Crystal Cluster: Uses, Healing Benefits, Properties (2021)

Crystal Cluster: Uses, Healing Benefits, Properties (2021)

What are Cluster Crystals?

A crystal cluster is a collection of crystals that form in an open area and have a euhedral crystal form established by their internal crystalline structure. They emit a massive amount of energy due to their numerous crystal points. Each cluster crystal might be different with its metaphysical property, however, they attain the same characteristic which is, they bring powerful, healing Earth energy into your environment. These healing crystals are also really efficient at eliminating bad energy from an environment, at the same time they fill the surrounding space with light and positive energy.

Crystal Cluster Benefits

One of the best healing crystals to have in your home, office, or sacred space is a crystal cluster. It has numerous points that protrude from the crystal's base which comes in different sizes, large to small. Crystal clusters provide lots of benefits, particularly they are used in meditation and for healing. They will boost your self-esteem and ability to accomplish your objectives as well as This would build a strong relationship and togetherness, and it will assist your life force in remaining positive at all times. This type of crystal will continue to improve, ground, and harmonize you. It will also send you healing energies to help your body, mind, and soul.


How to Use Crystal Clusters

Cluster Crystal is a network through which your guardian angels' support and assistance are transferred to you, and it will contribute to making you more immersed so that you can effectively embrace this guidance of the outside world. Its energy is immensely strong and it can provide you with balance in your life. Hence, crystal clusters are used in so many things.

The first notable use of crystal clusters is thru feng shui. Crystal clusters are a popular feng shui item due to their lack of portability. To fully harness your crystal energy for feng shui, you can place your Cluster-Crystal in the center, northeast, northwest, west, or southwest. Try not to put your Cluster-Crystal on the north side. It's preferable if you can put it right next to your bed.

Since crystal clusters possess powerful energy, it is recommended to use in a bedroom and. By means of this one, you can have a peaceful sleep. It can also be used to absorb negative energy in your room, making an ideal crystal for cleansing a home.

Crystal clusters are also used as decoration. This type of crystal is classified under raw which means that they have an unusual shape that can be an accent to your home, workplace, or any area that you want to be filled with positivity and happiness.

These crystals are also used for meditation and different healing properties such as, they send healing energy to the parts of your body that are in need of healing as well as your mind, soul, and spirit. They will balance the energy flowing in your body that will make your life positive and transform the negative energy into good ones.

Overall, Crystal cluster’s energy is versatile as it offers many uses because of how powerful its energy is!

Healing Properties of Crystal Clusters

List of Powers

When myriad crystal points form on the very same structure, these stunning cluster formations occur. Instead of the crowded or convoluted energy that you might expect, the many points on clusters all work together to provide unified energy that radiates outward from their mutual base. Crystal points are amplifiers, and the points found on clusters are no exception. Crystal Cluster emits very powerful energy. This energy is utilized for a variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Specifically, it is used as a meditation supra power which means that it will thoroughly clean away interferences and transform you into a yogi, swami, or hermit. It is also used to treat your life’s focus. And due to its powerful energy, one of its powers transmits to the other world. To connect with spirits, cluster crystals contain both earth and air energy. It is believed that a cluster of crystals amplifies energy, making it ideal for connecting different mediums.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Crystal Cluster energy is said to be so powerful that it is best used if you want to push away all the negative energy that is within you as well as in your surroundings, thus it is being used to protect the soul from negative vibrations. These crystals are primarily used for healing and recovery, and their abilities can assist you in reaching out to the spirit world and summoning your guardian angels for guidance. They are primarily important for converting negative and utterly pointless resources and energy into positive ones that are necessary for establishing your inner peace. Cluster crystals also have the ability to provide a gentle, low-intensity, but highly uplifting available power that will increase your self-awareness. Overall, Cluster Crystal's energies strengthen your intrinsic connection with almost all of your energy and resources and live in harmony with them, allowing you to avoid getting caught up throughout life's chaos and turmoil.


