Rainbow Moonstone: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

The mesmerizing colors and healing light of rainbow moonstone will uplift your spirit.

What is Rainbow Moonstone?

Rainbow Moonstone, known as a type of Labradorite, is popular because of its adularescence. It is also one of the many feldspar gemstones. Sixty percent of the planet's crust consists of feldspar gemstones, including Rainbow Moonstone. It is distinguished by its adularescence, which seems like an interior illumination or luster. It differs from Orthoclase Moonstone in that it has more extraordinary optical properties and relative density.

Rainbow Moonstone is generally translucent with a bluish luster, although it can also have a bright shimmer in exceptional instances. Blue luster is remarkably regarded. Thus diamonds with the most intense blue gloss are in high demand. Royal blue is a term used to describe a dark blue shine.

The inclusions of Rainbow Moonstone are prevalent, particularly in bigger sizes. Those with thinner, horizontal streaks look similar to that of centipedes. These specks, on the other hand, are what give it its appealing rainbow shine. When there are fewer inclusions in Rainbow Moonstone, there are lesser hues. Thus a more evident stone will have a bluish luster instead of a rainbow-colored finish.

Rainbow Moonstone is a whitish gemstone with soothing and meditative properties. It has an ethereal nature and is characterized by colorful outbursts. The gemstones might be translucent or have a monochrome mottled appearance. It is a well-known gemstone used to connect each of the Chakras, resulting in a state of harmony and serenity.

Rainbow Moonstone Meaning    

The Rainbow Moonstone is indeed beautiful, and it is also quite strong. It's recognized for its calming influence and capacity to take everything back into equilibrium. Because of the joy and brightness it gives, it is said that owning this precious stone is like wearing a rainbow in your heart.

The vibrations of Rainbow Moonstone stimulate and balance all of our Chakras, allowing power to flow smoothly. It's a highly peaceful stone that emits tranquil and pleasant vibes through its harmonics. This potent stone is linked to the human essence and the present psychological condition of the wearer.

Rainbow Moonstone is a loyal partner for maintaining concentration and focus each day and protecting your atmosphere from bad energies that try to bind themselves to you. You'll feel Moonstones' situational capacity to increase one's consciousness, intuition, and intellectual levels generally by continuing to protect your thoughts clean.

You may then put these qualities to use in whatever activity or goal you might well have. This gemstone urges one to push boundaries and be receptive to new changes that may present themselves.

Rainbow Moonstone is a powerful transformative gemstone, and just a few minutes spent with it may open up doors in your career that will alter your entire existence. Envision yourself sprinting in sync with the lunar cycle. Each month, the new moon begins an infinite sequence of expanding until it is completed, emitting its dazzling radiance and gently restarting itself to become another new moon.

Healing Properties of Rainbow Moonstone

There are many factors why you would want to utilize these lovely gemstones, along with the fact that they refract the moon's incredible positive vibes. These beautiful gemstones are rich jewels of the graceful element, and they may show you a lot about managing your lifestyle.

It represents Heavenly Grace, making you feel more confident and at ease in your career by soothing excessively aggressive individuals. Rainbow Moonstone is a powerful gemstone to increase your sensitivity because of its vibration, which helps you sense the true joy that pours out into your etheric system. It also has a unique frequency that has been shown to increase telepathic powers, primarily when held while conducting a psychological mediation.

You may notice an increase in the amount of profound or fortuitous events after you begin to have this stone within your auric field. Chance, resonance, and destiny are all potent tools for changing your life. New opportunities for visualizing what you want may arise if you extend your attention to these events' changes in your journey. It may enhance the ability of intuitive readings or telepathy in women especially.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Rainbow Moonstone is a heartwarming gemstone because of its bright and elevating vibes. If you're seeking a meaningful love affair, it might assist you in finding the appropriate individuals in your heart.  It will also make you firm and fearless if you need to start up a new one or modify the dynamics of an established relationship.

