Tanzanite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

Tanzanite gemstones belong to the epidote mineral group. Like every other gemstone, Tanzanite ranges in color from deep blues to violet, and each tint is stunning in its own right.

What is Tanzanite?

Tanzanite gemstones belong to the epidote mineral group. Like every other gemstone, Tanzanite ranges in color from deep blues to violet, and each tint is stunning in its own right. Tanzanite gemstones are nearly 1,000 times rarer than diamonds while being less common. These precious stones can only be discovered in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. As a result, they have become one of the most interesting and sought-after jewels among collectors. Tanzanite is essentially a variation of the mineral Zoisite. The most well-known Zoisite gemstone is Tanzanite. The presence of vanadium during their development gives them their color. Behind Blue Sapphires, these rare gems are the second most common blue stone. Tanzanite belongs to the mineral family Zoisite, which has been studied for about two centuries. There are several types of Zoisite, the most valuable of which is Tanzanite.

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Tanzanite Meaning

Tanzanite is a beautiful mineral Zoisite created by trace levels of vanadium. Tanzanite is blue and violet and is available in a variety of forms across the world. This captivating gemstone is part of the epidote mineral group and can only be found in Tanzania, in a tiny mining region near the Mererani Hills. The Tanzanite gemstone has a vitreous luster and an orthorhombic crystal structure. Because the hardness of this gemstone is not as great as that of diamond, it is easily scratched. According to the Mohs hardness scale, the hardness of Tanzanite gemstone is 6 to 6.5. Tiffany & Co. named Tanzanite after Tanzania, the nation where it was discovered.

Tanzanite is a trade term initially used by Tiffany & Company for gem-quality specimens of the blue mineral Zoisite. Tiffany might have marketed the material under the mineralogical name "Blue Zoisite," but they believed the term "Tanzanite" would pique customer interest and simplify marketing. The term "Tanzanite" was given because the world's sole commercially significant Tanzanite deposit is located in northern Tanzania. The gem's name indicates its limited geographic origin.

Healing Properties

Tanzanite is an excellent immunological enhancer. This gemstone promotes regeneration, which means that skin, hair, and cells may all regain their optimal state of health. The delicate indigo gem is also an excellent stone to keep around if you are healing from a sickness or medical treatment. The lovely violet light gem provides you with power and also helps the body cleanse, and it may be used as a talisman or amulet for individuals attempting to overcome alcohol or other dependency disorders. Finally, Tanzanite can aid with stress, nerves, migraines, and other tension-related ailments because of its mild tranquil bliss.

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Tanzanite activates the throat, third eye, and crown chakras. It increases our psychic skills and vibratory rate, allowing us to communicate with higher spiritual planes. Tanzanite is a transformational stone that can aid in the dissolution of old patterns of sickness and karma. It allows us to go on with hope and inspiration, giving us a feeling of purpose and using our abilities for the greater good.

Tanzanite promotes healing on all levels while also protecting those providing the healing. Tanzanite treats skin issues, clears the throat and lungs, and can be used to cure ear and eye problems. It strengthens the immune system, accelerates recovery from sickness, and detoxifies and regenerates cells and tissues. Tanzanite is also beneficial in treating spinal disorders and reproductive system ailments.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

The Tanzanite stone is full of mystery and grandeur. Because of its high vibrations and energy, this gem may transport you to a state of deep meditation and divine healing. Tanzanite not only assists us in finding our beautiful inner quiet and clearing away old patterns, but it also prepares us to open our minds and hearts to whatever psychic skills we may have. Connecting with the cosmos and cultivating clairvoyant and cosmic potentials assists us in recovering and rekindling our strength. Consider all the ways Tanzanites may promote joy, balance, and greater purpose.