Cluster Crystals are incredibly valuable metaphysical tools for mediation because of their raw characteristics. They possess powerful energy, which absorbs negative energy. It is widely used for safeguarding and the transformation of dreadful vibrations. There are proper ways where you can utilize cluster crystal’s energy into your meditation such as you should put your crystals in an altar or a place where you perform your meditation. You could always use a cluster in meditation by simply putting it in front of your legs while sitting, above your head whilst also lying flat on the floor, or on your body while laying down. These types of crystals also provide a smooth texture, warm, and elevating vigor to support and generate awareness. It will also align your focus for your tasks, practical knowledge, and balancing. And since its energy is powerful it is not only concentrated into one area but it helps to absorb and suppress the atmosphere's negative resonances.


On a physical level, Cluster crystals can be extremely healing. It is very helpful in treating other body illnesses, particularly, in those body parts that are being consumed with negative energy. Crystal clusters can assist you in overcoming fatigue or lack of energy. You will feel more energized and physically active as a result of it. These crystals target all issues in your body, it has the potential to improve the supply of oxygen to the blood as well as the functionalities of the circulatory system. It is beneficial to the lungs, easing and relieving conditions such as bronchial asthma and bronchitis. It also aids in the treatment of high blood pressure. It will also alleviate hypertension clinical signs. It can also help to strengthen the bones, teeth, and cartilage. That is why these cluster crystals are best suited for ages of 40 as many physical illnesses started to show. 


The most highly regarded benefit of cluster crystals is the way it connects the physical body with the spiritual body. To connect with the spirit world, cluster crystals appear to contain both earth and air energy. It is believed that a cluster of crystals amplifies energy, making it ideal for connecting different forms of media. These types of crystals are best used if you want to establish and maintain a connection with the spirit realm because of how deep and powerful the energy it releases. And even before you work on your wellbeing and social awareness, you will develop a heavenly connection with your spirit guides which will guide you and provide you with positive energy throughout your life. When you use these crystals, your soul, mind, and spirit will be uplifted and the divine messages will be made clear to you, and your blessing of revelation will be enhanced. 


Crystal Cluster Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Wearing Crystal Clusters

Cluster crystals do not only provide you with healing properties, but they can also offer other uses such as being a jewelry piece. Because of the unique characteristics of cluster crystals which come in all sorts of sizes and can range in size from less than an inch to almost a foot or more, they are perfect for any kind of jewelry. 

Since they have these unique characteristics they are perfectly used as an accent jewelry piece, such as a necklace, earrings, bracelets, and even pendants. Not only that, wearing cluster crystals is more effective in attracting positive energy since it is close to you. 

Using these crystals as a piece of jewelry will establish protection within you and your environment as it is designed to protect you from any physical or psychical attacks. You would also be immersed with the reality of the situation and protective measures energies. And also, when you use Cluster-Crystal, you can discover a plethora of wonderful things. Cluster-Crystal will provide you with creative and inspirational energies that will keep you occupied and efficient. You will be driven, encouraged, and consistent, and you will accomplish far more than you could have imagined. But those are just a few of the benefits that crystal cluster energy can provide, especially when you wear it!

Crystal Clusters at Home

Looking for a perfect crystal for your home? Well, say no more because cluster crystal offers you so many things that are best fitted in your home. Most people use cluster crystal as a decorative element and an accent piece in their home because of its unique characteristics. However, cluster crystals are also beneficial especially as a feng shui attraction. They have this strength and power which is their ability to cleanse the energy in which they are stored. It eliminates EMF risks by promoting the free flow of energy, which makes it perfect if your home is near or in the city!

Crystal Clusters at Work

Once you put a crystal cluster in your home or office, it will help you in making intelligent business decisions. This is why it is effective for businesses and business owners. The effects of energy vary based on the stone you select, however in general your crystal cluster can build yourself, identity, ability to present a reasonable argument in a company or organization, and more. You can put the crystal cluster in your desk, near you, and the area where you are working so the energy of the crystal will flow better, this is also due to the fact that the presence of a crystal cluster can create an enthusiastic and positive atmosphere for you.

Meditation with Crystal Clusters

Crystal cluster offers you a wide variety of beautiful things. Especially, when it comes to yourself and your mental health. When you use this in your meditation it will surely be effective as it offers lots of benefits and cleansing in your mind, body, and spirit. Crystal cluster will provide you with creative and inspirational energies that will keep you going and successful. It takes away all the dark and negative energy that keeps on crawling you. They are helpful when you want to have mental clarity and wisdom. Overall, these crystals are effective to calm you and put a positive aura in your mind.

