Green Calcite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

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What is Green Calcite?

Green Calcite is a carbonate mineral formed during sedimentation. The retention of chlorite compound while crystallization enables this crystal to possess a vibrant shade of green. This crystal resembles a washed sea glass due to its soothing and attractively opaque light green hue. This variety of Calcite is abundant in many areas, including Mexico and Brazil. Green Calcite is often retrieved in a massive bulk form.

If you're an individual who's always on a journey of self-discovery, Green Calcite can be your ultimate guide. This crystal is known for its power to influence you to accept yourself and your imperfections wholly. It can help you realize that your flaws make you unique and can help you learn how to accept them and use them to your advantage.

Green Calcite Meaning

The Egyptians first discovered this magnificent, transparent dark green stone. This gemstone name is influenced by the river Achates (now known as Cirillo) on the Mediterranean island of Sicily, which was the stone is abundantly extracted. Agate is commonly used to decorate seals, rings, and vessels. Meanwhile, ancient Romans invented the technique of shading them with bright colors.

Green Calcite represents pleasure and gladness. This gemstone can provide you with energy and vitality. In addition, this crystal is a bringer of calm and compassion and also attracts love. It is renowned as the stone of good fortune and luck. Green Calcite instills compassion and concern for those around you.

In addition, this lovely gem has a strong love vibe. Green Calcite has potent immune system activating properties that work well in healing and aid the body in overcoming infections. It is highly beneficial for mental serenity, eliminating prejudice, complex ideas and restoring mental equilibrium. It also assists you in letting go of what is familiar but no longer vital for you.

Healing Properties of Green Calcite

Behind the dazzling appearance of green Calcite are its extremely beneficial healing powers. This gemstone, better known for its power to resonate with positive changes in an individual's holistic development, is a beautiful piece that can do wonders in little to no time. The love vibration of this beautiful crystal is known for its soothing effect to its owner that can alleviate negative thoughts, emotions, and physical issues. Here are the healing properties that green Calcite is known for.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Aside from resonating positive and pleasant energy, green Calcite also has the power to eliminate and block hostile forces, including emotional disturbances. If you want to calm down your emotions due to wrath, resentment, or tension, this gem is sure to help you. By holding a piece of green calcite in your hands, you are allowing its peaceful and loving energies to calm, soothe, and renew your mental and spiritual being.

Green Calcite does not only soothe your raging emotions. It also enhances your positive feelings so that they resonate with the appealing characteristics of the stone. For example, if you feel glad toward someone, the emotional healing effects of this crystal will build on those sentiments and keep that sense of compassion intact.

And since the meaning of Green Calcite is joy, it brings happiness and contentment into your life. It is a powerful stress-relief stone that can also prevent and relieve panic disorders. Furthermore, Green Calcite can be used to soothe anger in teens and adults. It is an excellent gemstone for anger management since it helps resolve negative emotions within you. With green Calcite with you, empathy and compassion will accompany you wherever you go. It will help you to keep your emotional composure most of the time.


Green Calcite is a gemstone that has the power of upbringing, mental serenity, and equilibrium. The loving vibration coming from this crystal enables you to expand your understanding of things, which eliminates and prevents stress and other mental disturbances.

In addition, its great soothing power helps you to stay composed during trying times. It will purge the negative energies that surround or within you and replace them with positive energy. This stone will keep you surrounded by incredible and uplifting energy at all times. Calcite stones can assist you in grounding, focusing, and finding inner peace. If you are unsure about where you want to go in life, this stone can assist you in discovering your life's goal by harnessing your talents and abilities. It has the potential to boost your intuition, intellect, and spirituality. This stone has the potential to remove blockages and negative energy from your body.


Disclaimer: While gemstones are promoted as our guide in life, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor for serious medical problems.

