Tigers Eye: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

Learn how to use Tigers Eye’s incredible potential, healing properties, and wonders to shape a better future for you.

What is Tigers Eye?

Tiger’s Eye is a gemstone with a golden to red-brown color and a silky sheen with a translucent opaqueness and iron stripes. In the past, the Tigers Eye was conventionally used as a talisman to oppose curses and spells.

Source: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/tiger-eye-mineral-texture-gm1068340860-285766353

Commonly, a Tigers Eye is seen with a yellowish color. It is said to be a powerful amulet that helps loosen oneself from dread and uneasiness.

In addition, it promotes harmony and equilibrium, especially to the mind.

What does a Tigers Eye Represent?

The Tiger’s Eye symbolizes the tiger’s strength, bravery, and courage, revered throughout history and worldwide. Let’s take a look at how different cultures define the Tigers Eye.

The early Egyptians were charmed by the Tigers Eye. Because of its shimmering rays, it was then believed to symbolize the heavens above. Also, the famous sculptures of their great deities featured the Tigers Eye as their actual Eye.

Remember the Romans? Their chain mails had a Tigers Eye on them, which served as some ‘protective mystic.’ They also were huge fans of the Tigers Eye.

The Roman soldiers also wore them as a sign of gallantry in combat. 

For the Chinese, the Tigers Eye is significant. They look up to it because it signifies one of the zodiacs – the tiger. It is believed that the tiger is responsible for all our earthly physical pleasures felt with the senses. 

In Africa, lions are the ‘king’ of the jungle – but not for the Easterners. They see the tiger as the apex predator – the top of the food chain – the true ‘king’ of all beasts.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-photography-of-tiger-792381/

Hence, it is also considered that the Tigers Eye has supreme energy entrenched in it. Such energy provides its bearer the control of its very existence, including the body, the thoughts, and the spirit.

Have you heard of the ‘all-seeing eye’ or the ‘all-powerful eye?’ Did you know that the Tigers Eye is regarded as these two?

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/wood-light-nature-love-6806708/

Going back to ancient times, the concept of the all-seeing Eye has rocked the world, which was described differently depending on the cultural representation of a country. 

Some believed it depicted the eyes of God as if it was a source of goodness.

Others claimed it to be evil – thus, the evil eye belief.

Regardless of how the world saw the Tigers Eye, there is no denying that it was and will always be one of the most exciting and historical stones.

Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eye    

There are many tremendous therapeutic benefits that the Tigers Eye stone possesses. Let’s go ahead and delve deeper into it.


Are you suffering from depression? Are you always lonely? Do you feel like you’ve never really had a meaning in your life? 

Don’t fret! Get yourself a Tigers Eye. It is encompassed by an emotional solid healing enchantment that relieves its bearer of any distress, sadness, dismay, anxiety, fear, or any negative energy.


It is believed that the Tigers Eye’s vigor helps its bearer to break free from the latches of sorrow and resentment and eventually pushes you to positivity. It is also very effective for those who feel like they are going nowhere.

If you ever feel stuck, then a Tigers Eye crystal should be your best friend.

Whether you lack self-confidence or you’re just really feeling down because you broke up with your long-time partner, the Tigers Eye can uplift your spirit and help you overcome emotional hurdles. 

There’s no cap to what the Tigers Eye can help you with regarding your emotional needs – not even emotional issues due to financial-related situations. It is just unlimited with its capability to set you apart from any toxicity that usually causes mental anguish for everyone.


If you want to fortify your bloodstream or balance your endocrine system, then the Tigers Eye is the gem for you. It is overflowing with liveliness and always ready to lift someone out of a funk. The Tigers Eye gives off an incredible amount of motivation to whoever lays their skin on it from its bold aura.

Other physical therapeutic benefits include the following:

A significant increase in metabolism: The Tigers Eye is believed to help maintain the proper flow of metabolism to its bearer’s body, helping preserve weight.

Energy arousal: If you feel light and weak, then the Tigers Eye stone can help. It releases vital and positive energy that can get anyone on their feet.

Smoother sex drive: Now, this is where things get interesting. The Tigers Eye not only emits positivity or provides a better flow for your body, but it also helps its bearer gains a heightened sex drive. So if you’re having issues with your partner, better get yourself a Tigers Eye!

Promotes hormonal balance: The Tigers Eye is effective for people who have been experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalances such as weight gain, fatigue, muscle pain, and many more.

