Crystal Points and Crystal Towers: Uses and Healing Benefits (2021)

Crystal Points and Crystal Towers: Uses and Healing Benefits (2021)

What are Crystal Points and Towers

Crystal points and towers are ideal for spiritual practice or any space for healing ritual objects. These 2 are the perfect combination of crystals that can be beneficial to you, especially if you want to attract the energy of love and relationship into your life. However, to further learn and differentiate crystal points and crystal towers, a crystal point has a strongly defined apex on either side or each side of the crystal. A crystal tower is a crystal that has large towers or short points and is usually used to amplify purposes.

Difference between Crystal Points and Towers

Crystals are all-natural, altruistic, and Reiki-activated to provide healing to your life, and crystal points and towers are generally part of this category in terms of shape. Both of these crystal classifications are different yet kind of similar.

A crystal point is a powerful and useful tool. A crystal point has the characteristics of points on either side or on both sides, which is a sharply defined spike in the crystal. Crystal points can occur in all sizes — from the smallest to the biggest. It is present in any type of crystal such as quartz crystals, sodalite crystal points, pink opalite points, citrine crystal points and so many more.

Crystal towers may be large (towers) or short (points) and are usually used to enhance reasons. Crystal towers concentrate the energy you can direct from the crystal. They are great for the purpose and the canalization of energy. Crystal towers also come in different types of crystal classification such as amethyst crystal points, citrine crystal points, labradorite gemstone towers as well as quartz points.

Both crystal points and towers can be differentiated in their shape, structure, uses, and benefits as well as the type of available crystals as well. 

Crystal Points and Towers Benefits

Both the crystal points and the crystal towers provide benefits that will surely hook you up. Crystal points benefits include;  powerful amplifiers for energy, so with their energy efficiency clusters are particularly powerful. It also helps in setting intentions and manifestation by attracting positive affirmations from the universe towards your life. These crystals also uplift your mood and mental health as well as it brings harmony to your life. Furthermore, crystal towers’ benefits include; generating energy to amplify intentions and positivity. It also helps to increase local vibration. It brings loving energies and helps balance your life. Crystal points and towers provide benefits that you surely won’t want to miss!

How to Use Crystal Points and Towers

Crystal points and towers can be used in so many things because both of these crystals amplify positive energy to come into your life. The two of them will serve as a great combination to utilize the crystal’s energy. However, to further understand their individual uses, we need to dig deeper.

The crystal points in a cluster vibrate harmoniously together to produce positive energy and to transmute negativity through every space. This is why it has many uses, particularly, it is widely used as an air purifier because it cleanses the environment, the negative energy surrounding it, and attracts positivity. It is also used for meditation and healing because it has the energy that cleanses not just the environment but your body and within. This crystal protects in terms of physical and mental aspects as it reflects the negative energy that is coming towards you. In addition, they are powerful crystals that amplify energy and manifestations. 

Crystal towers are generally used to attract and amplify energy. It also provides varieties of uses. First, Crystal towers are ideal to apply to focus their purpose and energy in the center of a grid. It is also a good option for crystals to be put in your workplace or space where you work because it provides the ability to focus and generate productivity. Additionally, it is also used for meditation and healing because it provides focus and calmness, as well as drives the energy that is stuck and stagnant to flow and be powerful again. 

Overall, both of these crystals mainly focus on attracting positive energy and repelling the negative energy that is accumulating in your life. These crystals are also both used in meditation and healing as it provides calmness and restoration. And either crystal points or crystal towers will be great if you want to amplify energy.

Healing Properties of Crystal Points and Towers

List of  Powers

Crystal points and crystal powers both have powerful energy, even so, they still are different in terms of how they utilize their chakra energy. To further discuss their powers…

Did you wonder why the point of crystal is considered the best power generator? Well, that is because of its structure. The stones are cut into the form of a Crystal Point or a natural Crystal Pointcut at the base that will allow it to stand. Like all points, they focus and direct energy to the point of conclusion in order to effectively amplify its energy towards our intentions.

The power of a tower is up and down. They emit highly concentrated and directional energy wherever they are located which influences the surrounding area and any other nearby crystals. Because of how strong its energy is, their energy is not only concentrated on yourself but it also transmits towards the people around you.  

