Blue Apatite: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

Apatite is a solid representation of peace, passion, and protection that will surely take you to new heights.

What is Blue Apatite?

Apatite is a calcium phosphate that contains fluorine, chlorine, and other elements is a widely distributed light green to purple mineral. It is an essential component in fertilizer production.

According to the Mohs Scale of Hardness, Apatite has a hardness level of 5, making this stone a consistently hard mineral. However, Apatite is a brittle stone. It usually is susceptible to fractures and cleavages. 

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It is typically green, but some are brown, purple, yellow, pink, purple, or even transparent. Most of the time, Apatite has clear and rich colors, making it a perfect subject for a crystal.

It's also utilized in the chemical sector to make animal feed additives, phosphoric acid, elemental phosphorous, and phosphate composites.

Apatite Meaning

Apatite means deception. Its name is rooted in the Greek word 'apatao.' It all started when experts found out that the chemical composition of Apatite is primarily similar to those of other stones. Don't get it twisted, though. Apatite is unique on its own.

This gem echoes the tones of the sea. It became popular among consumers and connoisseurs even during the early times. It is a gemstone of evidence. It will reveal to you how you can transform your thoughts into substance and get the desired results. This stone is harmonized to fate and related to your former existences as well.

Healing Properties of Apatite

Apatite is believed to develop understanding, craft, and knowledge while also minimizing craving or hunger. Wearing this gemstone is thought to enhance concentration, consistency, judgment, recognition, and genuine affection. The recognition and genuine affection are aimed at everyone.

The secret to permanent pleasure is the energy that resides inside. The Apatite crystal aids in dissipating darkness by telling us that what is ahead and behind us is insignificant. It also assists in the recovery of transparency, brightening the way to expressing oneself. It also leads us to the path we need to manage the sensitive balancing within our hopes and poising maturity demands.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Because of its usual color, Apatite is considered a relaxing gemstone. Its connection with nature proves to be tighter and more vital compared with other stones. Thus, granting its bearer overflowing earthly energy. Such energy empowers an individual's willpower and determination.

It is also believed that whoever has an Apatite is emotionally stable because of its refreshing and relaxing color. Apatite can also help you attain a more mature emotional disposition towards matters you hate, which is beneficial, especially if you have difficulty dealing with such. 

Overall, Apatite is a recommended gemstone for those who want emotional peace and balance.


What the mind thinks, the body does, and the mouth says. Apatite ensures that the mind does not lure itself into a deep, dark abyss. This stone also dissolves any negative idea or thought that the mind tries to process. Hence, anyone who holds an Apatite develops a positive mindset.

This fantastic crystal also nurtures brain cells. Experts believe that the greenness of this stone contributes to enhancing the total performance and function of the brain. It is definitely not surprising why many people have already fallen in love with Apatite. It is an all-around gemstone that is good for the mind and the heart.


Do you have problems with your bones? Is your metabolism succeeding as it should be? Do you want a healthy heart? Don't fret! If you answered yes to all the questions mentioned, Apatite should be the stone of your choice.

Apatite promotes bone growth and development. This stone enhances the human bone's ability to absorb calcium and other necessary nutrients to enrich and strengthen its structure.

On the other hand, Apatite encourages a smoother and timelier metabolism process in the body. As a result, you can achieve that goal of a beautiful body because it can excrete and release harmful toxins from within. 

Lastly, Apatite gives its bearer a healthy heart. The positive energies coming from the stone are sent to its bearer through the Heart Chakra, then transfers the essences and creates a shroud of protection around the core.


This stone will increase your spiritual harmonization and spur your psychic abilities. It will also enhance your meditation experience and aid you in all aspects of communication. This stone can help you equate to a higher degree of spiritual direction that is challenging to attain. 

Apatite also purges the soul from any impurity. This particular property of Apatite is indispensable for people looking to take a foot forward in spirituality. Without a pure spirit and a clean conscience, it is tough to venture into the spiritual realm. 

Additionally, Apatite protects an individual from evil spirits that may try to cause harm or destruction.

Wearing Apatite

As a gemstone, Apatite has a long and complex heritage. Apatite is distinguished from other stones by its provenance and usage. 

Wearing Apatite as jewelry is the simplest method to enable it to impact your physical and mental health. Apatite comes in a variety of hues, each of which corresponds to a different bodily component. If you prefer not to wear gems, putting them in your handbag or pocket will suffice. 

