Dumortierite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

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What is Dumortierite?

Dumortierite is very uncommon quartz that is highly prized as a crystal. It belongs to the aluminum borosilicate crystal family and, like plenty of other crystals, appears in various hues. It is generally deep or royal blue in hue, although it may also be greenish, brownish, lavender, or pale pink.

It is a gemstone utilized not just in fashion but also in a range of manufacturing applications. Since it appears completely white once exposed to high temperatures or radiation, many can produce pottery and glass. Dumortierite resembles Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli in appearance. It comes in a variety of shades ranging from light to navy blue. Dumortierite comes in a variety of colors, including crimson mauve, dark red, and dark purple.

Because the tones are unevenly dispersed, there are contrasting bluish areas on the gemstone. The mineral's inclusions, however, are what lend Dumortierite its blue hue. Although almost the majority of Dumortierite gemstones are impenetrable, there are a few that seem transparent. The sheen of this gemstone is glossy and dull.

Dumortierite Meaning

Dumortierite is necessary for your existence since it interacts nicely with your mind. It will improve your cognitive powers. It will also help you improve your cognitive faculties, such as speech and arithmetic. If you've had a quick fuse, this gemstone will help you to be more patient. It will assist you in calming down amid stressful situations and provide you with a level conscious to precisely understand what you want to perform.

Dumortierite will assist in developing or improving your spiritual awareness. Whenever you engage in the subject of cosmology, this gemstone will be advantageous. If you're a card user, this gemstone will make your interpretations and precision more effective. It will also improve your self-confidence. It will assist you in organizing your lifestyle and clearing all of the congestion that has accumulated in your journey, mainly psychological and emotional baggage.

Dumortierite will harmonize the forces of your Throat Chakra while also improving the interconnection among your lower and upper chakras. It will help you overcome your illogical anxieties and boost your bravery. It will also assist you in overcoming your ego, stubbornness, and other poor life habits.

When it relates to your heavenly or psychic guardians, this gemstone might help you be more sensitive. While you have the vibrations of this gemstone functioning for you, you will feel more at ease when interacting with your life force energy, messengers, and sometimes even the animals.

Healing Properties of Dumortierite

This azure crystal, along with many others, is linked to improved clairvoyant skills. Dumortierite's medicinal powers are centered in several more critical places, including strengthening cognitive skills, boosting perception and remembering, balancing and emotional management, and assisting with health symptoms. These are primarily several advantages that Dumortierite may provide to individuals who make something of it.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

It lets you get a grip of your existence and eliminates performance anxiety, nervousness, tension, obsessions, sleeplessness, terror, dread, despair, or intolerance if you are wild and unorganized. It's also thought to boost courage and identity, prompting you to take a stand if you're being unfairly attacked.

Dumortierite encourages transparency and language ability to communicate with people from cultural backgrounds. Dumortierite also promotes leadership skills and consciousness, helping you organize your paperwork, routines, thoughts, and feelings. These characteristics are an ideal gemstone for individuals who are establishing or operating their respective organizations.

Blue Dumortierite is a stone that promotes sentiments of safety, mental serenity, and assurance. It regulates and expands the chakra system. It helps with self-abnegation, anxiety, and confidence issues. It improves your capacity to stand up for what you believe to be genuine and honest. This gemstone soothes the head and relieves the chest.

Dumortierite helps you visualize, feel, understand, and relish your greatness. It allows you to discover your inner pleasure. This gemstone also serves as a reminder that everything will be fine when you recognize your reality and can express and follow it.


Whenever it comes to improving one's mental health and cognitive ability, Dumortierite is the ideal gemstone to have your eyes on. This gemstone is highly suggested for everyone preparing for an examination who has trouble remembering what they learned. We recommend carving a purpose into your Dumortierite stone, placing it beside you while studying, and carrying a fragment in your purse during the day as a symbol of your objective.

Allow the gemstone to converse with you and replenish your recollection of all the concepts you've lately learned. Most essential, carry it with you during the examination period. Let the spontaneous power of your Dumortierite flood your entirety by placing it next to your workstation. Once the trial ends and your goal has been achieved, it's critical to resolve the crystal of your previous goal. When you're through, this gemstone will be happy to guide you again, assisting you in going ahead on your journey.


Disclaimer: While gemstones are promoted as our guide in life, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor for serious medical problems.

Dumortierite possesses significant therapeutic properties that could aid with a variety of diseases, ailments, and disorders, in addition to stimulating the brain and enhancing your cognitive capacity. It can help with migraines, constipation, stomachaches, and other gastrointestinal issues. It can also aid newborns with sickness, uneasiness, cramps, and discomfort.

Therapists use Dumortierite to treat sensitivities and seizures, skin issues, and other symptoms, discomfort, or illnesses related to the thyroid. This gemstone, when put in the afflicted regions, could help to relieve burns. It's been shown to aid with sadness and even prenatal signs. It's a gemstone you should have with you when planning a trip since it might help you avoid getting motion sickness. Dumortierite, like Clear Quartz, is a great stress reliever.

