Onyx: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

Know more about Onyx in this ultimate guide to its wonderful healing properties and powers.

What is Onyx?

Onyx is a type of Chalcedony. It is usually seen as a black gem with a little bit of white contrast. There are other varieties of colors, but the most popular ones are black.

Many are confused between an Agate and an Onyx because of the bands of colors on it. Both stones have white bands - Agate features curved bands while Onyx has parallel ones. Also, an Onyx frequently has black as its dominant color versus white.

Onyx as a gemstone consists of a couple of layers. Typically, the denser layer is on top of the thicker layer. Because of this, many artisans love etching and engraving on Onyx gems.

Onyx is recorded under the classification of quartz gems. According to the Mohs hardness system, Onyx has a 6 to 7 hardness level.

Don't be confused when you see an Onyx without white stripes on it. In fact, the majority of Onyx used in jewelry doesn't feature white bands.

Onyx Meaning

You probably think that Onyx, since it has dark colors, has been deemed evil in the past. Well, you're already on the right track!

According to history, the ancient civilization associated Onyx with different levels of darkness. It is believed that demons used Onyx to possess whoever gets the stone. At the same time, sinister forces use Onyx as a death sign. So, the early people avoided this stone as much as possible.

On the other hand, other ancient civilizations believed to suck negative energies and forces. In addition, they believed that the blacker the Onyx gets, the more negative energy is absorbed. Hence, they began to use Onyx regularly.

One of the earliest records of the "magic" of Onyx is when Cleopatra wore an Onyx amulet that senses different negative influences, dangers, or incoming enemies. How? Well, the Onyx amulet she wore is said to vibrate or shake when these possible perils come closer to her.

Presently, Onyx has significant meaning across the world. It is believed that the stone protects its bearer from nightmares and other unwanted occurrences at night. Also, it is effective in alleviating physical, mental, and spiritual traumas.

Onyx is also a masterful agent of knowledge, comfort, bliss, and recovery. If you have bad customs like smoking, drinking, and other vices, get yourself an Onyx because this stone is known for altering such habits.

Many are allured to Onyx's white bands, which most people believe these stripes signify the universe. This gemstone helps stabilize the harmony and steadiness of life. If you have problems maintaining a work-life balance, getting an Onyx amulet is most recommended.

Also, its black and white colors are believed to symbolize yin yang. Hence, people have looked up to this gemstone because they believe it can tell the goodness and the evilness of a person, a thing, or a place.

Onyx Healing Properties

Like other crystals, Onyx has many benefits when it comes to therapy. Its healing properties are known from across the globe. Onyx benefits its bearer's feelings, emotions, mind, body, and spirit.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Are you depressed? Is anxiety eating you up? Don't fret because Onyx should be your gemstone of choice. This stone is famous for its exceptional emotional therapeutic properties.

It is believed that whoever wears or holds an Onyx gains a massive amount of positive energy that translates to happiness, joy, and fulfillment. Also, people believe that this gem is responsible for absorbing all the negativities in life.

While Onyx enhances the emotional aspect of its bearer, it washes away all the impurities that typically ruin the persona. Thus, whoever has an Onyx is observed as a worry-free individual.


The majority of believers who seek the appropriate gemstones for them are usually troubled mentally. The mind is probably the most critical part of the human body. It is responsible for all the things that a person thinks of. Whether an individual does a good or bad deed, it's the mind that decides.

Fortunately, an Onyx crystal is known for its mental healing properties. If you have difficulties foreseeing or envisioning your future, an Onyx amulet can fully open your eyes and help you visualize your tomorrow.

Onyx can also prevent the mind from dwelling on the past, which is probably one of the most common challenges faced by everyone. When something terrible happened in the past, people tend to live on it too much - which compromises the mind. Onyx releases a unique vibe that clears the mind from any thought of the past.


Aside from its magnificent mental therapeutic properties, Onyx is renowned for its reliable physical healing powers.

Onyx's ability to suck up negative energy is also beneficial for its bearer physically. If you have a stomach ache, place an Onyx stone on top of it so that the gem absorbs the pain. The same goes for headache, toothache, neck pain, back pain, muscle strain, leg cramps, and the likes.

Put an Onyx fragment on top of any body part that has an ailment to heal it. You may also slowly rub the gem against that part for best results.

Like other gemstones, Onyx can help relieve pain during birthing. Its calming essence helps soothe muscle contractions during labor.

An Onyx amulet can also help in improving its bearer's metabolism. Thus, weight loss is more manageable.


Onyx is a great spiritual guide. It sends off evil spirits and entities that want to cause its bearer harm. The stone also elevates its bearer's divine connection. Whoever has an Onyx is assured of having enhanced spiritual capabilities like feeling other spiritual beings' presence.