Moreover, the Tigers Eye represents the sun’s rays as it emits a magical wave to its bearer, helping lessen stress and depression.


Since the Tigers Eye effectively removes negative energy, it becomes a distinct companion in taking care of your spiritual life.

Did you know that everyone has a psychic ability? Yes, you read that right! More than a quarter of people believe humans possess psychic powers. Everyone is a psychic, but not everyone can tap into their ability and fully open it for use.  

Wait, what does that have to do with the Tigers Eye? Are your eyebrows raised? Your question is on point! Let’s put it this way: the Tigers Eye can help you activate your psychic powers. The Tigers Eye is believed to ‘amplify’ its bearer’s psychic abilities. Eventually, it leads to opening the ‘third eye.’ 

Tigers Eye Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Aside from its rich history, the Tigers Eye is known for its healing properties. It can also be worn as an accessory or a piece of jewelry. 

Wearing Tigers Eye

As powerful as a charm Tigers Eye is, there are a lot of ways to wear it. It also boosts your fashion statement as it can be made as adornments. One of the most popular Tigers Eye accessories is a bracelet. There are hundreds of thousands of Tigers Eye bracelets sold online. Most of them are round and oval-shaped, and they have a glowing look. 

Tigers Eye jewelry is also rocking the online world. Rings, necklaces, earrings, piercings, and others are just some of the most magnificent gems found on different websites.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/unrecognizable-person-with-handmade-silver-ring-4073152/

It’s not surprising that Tigers Eye products are loved by many because of the benefits gained from wearing them.

Tigers Eye at Home                                             

In feng shui, the Tigers Eye is believed to bring good luck. It is represented by the fire element, which serves as a light in dark times. If you have a Tigers Eye at home, it will positively affect the entire house. It also promotes confidence and initiative in succeeding in life goals.

Furthermore, an excellent way to use the Tigers Eye at home is by enhancing the Bagua map. The Bagua map has different areas, and the Tigers Eye can supply positive energy to these areas, fortifying the relationship and bond of the family at home.

Tigers Eye at Work

If you are struggling to achieve your goals, a Tigers Eye can boost your chances. It doesn’t matter if you own a company or a business or just an employee. The Tigers Eye’s positive and fearless attributes will bring you success.

There are many ways to associate charm with your work. Wear a Tigers Eye bracelet, or put a Tigers Eye totem on your desk. Also, remember to work hard because success is always next to hard work.

Don’t be confused, though. If you want to be famous, the Tigers Eye may not work for you. Success and fame are two different animals.

Only you can make yourself famous. 

Meditation with Tigers Eye

Are you having trouble with your sleep lately? Are you stressed or emotionally down? Try meditating. It is a great way to relax your senses and calm your mind. If you want to get away from the hardships in life, posture up, close your eyes and think peacefully.

The Tigers Eye can help revitalize your meditation exercise. The healing properties and powers of the Tigers Eye ignite the fire within and helps in maintaining the serenity while meditating.

Several blogs and articles online can provide you details about the Tigers Eye-guided meditation exercise.

People and relationships

­In connection with its mind-related healing properties, the Tigers Eye is also known to have firm control over your relationship. It not only heal you physically, mentally, and spiritually, but it also rejuvenates any scar caused by anyone. 

It is probably one of the most helpful powers of the Tigers Eye. Your connection to the people around you is essential to your existence. If there’s any miscommunication or misunderstanding, the abundant positivity that the Tigers Eye stone has should be enough to cure them.

It’s true; it feels good to have a solid relationship with the people around you – your family, friends, and colleagues.

Tigers Eye Crystal Therapies

The Tigers Eye crystal, which is known to be an 18th Anniversary gem, has incredible therapeutic prowess. It encourages stable yin yang and emotional state. The Tigers Eye crystal also helps remedy injuries or pain sustained in the eyes, throat, and reproductive organs.

The Tigers Eye crystal also helps to rectify and reinforce the spinal column position. It is also effective in relieving pain from fractured bones.

Other therapeutic benefits of the Tigers Eye crystal:

·         Focus

·         Clear Mind

·         Develops Willpower

·         Happier Life

Tigers Eye and Chakras

Chakras are different focus points utilized in a range of ancient meditation methods. Chakra can find such a notion in Hinduism’s early customs. What the chakras do is draw in energy by spinning. The ‘spinning’ is done to maintain the body’s health in check, including the body, the mind, and the spirit.

The Tigers Eye gem is related to three chakra areas: the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus chakras.