If you're attempting to shed pounds, Dumortierite could assist you in achieving your optimum muscle mass by regulating your digestion and assisting with hormonal issues.


When in communication with heavenly or spiritual guidance, Dumortierite keeps you extra attentive. It represents your primordial everlasting nature spiritually, relating to higher consciousness. It unlocks clairvoyance when put over your ears, and it stimulates previous existence experiences when put further backward.  It's bringing you back to the start of your spirit's voyage to look at arrangements that have been established across millennia of history.

Dumortierite can also help you renegotiate them when they're no longer relevant. This stone helps you sever old connections and revoke promises by discovering and eliminating previous life sources of sickness, unpleasant situations, or connections in your daily situation.

Angelic beings, supernatural beings, other entities can use Dumortierite to let you listen, perceive, or understand divine revelation and knowledge. The tranquil core of the chakra system, which is connected with this gemstone, is a source of spiritual serenity. When you're improving your spiritual understanding and intuitive perception, use it to correct your inner vision. It's also helpful in helping you examine your actions, inclinations, or complicated puzzles. The final goal means making a successful transition toward more educated patterns of behavior.

Wearing Dumortierite

Dumortierite will help you so much if you wear it nearer to the channel where it resonates and primarily the region you wish to improve. Also, Dumortierite is a gemstone that, when worn, can assist persons struggling with dependencies in more readily working through their problems. If you or a significant person is struggling with alcoholism, they will assist you by identifying the tendencies in your present moment that are at the root of your issue.

Dumortierite at Home and Work

When it relates to riches and prosperity, Dumortierite is a lucky gemstone. It's an excellent gemstone to get, particularly for individuals establishing a company. It's a good organizing gemstone when combined with Serpentine. It will assist you in better understanding protocols and ensuring that your cognitive functions are in order. This gemstone can allow you to improve your language abilities and conquer timidity.

This gemstone will be beneficial until you need to give a lecture to a high-level customer or when you eventually seal a deal. Dumortierite also promotes emotions of peace and safety. It will provide you with contentment and mental power to aid you in your goals. This gemstone will provide clarity of thought, allowing you to spot possibilities and find answers to your job, company, or money issues.

Meditation with Dumortierite

It's an excellent gemstone for meditation and telepathic connection with otherworldly beings, spirits, animals, and other individuals. Dumortierite might help to awaken or strengthen your spiritual link and intuition. It aids you in connecting with the Eternal Spirit and obtaining Spiritual instruction. It also aids in making concerted efforts and creativity and the ability to look past difficulties. It offers a space for predictive visions to emerge.

People and Relationships

Dumortierite isn't just a lovely gemstone, but it also has a lot of psychological wisdom and skill. It is indeed a symbol of creativity, harmony, and control. This gemstone can enable a better understanding of everything and bring your head to the right place if you think your existence is a giant mess. It's a gemstone that would encourage you to rise strongly for personal growth firmly. You can't depend on others to wage your fights for you. You'll have to be there for yourself eventually to prove to people that you're not a fool.

Dumortierite's powers will also assist you in becoming more compassionate and calm. It will demonstrate how to gain command of your destiny. This gemstone will assist you in severing relationships with individuals or objects which are no longer serving you. It will assist you in breaking the pattern of unnecessary habits and teaching you like you're the only one who can influence your conduct and what occurs in your world.

Dumortierite will increase your tolerance and bravery. It would also assist you in releasing your scars so that you can endure challenging career or interpersonal conditions. The powers of Dumortierite will assist build and consolidating your connection whether you're suffering through some demanding spell with your partner.  It will provide you with the solutions you seek and the fortitude you require to do the good acts.

If you're lonely, this gemstone can allow you to find your true love. It will purify your atmosphere and draw attention to the positive aspects of your personality. Dumortierite will assist you in learning your relationship principles, no matter how tough or terrible they may be. It will demonstrate how allowing yourself to be receptive to a healthy self and joy may transform your life. This gemstone might help you realize that separating yourself from unhealthy feelings is more straightforward than you believe. Most significantly, this gemstone will assist you in staying youthful in spirit by favorably influencing your view on happiness and love.

Dumortierite Crystal Therapies

Dumortierite is exceptionally beneficial to our accomplishment with a disorder, and issues are essential elements in the problems of complex tasks. Dumortierite provides a peaceful environment where we can concentrate on the problems at stake in an ordered manner, delivering a composite of knowledge essential to resolve the development's milestones and see it through to completion. Many have also witnessed Dumortierite say in releasing cravings and attaining recovery by bridging the gap between mental clarity and emotional clarity. You may identify problems with this level of clarity, ego, and fortitude to resist.