Rainbow Moonstone shields you from harm when you're feeling insecure and gives you the confidence to make this decision that isn't good for you. This gemstone has uplifting solid energy. It enables you to recognize what you have to do to improve a circumstance and perceive the other side's point of view with sympathy and respect.


Rainbow Moonstone awakens the Crown Chakra softly, allowing the benevolent forces of the universe and the physical environment to stream across into us like a bright beacon of compassion and restoration. It's a great relaxation help since it relaxes the physiological mind from the noise and anxiety that may get in the way of tranquil contemplation. It permits us to be fully immersed in the current moment and location.

Rainbow Moonstone aids in cutting the threads that have been entangled in your atmosphere due to other folk's perceptions, wants, and moods. It can soothe an overworked mind, provide new thoughts, and re-energize creativity.


Rainbow Moonstone can help with eye problems and light sensitivity. It helps women with menstruation and menstrual discomfort by balancing their metabolism, and it also aids in the balance of the body and reduces anxiety. You can also use it to reduce inflammation and arthritis.

Rainbow Moonstone is ideal for enhancing telepathic powers as well as connecting to Cosmic knowledge and guidance. It harmonizes our biological and celestial bodies, alleviates anxieties, and boosts self-confidence.


Rainbow Moonstone is a complex and powerful spiritual gemstone that unites both genders to the ultimate frequency and power, as well as being helpful in faith enlightenment. These rhythms, you see, are powerfully mirrored across every person's life, and the pressure of the waves has a tremendous impact on every person in this world.

If you're worried, nervous, or restless, using a Rainbow Moonstone necklace or some other form of ornaments may help. Its soothing effect might also help you learn how to be joyful. It has a definite measure to help you in a dreamlike state at this moment. Therefore if you want to explore REM sleep, put this under your pillows on a full moon.

Wearing Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone Accessories are ideal for a wide range of sorts and designs, and there are masterpieces to select from that it's simple to find one that suits your desires. Moreover, Rainbow Moonstone accessories used with Peridot are beautiful to accessorize because they maintain the vitality near the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

These beautiful gemstones are valuable therapeutic gems to wear and are attainable in jewelry form, with various exquisite designs offered. Wearing several gorgeous Rainbow Moonstone necklaces, bands, or jewels will be highly beneficial to you since they have several beneficial properties.

Rainbow Moonstone accessories are simple to find. Wearing them will provide you with many benefits since it echoes with soothing energies and is a powerful gemstone for spiritual defense. At the same time, Rainbow Moonstones are by far the most prominent and frequent hue. This gemstone, when worn as a necklace, helps you to embrace your supernatural abilities.

Rainbow Moonstone at Home and at Work

Consider starting a new project monthly with a distinct goal in mind. You keep growing, learning, and shining before you achieve your goal, which fills you with unending waves of peace and laughter. As you enjoy this sensation, it will soon be appropriate for you to recalibrate your objectives and follow a different set of objectives. Wearing a piece of Rainbow Moonstone with you at this time can help you deal with the situation, worry, and strain of taking risks while also ensuring a seamless process.

Rainbow Moonstone will give you the courage and strength you need to follow your intuition and to have faith in yourself even when others try to persuade you onto a different path. It is imperative in business and career-related issues. It would help if you harnessed your power and out your faith in the wisdom that has come to you through your feelings, inner knowing, and the messages you receive during meditation with Rainbow Moonstone.

Also, Rainbow Moonstone is a beautiful gemstone that might help you materialize extra riches into your relationship. This gemstone will assist you in attracting the tools and knowledge necessary to attain your objectives and meet your investment objectives. Rainbow Moonstone can shield you from making life-changing decisions as part of its protective properties. When it comes to financial concerns, the power of this gemstone will work with you to create essential and beneficial relationships with individuals, and the power of this stone will bring out the things you should quit and the folks you should ignore.