Onyx cleanses the spirit like no other. Its ability to suck in negative energy benefits the spirit so much. It allows the spirit to be free from any impurity.

Wearing Onyx

Onyx is an amulet of protection. It is highly recommended to wear a piece of jewelry or ornament made of Onyx gems. Doing so will uplift your spirit and boost self-assurance.

Keep an Onyx amulet close to you all the time. This way, you are assured of its healing powers. The stone will consume all hostile forces and allow your intuition to play a huge part.

As strong as its protective element, Onyx grants its bearer the ability to speak for what's right. If someone you love is on edge, wearing an Onyx gives you the strength to get them back on track.

Moreover, its positive effects at work are evident when they are worn. Wearing an Onyx puts you away from gossip and hearsays. It also prevents anyone from taking advantage of you.

Additionally, wearing an Onyx bracelet helps ward off evil spirits and forces who try to manipulate your dreams and turn them into nightmares. Another alternative is putting an Onyx gemstone under your pillow. You are guaranteed a good night's sleep when you have an Onyx protecting you.

Generally, wearing an Onyx fills the gaps in your life and prevents you from depletion. It ensures its bearer a better mindset and improved determination to face all the obstacles that might come in the way.

If there is anything that makes an Onyx useful, it is by wearing them!

Onyx at Home and at Work

In feng shui, a black Onyx represents protection and grounding. The Chinese experts believe that placing a black Onyx totem at home can supply a sufficient amount of energy that can help sustain its foundation. Furthermore, a black Onyx at home means protection from any impure influences from the outside.

Meanwhile, placing a white Onyx fragment on your desk at work can boost your self-confidence and morale. If you have trouble dealing with diversity at work, a white Onyx can help you blend in. It is believed that the stone frees its bearer's individuality from the latches of inferiority. Hence, having one at work can help increase your chances of sustaining a healthy career.

Meditation with Onyx

Before meditating, make sure that your Onyx is cleansed from impurities. Purging it prior allows the stone to release all negative energy absorbed and be fully capable of consuming the same when you start meditating.

A quiet place is highly recommended for meditation. Sit with a relaxed but straight-up posture. Slowly close your eyes and concentrate on the negative thoughts and feelings you want to release.

You will feel lighter as you go along. Afterward, place the stone on your heart and allow it to fill you with positivity and vitality to get you going.

People and Relationships

Onyx is a superb choice for a gemstone if you want to sustain your relationship with your family, friends, partners, and colleagues.

An Onyx gem preserves the bond between couples. No matter what the circumstances are, the gem gets any problems out of the way. Onyx also helps alleviate any kind of pressure that usually ruins relationships.

It is believed that Onyx's calming aura dissipates potential threats to relationships.

When it comes to camaraderie, an Onyx gem helps boost friendships and connections. If you have conflicts with a friend or an officemate, the positive vibe that Onyx emits can help promote its bearer's people association.

Onyx Crystal Therapies

Generally, Onyx gems are used for protection. In therapy, patients are treated by letting the stone sit on top of the body part that needs healing.

Meanwhile, Onyx is an excellent instrument for psychometry.

Psychometry allows an individual to learn the history of an object by touching it. Onyx gemstones allow psychometricians to do what they do best while enhancing their aptitude in the process.

It is terrific for people who want therapeutic relief from anxiety, especially from objects they want to learn more about. Maybe, there are things that their loved ones left them before passing. Understanding the history of that object is essential, especially if the person left with it doesn't know anything about it.

Onyx and Chakras

Based on its powers, Onyx is an incredible gemstone for the Chakras.

Onyx is a compelling stone that awakens the Chakras and lets all the beautiful energies flow freely.

What's more astounding is the fact that Onyx has the power to awaken all Chakras. There are only a few gemstones that have this ability. Onyx sustains the Chakras and allows them to function to the best of their potential.

Onyx Shapes and Forms

When people hear the word Onyx, it typically induces a round shape of thought. Indeed, the majority of Onyx cutouts are shaped around.

A round Onyx has many uses. It can be crafted into jewelry pieces like cabochons, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and many more.

The blackness of Onyx adds an elegant touch to whatever jewelry it is formed. For instance, an Onyx ring is trendy as a present or for personal use. For vendors, attaching an Onyx fragment means a higher worth for their items.

There are also oval-shaped and square-shaped Onyx cuts that are turned into amulets. These talismans are super famous because of their magnificent healing properties. They are mainly sold to people who want to experience the shroud of protection that it brings.

Other products that are made out of custom-made Onyx shapes are beads, tumbles, totems, decorative items, utensils, cups, plates, and many more.

In addition, Onyx Spheres. These spheres are typically used as home decoration. But don't get it twisted. Onyx spheres are still as effective as gemstones. Expect the same marvelous benefits from the sphere.

