Infinite Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

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What is Infinite Stone?

The Infinite Stone is a dominant stone, which means it is frequently utilized to repair the etheric body of its owner. Its vibrations purify the aura and protect it from unwanted energy and destructive vibrations. The Infinite Stone is also frequently utilized in meditation, especially when outdoors. The Infinite Stone is thought to link the user to the Earth's vibrating pathways and energy.

This stone was given its name because it is thought that anyone who uses it will experience continued success, pleasure, and tranquility. This stone is thought to enhance one's vibrational energy, assisting in removing feelings of lethargy and exhaustion. It is also used to produce an abundance of everything excellent.

Infinite Stone Meaning

The commercial name for Serpentine found only in South Africa is 'Infinite Stone.' This Serpentine vein has gotten a lot of attention since it is significantly better than other Serpentine veins. Infinite is a lovely, banded blend of Serpentine and Chrysotile, asbestos, and the beige hue.

Serpentine is a term used to describe a category of metamorphic rocks that are transparent to opaque, waxy, tough, fibrous, and commonly found in veins. The chemistry of these minerals is roughly the same, although their structure varies. They are a magnesium silicate mineral that comes in various colors of green.

Healing Properties of Infinite Stone

Infinite is an excellent stone for etheric body repair. The vibrations of Infinite purify the aura and provide a protective "shield" to keep anything harmful from attaching to you. It's an excellent stone for meditation, and it's perfect for outdoor meditation. It links to the forces of the ground and channels kundalini energy from inside. The heart is unlocked, and any emotional pain is drawn to the surface by Infinite. 

The Infinite pushes you to overcome previous trauma to start healing. Infinite boost your vibrational energies, assisting you in overcoming feelings of exhaustion or a lack of vitality. Infinite has also been associated with prosperity and wealth. This stone encourages plenty and eases individuals towards fresh beginnings in their lives.

Wearing Infinite Stone

The energies of Infinite Stone are more potent than Serpentine's. Infinite Stone's power can be increased by combining it with Seraphinite. The healing energies of Infinite Stone are powerful and magnificent, and they may assist you in dealing with life's obstacles. It will assist you in de-stressing and finding calm in this often noisy and hectic environment.

Use Howlite, Jet, Hiddenite, Pearl, Hematite, or Pearl with your Infinite Stone. Larimar, Goldstone, Lepidolite, Garnet, Rubellite, Dravite, Moonstone, Celestite, or Calcite can also be used in conjunction with it. The combination of Infinite Stone with Chalcedony, Blue Lace Agate, Ammolite, and Rainbow Stone is also beneficial since it allows for more miracles in your life.

Infinite Stone at Home and Work

It will help you move on from your loss and start a new chapter in your life or relationship. It will also relieve you from any mental distress you may be experiencing. The energy of this stone will help you heal from betrayal, grief, separation, and loss. It's a stone that will help you find your way back to health. 

Infinite Stone can help you immensely, especially if you feel tired in your relationship or personal life. You'll also notice that you're experiencing a lot more emotional reactions than you need. You will enhance your responses to external stimuli as you engage with the energies of Infinite Stone.

Meditation with Infinite Stone

The Infinite Stone is a beautiful meditation stone. Visualize a beautiful and nutritious white fire coursing down your spine, stimulating your kundalini energies from the base of your spine to the top of your head. When you meditate outside with this stone, you'll have a far better chance of interacting with fairies and their spirits.

It will also assist you in communicating with the spirits linked with mountains, canyons, waterfalls, and other powerful locations. To remove survival-based obstacles, wear it on your body or lay it on the root chakra. You can keep a little piece of Infinite Stone under your pillow as a worry stone.

Infinite Stone and Chakras

Your physical and etheric energies will be soothed and renewed by its powers. It will raise your kundalini and cleanse your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies of negativity. It will also help to heal and protect your auric field. Infinite Stone's vibrations are linked to the heart, solar plexus, sacrum, and base chakras. It's a stone that clears your energy fields of any bad energy or blockages, allowing free energy flow and raising your vibrations.

Infinite Stone Shapes and Forms

Because it is made up of white-gray Chrysotile and green Serpentine, the Infinite Stone generally has a green, gray, or blue tone. Infinite Stone is a magnesium silicate stone mixed with chromium and serpentine. It is commonly yellow, green, or grey in hue. South Africa is where you'll find this Stone. It's called Infinite Stone because of the endless advantages it may provide to its bearer.

Infinite Stone Origin

The mineral Infinite Stone is a magnesium silicate. South Africa is the source of this Chrysotile and Serpentine combination. This stone was given its name because it is thought that anyone who uses it will experience continued success, pleasure, and tranquility. This stone is thought to enhance one's vibrational energy, assisting in removing feelings of lethargy and exhaustion. It is also used to produce an abundance of everything excellent.

Infinite Stone Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Simply lay the Infinite Stone, along with the August Birthstone, on the aching portion of your body. There's no requirement for skin-to-skin contact, although it's an option if you want to get faster results. You may focus your mind on the pain and agony you're experiencing and just let it go once the Infinite Stone is put on your body.



Crystal Structure:





Transparent to Opaque

Chemical Composition:



Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacrum, Base

Astrological Sign:

Taurus and Gemini

Numerical vibration:

8 & 55


South Africa



physical conditions:
Emotional conditions:

aids in releasing fear

spiritual purposes:

clears our aura of any negative energy

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Infinite Stone
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Infinite Stone
Infinite Stone

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