It is believed that chakras can be blocked and eventually be opened. The Tigers Eye can be a great piece in solving the puzzle of blocked chakras. All you need to do is put the Tigers Eye on the chakra area that needs awakening, then meditate. Focus on your breathing pattern, inhale and exhale slowly and thoroughly.

If you are working on relieving angst, uncertainty, and anger, awakening the root chakra will help. On the other hand, if you want to overcome the fear of affection, the sacral chakra needs to be awakened. Lastly, opening the solar plexus chakra helps in regaining lost self-confidence. 

Chakra is life, and the Tigers Eye improves life in unique ways.          

Tigers Eye Shapes and Forms

Just like any other gem, Tigers Eye also has different shapes and forms. The most popular shape is round or oval. Round Tigers Eye can be made as buttons, accessories, design in clothing, landscape design for home or office use, wallpapers, and many more. On the other hand, oval-shaped Tigers Eye can become tumbled stones, pebbles, cabochons, and the likes.

Source: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/pebble-of-tiger-eye-mineral-gm883055018-245653255

Another known Tigers Eye shape is a pyramid. Some of the most notable pyramid-shaped Tigers Eye is small obelisks and totems used as charms, even as design.

Tigers Eye also makes a piece of unique jewelry. Whether it takes several shapes and forms, it produces a beautiful ornament. For instance, Tigers Eye harvested from South Africa is mixed and dyed with different colors and flawlessly shaped to form quartz.

Manufacturers can customize plates from any material available. Tigers Eye plates have seen a trend because of their artistic look. Most Tigers Eye plates are used as ‘chargers.’ Sounds interesting.

You may be wondering how these charging plates are used. Well, it doesn’t charge something – as if it supplies power. What it provides is positive energy. It’s straightforward: place any item on it, and the Tigers Eye will optimize its positive energy.

A well-known Tigers Eye charging plate type is the Orgone charging plate. Orgone energy has been employed for a variety of positive reasons since its creation. Orgones have been shown to help with everything from awakening blocked chakras to improving the sleep pattern.

Source: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/667025394788511468/

Orgone energy has a plethora of beneficial properties. Orgone charging plates are known as an Orgonite devices. Its plates produce a purifying effect to cleanse the ambiance, creating a better feel for you.

Tigers Eye is also used in creating handicrafts and sculptures. Popular products include Celestial Angel sculpture, Skull Pendant, Sitting Buddha Statue, Crystal Skull, Carved Dolphin, Crystal Egg, and many more. Any product that is made out of Tigers Eye becomes extra special. 

Tigers Eye Crystal Combination

Let’s check out some of the best crystal combinations for Tigers Eye!

Tigers Eye – Brown Jasper

Source: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/brecciated-jasper-gm172973781-6882558

When Tigers Eye and Brown Jasper are combined, it makes a solid protective stone. It is prominent to those who want to maintain life balance and good health.

Tigers Eye (Yellow) – Sunstone

Earlier, we learned about the three chakras that Tigers Eye is responsible for. One of them is the solar plexus. When a yellow Tigers Stone is paired with a Sunstone, it emits a powerful vibe.

Source: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/uncut-sunstone-gm576909520-99155513

The two stones are perfect together because Tigers Eye reverberates the excellent vibration that Sunstone has.

Tigers Eye – Citrine

Tigers Eye plus Citrine equals abundance – that’s the most accessible equation in life!

Citrine is called the “abundance stone.” It attracts all the positivity when it comes to financial abundance. It also has fantastic benefits on your chakra as they become energized as the abundance stone possesses incredible power.

Source: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/pebble-of-citrine-mineral-gem-stone-isolated-gm516388888-88966169

The positive energy of Tigers Eye and the abundance magnet that Citrine brings to the table is a sight to behold.

Tigers Eye – Pyrite

If you’re a Leo, you might as well have a massive smile on your face because this combination is for you! Pyrite is derived from the Greek word ‘pry,’ which is by definition’ fire.’ If you want to have a cleaner conscience and a satisfied mindset, the Tigers Eye – Pyrite combo is for you to try.

Source: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/pyrite-crystals-gm943000518-257688967

With its brilliant and warm vitalities, The Tiger’s Eye promotes consciousness and solidity, as well as motivation, determination, and bravery. You can try other beautiful combos with the magical Tigers Eye gemstone, but the ones listed above are the finest.

Tigers Eye Origin

Tigers Eye is usually found in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, China, and Spain. However, the primary source of Tigers Eye is really in Griquatown West, South Africa. 