People and Relationships

Crystal cluster is a perfect stone that symbolizes love. This crystal will inspire you when it comes to dating and relationships and even its slightest thing would therefore bring you happiness and purpose. It will bring you the satisfaction of meeting other people, getting to know them and actually looking to spend the future with them. May it be in a relationship with your friends, family, or lovers, you will become more aware that it is the simplistic, delightful, and each and everyday moments that strengthen and deepen your relationship. This crystal is surely magic in a relationship! 

Crystal Cluster Therapies

One of the notable uses of crystal clusters is through therapies. They have long been used by crystal therapists because of their variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. In the present time, you might encounter different issues in life. Every aspect of our modern lives necessitates interplay with toxic energy systems, radiation, and negativity in general.

However, a crystal cluster is definitely a lifesaver! Its energy is overflowing and so powerful that it targets and fixes the issues that you are facing in your life. They have these characteristics wherein your specific realities will become more consistent in your daily existence, and you will be able to uncover your true path through life. 

By using these crystals, you will be able to just get over your deleterious attachments and overcome your hidden anxieties. This is why it is perfect to use if you want to cleanse your body and your overall aura. It is also used as an instrument that will make you be pushed, inspired, and progressive, and you will accomplish so much more than you could have envisioned. In conclusion, cluster crystal targets almost all aspects of your life, you just need to direct your affirmations and goals and follow the right way to handle them to utilize its chakra energy.

Crystal Clusters and the Chakras

Powerful energy possesses the crystal cluster. This is the reason why it is used in a variety of things. The body and mind have seven major Chakra centers in which power and energy moves and interlinks. Humans communicate and exchange physical, emotional, and spiritual energy through our Chakras. The chakras demonstrate themselves from one's physical form.

Crystal clusters are a powerful gemstone that is suited for aligning your chakras and balancing the energy that will flow in your body. There are actually recommended ways to utilize this chakra energy, first is by wearing the stones as jewelry over the chakras or by keeping them in your pocket, location, or person that can be a big help in utilizing the energy of the crystals. You can use these crystals to meditate and perform positive affirmations, as well as putting them under your pillow or beside your bedside table in order to keep you in a good night’s sleep. Lastly, you can add them to your bad water or even place them near the shower area so it can still work in your energy.

You can accrue every one of the benefits of cluster crystal energy by incorporating it into your regular activities. It will not only block negative energy in your life but can also align the chakra energy in your body.


Crystal Cluster Types

Amethyst Cluster

When you want to boost your spiritual state, amethyst crystal is perfect for you! It is known for its therapeutic benefits and is regarded as being one of the master Crystals. Amethyst clusters are frequently used to row the room or the facades to enhance the therapeutic benefit of crystal energy on the user, which is why it is mostly used in crystal parlors. Amethyst cluster alleviates physical, emotional, and mental pain and stress. It also keeps the peace, awareness, and serene, and it aids insomnia patients in sleeping more soundly.

Quartz Cluster

Quartz Clusters inspire and make it possible for you to include more flow of energy. This type of crystal aids in the development of the mind and the removal of misunderstanding. It contributes to the growth of a more positive culture. Quartz crystal aims balance in all parts of your life, additionally, it has the ability to receive, store, and transmit energy, making it an effective manifestation tool.

Citrine Cluster

Indeed, a citrine cluster is excellent for the ability to attract wealth as well as dispelling illness from your body and environment. Citrine has lots of benefits, it boosts motivation, stimulates creativity, and promotes consciousness. Improves concentration and rejuvenates the mind. It elicits negative traits such as anxiety, depression, fears, and phobias.

Clear Quartz Cluster

This is perhaps the most well-known member of the quartz family. Clear quartz, amongst the most abundant minerals on the planet, can form in a variety of environments and can be found on every continent. It provides many benefits, particularly for the energy and chakra connection of your body. It is purifying and has the blessings of the star chakra, as well as the crown and third eye chakras.

Rose Quartz Cluster

Roze Quartz is known for its physical healing properties. This crystal cleanses and opens your psyche on all levels, encouraging love, self-love, camaraderie, deep underlying healing, and emotional responses of peace. 

