Best Backflow Incense Burner - Complete Guide (2020)

Best Backflow Incense Burner - Complete Guide (2020)

Admit it…You can’t sleep peacefully when your mind is not at peace. There is nothing more restless than a boring and empty bedroom. This way, you need something like a backflow incense burner that can emit aroma to form a serene environment and fill the emptiness in your room. To help you make the right choice, I have come up with a list of the best backflow incense burner.

How to choose the best Backflow Incense Burner?

It goes without saying that an incense burner is the most important part of your aromatherapy. A wrong incense burner may easily spoil your mood and peace. You also need to decide where you want to fix incenses and how long you want them to last.

Incense Type – Of course, the incense cones you choose to decide the quality of burner. If you are looking for a quality incense burner, you can choose from the bestselling backflow incense burners listed here.

Flow of Smoke – I consider this feature when buying backflow incense burner. If you want the flow of intense smoke, I personally recommend a cone type burner. If you wish to falling ash, you may go with incense cone burners.

Where you want to keep it – Well, this part is subjective. You may want to place your incense burner at the office, home, or bedroom. This way, you may find a burner that matches the décor. You may go for a brass bowl for a living room or soothing or calming incense burner for bedroom.

Feng Shui – Consider the science of aromas to cleanse both you and your surroundings. Feng Shui promotes harmony when burning incense flavors like the tulip, sandalwood, and yellow rose.

Safety Rating – It is the most important consideration. Be sure it can resist and hold heat to prevent fire hazards. Heat should be minimal when burning incense sticks. Incense cone must be contained in a crystal, metal, stone, or any incense burner that can resist fire. 

Material - You can choose from different types of incense burners made of different materials like bamboo, ceramic, iron, wood, and crystals. It can work well to choose the best incense burner.

What are the Benefits of Backflow Incense Burner?

Incense burners have been an important part of aromatherapy since 1300 BC. Have a look at the reasons to know why you should buy backflow incense burners -

Aromatherapy benefits – Incense burners are the natural, organic, and safe ways of aromatherapy. They are even better than incense sticks and can also be used for meditation. All you need to light up the incense and get a good sleep.

Fragrant aroma and nice décor – Incense sticks make more mess by falling here and there. On the other side, backflow incense burners serve both purposes. The incense cones are easy to use and refill. The smoke follows the pre-designed route to glow the burner with a flow of smoke. They add aesthetic value as a home décor while releasing a pleasant aroma.

Feng Shui benefits – It really supports the flow of air and amplifies the energy when you combine it with zodiac birthstone. It can promote the flow of energy and cleanse the space.

Long-Lasting Fragrance – Backflow incense burner offers a strong fragrance. It also doesn’t fade within half an hour. Its fragrance lasts the whole day. It diffuses the incense in a way that its aroma can last all day long.


How to Light Backflow Incense Burner?

Keep in mind that backflow cones are used in the burner. They have predrilled holes placed centrally.


Choose the design – You may choose these burners in various colors and designs. You may buy dragon backflow incense burner or waterfall backflow incense burner. You can also go with the one which blends with your décor.

Holding the cone – Hold it in one hand and a lighter in the other hand. Tilt the cone a bit to light it easily.

Light the cone – When the cone is tilted, light up the flame and take it to the pointed part of the cone. Hold it for 5 to 10 seconds. Detach the lighter once it flows and turn it off.


Precautions for Using Backflow Incense Burner

There is no denying the fact that burning incense can help you to relax and de-stress your mind. However, you also need to practice some caution while using it. Be sure to consider the following safety tips –


·   Let the fresh air flow into the environment while burning incense.

·   When incense is lit, it turns hot. Therefore, you should always use caution.

·   Keep burning incense away from pets or children.

·   Also, keep burners away from flammable objects like drapes.

Only choose the incense that is made of natural ingredients. Don’t buy any rainbow-colored incense or any color which is not natural.


Backflow Incense Burner Reviews


TuoFang's Backflow Incense Burner

TuoFang is well regarded and reputed brand offering top quality incense products. This backflow incense burner has gone through several manufacturing processes, and is hand-fired with authentic ceramics. It has got 6 natural aromas like jasmine, rose, lavender, osmanthus, sandalwood, and green tea. The beautiful packaging and nice looks are the best choices.