Feed your soul all the joy it deserves, and let the Tanzanite stone shower you with its affection. This lovely brilliant diamond is all about letting go of stress. It accomplishes this by reminding us that we can be drivers in our own lives and that we are not powerless over our decisions. It instills a peaceful sense of ownership and confidence - one that doesn't have to be loud and spectacular but may be true, focused, and heart-connected. All of this helps us conquer fear, let go of fears we may have been gripping to our chests, and take us through the concept of crisis with ease.


Tanzanite will also increase your creative side and guide you back on track if you become diverted from your intended route. Tanzanite energies will also take you through a spiritual awakening process in which you will become more aware of what you are destined to do in life and how you may get there. When you employ Tanzanite, you practically enable its healing qualities to take over and address your present life difficulties. Once these concerns are identified, Tanzanite's energies will focus on resolving your issues and putting an end to your worries.

Tanzanite will give a healthy outlet for negative emotions to persons who cannot express their emotions and are more prone to concealing unpleasant sentiments. It will also assist you in improving your communication skills so that you can be more open about the issues that annoy you and make a concerted attempt to resolve them.


Disclaimer: While gemstones are promoted as our guide in life, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor for serious medical problems.

This stone's therapeutic qualities can aid in the relief of tension and anxiety. It is also an excellent treatment for persistent alcoholism. Tanzanite helps defend against surgical procedures and adverse medicinal effects. It can also help with inflammation and acidity. This stone can help women become more fertile and cure fertility-related disorders. It can also be quite good for the testicles and ovaries. Wearing Tanzanite for extended periods is said to help alleviate migraines, headaches, and other skin disorders. Tanzanite is a wonderful stone for promoting a speedy and healthy recovery from sickness, accident, or surgery.


Tanzanite has strong spiritual powers that can connect your mind to the higher worlds. This stone's hues produce high vibration energies that will reinforce this bond. Tanzanite will help you come to know yourself better. It will help you to explore the depths of your being and break free from the mold. This will assist you in developing strong self-control. Tanzanite will assist you in seeing past limits and boundaries to answer your heart's call truly. This stone's powers, like those of Shungite, will imbue you with intelligence, combat abilities, and strategic thinking.

Wearing Tanzanite

One of the ways to enjoy crystals and all their healing energy is to wear them as jewelry. When healing stones are placed on the skin, nothing gets in the way and disrupts vibrational energy flow. It ensures that the therapeutic vibrations reach their intended destination. Wearing Tanzanite as a necklace can help the stone keep in close touch with the throat, clearing any blockages that may form. Tanzanite earrings stimulate the third eye chakra and keep you in touch with your inner knowledge. Wearing a Tanzanite bracelet allows the stone to be rubbed against the pulse, sending rippling vibrations of purpose and healing throughout the body.

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Many gorgeous Tanzanite stone combinations are available for people who want to match their Tanzanite stone with other gemstones that function in delightful harmony. Amethyst is an excellent match for Tanzanite, completing the entire upper chakra block. Amethyst has the same tranquility as Tanzanite and, with its head chakra cleaning vibrations, ensures that you always nourish your higher awareness and that your truth is related to the wider cosmic picture. On a physical level, Amethyst aids in mending the body, harmonizing the nerves, and ensuring you are not burdened by anxiety, migraines, or a lack of sleep.

Tanzanite at Home and Work

Tanzanite is brimming with water energy, which provides tranquility and clarity, and flows into your life. In Feng Shui, the Tanzanite stone can be placed in any location that requires serenity, stillness, and thoughtful prayer and thinking. It's an excellent stone in any workstation or office since it promotes communication and unity. Tanzanite is also violet firestone, which means it stimulates fire energy. It provides warmth, light, and an enticing brilliance. In Feng Shui, it possesses water energy, yet the violet rays generate enormous fire energy.

 This yang energy is active and assists you in achieving all of your joy and more without being passive. Tanzanite, being a cosmic gemstone, may also be used in spiritual activities. Tanzanite is an excellent amulet to keep on hand while working with an angel or tarot cards, dowsing or future seeking when deconstructing dreamwork or journaling, and, of course, as part of any Reiki or crystal grid practice. Because it is a stone of profound concentration, it is also a nice gem to have when you wish to sink into prayer.