Smoky Quartz Cluster

Smoky quartz crystals, like many dark-colored crystals, create special prevention and grounding stones. This crystal helps by gently destroying the negative vibrations and the toxins from your body on all stages, encouraging gastrointestinal system elimination and protecting against radiant energy and electromagnetic smog. 

Pyrite Cluster

Pyrite crystal is a symbol of luck and prosperity. This distinct, shimmering mineral, also known as Fool's Gold, is graded by an articulation. It also gives lots of benefits, in which it can provide you with strong protection from all the negative energy within you as well as in your environment. Pyrite also strengthens the mind and willpower by stimulating the second and third chakras.

Garnet Cluster

Garnet crystal is a beautiful reddish-brown cluster. It is a stimulating stone that attracts and activates your passion and success. It can also help you get rid of emotional and energetic blocks that are sapping your vitality, as well as old patterns that are getting in your way.

Fluorite Cluster

Negative energy and stress are absorbed and neutralized by the fluorite cluster. It is an excellent educational aid because it improves our concentration, self-confidence, and decision-making abilities. 

Aquamarine Cluster

Calming is one of the notable healing properties of aquamarine. The aquamarine crystal is intended to help wearers recover from emotional trauma more effectively and holistically by calming tempers and conflict. 

Crystal Cluster Combination

Crystal clusters are so versatile to the point that they can powerfully work on themselves or you can also combine them with other crystals so you can utilize their benefits and uses. Crystal categorize under crystal have specific combinations that are super helpful and work like magic! 

Here are some of the crystal cluster combinations that will interest you the most:

Quartz is commonly used in combination with other crystals, such as appearance quartz, or colored crystals, specifically with lithium quartz, golden healer quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, smokey quartz, chlorite phantom quartz, and many others.

Amethyst is also effective when used in conjunction with rose quartz. This is good support for one's love life so that two people can have a peaceful relationship and a sense of connection. Its combined effect can also aid in the protection of the bearer from negative energy.

How to Care for Crystal Cluster

In an oversimplified explanation, the energy emitted by cluster crystals instantaneously resounds at the quantum level in accordance with humans. Most especially, the energy it emits is so powerful that it needs to be taken care of. 

Devotion and positivity are always highly suggested when having received a "new" crystal. This can be accomplished by holding the crystal and consciously "wishing" that it be used only in love, light, and for the good of all, this can attract the energy of your positive affirmations. 

There are recommended ways where you can fully care for your cluster crystal, before you begin using your chosen cluster crystal, it is recommended that you clear it of other people's vibrations. Once you start using it, it adapts to your presence, and it is best not to let anyone else hold or touch it. And also, these crystals can be cleaned by soaking them in a solution of vinegar and water.

How to Cleanse Crystal Cluster

Crystals are used by many people to relax their minds, body, and soul. Some people believe that crystals act energetically, having to send pure sensations out into the world. Just like any other crystal, it absorbs negative energy that you want to eliminate and discarded in your life, which means that it always needs to be cleaned and reset. 

Many crystal healers and therapists recommended different steps that you can do to cleanse your crystals and fully utilize their energy. Such as, by using running water. Water has been shown to negate any negative vibes that have been kept within your crystals and give them back to the earth. But even though natural flowing water, such as a stream, is preferable, you can also clean your stone under a faucet.

There are other ways that you can choose from as an option to clean your cluster crystal. You can cleanse it using saltwater, brown rice, and natural light.


How to Program Crystal Cluster

The primary objective of programming a crystal is to direct its energies toward a particular goal, desire, or ambition. A crystal that has been programmed becomes more powerful, useful, and effective. There are ways that you can do to fully program your cluster crystal. 

First, you need to quiet your mind by holding the crystal in your hand. And you should also decide to devote the crystal energy and resources and your aspirations to the highest good, and then certainly and specifically state your goals, desires, and behavioural intention so that your crystals know exactly what to do for you!

It could be that you want to keep the crystal for a long time, wear it as crystal healing jewelry, or use it to make a crystal grid. As the energy stays close to you.

If you don't program your crystals, it's like taking your ship out to sea and telling the waves to take you wherever they want! This is how important programming your crystal is!

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