Meditation with Rainbow Moonstone

A meditation in which you lay a Rainbow Moonstone on your forehead and concentrate on emptying your thoughts, imagining dazzling sunshine flowing into your brain through the gemstone, and then nourishing your body may be beneficial for bringing heavenly pleasure into your life.

This stone is a lovely jewel that may help you visualize a brighter view of things. Your meditation practices will feel engaging and fun with Rainbow Moonstone. You may also utilize hypnosis to cure stress by improving your reflexive sleep and contemplation with several. It's a joyous diamond that wishes you joy and happiness, and spiritual health.

People and Relationships

Most of us have encountered situations requiring advice and recommendations, particularly in matters of passion and enthusiasm. It might be challenging to determine which route to pursue in love relationships, mainly if we are physically and spiritually conflicted to start. Rainbow Moonstone is a powerful gem that may assist you in getting over challenging circumstances. Its blend of caring, devoutness, and strength is ideal for ensuring that you take care of your emotional well-being.

This gem's healing properties will provide you with peace and direction, revealing many of the options available to you and motivating you to trust in your value. It will point you in the direction of joy and happiness.

Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Therapies

Utilizing Rainbow Moonstone may educate you to be conscious of trends in your behavior, study these movements, and be attentive. The Rainbow Moonstone's energies may help you in various mechanisms, and it's a great gemstone to carry if you're going through previous traumatic instabilities. It may assist you in identifying things that you need to know to take your life to a position where you may fully accept your destiny.

Rainbow Moonstone is a simple gemstone to get, and its use may usher in fresh starts in your career. This powerful gemstone may help you instinctively act quickly at the right moment in your entire lifespan since it may activate telepathy inside you.

Rainbow Moonstone and Chakras

We may expose ourselves to the wonders of telepathic talents and communicate and direction from our Greater Self, supernatural forces, and spirits when we utilize Rainbow Moonstone at the Third Eye Chakra. We might appear gloomy, uncertain, pessimistic, and worried once the Third Eye is out of harmony.

Clearing and cleansing the negative energy in the Third Eye utilizing Rainbow Moonstone helps you perceive things correctly, with clarity and awareness. It gives you a sound understanding of observation and the capacity to embrace reality as it is, fearlessly and without worry.

Rainbow Moonstone Shapes and Forms

Throughout centuries, Rainbow Moonstones have been employed as jewelry. The early Spartans loved them, and they later utilized them in Art Nouveau jewelry. Rainbow Moonstones gained popularity during the 1960s and the current Post-Modern philosophical era.

To enhance its appealing adularescence, opaque Rainbow Moonstone is carved mostly into cabochons. The stroke's direction is critical, and the proper thickness will produce superior shine. Multidimensional gemstones are translucent gems. Thus, substantial translucent gemstones demand steep rates since they are unique.

Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Combinations

When sitting with this gemstone, we suggest utilizing other transformational gems such as Kyanite, Turquoise, Onyx, or Moldavite. Each gemstone is powerful and will encourage you to chase a dream that reflects your actual goals. When coupled with Rainbow Moonstone, these gemstones allow anybody to vocalize themselves and what they always desire in this life. Only when one recognizes that they have the power to shape their fate will they become invincible.

Rainbow Moonstone accessories, such as bracelets, may be worn in the Upper Chakras, where the frequency of these gemstones is most substantial. Rainbow Moonstone rings, significantly, will help with it, though. Each of these lovely gemstones has a strong vibration that can help with psychological safety. Wearing different gemstones alongside Rainbow Moonstones, such as Green Peridot, will increase the resonance, especially if these gemstones have constant power.

Rainbow Moonstone Origin

Canada, Australia, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Russia, Sri Lanka, and the United States have abundant Rainbow Moonstone resources.

