Crystal Geode: Uses, Benefits, Properties (2021)

Crystal Geode: Uses, Benefits, Properties (2021)

What are Crystal Geodes

The word geode originated from the Greek word Geoides which tends to mean "earthlike." Geodes are spherical rock structures that are often characterized as an agate with an internal cavity, and they are lined with mineral materials. They also often come with a hollow space, which makes them resistant to weathering and still is intact when it is subject to weathering. Usually, geodes range from less than 1 cm to several meters in length measurement. In addition, most geodes look like common rocks from the outside, but the view can be stunning when they are opened.

Crystal Geode Benefits

Geodes crystals are notable for their uses, they have unique points that are beneficial in different fields. These crystals produce positive energy and therefore all energy is regulated in its immediate environment. This is why one of its notable benefits is radiating positive energy in homes and workplace areas, and it could further create chi flow. In addition, the energy and the internal connection created by the geode will help your mind calm and the spirit relax. Geodes can also help you to communicate with divine beings and help to create better moods, equilibriums, and energies, which can help in meditation, stress, and decisions.

How to Use Crystal Geodes

Crystal geode can be used in so many things. It is a unique, versatile, and powerful crystal that targets specific or all areas in your life. Crystal geodes contain various types of crystals, ​​each of which has its cure properties. You must get one "feeling right" to you when you acquire a geode to use for your metaphysical properties.

One of the notable uses of crystal geode is spiritual healing, as it helps in communication with the spirits and deity. Geodes also enable information sharing and collaboration in the same field of healing. These stones can be good for relaxation and relief and can help to make them spiritual and psychic.

Crystal geodes are also used for character and self-growth. It works within the deep layers of our body. Hence, these crystals do not focus on the outside world, and instead, it is about helping us and improving our lives by self-growing.

Since geode rocks vary from less than one centimeter to several meters in diameter and attain unique shape and properties. They can be used entirely in slicing, cut, and fitted as opened or unopened stones to make a piece of jewelry or a piece of decoration. By wearing and placing it near you, the crystals can be more effective especially if you want to attract positive energy and things to come into your life.

Most crystals under crystal geodes are also beneficial when it comes to physical health and wellness, so it can be very comforting and curative to keep a crystalline geode close when you or your loved one fights sickness.

Overall, crystal geodes can be used in many areas of your life. May it be in the form of healing, self-growth, jewelry, and decorations.

Healing Properties of Crystal Geodes

List of powers

Crystal geode is a powerful crystal. It has a wide variety of benefits where it utilizes its energy. Every geode has a particular energy and can maintain almost everything. This energy is versatile in that it works on any specific or general goals that you have. May it be when it is in your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental state. Their numerous uses occur because their crystal formations and characteristics are different from other minerals

Geodes recall one's feeling more than other things. You must find the connecting one that you have and that you have a feeling when choosing to use geodes, for them to work effectively in your life. 

Geodes can also help you communicate with supernatural and divine beings which would help you to create better emotional states, balance life, and energy to meditate, stress, and decide. They also have several health advantages throughout your life, both from within and to your environment. and promote health.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Since crystal geode attains power energy, it is said to work all things in your life. May it be with your body, mind, and thoughts, as well as with your feelings and emotions. 

Every geode has a particular energy and can hold anything. Geodes are perfect for 

remembering a feeling and healing other things. Hence, this particular type of crystal geode specifically targets your feelings and emotions, that crystal type is amethyst crystal geode.

Amethyst crystal geode is known for its healing properties as well as its emotional and spiritual healing. Amethyst can interrupt your anxious or addictive mindsets and bring you closer to a greater sense. Its high vibration blocks an unpleasant mindset as well as prevents a negative relationship with other people. 

Overall, crystal geodes aim to work and restore your relationship with others and uplift your emotions by attracting positive energy to work into your life. Plus, they are a great option if you want to forget memories from someone, or an option to remember them.


One of the notable uses of crystal geodes is healing in terms of your mental well-being and meditation. Crystal geode has calming properties, healing, and growth targeted toward your inner self. This is a perfect crystal if you want to make peace within your mind and block away from the negative thoughts and anxiety that keep on crawling into your mind.