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Both the crystal points and crystal towers have a powerful energy that can target any intention and make it work in your life. Hence, both of these crystals are great options if you want to uplift positive emotions and healing into your life.

To explore further, crystal points are often divided into generator points to increase energy and the intentions of our customers. This is why you can use it to give you forgiveness, acceptance, and love. It also has a factor of calmness that can suppress your anger and will give you peace. 

While crystal towers also have similar healing intents with crystal points. It amplifies negative energy into your life, particularly bad luck in love and relationships. As well as calm and create emotional balance into your life, especially if needed.

Overall, both of these crystal energies will bring you loving energy may it be in your romantic relationship, family, or friends, as well as it brings balance into your relationship.


This pair of crystals is notable for their meditation healing properties because of how omnipotent their energy is! This energy is used to rebuke the negative energy that is in your life and those that will come. Hence, it is widely used by crystal healers.

Crystal points, however, facilitate the release of any negative attachment into your body. It will stabilize your aura which will ultimately help you to develop discernment and self-confidence. Meditating with or placing a crystal point in your hands will help clear your mind of confusion, stress, and anxiety.

Whereas crystal towers also have a powerful and protective energy that is best suited for meditation. This crystal helps you to focus and calm down. The meditation of a tower allows any blocked energy to flow again and helps you to reset and feel more energetic.

In conclusion, you can use both crystal points or crystal towers in your meditation. Or if you want a powerful effect, you can even combine both!


Crystal points and crystal towers both provide healing may it be emotionally, mentally as well as physically. Particularly, both of these crystals are very helpful if you want to treat physical illness and discomfort because their energy penetrates your body. For some instances, crystal points and crystal towers target specific physical healing.

Hence, to dig deeper, crystal points can be utilized to send healing energy to yourself and others. If you want to send physical healing to someone you can write the physical address of a place on the back of your photo if they are in the hospital or at a specific location. Put your picture at the top of your crystal and visualize it as healthy.

While in crystal towers, it provides energy purification and release, or new energy input, for your physical needs. You can try to visualize the energy that moves out or into your body and that passes through and clears each chakra.


One of the most notable uses of both crystal point and crystal towers is spiritual healing. Its energy is powerful and divine that will surely connect you to the healing spirits. To dwell deeper into crystal point and crystal tower…

Crystal points provide spiritual healing that can make you grow as a person and bring positive affirmations into your life. Because the configuration of the crystal points represents a chakra system with a pointed tip that links the crown chakra to a divine source and the crystal base that provides a foundation.

Crystal towers are best fitted for those who work with spiritual healing, this is a powerful step because it gives clarity both within and around you and helps you to get rid of any negativity while you are in a deep meditative state. 

In addition, using both of these crystals for spiritual healing will heal your soul and spirit, and It also brings forth intuition and clear dreams.


Crystal Points and Towers Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Crystal Points and Towers at Home 

Focusing to match up your home with a perfect crystal? Well, say no more because crystal points and towers may be the choice for you! Both of these crystals can be used to increase the local vibration in your space. It also helps to absorb the negative energy in your surroundings leading to open doors for positive energy. Both of these crystals are used to feng shui your home because it lifts and cleanses the energy of your room. To utilize the energy more into your home it is recommended to palace the crystals in every corner of the space to create a vortex of energy, or you can put on or in any religious space on your altar.

Crystal Points and Towers at Work

Concentration and focus are some of the notable uses of crystal points and towers, making them suitable for workspace as well as in your business. Placing these crystals on your desk, tables or any area where you do work will give you a sharp and direct strength for focusing on whatever you are working on, especially because of their ability to support concentration and focus. In addition, it will attract wealth, success, and great abundance in your life, job, and business. It can also be used as a manifestation in terms of your career and financial freedom as abundance in your surroundings.

Meditation with Crystal Points and Towers

One of the go-to crystals that everyone uses for meditation is crystal points and crystal towers. Both of these crystals have proven their effectiveness when it comes to mental healing. Both of these crystals are ideal for meditation as it helps you concentrate on the current moment. These crystals are chosen for meditation because they amplify their energy fields and send out a gentle vibration that provides clean energy to anything in the room or home of your meditation. There are proper ways where you can utilize its energy, you can place the crystals in your hands or place them in front of you. 