Alongside Green Calcite's emotional and mental healing properties, this crystal is also beneficial for your physical health. If you are physically active, then you'll be happy to find that these beautiful crystals can help you balance the energy around you. Though balancing the energy around you might not look like a relatively tall order, it can help your body recover faster. Additionally, Green Calcite can be of significant help for people getting on a bit in life since it also assists with arthritis and bone ligament issues.

Again, a word of caution: although the Green Calcite might seem like a good idea to help your body recover at a significantly faster rate, you'd still need to have a clean bill of health from your doctor. Yes, crystals might make you feel better – but at the end of the day, you'd still be needing your doctor's approval, especially if you have a serious underlying medical problem.


Nowadays, it might seem like the world is doing everything in its power to keep us on our leashes – but worry not, green Calcite is sure to be all the crystal you'll need to keep your spiritual life in check.

The healing properties of the Green Calcite allow you to achieve a level of Zen unlike any other. Placing a Green Calcite in your hand promises to calm down your body and mind unlike any other. Should you feel a deep-rooted feeling of anger, resentment, stress, or hatred, then simply holding a piece of Green Calcite in your hand can help you feel that much calmer. What's more, the Green Calcite can help you think more clearly, hence helping you enhance your memory and stimulate your brain, all at the same time. Vibrating the Green Calcite can also assist you better in coping with emotional fluctuations that might happen from time to time.

Wearing Green Calcite

Wearing Green Calcite – or even keeping it inside your purse – can help you aid your stress levels and help you navigate through change when you need it the most. Wearing Green Calcite can also help you out with your lymphatic system, lungs, and breasts. Additionally, having the crystal around you at any given moment can help stabilize your chakra and help you suppress stronger, more human emotions at every chance you might feel. Green Calcite also comes with the added advantage of helping you let go of negative feelings and thoughts inside your system, all while helping you hold on to your sense of compassion. Wearing Green Calcite whenever you'll be going to an event where you get to meet new people also allows you to be more open to encountering new people in your life.

Since Green Calcite is challenging and can be used for a long time compared to other stones such as Amber and Chrysocolla, most manufacturers choose to turn this valuable crystal into different accessories. However, Green Calcite can be very vulnerable to the wear and tear of daily life. Hence, using Green Calcite daily isn't advised. They can, however, be used as a design. Rest assured, however – this wouldn't lower the effectiveness of the Green Calcite in any way.

Green Calcite at Home and Work

Placing a shard of Green Calcite at your home can be a quick and easy solution to all of your anxiety and stresses, as it can easily absorb the stress and the stagnant presence around your home. Though it might not look like much, the simple addition of Green Calcite – combined with Diopside – can help amplify positive energy, hence helping you become that much more productive in the first place. This becomes that much more of an added plus, especially now that most people have started working from her. Additionally, the inclusion of Green Calcite in your simple home setting can help liven up a draft, dull environment and give it a shine unlike anything else. 

Like adding one to your home, placing a chunk of Green Calcite at your workspace can help boost your productivity and soak up the negative energy around the place. Similarly, combining Green Calcite with Diopside can help amplify the energy around your workplace to help it become a less stressful environment while helping you become a bit more motivated and productive. In addition, adding one for your workplace can help absorb any form of stagnant energy present in your workplace and remove it altogether. In a work environment where things tend to get more stressful on more than one occasion, adding a fragment of Green Calcite can work wonders for both productivity and co-worker relations in the long run.

Meditating with Green Calcite

If you want to remove the fear inside your heart and cure the unresolved, deep-seated trauma that has been hindering you for a long time now, then meditating with green Calcite nearby can help you! Green Calcite's calming nature mixed in with its impeccable qualities can make you feel like a brand-new person whenever you meditate with it. The suggested times to meditate with Green Calcite nearby are at dusk or dawn, as they're the most energetic time of the day.

To properly meditate with Green Calcite, clear your mind and close your eyes with the Green Calcite placed in front of you or on your hands. Take a deep breath and imagine that a profound aura of rejuvenating energy is slowly but surely envelops you. Focus on yourself and your heart space and try to do it as often as possible to maintain a better overall headspace.