In addition, crystal geodes have special vibrations that can lead to an effective meditative state. This is because the brain waves are activated. Meditation is easy when you hold a crystal geode in the palm or lap while meditating without distractions. Hence, you can try to close your eyes and focus on your breath to start meditation on geodesic stones. 

Overall, this crystal will help you and your mental state. It removes stress, anxiety and calms your thoughts. This is one of the best options in meditation and if you want to detox your mind.


Crystal geode has numerous uses because of their crystal formations, which are different. They also have many health advantages throughout the board and promote health. Specifically, an advantage when it comes to your physical well-being.

Crystal geode can quickly remove pain or stress from your body, especially if you are suffering from diseases. By holding the geode crystal it can absorb all your stress, and frustration, which can help uplift your mood, and make you feel good. It can also repel your environment from radiation and EMF risks, which protects your body from receiving negative energy. Geodes make you feel composed and calm you down. In addition, when you use crystal geodes the nerves in your body can be calmed and your muscles relieved.

These crystals have been widely used by crystal healers and physical therapists because of how effective it is when it comes to healing your body!


Spiritual healing and the divine connection are some of the uses of crystal geode. They attain perfect energy that sends and reaches out to the higher forms of beings. These crystals can also be used as a form of communication. 

Furthermore, crystal geodes can help in communicating with supreme beings and help create better thoughts and feelings, equilibriums, and energies which can contribute to mindfulness, pressure, and the decision-making process.

Shamans and spiritual healers also recommended using crystal geodes if you want to reach out to the spirits. They said all you have to do is show the spirit you want to call with a geode crystal ritual. When I meet my spiritual guide or guardian angel, I put my hand into the geode and sing my incantations that read, "Gabriel, come, I'm searching for you."

As well as, crystal geode can help you to see the whole picture and make a decision before things go out. It helps you to shape your future and to connect with the Higher Deity.

Crystal Geode Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Crystal Geodes at Home

There are many uses of crystal geode, but particularly it is used for decoration. Thus, this is a perfect crystal if you want to make your house elevated and at the same time provide energy and benefits that specifically target the energies in your space. Since crystal geode has unique properties and shapes, it can be placed in any area and theme of your house. You can place it on a shelf, or on a table that can serve as an accent piece in your house. Additionally, crystal geode is also used as a feng shui for your home, which can bring harmony and positivity. 

Crystal Geodes at Work

Crystal geodes not only provide benefits for your home, but it is also perfect to use for your workplace. Crystal geodes have a unique characteristic of shape to the point that it will mesmerize you and the people who will see time, at the same time it brings vibrancy to your workplace. Not only that, but crystal geode also provides benefits when it comes to your career and business. It also pushes you to be creative and productive. Hence, it is recommended that you should place your crystals in the area that you are usually working, for instance on your table, in a cabinet near your workplace, or anywhere near your workplace. 

Meditation with Crystal Geode

Crystal geodes have a soothing effect as it draws negative energy away from your body and mind. This is why it is widely used for meditation. 

When you use a crystal geode in your meditation practices, you should expect positive things and thoughts to come into you. Through meditation, it draws away from the negative energy and bad chakra that is going around you. These crystals also help with your decision-making and stress. It also helps bring positive affirmation, especially towards your future.

And also, when you meditate using these crystals it can help suppress your anxiety and slowly suppress depression.

Crystal Geode Therapies

Crystal geode is a versatile rock that provides different benefits and uses unto your life, and environment. There are countless ways where crystal geodes can be used, such as for you to use them for meditation, and emotional state. Particularly, one of its notable uses is through therapy. Crystal geode has a powerful healing property that penetrates its energy into all the areas in your physical, emotional, and mental state. This is why crystal healers and therapists recommend using crystal geode if you want healing to effectively work in your life.

Another thing is that, among all the uses, crystal geode is beneficial in working towards perfecting your life and lifestyle. Crystal geodes also provide miracles in life. It also helps in giving guidance, comfort, and spiritual awakening. Crystal geode is also used for creating beauty regimens, which uplifts energy to make your face and body youthful. 

In addition, crystal geode influences your personal life, since it attracts positive energy into your life. It also brings positivity to your surroundings. 

