Serpentine: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

Let this gemstone’s sleek beauty and incredible healing properties improve your life.

What is Serpentine?

Serpentine is a deep green crystal made of hydrated magnesium silicate, seldom blotched or splattered, similar to a snake or serpent's skin. The crystals of the Serpentine group have comparable bodily attributes and comparable forms. Frequently, they appear as fine-grained compounds and are hard to discern in a stone.

The typical physical characteristics of this gemstone are its greenish color, enhanced appearance, and light texture. It recalls the viewer of a snake, from which its name was rooted from. Serpentine's translucent subtlety, slippery brightness, ease of shaping, and ability to achieve a polish are highly renowned. It is a familiar gem, construction element, and ornamental material with these characteristics.

Serpentine can ultimately survive thermal energy transfer. This gemstone gained its fame as an adequate heat conductor. Coarse serpentine forms, including Chrysotile, were used using several modern techniques to make asbestos. Its work is now limited as the veins are related to respiratory infections.

For the most prolonged period, serpentine has been used as an architectural material. It is achieved in a wide range of fresh and greenish colors, often features an attractive design, efficiency, and superb brightness. It has a hardness of Mohs between 3 and 6, is mixable better than granite, and is generally more demanding than most stones. This moderate hardness specifies appropriate external treatment and standing walls, floorings, covers, and glass beams that do not require scrapes or scratches.

Serpentine Meaning

The name of this gem is rooted in the snake word. While its green hue very definitely has given its name, it represents various beliefs about the characteristics of the Serpentine gem dating to old times.

Snakes have traditionally been messengers of evil in westerly culture. However, that does not mean Serpentine is a flawed stone. It is one of the oldest pillars for distinguishing wicked and shielding from bad omen, hateful behavior, and even dark magic.

Many damaging gems are remarkable for their dull tones. Sometimes, it's with a deep green hue. However, it is light or light green. The mystery of these gems, by observation, is usually not very obscure for the keepers of their adverse forces in this realm's mystic backdrop.

Serpentine gems are excellent for forming different inner serenity, presenting your strength impassable. It will restore your mentality and make it improbable for this negative energy to penetrate rather than absorb it from the surroundings.

Healing Properties

Serpentine is a gemstone that possesses unusual healing powers and properties. Its likeness to a snake or a serpent is something that many people have been mistaken for. They thought that this stone brought dark omen, jinx, bad juju. However, this stone is one of the best in terms of its therapeutic properties. Learn more about its healing properties as you read along.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Practice it to aid you to seize to the root of anything that's bothering you. It's additionally the ideal gem to assist in healing your mind from relationship trials, regardless of the lack of loyalty, partner, or anyone you formerly accorded a connection with. It besides improves you to prepare your soul and unwind into relationships anew.

Serpentine is calming to the emotional essence, enabling you to clear your doubt of change and sorrow so that you can glance forward to tomorrow with energy and enthusiasm. It prompts you of the meaningful period that the environment has determined against the comparably brief time humankind has populated this world. This viewpoint can aid you to feel selfless and more ready to contribute experience and service according to what is necessary rather than concentrating only on individual intentions.

Serpentine alleviates mood changes and is soothing in events of sensitivity and anxiety. It preserves you from conflicting energy forces. This gem also supports women who are powerless to approach orgasm due to extreme pressure.


Serpentine is valuable for therapists. It serves as a curative mental instrument to relieve emotional tension. This gem benefits you from getting connected with specific measures to unite circumstances and sensations into your presence. 

It assists you in keeping your consciousness concentrated on assertive views. This gem evokes knowledge of unenthusiastic ideas to clear them and succeed quickly with genuine thoughts.

In addition, Serpentine can assist you to be less susceptible to the ideas, observations, or beliefs of other people. It can also aid you to appear more assured and less endowed in acquiring unnecessary applause or recognition. Serpentine is a gem of self-reliance. It induces a feeling of security, spurring you to travel into different domains and communicative groups without uncertainty or hesitation. 

​Serpentine helps you get more in the direction of your course, and it alters profound and insensitive shortcomings. It assists with the purposive way of healing forces to predicament stretches. Serpentine absolves emotional burdens. If put on the neck, it will encourage you to study yesterday's events and talk about them with other people.


Serpentine promotes efforts at stabilizing your metabolism. While observing your consumption management and heeding to each therapeutic guidance you have undergone, check into your knowledge to open what you might discover troublesome to take, actually and metaphorically.

It is a magnificent cleansing gem, and it purifies the blood and the entire body. Serpentine eradicates bacteria and parasites, promotes calcium and magnesium intake, cures hypoglycemia and diabetes, and assists with endurance and durability. It aids with anxiety alleviation, is incredibly powerful, and is reliable. This gem can help in cellular restoration and replenishment of your strength levels.

Serpentine assists individuals with disruptions to the heartbeat, organ, and abdomen ailments, and persistent costiveness and constipation. It also coordinates over-acidification and incites the blood circulation in the body. This gem will also ease muscle cramps.