Placing Apatite on your hands while contemplating can help you visualize anything. Laying down with the gemstones on your body, aligned with the energy channels, is also beneficial. It will help to balance your energies and empower you to interact more deeply with the supernatural world. 

However, you should avoid adding any natural remedies to avoid damaging the crystals. One such method to enjoy Apatite is to soak in it while relaxing in the bathtub. Using Apatite to decorate your home may help you maintain your surroundings and eliminate a bad or lazy vibe. Apatite put beneath the bedding might also assist with nighttime nightmares.

Apatite at Home and at Work

Apatite creates an intimate atmosphere at home, ideal for couples. The stone releases a unique wave that gives a bone-chilling effect to the spine. The fire that may have been gone long ago can light up once more. People who want to have a more special relationship with another can benefit from Apatite.

Do you want to spice up your sex life? Apatite does just that too! Say goodbye to quick, dragging nights, and say hello to long, heated-up ones. The overflowing energy from Apatite supplies the much-needed strength and consistency for a night-long battle.

Meanwhile, wearing an Apatite at work provides an individual a better sense of belonging and heightened self-confidence. These two factors are essential in establishing a remarkable reputation at work.

Moreover, the stone presents more logical ideas and intuitive decisions to those who want to reach the top. If success at work is what you are looking for, Apatite is your stone of choice.

Meditation with Apatite

Meditation on the Third-Eye Chakra using Apatite can unlock and stimulate this chakra, enabling it to absorb more critical information and develop precision and perception. The Third-Eye Chakra permits an individual to recognize more intricate waves, constantly presenting estimable insights during readings.

Apatite Crystals can help transparency and strength in rigid circumstances, such as answering questions quickly during examinations. It can also aid in the development or implementation of psychic skills and the connection to spiritual direction.

Consequently, many are endowed with intriguing psychic abilities when they meditate with Apatite. Thus, helping them with their campaigns and works. This gemstone has proven its reputation as a beautiful, powerful, and influential stone.

People and Relationships

Apatite, like other stones, can heal sentiments and the heart. It offsets or removes any bad feelings you may be harboring in your heart. Apatite will provide you with the consolation you need through times of isolation and worry by telling you that it will be alright, even if you are having love problems. This gem will constantly remind you about acceptance and affection with other people.

Apatite also strengthens your self-assurance by enhancing your inner power, wisdom, and vision. It will help soothe emotions of apathy and fill the emptiness between you and your loved one. Passion, kindness, and unity are all sentiments evoked by this stone. On the other hand, Apatite promotes trust and transparency in your connection while also assisting you in accepting yourself as you are.

Apatite Crystal Therapies

Apatite is a mineral that boosts motivation. It wards off morose insights about everyone and helps kids with syndromes like ADHD and autism. Apatite boosts resourcefulness and aptitude. It reduces irritation and stimulates the intuitive character of an individual by clearing clutter and disappointment. It also aids in expanding awareness and authenticity and alleviating grief, indifference, and rage.

The therapeutic effects of Apatite prove to be some of the most incredible in the world of gemstones. This stone's power to knock off anything hostile from its bearer is genuinely superb. No wonder why this gemstone is very famous worldwide.

Apatite and Chakras

Apatite establishes a deep and firm connection with the Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, and Solar Plexus Chakra

This gemstone is proven to alleviate the burden within the heart and mind of an individual. Thus, it supplements the Heart Chakra with an immense amount of energy to suffice all the Chakras around the human body.

On the flip side, Apatite activates the Throat Chakra and boosts an individual's capacity to speak publicly. The Solar Plexus Chakra, on the other hand, is awakened as well. This particular Chakra is enhanced to prevent emotional distress such as depression, anxiety, rage, and the likes.

Apatite also awakens the Third Eye Chakra. The gemstone aids during meditation as well as other spiritual practices.

Apatite Shapes and Forms

Tumbled Apatite gemstones are pretty attractive. They are believed to have great therapeutic qualities as well as being traditionally beautiful. The bright aqua color gemstones on a spiritual level enable you to reveal the mental endowments that link you to greater wisdom and morals.

These crystallites may also be utilized to concentrate and enhance your meditative attention. They can reinforce the embodiment of your thoughts and help you obtain the outcomes you want. You can improve your mental skills, notably telepathy and precognition. 

If you utilize rock-tumbled gemstones, they can allow you to open your energy channels or stimulate them to make you vibrate. 

These crystals are considered to be clear and valuable when the fog clears. These are highly beneficial. The subconscious mind also reverberates with tumbled gemstones. They contribute to better expressing ideas at all degrees.