There are no significant, automated Moonstone quarries. Small-scale mining produces the majority of the output. Miners look for Moonstone in soils, sediments, and rock fragments commonly discovered alongside other gemstones.  Miners drill through porous kaolinite that formed as a chemical residue atop, dissolving feldspar formations and granitic slabs to extract a lesser quantity.

Rainbow Moonstone Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Rainbow Moonstone is the gemstone for people born in June and is connected with the astrological sign of Cancer. Cancer contains both bad and good characteristics, much like those constellations. Rainbow Moonstone will strengthen Cancer's wise and compassionate traits, as well as their inherent devotion and cautiousness.

Cancer is recognized for its sensibility, which can occasionally manifest as extreme timidity or emotional instability. Rainbow Moonstone can assist in bringing these inclinations into harmony and reduce them.  

Rainbow Moonstone Energy Color

The Emerald Rainbow Moonstone has comparable properties to other Moonstones and seems to have the beautiful Heart Chakra frequency. However, this hue of Rainbow Moonstone may not be as frequent as some other hues. Its shine indicates that it belongs to the Moonstone species.

Its frequency is mentally healthy, and it conveys the power of compassion with a caring firm resonance, much like most Moonstones. Its energies will help you feel greater compassion for everyone else, boost your self-esteem, and improve your overall health. Many greenish gemstones interact with the energy body.

Therefore it's good to combine with other Chakra gemstones like Rose Quartz, which may help you experience more empathy and devotion.

How to Care for and Cleanse Rainbow Moonstone

You may have questioned how to purify your Rainbow Moonstone gemstone. It is standard procedure to wash your Rainbow Moonstone with saltwater, ideally from the sea, if you have a larger, strong gemstone. Allow your diamond to soak in seawater nightly and then wipe dry the very next day.

Although the gemstone can deteriorate in water, this typically occurs once submerged for a long time. Because many individuals are unclear whether using fresh water to clean your gemstone is safe, you may be seeking other options to clear your diamond of all the negativity it has accumulated.

If you don't want to risk this with saltwater, you may use the dirt to wash your Rainbow Moonstone. Create a tiny opening on a new ground area and label it so you can easily find it again. Plug the gaps with dirt and put the gemstone in it. If you keep it after a day or more, it will pull every opposing force deep into the ground.

Suppose you choose a clear Rainbow Moonstone or something with a tinge of dark Opal. In that case, this eye-catching and valuable gemstone is excellent for anybody who needs concentration and focuses before going on a journey of discovery.   

How to Program Rainbow Moonstone

Try putting your Rainbow Moonstone in the glow of the full moon once a week to energize it and maintain its power generation level steady. You can smudge it with common sage if you wish to activate or infuse Rainbow Moonstone with clearly defined goals.

Final Thoughts on Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone has many benefits, particularly for those of us who have a hard time relating to our feelings. Sometimes we even understand what our feelings are trying to tell us, but we don't understand how to go about it.

Rainbow Moonstone can help us get to those moments when we don't know what to do with our emotions. It provides us with direction, security, and understanding in one package. As a result, it's one of the most remarkable gemstones for handling tricky circumstances.

Take the time to observe all of the beautiful and pleasant occurrences that affect human life regularly as you integrate Rainbow Moonstone into your life. Act when it's needed, and enjoy incorporating the Sun's strength into your presence to complement the Moon's energy. This gemstone will also keep the most delicate celestial equilibrium for your overall health.



Crystal Structure:





Opaque to semitranslucent

Chemical Composition:



Crown Chakra, Third Eye, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Root Chakra

Astrological Sign:

Scorpio, Libra, Cancer

Numerical vibration:

6, 6.5


Canada, Australia, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Russia, Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and the USA



physical conditions:

Brings balance, harmony and hope while enhancing creativity, compassion, endurance and inner confidence

Emotional conditions:

Helps deflect any negativity and allow the person to sleep peacefully

spiritual purposes:

Helps strengthen intuition and psychic perception

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Rainbow Moonstone
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Rainbow Moonstone

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