Overall, crystal geode has therapeutic properties that work in fixing your life and your surroundings. It also has healing properties that target your life's special needs. 

Crystal Geode and the Chakras

Crystal geodes can be hollow on the inside or solid on the outside. The nodules of geodes are crystal-lined spaces that are normally hollow, although they can also be solid. This makes the crystal ideal for cleansing and recharging crystals because of the unique energy cavity it releases. Geodes are also often associated with motherhood, kindness, and femininity.

In line with the crystal's chakra, the crystal geode has a powerful energy that opens up your chakra energy in your body making it effective to heal your physical state. This energy is also aligned at the center of your body which utilizes its chakra energy. 

Furthermore, the energy of crystal geode brings harmony and calms your mind. It also continuously cleanses your energy from within, and this energy also reaches it among the people around you and your surroundings.

Crystal geode also helps in stimulating your crown chakra that is powerful in making you connected with the spirits and divine beings. And also, it aids in connecting your soul with the super consciousness. 

Overall, crystal geode has a powerful energy that penetrates the deep layers of your body. As well, it is effective in harnessing the chakra energy in your body.

Crystal Geode Types

Amethyst Geode

Amethyst crystal geode is one of the powerful categories of geode. Amethyst has its characteristics of a shining purple color which are fantastic to seem, this crystal also emanates healing energy. While it might look like an ordinary rock from outside, amethyst geode has all the crown chakra properties to make it an intuitive treasure to use in crystal rituals.

In addition, amethyst geode crystal also provides mental and emotional balance, and it connects with the head chakra. It also relieves mental barriers such as irritation, rage, worry, and fear. These are the kinds of feelings that hold us back in life, preventing us from following our hearts and living a happy life. Amethyst is also cleaning and protecting crystals that are good to keep close to you.

Quartz Geode

Geodes are spherical rocks with hollow lines that are often associated with quartz crystals. The quartz geode is the most well-known form of geode. This is seen in white or milky white colors. On the outside, quartz can be a pale yellow to peach tone, with glittering crystals lining the inside. It is also known as a purifying and recharging stone.

Quartz crystals can also bring healing energy within yourself and into your home. Quartz geodes are very attractive and are believed to radiate the energy of quartz in all directions. Quartz is an important healing stone said to have a cleansing and healing effect. 

Citrine Geode

Crystal Citrine is formed when heat is lost in an amethyst. While you can manufacture citrine by manually heating amethyst, natural citrine is also frequently available. Citrine is linked to the solar plexus chakra and, to a lesser extent, the sacral chakra. Crystal geode is a stimulating stone that boosts self-esteem and confidence while also increasing self-discipline and attracting professional success. Citrine also radiates positivism, optimism, zeal, and happiness. When you use a citrine geode at a business or home, it attracts money and prosperity.

Clear Quartz Geode

Clear quartz is one of the most common types of geode. Clear Quartz, is known as a "master healer," in which it enhances energy by absorbing and transmuting negative to positive energy. It also emits positive energy, which regulates all of the energy in its immediate surroundings. In addition, it can be used to cleanse, balance, and strengthen all of your chakras as well as your entire body. Its presence promotes mental clarity and well-being, as well as strengthening the immune system.

Celestite Geode

Celestite is commonly known as Celestine, it has a blue crystallizing mineral that is mesmerizing to its users. Celestite is typically connected with heavenly power, and when used in meditation and prayer, it is said to improve knowledge, higher consciousness, and attention. It is also notable for providing benefits when it comes to your spiritual well-being. Celestite also awakens your upper chakras, including the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown, and it floods the organs of these chakras with energy, assisting in the treatment of illnesses of your body.

Calcite Geode

Calcite geode comes in different color options, making it great for working with your energy centers, commonly known as Chakras. This stone is also a great energy amplifier, which is beneficial in cleansing the energies surrounding you and bringing your Chakras into equilibrium.

Calcite is a great way to boost your creative and spiritual growth. It aids in the development of your higher self, intuition, and open consciousness. It can also help you get rid of your fears and make your thoughts into reality. Overall, calcite can help people feel more motivated and inspired, especially if they've lost hope. 