Serpentine grounds your spirit as you cross the pits of your sentience. With this gem in control, you will see it more peaceful to think over, and it will not appear like a daring duty. This gem is suitable for spiritual exploration practice, retreat remedy, and improvement therapy, encouraging you to clear your awareness about the origin of suspicious reasoning and view.

This gem will benefit you with meditation and a spiritual journey, clear the Chakras, and stimulate the Crown Chakra. It also prepares distinct paths to the inner force, activates your psychic senses, and encourages you to follow the spiritual foundation of life. It will assist you in cherishing past experiences and reclaiming sanity. 

Serpentine cultivates empathy and mercy for everyone. This stone also explores the deep-rooted chronicle of the world and helps you uncover your actual point in this existence. Serpentine improves connection with its bearer and the environment, including creature and plant interaction.

Serpentine treats the crystallized trims that can generate existential spiritual realities. It can assist in sustaining concentration throughout research or reflection. Finally, this stone accommodates your thoughts of ascertaining limits and discovering spiritual harmony.

Wearing Serpentine

Taking the stone with you, wearing it like a piece of jewelry, or contemplating with Serpentine will further stabilize the system designed by Mother Nature. It will also produce a wave of harmony and pleasure that will resound to the actual world.

Serpentine at Home and at Work

Putting Serpentine spheres or figures in pressure-filled places, such as your work office, can aid you to spurn negative perceptions that may mislead you from your obligations. Serpentine's green tone is associated with wealth and profession, and wearing ornaments fashioned from Serpentine is supposed to benefit you, invite abundance, realize your aspirations and support your career track – which makes this stone great for home use too.

Meditation with Serpentine

In meditation, the Serpentine can help an individual uniting with the spirit and core of the environment. It is a persuasive gem for therapists and healers who converge their knowledge and aid the world in modern changes.

Put a Serpentine gem at the Base Chakra and the Crown Chakra while carrying a Serpentine in every hand. If a facilitator or assistant is possible, have him take a Serpentine, rubs them slowly along the backbone from the base upwards, repeatedly for half an hour, or until you feel stopping.

People and Relationships

Serpentine is crucial if you are dealing with those who hold wicked intentions against you. It is twice as critical if they want to practice any spiritual or dark magic upon you. Fortunately, Serpentine is a perfect instrument to dispel jinxes if you believe someone concocts evil mystic force or even willful charms with adverse purposes.

Consequently, because of its decisive results on both sentiments, those who weigh in your domain should see you in extra assertive circumstances and acquire a genuine instinctive feeling of you, something that means positively in everything.

Serpentine Crystal Therapies

Serpentine crystals have a corresponding relationship with our fortitudes and help deliver our most authentic desires to reality. These stones will assist in our capacity to cherish and demonstrate humanitarian views. 

These minerals also help clear out worthless sentiments that may appear as bound or glue to our presence. It will seem demanding to discharge these impressions if you still consider that you were hurt. Serpentine gems will function like a debaucher to unglue unlikely sensations. The satisfaction will be meriting all of the troublesome work. 

Lastly, Serpentine aids to show us that the lingering influence of nurturing love in even the vaguest of places in the surroundings. We need to learn to embrace our wrongs before we can teach respect and admiration to everyone.

Serpentine and Chakras

If you feel that the Heart Chakra is unstable, you may experience unexpected outbursts of hatred, resentment, or criticizing people for all problems that occur in your life. You may require continuous validation of your self-value, thinking despised, or require empathy for other people.

You can relate the Lower and Higher Chakras together to accomplish evenness with this gem in hand. It will foster kindness for oneself and everyone and heighten your inherent remedial abilities.

It keeps a normal heart and blood flow. This gem, when put on the Heart Chakra, will support tissue reformation. It will also aid in restoring the whole immune system to perform at its pristine condition.

Serpentine Shapes and Forms

Good-looking Serpentine can be fashioned into an ample assortment of gems. It is most frequently formed into cabochons and jewels. They typically exhibit a spectrum of iridescent, golden, and dark colors and generally hold additional ores as exciting additions. 

Gemstone Serpentines are simple to shine. They feature some of the most remarkable finishes in all of the gems. Nevertheless, it has durability issues. This stone holds a hardness that varies from 3 to 6 based on the Mohs system

Level three is considered exceedingly soft for a gemstone but the most gently donned jewelry, like pendants, breastpins, or lockets. Level six in Mohs hardness is also not durable enough for specific application in a chain or wristband. Pearls can be crafted from the extra tough Serpentine.

Fascinating kinds of Serpentine can be shaped into artistic stone carvings. A flawless, crystalline substance with a consistent feel and without gaps and cleavages is favored. Serpentine is moderately delicate and cuts quickly. It also takes a unique glaze.

Serpentine figurines vary in dimension from centimeters to some meters in length. Jars, urns, table sets, timekeeper stands, beasts, products, flowers, mythical characters, gods, heads, and sculptures are all expected outputs created by professionals working with this valuable gemstone.