People and relationships

If you want to have better relations with people, then having Green Calcite around you can help you become that much more open to their thoughts and ideologies in the long run. In addition, having Green Calcite near or around you whenever you'll be going to an event where you're more than likely to meet new people (i.e., parties, social events) can make you more open-minded to their opinions as a whole. It also acts as some "emotional band-aid" whenever you're experiencing some inter-person pains, such as divorce, pain over unrequited love, and the loss of loved ones, among many others. Green Calcite also helps you re-establish a sense of equilibrium by filling your heart with hope, peace, and serenity.

Green Calcite Crystal Therapies

Though they might be far in between, therapies with the help of Green Calcite ensure that you will be able to feel like a brand-new person altogether. It can help ease your anxiety and help you ease the pressure that you've created, and help you feel like you can forgive yourself. Green Calcite can also reduce the amount of built-up stress and tension time that has accumulated over time.

Additionally, Green calcites have a vital heart-based energy that can give you more compassion towards others and aid your stress. These crystals' energy can also help you release the concerns that might be holding you back over time. The vibration these crystals provide can help you tackle things from a different perspective, which can help you become a better person. 

Moreover, the gemstone provides you with energy that can help you become less annoyed by your surroundings and trivial inconveniences in life. Most metaphysical healers use the stone itself to heal hidden and deep-seated issues that may result in poorer physical health. The green Calcite is also used to help cure and heal medical conditions such as adrenal fatigue, heartburn, neurosis, inflammations, and tumors while also helping you clear out bladder issues, bone problems, lung disorders, kidney disorders, and nervousness issues, too,

Green Calcite and Chakras

One of the best crystals that are sure to help stabilize your Heart Chakra and feelings of strong emotions, Green Calcite will sure to be all you'll ever need to feel another level of calm. Additionally, Green Calcite is also excellent for body layouts as you can place it directly on one's Heart Chakra to forge a better connection between you and your energy channels and chakras.

Additionally, the Green Calcite is also widely known as the Heart Chakra healer, meaning that it can quickly dispel any negative feelings you might be feeling and release them to a different medium. Additionally, chakra inside Green Calcite also channels abundance – meaning that meditating with the stone can help channel in abundance in both money and work. 

The Heart Chakra imbued within the Green Calcite can also help you with your physical areas of the heart, such as within the lymphatic system, the lungs, and the breasts area for women. The chakra's vibration inside the Green Calcite can also make a deeper connection to feelings of love, all while stimulating selfless spiritual love for both you and others. The chakra that the Green Calcite provides can help you learn more about yourself and others in a way you never thought was possible in the first place. Additionally, the Green Calcite also aids with physical health by alleviating early signs of stress and anxiety with its chakra.

Green Calcite Crystal Combinations

Though Green Calcite is already a good enough crystal on its own, you can combine it with different crystals to have a different effect that you never thought was possible. Hence, here are some excellent examples of Green Calcite crystal combinations that you should try today – and who knows, maybe it's the thing that you need to be a better person overall, too!

1. Green Calcite and Diopside

Although briefly mentioned earlier, the combination of Green Calcite and Diopside is mainly used in either an office or a work environment to boost morale and productivity. The calming effect of the Green Calcite mixed in with the stimulating effect of the Diopside mix well together to make every room both crystals are in the space of work and productivity. 

The combination of these two crystals together works wonders not just in a work environment but also at home too! What's more, the addition of these two crystals will be able to give you the chance to alleviate the stresses that usually go when it comes to working – making it the perfect addition to every work environment or home altogether.

2. Green Calcite, Fluorite, and Rose Quartz

Do not let the wildness of the combination disperse you from adding this simple combination in your room – these three combined will be able to give you a night of sleep, unlike anything you've ever had in a while! 