Agate Geode

Agate is used to creating some of the most gorgeous geodes. You can find agates in varieties of colors such as red, blue, brown, white, yellow, purple, black, and orange, as well as several other colors. The color energies of an agate geode influence its abilities. 

Agate generally boosts your creativity and sharpens the mind, making it a great stone for students and artists. It is also referred to as a lucky stone. One of the things agate performs as a stone of harmony is to balance yin and yang energy.

Crystal Geode Combination

Crystal geode has a wide variety of crystal types and crystal sources. Geodes can be combined and classified under volcanic formations and sedimentary rock formations. Crystal geodes under these 2 are the perfect crystals that you can use if you want to combine them. 

Furthermore, here are the 2 geode classification and crystal options that you can choose from.

Volcanic Geodes

Volcanic geodes, which are generated as a result of volcanic eruptions, are the most well-known and desired geodes. Magma erupting from volcanoes contains a substantial volume of dissolved gas, which has an amazing mass. This gas expands in proportion to the pressure reduction as the lava rises to the surface, and while most of it escapes, some become trapped in the lava. As a result, different mineral crystals are formed.

Minerals such as opal, agate, quartz, and others are eroded and delivered by geothermal fluids or underground water and accumulate in the voids of hardened basaltic lava flows. These minerals attain a level of energy that becomes more powerful when it is combined. 

Sedimentary Geodes

Dolomites, limestone, and calcareous shale are common places to find sedimentary geodes. As roots, shells, tree branches, and other biological stuff decompose, voids appear. The crystals found in sedimentary are typically smaller than volcanic crystals. 

Furthermore, the gas that fills these voids is later coated with minerals like agate, quartz, opal, or carbonate materials, allowing sedimentary geodes to form. These crystal choices are perfect if you combine them!

How to Care for Crystal Geode

Negative and positive energy are absorbed by gemstones and crystals, that is why you need to properly take care of them

Many people used to soak their crystal geode in tap water, however pure water is preferable. This is one of the ways recommended in caring for your crystal. By doing so, you can allow it to dry naturally or soak in soil for a week with salt added as a cleaning.

Crystal geodes are also very delicate in which they can absorb substances that change their color, and some stones are even flat enough to lose their brilliant color when exposed to direct sunshine for an extended length of time. But, you can use a firm brush used to wipe a blemish over their surface, and properly restore them in closed storage, preferably in cabinets or drawers to still reserve its energy for use.

In addition, ways such as, avoid and keep the crystals away from chemicals since it can affect their energy. And from time to time you should clean the crystal geode with a wet cloth. 

How to Cleanse Crystal Geode

Crystals are often exposed to many kinds of energy, may it be good or bad energies. That is why crystal healers and therapists recommend always cleanse your crystals. It is also a good idea to cleanse your crystals when you first buy them and bring them home to get rid of any unwanted vibes. In addition, you should always cleanse your crystals every time you use them.

One of the ways that you can cleanse your crystals is to place them outside or on a windowsill to recharge, especially if it's a full moon. You can also use rain to wash them, or even soak them in a bowl of saltwater. You can also use sage sticks or palo santo to smudge them, or if you don't have anything available, a candle can suffice for a quickfire cleanse!

In addition, you can also keep them for 24 hours beneath the ground. This will enable the soil to accept any undesirable energy while also recharging the crystals. And if you have any available stones, you can also use them to recharge and cleanse your crystals!

How to Program Crystal Geode

When crystals are "programmed," or dedicated to a certain purpose of your choosing, they gain their power and will be more effective in working in your life. Hence, after you've cleared your stone, it is now the perfect time to do it. You can do various approaches to programming your crystals with intent.

One of these ways is by holding the crystals in your left hand. Then, in an outside area or by closing the window, stand in natural light. After that say this phrase: "This crystal is dedicated to the ultimate good. I request that it be used in the spirit of love and light." Your crystal should then be programmed for a specific purpose. You should also consider what you'd like the crystal to help you with, whether it's finding a new career or speaking to yourself more gently. Envision and experience what it might be like to accomplish that purpose while also still keeping the stone in your left hand. "I fully commit this crystal for the [your purpose]," say loudly once you've visualized the crystal's intent.

By doing this step, you can properly program your crystal! 

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