Dumortierite and Chakras

The Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra are both connected with this gem. Speech and articulation are linked to the Throat Chakra, also known as Vishuddha. The Ajna Chakra, also called the Third Eye Chakra, is located among your temples and is linked to your intelligence and creativity. Unblocking these two channels with Dumortierite is quite beneficial since it restores your capacity to speak quickly and confidently. Engaging with the Third Eye Chakra will help you better understand the spiritual realm and how much it relates to the rest of the cosmos.

Dumortierite Shapes and Forms

Dumortierite is a versatile crystal that may be utilized as a beautiful brooch, collar, earrings, headpiece, or ordinary crystal ring. You may also use it in decorative carvings such as miniature figures and wildlife cameos. Furthermore, since Dumortierite is an uncommon type, it isn't always purchasable at your neighborhood gemstones and minerals retailer. Nonetheless, you may quickly get it from certain vendors. By its appealing blue hue, this gemstone is a good substitute for Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli.

Dumortierite Crystal Combinations

Dumortierite may be used with Clear Quartz to purify it and maintain its qualities pure and robust. Clear Quartz will amplify Dumortierite's powers as well. Dumortierite is a gemstone that blends well within new, tiny gemstone assemblages and extensive, vast gemstone libraries possessed by skilled therapists and psychics.

The qualities of this stone blend quite well with those of other crystals that you'll discover it may help you harmonize spirits upon which spiritual activity you're doing. It will moderate more intense emotions in hyperactive gemstones, while calming gemstones might be more supercharged if you need a boost.

Dumortierite Origin

This gemstone was first found at Chaponost, France, in 1881. It was dubbed after the prominent French paleontologist Eugene Gonnard Dumortier. In nations including Austria, Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia, Canada, Russia, Sri Lanka, and the United States, Dumortierite is frequently located in aluminum-rich pegmatite.

Dumortierite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

The lion symbolizes Leo. The sun rules Leo, a fixed fire symbol with a dazzling, brave, and daring vitality. Leos are known for their natural, mental talent. It's a symbol that represents the flickering flame inside all of us. Today, we'll look at Leo's characteristics and see how this symbol views existence, romance, and work, among other things. Like the sunlight that dominates it, Leo desires to be noticed again, hence why the symbol is connected with transparency, awareness, daring, compassion, and artistic instincts.

Dumortierite Energy Color

The hue of Dumortierite is a deep and vibrant blue. This hue is connected with empty areas, liberty, perception, creativity, invention, and sensibility, which signifies the skies and the seas. The color blue represents deepness, trustworthiness, love, honesty, knowledge, assurance, security, belief, and intellect. This tone can be associated with relaxation, help the system to create soothing hormones and thoughts of tranquility. Blue is also calming in character and aids in ego and harmony.

How to Care for and Cleanse Dumortierite

Due to its toughness and endurance, it requires little treatment and upkeep.  Caution is advised when wearing or storing Dumortierite accessories with more rigid materials like a Jasper, Emerald, or Tourmaline. If you're not cautious, they may damage your Dumortierite. You may wash it with a gentle towel or bristle and mild detergent. It just aims to systematically wash your Dumortierite accessories to avoid leaving a soapy deposit that will detract from its look.

You should not clean it with commercial or home solutions. You may wash your Dumortierite gemstone in a variety of ways. Smudging is such a method. It's among the quickest and simplest methods for purging stress from your gemstone. You can use smoke, wood, grass, or herb to move your gemstones over the billowing haze.

Also, don't subject it to any radiation since it can change color irreversibly. Utilize it whether enjoying recreation or doing domestic duties, just like most accessories with valuable gemstones and minerals. Preserve it apart from several other jewels in a textile container, ideally covered in delicate material.

How to Program Dumortierite

There are no unique acts or rituals required to activate and use Dumortierite gemstones to enhance your existence. Among the most efficient methods to enjoy its advantages, as with many other crystals, is to employ it in mindfulness meditation, either by carrying it or simply put it next to you when you're meditating. One other alternative is to rest with your Dumortierite crystal beneath your bed, provided that you're not laying on it and injuring your head. Taking full advantage of a crystal such as Dumortierite, keep one of these in your home and take something with you while you go about your everyday routines.

Final Thoughts on Dumortierite

Dumortierite is a magnificent crystal. You will indeed be able to attach yourself to the more significant influences of the cosmos and link to the complex forms of power that encircle you with this gemstone in your hands. It will help you connect to your former incarnations and identify their impact on your current life.


Blue, greenish-blue, violet-blue, pale blue, red

Crystal Structure:

Fibrous variably colored aluminium boro-silicate mineral




Opaque and Translucent

Chemical Composition:



Throat and Third Eye

Astrological Sign:


Numerical vibration:

Number 4


Austria, Brazil, France, Madagascar, Namibia, Canada, Russia, Sri Lanka, and the United States



physical conditions:
Emotional conditions:

Promotes emotional clarity

spiritual purposes:

Improves spiritual awareness

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