Other varieties of Serpentine contain a threadlike habit. These threads oppose heat transference, do not burst aflame, and help as excellent nonconductors of heat energy. The Serpentine crystal Chrysotile is supposed to be quickly excavated in multiple places worldwide and concocted to produce heat-resistant threads.

The application of Chrysotile and other Serpentine ores with an asbestos-like habit as nonconductors of heat has been extensive. They were publicly open, efficient in their applicability, and economical to manufacture. By the middle of the 20th century, they could be found in most buildings and vehicles. Many companies employed them to produce wall and roof tilework, boards, shingles, siding material, duct protectors, ovens, tints, and different standard construction supplies and devices.

Since the discovery related to lung and other malignancies, businesses essentially ceased their employment, and a drive to eliminate them from numerous applications was launched. Replacement schemes have been continuing for many years and are still being arranged presently. It has been one of the most high-priced replacement projects on the account.

Serpentine Crystal Combinations

Here are the best crystal combinations with Serpentine.

Serpentine and Moonstone

Regular use of Moonstone aids in making you more responsive and understanding to any request for attention and nourishing. As a result, you don't gamble becoming apart or shut off from any fellowship. A more friendly personality grows prominent in you, and in somebody's hearts, you mature as a decent individual.

When Moonstone and Serpentine are used, they create a fantastic gemstone combination that propels its bearer to new heights.

Serpentine and Tiger's Eye

The Tiger's Eye signifies the tiger's intensity, courage, and determination, admired globally and historically. It is also thought that the Tigers Eye's vitality helps its conveyor burst loose from the locks of grief and anger and ultimately propel you to positivity. It is also convenient for those who sense like they are not progressive.

When Tiger's Eye and Serpentine are paired, they form a sturdy stone of protection that you will surely love.

Serpentine and Jade

Jade Crystal gems have been employed for many ages because of their charming character and artistic excellence and the enormous energy they hold. Its green color is what draws connoisseurs because it mirrors the richness of life.

When employed with Serpentine, this crystal combination is a force to reckon with when it comes to genuine beauty and healing powers.

Serpentine Origin

Serpentine can be extracted worldwide. But significant manufacturers can primarily find deposits in countries like Canada, Greece, Korea, and New Zealand.

Serpentine Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

The Serpentine gemstone may be the emblem of the intellect for those conceived under the zodiac of Virgo, the Virgin.  For individuals born in November, Serpentine is also the birthstone.

Serpentine Energy Color

The color green is related to the concepts of maturity, peace, newness, security, productivity, and nature in the hue of life, rejuvenation, strength, and power. Green is also commonly linked to business, economics, investment, purpose, covetousness, and envy.

How to Care for and Cleanse Serpentine

Healing gemstones, such as Serpentine, generally accumulate energy. It is something that creates a unique impression. However, it’s also the entirety of the grounds that you should purge these gems frequently.

When you discover how to cleanse your crystals, you can exercise preparing so when you require. The method is swift and straightforward, which implies that everyone can make it quickly. Just wash the stone with warm, soapy water. Rinse it, then use a soft piece of cloth to dry it.

The following move is to recharge them if you've washed your gem. While therapeutic crystals have natural assertive affluence, it is more vital to replenish them. When you give them good energy, these crystals may perform more efficiently, and you will notice more substantial changes.

How to Program Serpentine

When they are activated or devoted to a particular goal of their choice, gemstones gain their powers. The finest moment to accomplish it is when you have cleansed your gem. Consider what you would like to encourage this gemstone if it comes with a career change or talking to oneself more lovingly. 

While carrying the gemstone with your left hand, you should picture and understand what that purpose is like. When you know the reason for this gem, end the procedure stating openly, 'This is the reason for which I devote the gemstone.'

Final Thoughts

Serpentine is a precious gem to include in your set. Since it has such substantial abilities to dissipate hostility and convey positivity into your life, it can play a part in your jewelry set. It generally demands versatile gems to succeed.

Serpentine can have beautiful outcomes on your profession, connections, and knowledge to stay steady in the look of adverse spirit from other people. If you need to supplement just one gem to your set and create an arrangement of decisive results, the gem is suitable.

By utilizing the Serpentine gem, you can place up a boundary separating your heart from the morose forces without reducing the quantity of decisive energy running your system. It is the ideal gem for changing your fate instantly.


Green, Black, Yellow, Olive Green

Crystal Structure:






Chemical Composition:

(Mg,Fe,Ni,Al,Zn,Mn)₂₋₃ (Si,Al,Fe)₂O₅(OH)₄


Crown Chakra, Third Eye, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Root Chakra

Astrological Sign:

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Numerical vibration:

3, 6


Ural Mountains of Russia, around Greece and Cyprus, and in the mountain ranges of New Zealand, Austria, France, Italy and the U.S



physical conditions:

Cleansing and detoxifying for the body and blood.

Emotional conditions:

Corrects mental and emotional imbalances, helping you to feel more in control of your life.

spiritual purposes:

Aids in meditation and enhances spiritual exploration

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