Crystal Points and Towers for Crystal Grids

Crystal points and crystal towers are a powerful crystal tool which makes them an excellent crystal for any crystal grid. With a crystal point and towers at the top of the mandalas or in the crystal grids, the energy of your intention and your entire grid is magnified and strengthened. Both of these crystals help guide you to fully utilize the energy in a room or your home. To fully utilize these energies into the crystal, you can take a little piece of paper to your intention and place it in the center of your grid under the point. Think of your crystal point, even when you don't think about your focused intention into the universe.

Crystal Points and Towers for Therapies

One of the remarkable applications of crystal points and towers is therapy. Due to various their range of physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits, they have long been used by critical therapists. Both of these crystals have different ways of utilizing their energy for therapies. 

For instance, crystal points energy is powerful in that it can touch and heal any space in your life that aligns with your intention. It is versatile to the point that it can be used for healing, meditation, self-growth as well as finding relationships. There are recommended ways to make use of the crystal points energy, when placing the crystal points facing away, the crystal point directs energy outward. The crystal focuses the energies inside when it is positioned in the inward direction.

But when it comes to crystal towers, these crystals concentrate on the energy which you can direct from the crystal. They are great for amplifying purposes and the energy can be channeled. It specifically works on taking away the negative energy in your body as well as your surroundings. 

In conclusion, both of these crystals provide healing to all aspects of your life, especially if you are dealing with negative energy. These crystals work and promote balance to your body, mind, and soul. Hence, they are widely used by crystal therapists. 

Crystal Points and Towers and Chakras 

Crystal points and crystal towers both possess powerful energy. This energy mainly focuses on driving away from the negative energy into your life. In addition, it provides balance and harmony with the yin and yang beings in our life. 

Crystal points directed at all their energy chakra into your life and focuses it at the termination point. Through this one, it can be used in any type of therapy. Particularly, the structure of crystal points provides an energetic, re-équilibrating, and protective focal point. 

While crystal towers amplify the chi energy into your life while providing users with protective characteristics. In which, the purity of energy allows greater spiritual guidance because it amplifies vibrational energy that makes it clear how at this time we feel spiritual.

Overall, Both the crystal points and the crystal towers are must-have crystals in every collection.

Crystal Points and Tower Types

Citrine Points and Towers

Citrine points crystal is also known as “money stone” because optimism and energy are thought to be raised to a location where opportunities are manifested and accepted. It has been said that energy offers many benefits, particularly in business, to promote and manifest success and wealth. It brings warmth and happiness to all aspects of your life, may it be in your career, business, relationships, mental health, and well-being.

Quartz Points and Towers

Quartz is widely known to increase and amplify energy. And quartz points are a magnificent addition to any collection of crystals and a must for crystal healing because of how versatile it is. The crystal's energy is believed to be concentrated in quartz points and can be used as cure and purification instruments. It is intended to increase energy through absorption, storage, release, and control. 

Amethyst Points and Towers

Amethyst points have many benefits for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state. Amethyst activates the mind, opens intuition, and improves mental abilities. It also relieves stress, alleviates irritability, balances mood shifting, and dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety. Amethyst is a natural reassurance. It also reduces sorrow and sorrow and breaks down negativity.

Clear Quartz Points and Towers

The name “Master healer” is always associated with clear quartz which is said to be used in amplifying energy and thinking as well as other crystals' effects. The energy is absorbed, stored, released, and regulated. Clear quartz crystal points raise energy, heals emotionally, eliminates negativity, and increases awareness.

Smoky Quartz Points and Towers

Smoky quartz points and towers are said to clear the environment from negative energy by laying it on the ground. This crystal scatters fear, raises depression and negative effects. It brings emotional peace, stress, and anxiety to relieve. As well as, it encourages positive thinking and action and reduces the tendencies of suicide. Disperse your dreams and dispel nightmares.

Rose Quartz Points and Towers

Rose quartz point is the universal love stone. It re-establishes confidence and harmony and promotes unconditional love. This stone is purifying and opening up the heart in all walks of life for the promotion of love, self-love, friendship, and inner healing. Rose quartz also removes negative effects and protects against pollution and replaces it with loving vibrations.

