Best Crystals For Anxiety

Best Crystals For Anxiety

Despite awareness campaigns for anxiety and its root causes, many people are still struggling to overcome it. Over the years, our society is still plagued by anxiety disorder especially that people these days could remain entertained by technology despite being disconnected from others. Anxiety could be caused by poor health conditions, stress, the people around you, and the environment. With the many possible root causes of anxiety, it may even become an epidemic.

Doctors and medications are available to help people depending on their condition’s root causes. However, others prefer to get healed through natural processes like herbal medicines, self-medication techniques and even crystals for anxiety. Not everyone knows that crystals can actually help in alleviating this condition. But it is important that you are aware which type of crystal to use depending on the form of anxiety you have.

Best Crystals For Anxiety

People who feel overwhelmed by different life challenges and those who find it hard to deal with daily stresses, often suffer from anxiety and depression. Alternative medicines like crystals for anxiety are a good way to address this condition.

While others consider crystals as mere adornment found in jewelries and home decors, there are people who have experienced the healing power of crystals. Known as natural rock formations, crystals are believed to have mystical healing powers based on Einstein's theory of energy. The vibration and frequency of these stones connect to the human body which results into healing physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions.

Stones help humans to realign the body's frequency. When the frequency is low, crystals help to rebuild one's wellness so it will have a higher frequency. Once an individual has a higher frequency, it manifest better health resulting into more energy and better flow.

However, you can't just pick up any stone and use it for healing. There's a stone for every condition like healing crystals for anxiety. It is important that you know to make sure that this will address your condition. Another reason why you should pick the right crystals is the negative side-effect once it is not a perfect match.

Crystals and stones for anxiety are effective only when the root cause is determined. The first thing to do is to come back into one's self to regain the balance between stress, anxiety and the person dealing with it. This way, a sense of calmness of the mind can be achieved. Below is a list of best crystals for anxiety that you can use.


Known as the "Stone of Peace," this dark blue stone is perfect for calming the mind. Soladite good for people who experience panic attacks and anxiety. It can revive one's emotional balance with its comforting energy. This crystal can release one's guilt and fears, thus making the person feel relaxed and calm. Another thing that sodalite can do is to help you restore trust in yourself. It can also create balance in your body's metabolism which may cause anxiety and panic attacks.

Carrying this stone in your wallet, pocket, or purse can give you a reassuring energy. You can also avoid being overly emotional with the help of this crystal. If you are having trouble in expressing yourself, sodalite can boost your confidence and may help in self-expression so that you will not feel nervous while sharing your ideas with other people.


This power blue gem is one of the best calming crystals for anxiety which is often found in wands, points, or blades. It is considered as a tranquilizing stone blocking away negativities including anger, frustration, and stress.

This crystal can balance the body's energy which makes it a good stone to align the body's chakra. Commonly used for meditation, its grounding spiritual vibrations can help you acquire higher wisdom. Since kyanite does not cling to negative energy, it doesn't need to washed or cleansed. 


If you are occupied by violent emotions and negative reactions to certain situations, the moonstone can help you soothe stress and overcome emotional instability. This creamy stone, which is dubbed the "Stone of Motherhood," is said to help balance the female hormones. Considered as one of the good crystals for anxiety, it can relieve stress, stabilize emotions, and increase one's intuition.

This is also perfect for those who want to develop their psychic abilities. Bring this stone with you so you can stimulate your psychic powers. Meditating with this crystal can also help you deal with your feelings when it's a little out of harmony.

Rose Quartz

This stone of unconditional love can attract love in all forms, which includes self-love. Loving one's self is an important factor to stimulate emotional harmony. When you are feeling down or stressed, take care of yourself by getting a nice warm bath, taking a rest, or doing things that you love. Using this stone or merely placing it next to your bed will remind you of self-care.

Since this pink crystal brings love and peace, it is purifying and reassuring while reducing crisis, anxiety, and trauma. It also prevents negativity from taking over your emotion and replace it with loving vibrations and self-esteem. As an emotional healer, rose quartz is a precious gem for the heart chakra.


Shungite is one of the best crystals for anxiety that is perfect for stressful environments. It has purifying properties that clear the environment of anything that may harm you. This is a good stone, especially if you use the computer and other electronic devices since it acts as a shield from the electrical magnetic fields. It attracts positive energy and repels negativity, thus bringing calmness into one's mind.

It is recommended to place shungite in your car, bad, desk, or pouch to guard you against harm. Apart from that, this stone can also clear your surroundings from smog, which are contributing factors to your anxiety and stress.


Aside from helping with panic attacks, this crystal can also help pacify emotions brought by traumas from your past. It can also resolve anger and other turbulent emotions. Howlite shields the user from negativity while teaching patience and wisdom.

Are you having trouble getting good sleep? Howlite can help you have a better sleep at night by merely tucking this crystal under your pillow. You can also try drinking a howlite elixir an hour before going to bed. To make an elixir, simply soak the stone in a bowl of spring water under the sunlight for 12 hours. Store in a tight bottle and drink every night. But if you want to keep it for a week or two, add 50% of brandy or vodka then store in a cool, dark area.


As a stone of joy, abundance, and prosperity, this can help uplift energy levels and solve any financial problems which may cause anxiety. Citrine can attract abundance,especially when it is worn daily. The good thing about this crystal is that is serves as a warning device when you are vulnerable. It also cleanses and activates your chakras so you can achieve balance and be more confident.

During stressful times, this stone helps you calm down and move forward instead of getting stuck in a negative situation. There's no need to clean this crystal, which also conveys sun power. Since it has a gentle energy, it is okay to wear it all the time. This way, you can restore your inner calmness.