Meditation with Tanzanite

Tanzanite is ideally put wherever you wish to experience serenity, stillness, and tranquility. It's ideal for your prayer or meditation space and your bedroom. It's also a fantastic stone to have in your workplace or work environment since it boosts productivity and relieves stress. It will help you focus completely on the work at hand while providing you with a regular supply of creative ideas.

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Placing Tanzanite under your pillow will promote vivid dreams and deep, peaceful sleep. Tanzanite is a slow-acting stone, so don't wear it or keep it close to you for lengthy periods. Wear it as jewelry and place it near your chakras. Keep it in your pocket, wallet, or purse when you go out. When handling or setting a Tanzanite, extreme caution must be exercised. It's exceedingly delicate and brittle; if handled incorrectly, it might fracture. Remember not to expose it to very high temperatures or temperature variations. It is also particularly sensitive to ultrasound. Thus it should never be cleaned using ultrasonic cleaners, commonly used by jewelers.

People and Relationship

It is a stone that will bring the heart and intellect into harmony. Tanzanite will create a harmonic link between what your heart seeks and what your mind craves. Tanzanite may also change negative energy into good ones. Your negative experiences may be positive when seen from a different perspective. Nothing will deter you from being happy or successful in love if you focus on the positive qualities of the encounter. Tanzanite will urge you to be yourself rather than strive to fit into the mold of others. It will keep you from being swayed by others into conforming to the standard.

You will be true to yourself and do what feels right. Instead of focusing on what others think, you will concentrate on the love you and your partner share. You will only be concerned with what makes the two of you happy and your relationship function. Anyone who wears this stone will learn to live more deliberately and purposefully, improving your relationship. You will live each day with purpose, and you will not let a day go by without showing your lover how much you adore them.

Tanzanite Crystal Therapies 

Tanzanite crystal helps you stay concentrated while also being relaxed. As a result, you'll be able to see the work that goes into achieving your objectives and not be intimidated by it. When the path ahead appears to be filled with hurdles and barriers, the insights supplied by this stone will assist you in determining the best plan for success. It also improves your patience, as you will learn when to act quickly to seal a commercial transaction and when to move more slowly and thoughtfully forward in an educated manner.

Tanzanite attracts riches and plenty of energy. Tanzanite is a powerful metaphysical gemstone that may greatly increase your spiritual connection with the divine realm. Tanzanite's energies have numerous applications, but it is particularly useful for healing. It emits powerful spiritual vibrations and fosters a profound relationship between your body, mind, and soul.

Tanzanite and Chakras

Tanzanite is thought to have the capacity to stimulate three chakras: the throat, the third eye, and the crown. This implies it can stimulate psychic abilities and promote connection with higher spiritual planes. These stones are also considered to aid in any change. Many people think that
Tanzanite gemstones may help people break free from old patterns and negative habits and transition into a new, more satisfying phase of life. It is said to improve healing on multiple levels and protect caregivers assisting with healing.

Tanzanite Shapes and Forms

Tanzanite is available in many shapes, but the cushion and oval cuts are the most common. Some of the most talented professionals in Tanzanite cutting inspect the raw and plan how it will be cut to enhance color or value. The stone is then carved into a preliminary shape known as a preform. That is the point at which value is acquired or lost. Every valuable stone must be handled with care and competence. Tanzanite's most popular hue is a deep blue. Cutters must evaluate each piece of rough to see if it can be cut in an orientation that would result in a finished stone with a maximum face-up blue hue.

Tanzanite Crystal Combinations

Tanzanite may be combined with other stones to augment its powerful powers or to focus on a specific metaphysical attribute. Tanzanite and Moldavite make an excellent astral traveling duet. Tanzanite is one of the most powerful and precious metaphysical stones for spiritual investigation and astral travel. It awakens all of your higher chakras. Tanzanite gemstone combines all aspects of psychic abilities and communication for a one-of-a-kind spiritual journey.

