it can be more powerful and transforming. Furthermore, it can be super effective if you want to remove all the toxins and negative energy in your life. 

Moonstone and Amethyst

One of the most used and expensive types of quartz is amethyst. Amethyst is a purple-colored stone with a glossy and iridescent properties. While moonstone is a yellow-colored stone that is known for its therapeutic benefits. By combining these two crystals, it can provide you with calmness and a good night’s sleep. This combination aids in the recovery of and rest of persons who have difficulty sleeping. It is the perfect stone for you if you have insomnia and disturbed sleep. 

Sodalite and Clear Quartz

Sodalite and clear quartz are other fantastic combinations for stimulating your third eye chakra. Clear quartz is known as a master healer that helps in boosting the sodalite's stone benefits. If you are using the sodalite stone to bring balance and harmony to your overactive 6th chakra, clear quartz can help to amp up its effects. Overall, the combination of sodalite and clear quartz can make you develop spiritually by acting as a teacher and guide on your path to enlightenment since both of these stones are excellent protectors.

How To Care For Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are delicate, however, their energy can last for a long time if they are being taken care of properly. There is no specific format on how you can take care of your tumbled stone. But, in general, there are recommended ways to take care of them. Here are some of the ways and options that you can do:

Burning herbs while passing the stone through them. You can use herbs such as palo santo, sage, sweetgrass, and can even use incense. 

You can put them in direct sunlight or moonlight. You can even place them through a window or patio so that the sun's and moon's vibrations will transcend to your stone.

You can also use vibrational sounds. These powerful vibrations can be able to clean and enhance your stones since they will draw away the stone's negative energy that was absorbed and accumulated. Sounds like ringing bells, singing bowls, and tingshas can be used. 

How To Cleanse Tumbled Stones

Cleansing a stone or a crystal can make its energy powerful and more effective. Tumble stones are easy to clean since they have smooth properties. But, they should be regularly cleaned since they easily absorb negative energy. There are recommended ways to clean them.

The first is to clean them with running water or soak them in clean water, before patting them dry. After that, you should use brown rice to cover the stone, this will help to get rid of the negative energy. Then, place your stone in natural light, such as sunlight and moonlight. Next is to soak them in a bowl of water and rock salt for a few hours. Lastly, you can use vibrational sounds or you can chant to fully cleanse them.

How To Program Tumbled Stones

Programming a crystal or a stone is done to direct its energies toward a specific objective, intention, or desire. A programmed stone grows in strength, utility, and effectiveness. Tumbled stone, like the others, followed the general way of programming them. Here are the steps that you can do to program them.

Programming a stone can be very easy. When you buy a stone, don't use it as it is but what you can do is to program them first. You can hold the stone in your hand and focus on your breathing. After that, say specific goals and affirmations that you want your stone to work in your life.

By doing this step, your stone energy will be more effective and they will know what to do in your life!

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