The vapor forms a cascading effect like a waterfall. It is made of high-quality ceramic which looks mysterious and great and is covered by reverse smoke. Widely used in bedroom, study, living room, office, yoga, meditation, and temple. It has a rich aroma to meditate, purify the air, and relieve stress and fatigue to improve sleep quality. You can also use the incense sticks holder as décor even without blowing the incense.

One thing I loved the most is that it comes with 100 backflow incense cones of different flavors. I suggest you use good quality incense cones and keep the incense holder in the room at a windless place.



·    The cones, while burning, add to the pleasant and mesmerizing effect of hot water spring when it streams a dense smoke.

·    Ideal to use at work to relieve stress and to improve focus and productivity.

·    You can also use it in the tea room, living room, temple, office, bedroom, etc. 


·    Keep in mind that color firing is subjective because it is handmade.

·    You need to clean up the top of the incense burner as the hole is blocked with stains every time.


Mythical Fire Breathing Dragon Incense Holder

This incense holder is shaped like a mythical fire breathing dragon that comes with a burner statue to hold cones or sticks. It makes a beautiful aromatherapy sculpture, home décor, and medieval fantasy gift.

Lift the top of its well-detailed metallic head to open the incense holder so your room can be filled with a magical and pleasant aroma. Leave your guests in awe as it breathes out the smoke of the nose. Once done, put on the top back and witness the dark mystique like a living dragon. The sculpted head statue fits well on the display stand, and it serves as an incense holder or burner.



·    Serves multiple purposes – as a unique gift, home décor or aromatherapy

·    Unique design

·    Hand-crafted piece of art


·    Comes in a designer gift box without incense


Sweet Alice Incense Burner

Create a mystic environment with this ceramic backflow incense burner. It creates a waterfall-like appearance when smoke streams down and looks mysterious. It promotes pleasant sleep, calm emotions, relieves fatigue and anxiety, and releases fresh air.

It can be used widely in the living room, office, bedroom, and temples, and so on. It serves as a unique décor, even without incense. It has really got unique looks with practical functions.



·    Promotes good sleep, fresh air, and relieves anxiety and stress

·    Makes the steam looks like waterfall surrounded by smoke

·    Comes with beautiful packaging

·    Nice decorative gift


·    Most people had complaints with incense, but I didn’t find anything wrong

Tongyou Buddha Monk and Moon Ceramic Incense Burner

Are you expecting a fulfilling and absolute yoga and meditation session before sleep? Choose this Buddha Monk and Moon ceramic backflow incense burner. It is handcrafted and unique ceramic burner.

No matter if you want to use a stick holder or cones, this ceramic incense burner serves both purposes. It gives both physical and psychological benefits and relief from stress. See how the smog is flowing down mystically and feel the peace of mind that you have always wanted.

The incense burner has a holder with a color combination that easily blends well to add a decorative effect. Lightweight and small incense burners need very limited space.



·    Well-crafted and an ideal addition to your home décor

·    Takes very small space

·    Comes at an affordable price


·    The design makes it quite harder to clean


YYW Lotus Backflow Incense Holder

This incense burner comes with a lovely gift box so you can easily send it to your parents, friends, or elders. Simply light up the backflow cone in a calm, windless room and admire the smog silently looks like a beautiful waterfall.

You can light it up to maintain a pleasant mind and body, improve work efficiency, and have clean air at home. You can lit the incense in teatime or while reading a book. Use it every day to improve your quality of living. This backflow incense burner comes with 10 backflow incense, which is ideal and perfect for friends, family, and coworkers.



·    Artistic and great incarnation

·    Equipped with a beautiful gift box

·    Smog looks like a waterfall to form relaxed appeal 


·    Needs proper cleanup when incense burns



I hope you liked the above backflow incense burners. If you ask me, I would suggest TuoFong’s incense burner, which really forms the cascading effect of the waterfall as smoke falls down. The incense burner has a lot of advantages, whether you want to add a home décor, make a pleasant environment or choose a mystical gift for someone. Enjoy the uplifting of your mind as you keep the backflow incense burner at your yoga or meditation room.

It goes without saying that these incense burners can really add an ideal environment to your living room. If you have a problem with sleeping, these are the safe and natural ways to improve the quality of sleep.