Moldavite, a lighter-colored stone, is another intriguing crystal for astral travel. This is due mostly to its otherworldly origins and olive tones of receptiveness. Moldavite's potential is boundless because it comes from space itself. It can transport you beyond limits and into cosmic and global energy planes.

Tanzanite Origin 

Tanzanite is a silicate mineral composed of calcium aluminum hydroxy silicate. Blue Zoisite is another name for it. As part of a branding effort, Tiffany & Co. dubbed it Tanzanite. It was found in 1967 on the Tanzanian slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite deposits may be discovered in Tanzania's Merelani Hills, but there are also deposits in Kenya. Tanzanite is commercially manufactured due to its scarcity, and the reddish-brown crystals are treated with artificial heat treatments. Tanzanite is a pleochroic stone because it changes colors when seen from different angles.

Tanzanite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Turquoise, Zircon, and Tanzanite are the birthstones for December. Each December stone has unique characteristics that make it both significant and appealing. The Modern Birthstone List includes Zircon and Turquoise, whereas the Traditional List leans more toward Tanzanite, with some interpretations including Ruby. In this section, we will look into the physical and metaphysical aspects of this month's three most popular birthstones.

Tanzanite Energy Color

Tanzanite is a beautiful Zoisite that ranges in color from ultramarine to sapphire blue and appears with amethyst and even yellow tones under artificial light. The in-demand blue stone is formed using a conventional heating technique from an otherwise ugly brownstone. Tanzanite is sometimes confused with sapphire, but the key distinction between the two stones is Tanzanite's dazzling variety of purple and blue colors.

When going through changes or making new starts in your life, the combination of Tanzanite and rainbow moonstone is ideal. The rainbow moonstone is a powerful gemstone that may assist you in making life-altering decisions. This gem's link to the moon cycle and feminine energies can help you move with the flow of life's ever-changing rhythms. This gem will teach you to enjoy change and new beginnings, even if the shift results from a bad scenario or losing a relationship. Its calm energy might persuade you that it is a beneficial activity.

How to Care and Cleanse Tanzanite

Warm, soapy water is the finest way to clean your Tanzanite. Gently clean all around it with an old soft toothbrush or similar, taking care to rinse properly as the soapy water might dull the stone. A soft cloth may "polish" fingerprints and other marks off the top of your stone. Avoid using ultrasonic and steam cleaning to clean jewelry since these methods employ high-frequency vibration and high heat to clean the stones, which may alter the "cleavage" of your Tanzanite.

How to Program Tanzanite

These gorgeous violet-blue stones stimulate the heart chakra, which connects to the third eye chakra through the throat chakra. This connection of the three chakras is a powerful vibration that introduces you to a new way of viewing the world. Tanzanite gems will connect you to your upper heart or thymus chakra. These gorgeous violet-blue stones stimulate the heart chakra, which connects to the third eye chakra through the throat chakra. This connection of the three chakras is a powerful vibration that introduces you to a new way of viewing the world.

Final Thoughts on Tanzanite

Tanzanite is an excellent stone for connecting with your body, mind, and soul. It will allow you to look at yourself more objectively and without judgment. It will prevent you from deluding yourself into believing that you are more than you or less than you are. It will make you understand that your errors are also learning opportunities. Nobody is flawless, yet every experience may help you become a better version of yourself. Tanzanite will improve your communication skills. It will assist you in manifesting your wishes and focusing your attention. It will show you how to direct your energy precisely to make your goals a reality.



Crystal Structure:





Transparent to translucent

Chemical Composition:



Throat, Crown, Third-eye

Astrological Sign:

Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

Numerical vibration:

Number 2





physical conditions:

Migraines, Headaches, Skin problems

Emotional conditions:

Tension, Anxiety

spiritual purposes:

High vibrations

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