Tigers Eye Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Who would have thought that there is a zodiac-based rule of who should be wearing a Tigers Eye? That’s right! Let’s find out.

Source: https://www.vectorstock.com/royalty-free-vector/set-zodiac-signs-white-background-vector-12214225

There is an astrological connection between the Tigers Eye and the zodiacs. Everything is set apart by the planets that rule the sign. The Tigers Eye is ruled by the sun and mars. If, and only if, a sign’s ruling planet directly opposes that of the Tigers Eye’s, then you should not be wearing them. 

How can you find out which planets clash with that of the Tigers Eye? They are Venus and Saturn.

With that being said, here are the zodiacs who should not be wearing the Tigers Eye:

·         Taurus

·         Libra

·         Capricorn

·         Aquarius

·         Virgo

You might be wondering, why? Well, if you are one of the zodiacs abovementioned, you should not be wearing a Tigers Eye. It is believed to lead these signs to arrogance and disaster. It also emits negative energies like dullness and anxiousness.

Nevertheless, the Tigers Eye is great for making jewelry. It can be crafted into a necklace, a ring, an armband, and many more. It can also be used as a material in clothing.

Wearing the Tigers Eye has always been a custom – as long as your planets stay in parallel with it.

Tigers Eye Energy Color

Tigers Eyes have healing-related attributes connected to their color.

Blue: Blue-colored Tigers Eye is a soothing and stress-relieving stone. It helps the irritable, nervous, and fixated. It also helps reduce metabolism, calms excessive sex desire, and relieves sexual irritability.

Red: Red-colored Tigers Eye is a motivating gem that can help you get out of a stench and become motivated. On the contrary, with a blue-colored Tigers Eye, the red stone boosts metabolism. Low sex desire is also heightened.

Yellow/Gold: Yellow or gold-colored Tigers Eye releases peaceful energy, which is beneficial for those who want to clear their minds, develop better intuition, release tension, stimulate the senses, and relieve stress and depression.

How to Care for Tigers Eye

It is a must to take extra caution when using Tigers Eye for anything. Since it brings positivity and tremendous energy, it deserves to be maintained well.

Even if it is considered a durable mineral, the Tigers Eye is still vulnerable to shattering. If you use Tigers Eye as a home or office decoration, it has to be put somewhere safe from falling or breaking. If put on an elevated plane, like a tabletop, or a TV set, it needs to be far from the edge.

Any charm needs to be taken care of. Remember that the way we treat our things reflects our personality.

How to Cleanse Tigers Eye

Are you sending a Tigers Eye gem as a present? You better clean it first. Here’s how:

1. Immerse it in salt and water solution overnight.

2. Wash it with fresh water.

3. Dry it in the sun for a couple of hours.

4. Wipe it with a cotton cloth.

The steps listed above are imperative in keeping Tigers Eye gems clean. An essential part of the procedure is keeping Tigers Eye from scratches and scrapes. 

It is also highly recommended to perform such a process every three months to keep its cheerful vibe.

How to Program Tigers Eye

Any charm requires its bearer to program it for full effect. If you want to experience the upbeat and optimism that Tigers Eye yields, activate it by following these steps:

1. Find a quiet place, sit down, release the tension, and be calm.

2. Close your eyes slowly, feel the serenity around you.

3. Hold the gem and place it towards the chakra area you want awakened (root, sacral, solar plexus).

4. Empty your mind and let the powers of Tigers Eye fill your soul as it opens your door to its wonders.

Life is all about how we live it. Whether we do good or bad things, time can only tell. Charms like Tigers Eye are just an add-on. The impact that these gems bring is enormous. We should use them wisely and remember that we are always responsible for everything that happened, happens, and will happen.


Yellow, Gold, Brown

Crystal Structure:

Trigonal / hexagonal; fibrous aggregate


6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale



Chemical Composition:

SiO2; Silicon dioxide


Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Root Chakra

Astrological Sign:

Leo, Capricorn

Numerical vibration:

4, 7


Thailand and the Northern Cape province of South Africa. Other notable deposits and sources include Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Korea, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Spain and the USA



physical conditions:

Energetically supports the healing of the eyes; Facilitates healing of male reproductive disorders; Energetically assists in healing broken bones

Emotional conditions:

Particularly useful for healing psychosomatic illnesses, dispelling fear and anxiety.

spiritual purposes:

Powerful energy to aid spiritual healing.

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