Apatite spheres are also prominent. They convey a bright and pleasant spirit, which makes a living with more versatility easier to accomplish. You are the best way to enjoy the twilight daytime harmony, calling upon you to feel the metaphysical equilibrium. They will also speed up your metabolism if you feel tired and lessen attacks or annoyance. They will also assist in igniting deeper within you an innovative degree of skill.

Apatite Crystal Combinations

Here are the best crystal combinations with Apatite.

Apatite and Onyx

When paired with Classic Onyx, Apatite can help you settle and focus on yourself even more effectively. It can also defend against any adverse psychological assault. This combo will also aid you in guard against being swayed by some other person's unfavorable perceptions of you. 

Apatite and Rose Quartz

If you wish to boost the energies of affection in your lifetime, combine Apatite with a Rose Quartz. It will draw others to you and improve your capacity for compassion unconditionally. It will also develop your abilities and expertise, and it will allow you to obtain different tones.

Apatite Origin

In locations with abundant iron resources, such as Brazil, India, Kenya, Norway, Canada, and the United States, this kind of mineral may be seen in granitic and metamorphic rock formations.

Apatite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Apatite is the birthstone zodiac sign of Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. This gem aids in uniting to an extreme degree of spiritual direction that is difficult to achieve. It is supposed to help unlatch things in life that are bothersome or no longer essential, and it is said to heal the heart and emotional illness.

Apatite Energy Color

Different hues can elicit psychological responses, according to color psychology. Color, for example, is thought to affect our feelings and emotions. The depth of a shade can trigger these sensations, but past events and sociological circumstances can also change them. 

Colors with longer wavelengths are regarded as intense or deep, while those with shorter wavelengths are thought chilling or calming in color psychology. Because of its shorter wavelengths, green is a good color. While our eyes must acclimatize to viewing colors with longer wavelengths, they do not require exposure to cold hues such as green.

Green is frequently associated with life and the physical world. 

It is deemed to be a representation of harmony. Money, good fate, energy, eagerness, and environmental consciousness are all typical connotations of green. Green can also symbolize bodily ailment, as the phrase "becoming green" suggests.

How to Care for and Cleanse Apatite

Rinse the stone with mild soapy water to provide adequate cleaning procedures for protecting your Apatite. With this stone, high cleaning is undoubtedly a hazardous technique. At the same rate, keep the stone away from acids, intense heat, and complex handling. Keep an eye on your stone since the heat might cause it to lose or change color.

Avoid abrasions or circumstances where the stone might be damaged by substantial impacts that could break or crack it. Secure your Apatite jewelry in a different cell of your jewelry drawer and cover it with a soft cloth to prevent scraping. If you need the item fixed or refurbished, inform the craftsman that the stone is delicate and requires special treatment and attention.

How to Program Apatite

Activating Apatite is the same for other stones, which are of the same green, vitality-filled nature. Never forget to cleanse and recharge the stone. These ensure that the gem is in its pristine condition, ready to fill you with its magnificent power and marvel.

Once it is purified and recharged, you may start programming the gemstone by holding it with your right hand while concentrating on positive thoughts and emotions. Feel the essence of the stone covering your entire body. 

Ultimately, place the gem right to your heart (on the left chest), pause for a few moments, and let it absorb all the deteriorations.

Final Thoughts

In today's world, nothing is certain. Chaos and debacles are everywhere. Many hold onto things that they think would lift them from the quicksand they are on, one of which is gemstones. These stones are crafted by nature, gifted to us by the planet itself. They possess incredible abilities and healing properties that everyone is after. 

Apatite is a highly vital stone. It has properties that can heal and empower the mind, body, spirit, and heart. When used to its full advantage, expect more significant things to happen in life. But remember, gemstones are only our guide. At the end of the day, we are still responsible for everything.


Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Gold

Crystal Structure:






Chemical Composition:



Third Eye Chakra

Astrological Sign:

Gemini, Capricorn, Pisces

Numerical vibration:

Number 9


Brazil, Myanmar, Sri Lanka



physical conditions:

Encourages formation of new cells, aids in the absorption of calcium supporting healthy bones, and teeth

Emotional conditions:

Wearing or carrying Apatite may decrease the fear of heights

spiritual purposes:

Apatite clears frustration and endorses passion without guilt when releasing energy in the base chakra. Placed on the third eye chakra, Apatite stimulates inner vision and enhances psychic abilities.

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Blue Apatite
Zodiac Signs:
Blue Apatite
Blue Apatite

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