Guess what? There are also rectangular or square-shaped tiles made of Onyx. These tiles are widely used in an elegant home interior setup. Imagine shiny black Onyx tiles in a luxurious living room.

Onyx Crystal Combinations

Here are some of the best crystal combinations with Onyx.

Onyx and Ajoite

Ajoite is known for its remarkable healing powers, particularly to the skin. It also can grant its bearer an incomparable vitality that matches its rejuvenating properties.

Its bearer can expect a massive boost in stamina, agility, and durability when this combination is used. Also, the Onyx and Ajoite combination promotes an intense level of restraint and reserve. Hence, when Onyx and Ajoite are paired, get ready for a whole new level of therapy.

Onyx and Tiger's Eye

The Tiger's Eye is a sign of tiger power, bravery, and tenacity admired throughout history and worldwide. Its healing properties are absolutely at par with what the Onyx crystal can offer.

When these stones are paired, expect to feel a lighter and more balanced personality. You can also benefit from the tremendous physical and mental healing powers of this gem combination.

Onyx Origin

Onyx is extracted from caves by miners. At the same time, this gemstone is primarily mined in different countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, Greece, Germany, India, Madagascar, Pakistan, Yemen, and several states in the US.

Onyx Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

If you are born in July or December, Onyx is your birthstone. Also, Onyx is the zodiac birthstone for Leos.

As a birthstone, Onyx serves as a guide for its bearer. Like a beacon of light, Onyx enlightens the mind to determine right from wrong. It also prevents any peril from threatening its bearer.

If you celebrate your seventh or tenth wedding anniversary, give your partner an Onyx, which symbolizes eternal love and affection.

Onyx Energy Color

There are two main Onyx color groups: Sardonyx and Carnelian Onyx.


Sardonyx is Onyx gemstones that vary in color from whitish to brownish. The color of this stone is determined based on the amount of iron oxide. The higher the amount is, the whiter it gets - and vice versa. The majority of Sardonyx gems are mined in India.

As a gem, Sardonyx improves the relationship ties of its bearer to the people around. It promotes honesty and integrity. So if you have trust issues, better yet, get yourself a Sardonyx.

Sardonyx colors can vary from white, brown, red, black, gray, purple, and green.

Interestingly, a Sardonyx was once a Carnelian Onyx. Let's find out how.

Carnelian Onyx

Carnelian Onyx doesn't have much difference from Sardonyx, except its colors. Carnelian is lighter and thinner in color. Usually, it looks like a toned-down orange stone. Once the Carnelian gets darker, it will begin to turn into Sardonyx.

This stone accumulates impurities over time, which results in its darker colors.

How to Care for and Cleanse Onyx

Unlike other gems, the best way to cleanse Onyx is by washing it with mineral water and drying it with a soft piece of cloth.

Others can cleanse different crystals with soap and water, but not Onyx. Since this gemstone has a unique ability to absorb almost anything in its wake, it can suck up different harmful chemicals contained in cleaning solutions.

Otherwise, expect your Onyx to turn from black to whatever color it becomes.

After washing it, put your Onyx somewhere safe. Do not place it where kids can reach and play with it. Otherwise, you might need to look for a new gemstone.

If put in a container, ensure that it is covered with foam or soft fabric to ensure that it is safe from scratches, scrapes, and other forms of abrasion.

The way you take care of the gems will always reflect on how you live your life. Treat it with care genuinely, and it will do the same.

How to Program Onyx

When using an Onyx for physical treatment, the best way to activate its power is by rubbing it against the part that needs healing. Gently wipe away the pain as you slowly rub the stone.

In meditation, programming an Onyx gem is super easy. You have to clinch it with your right hand and begin concentrating. Afterward, place the Onyx on your chest to distribute its energy to the whole body.


Regardless of its dark color and history, Onyx continues to serve as a light for everyone. Its brilliant healing properties are always astonishing to witness. If we learn how to treat it with care and use it properly, that's the only time that we can truly enjoy its powers. Keep in mind that all gemstones are our guide to living a better and meaningful life.



Crystal Structure:

Trigonal Crystal System


6.6 to 7 Hardness



Chemical Composition:

SiO2, Silicon Dioxide with Carbon and Iron


Third Eye, Solar Plexus, Root Chakra

Astrological Sign:


Numerical vibration:



Brazil, India



physical conditions:

Addictions, Alcoholism, Allergies, Birthing Problems and Health, Legs Strengthening, Obesity, Ovarian Disorders or Cysts

Emotional conditions:

Anxiety, Calming, Dispel or Release Negativity, Soothing

spiritual purposes:

Divine Will, Grounding, Reducing Negative Energy

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