Onyx Points and Towers

Onyx is a foundation for calming fears and rooting the body's spiritual energy. It's said to create a sense of security that allows us to see past fears. It is widely used to protect you and shield you from negative energy. It also increases discipline to make it easier to pursue goals and complete tasks.

Fluorite Points and Towers


Fluorite is a very protective and stable stone that is useful for the grounding of spiritual energy and for harmonization. Fluorite in the form of a point is useful to purify the power of a room and to set your intentions. Overall, it takes away negative energy and stress and neutralizes them.

Labradorite Points and Towers

This is a strong gem, labradorite, which helps you to discern the real, tangible shape of your dreams and objectives through any illusions. One of its notable uses is that it helps individuals recover energy while helping the spirit and body heal themselves.

Obsidian Points and Towers

Obsidian is a pillar of reflection, and it forms a shield against negativity, an extremely protective stone. It also blocks the psychological attack and absorbs the environment with negative energies.

Jasper Points and Towers

One of the most popular viewpoints of Jasper's deeper meaning is that it brings with it energy or vibration of harmony, tranquility, and quietness. Jaspers are delicate to work with and tend to nurture, ground, and reinforce.

Aquamarine Points and Towers

The pure crystalline water and the exhilaration and relaxation of the sea are all evoked by aquamarine. They bring so many benefits especially with healing, because of their ability to release blockages in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being.

Agate Points and Towers

Agate is a great stone to rebalance and bring your body, spirit, and soul into harmony. The aura is cleansed and stabilized, negativity removed and transformed. Agate also improves your mental function and improves concentration, perception, and analysis skills.

Crystal Points and Tower Combinations

Both crystal points and crystal towers attain powerful energy that is why it is used in so many things. Crystals under these shape categories can be used themselves or can be combined to produce more effective results! Here is the best crystal combination of crystal points and towers:

Rose Quartz and Amethyst Points and Towers

Both rose quartz and amethyst can be categorized in crystal points and towers. The amethyst and rose quartz crystals pair are so popular because of the energy it emits for healing. Most especially, it became a physical and spiritual-energetic medium when mixed up.

Amethyst and Citrine Points and Towers

Amethyst and Citrine are a wonderfully matching combination. Citrine is a beautiful crystal that manifests and produces an abundance of blessings. Amethyst has a complete list of healing benefits, including dissipation of fear, anxiety, and anger.

Lapis Lazuli and Onyx Points and Towers

Lapis Lazuli and Onyx together are a strong combination of gemstones. Lapis Lazuli and Onyx can bring you closer and even keep the conversation going. Both of these gemstones will boost your relations and friendships with energy.

How To Care For Crystal Points and Towers

Just like any type of crystals, crystal points and crystal towers are powerful and can absorb a great amount of energy when it is used, that is why crystal healers and therapists recommend properly take care of your crystal. 

There are proper ways that you can take care of your crystals. Just put your crystals on the water, salt, or rice in your crystal. You can only be careful with a soak for hardened gem rocks and soft gem rocks. Let soak, remove the solution, and rinse lightly with water when required for an indefinite period.

How To Cleanse Crystal Points and Towers

Because crystals are always exposed to negative energy it is recommended to cleanse them so that you can use them over and over again. Here are the few ways you can do to cleanse your crystal points and towers:

Use Sea Salt

Water and sea salt can contribute to removing unwanted energy from your stone. If the stone isn't fragile, it should be fine with sea salt.

Use Other Stones

Cleansing crystals like quartz and citrine can help other crystal stones for their cleansing. By stacking these crystals on top, or keeping them all in the same bag, any crystals you require clearing will be effectively cleaned.

Use Running Water

It is also a very efficient cleaning process to keep your crystal under running water. As you do, ask the universe for all its negativity to be removed.

How To Program Crystal Points and Towers

Crystal points and towers are very powerful for manifestation so that your dreams, desires, and intentions can be realized faster. Crystals are not scheduled on how they should work, but for certain purposes, many people find programming useful. Because you set a crystal clear intent for what you need assistance with when you program a crystal.

What you can do is to find a place you're not going to be disturbed. Relax and breathe deeply and please take in and hold your cleaned crystal in front of your Third Eye Chakra (just above eye level). Then, you can tell one of the following or the same words out loud or in your head as you focus on your crystal and your clear intent.

By doing so, it is guaranteed that your crystal pints and towers will work to their full potential.

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