This does not only help you ease mental disorders and psychological pressure, but it can also protect you from electromagnetic stress from deep in the earth, including energies of underground pipes and power lines. 

Flourite helps achieve emotional balance and stabilize emotions so you can think clearly and make better decisions. This multi-colored stone is also known as the "Rainbow Keeper" evoking harmony and balance.


When you feel that your negative thoughts are depressing you, the carnelian stone can help. This red-orange stone helps to overcome fear and decrease feelings of depression. So when you feel anxious, or you feel low, simply hold this stone to get a boost of energy. 

This crystal will keep you going and will help you to have a positive mindset despite the tough things you experience in life. This can also build one's confidence and prevent you from getting overwhelmed, which may cause anxiety.

Black Tourmaline

There are times when you feel heavy emotions, which makes you feel anxious and affects your daily activities. Using black tourmaline can help you stop being overwhelmed and to block worrisome thoughts. It repels negative energy and transforms it into a light vibration so you will feel better.

Bring with you this stone or simply hold a piece when you are anxious. This will help you resolve uncertainties and shield you from negative electromagnetic frequencies. Using this stone seemingly helps you to lift up heavy energy and replace it with light, positive ones.

So these are the best crystals for anxiety that can help you ease your burdens whatever that is. Now you already know which one to bring with you once you are feeling down.

How to Use Crystals For Anxiety

There are more than one ways of using crystals for anxiety. Merely holding it while meditating can help you overcome negative thoughts and fill your mind with joy. Using crystals as a grounding session can help you keep your mind from wandering. Simply place the crystals on your hands to give you a wave of calmness and relaxation. You will also feel anchored and grounded while meditating with crystals for anxiety relief.

You can also create your own anti-anxiety elixir by soaking the crystal in water. Mix this with organic raw honey, and lemon, ground ginger. It is also recommended that you pick crystals for anxiety to place by the bed. Doing this will give you peace of mind while asleep.

If you like to carry a bag whenever you are out, bring with you a small pouch where you can keep the crystal. It's nice if you can add relaxing scents in your pouch like lavender, either in herb or essential oil form. This will amplify the energies of the crystal while adding relaxing scents into your bag.

And of course, wearing your crystals is the most common way to use it in the form of jewelry, clothing, beauty products, and others. Wearing these precious stones will give you more vibrational energy, especially if you use the right crystals to wear for anxiety. You can also tuck one in your bra, too!

Combinations of Crystals for Anxiety

Since there are different options for using crystals for anxiety, why not combine them? One of the best combinations of crystals for anxiety is shungite and jet stones with blue lace agate. These stones have soothing energies to those who suffer anxiety. You will also calm your mind, allowing you to think clearly and come up with good decisions.

It is also good to combine together amethyst, peridot, and smoky quartz. Amethyst works with intuition to help you overcome sadness. Smoky quartz is for grounding which helps you open your mind. Meanwhile, peridot is for revitalizing to help your sentimental wounds and avoid tension. When used together, these can be perfect for people who are stressed and anxious.

Crystals for Travel Anxiety

Although travelling can be fun, we cannot do away with stress while travelling. To keep yourself calm and relaxed, bring some crystals for travel anxiety such as amethyst. This stone can assure you that you will have peace of mind during your trip. Of course, you want to have fun and enjoy the moment. Feeling stressed and anxious will just take away all the fun.

Hence, if you are on travel, carry an amethyst with you. Place it in your purse or pocket to reduce anxiety. This way, you can go places without worrying about anything, and you will make the most of your trip.

Crystals for Child Anxiety

When a child is anxious or has trouble dealing with anger and other negativities, there are crystals for child anxiety that are recommended to use. This includes the golden tiger eye, which can boost one's emotion and the red tiger eye for emotional control. Carnelian can also help for emotional balance while amethyst and red calcite are good to calm children with OCD and anxiety.

Crystals for Social Anxiety

If you are having trouble interacting and socializing with other people, bring some crystals for social anxiety whenever you go to work, school, shopping, and others. The rose quartz is self-empowering, allowing you to value yourself, which will help you to avoid worrying about what others think. Smoky quartz can replace negative emotions with positive ones while red and yellow jasper is a stone for communication and unity. 

Crystals for Dogs with Anxiety

Even dogs may suffer from anxiety, especially those who are always with people. That is why pet owners should know the best crystals for dogs with anxiety. Amber has calming and energizing effects while amethyst reduces stress. You can also try to use black tourmaline to protect dogs from the negative emotions and physical energies from people.

Selenite can clear up negative energies and may also help both dogs and humans with seizures. On the other hand, clear quartz can lessen emotional distress, and it has amplification benefits to the dogs. Of all the crystals, this one is the must-have for your pet.

Where to Buy Crystals for Anxiety

There are different places where you can buy crystals for anxiety. You can buy them from physical stores but you can also get them online. Aside from Amazon, eBay and Etsy, you can also check other online shops that sell crystals like Crystal Age, Natures for You, Crystal Guidance, Earth Muse, Healing Crystals, and many others.


The fast-paced way of living these days may lead to anxiety and stress. That is why, many people are anxious due to different reasons like their jobs, families, and other issues. Although medicines and other drugs can help, there are people who prefer alternative healing like herbs and crystals.

Using the best crystals for anxiety can no doubt help alleviate this condition. But you should always bear in mind that picking the right crystal is important so your needs will be addressed. Choose the best crystals for you to help you lessen stress, anxiety, and depression. This way, you'll live a happier life with nothing but positivity around you!


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