Since fluorite and Green Calcite contain calming elements inside them and invite a sense of ease, adding them to the stone of love rose quartz ensures that your night will go by as peacefully as possible. Even Kevin Birch, the owner of KSC Crystals, recommends the combination of these three crystals to promote a better, more consistent sleeping pattern every night.

Green Calcite Origin

Green Calcite mostly comes from Mexico and Brazil, where most of them come in large batches. Although Calcite is primarily white and comes from most places, the soothingly color green mostly came from the chlorite that got stuck during the crystallization process. Calcite might be expected in mines, but the rarity of the process that makes green Calcite makes them a significantly rarer find. Countries like Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Africa, India, and states like Arizona host mines where the world's supply of these ores is found. However, most of the greenest, emerald, green deposits predominantly come from Canada, Australia, and Mexico.

Green Calcite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Although it might not be officially recognized as a birthstone in and of itself, Green Calcite can be used as a birthstone for people born in Cancer. Since most Cancer people tend to be more emotional and temperamental than the rest of the star signs, green will help them calm down more manageable. The Heart Chakra that the Green Calcite can provide everything that the Cancer people need to contain their emotions and help them calm down some more when they need it the most. Additionally, the color green resonates deeply with healing – hence, the reason why Green Calcite will be the birthstone of choice for the most temperamental sign.

Green Calcite Energy Color

Though it has been touched upon briefly earlier, Green Calcite's color mainly resonates with calmness above everything else. However, that isn't everything that the color green resonates with – as it also resonates with the energy of healing and recovery. That is the reason why most crystal healers use the Green Calcite as their primary source of healing. Calcite might be a common mineral, but the green color in and of itself gives it that extra kick that makes it that much more enchanted in the first place. Most of its properties come from its rarity and color. Hence, the main reason why the Green Calcite is a healing gemstone with wondrous properties.

How to Care for and Cleanse Green Calcite

Much like everything else, you should care for your Green Calcite properly if you want to retain its energy and effects. Remember – Calcite gemstones are significantly more brittle than you might think, and the use of heavy detergents and harsh cleaning agents such as acid will be more than enough to damage them. To clean it, remove all forms of jewelry from your body and remember to use warm water. Soak it carefully and use a soft cloth to dry it once done. But if you want to take an extra precaution, you can also clean it using a mild soap and a soft, dry cloth. Always remember, however, to clean out all suds to make sure that your gemstone can still work well.

When cleansing your Green Calcite, always remember to take off any form of jewelry that's on your body first. This is to make sure that the cleansing process will genuinely cleanse your gemstone of all sorts of impurities. There are a thousand ways for you to start cleansing your Green Calcite, but by far, the most effective one is to do a full cleanse now and then to ensure its effectiveness. To begin, soak it in a mixture of water, salt, and apple cider vinegar and place it under the moonlight. Let the moonlight do its magic, and your Green Calcite is as good as new!

How to Program Green Calcite

Much like any other crystal, your green Calcite must be appropriately programmed for it to do what you wish. There are many guides available all over the internet that helps with programming your crystals, but this one stands out from the rest as it's informative and entertaining.

Final Thoughts on Green Calcite

Green Calcite is a well-known natural remedy. On a psychological, mental, and profound level, its vibrations harmonize with restoration. With the help of this gemstone, you will have greater faith in yourself and be far more hopeful about the outcome. It will assist you in cultivating good qualities and habits that will allow you to enjoy the best semblance of life thoroughly. You will indeed be able to conquer problems and get over whatever you no longer provide and desire using Green Calcite's soothing and deep qualities!



Crystal Structure:





Semi-transparent or opaque

Chemical Composition:




Astrological Sign:


Numerical vibration:



Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Africa, India, and states like Arizona.



physical conditions:

Aids with physical health by alleviating early signs of stress with its chakra

Emotional conditions:

Helps you to keep your emotional composure most of the time.

spiritual purposes:

Stimulates selfless spiritual love for both you and others

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