Crystal Egg: Uses, Benefits, Properties (2021)

Crystal Egg: Uses, Benefits, Properties (2021)

What are Crystal Eggs?

The egg shape is known as a provider of new things and new beginnings. Eggs, as we all know, are responsible for the origin of existence. This is why they are often associated with the creation of enchantment.  Crystal eggs are ideal if you have been seeking a possible future and can be utilized if you want them to bring more healing and magic into your existence. They are also ideal for meditation and sleep pacing. In general, the egg shape helps in creating a balance between leisure and work. These egg shapes also represent so many things, and among these options are their representation of reincarnation and everlasting life in the Christian faith. 

Crystal Egg Benefits

According to crystal professionals, crystal eggs have a powerful energy that provides benefits in different areas of your life, especially if you are starting a new journey. They also bring miracles and luck into your life. Additionally, crystal eggs are a sign of revival among Christianity, and it is also used as eastern eggs. Crystal eggs are also for fertility and reproduction since they are excellent in maintaining your sexuality as well as your youthful energy. These crystals are also perfect for providing healing when it comes to your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and boosts your positive energy in your life. 

How to Use Crystal Eggs

Crystal eggs are a versatile crystal that has many benefits and can be used in so many areas. One of the most common uses of crystal eggs is through decoration, may it be in your home or any space. Crystal eggs have a variety of colors that are a perfect accent piece for any of your home styles, and they bring a splash of color to elevate the mysteriousness of your space. It also provides benefits, such as they are supposed to strengthen and bring your family together. They are also used to improve your surroundings, family relationship, and vitality.

Another use of crystal eggs is to be an alternative for gua sha. By using this crystal it will be aimed at moving energy from around your body. As well as your skin becoming more youthful and glowing.

Many crystal practitioners recommend crystal eggs for massage as well as in acupressure. They have the perfect shape and smooth surface, to be able to apply pressure on your body's tension properties. Crystal egg can also provide healing to your body, as it soothes your muscles and draws away from the negative energy from your body. It is also perfect for people in their forties since it helps stimulate your blood and regulate your energy. 

Crystal eggs can also be used when you are stressed and have anxiety. These crystals can help you ease your mind and make you mentally strong. Hence, whenever you are feeling this way, simply take your crystal egg and hold it in your hands. 

They are also notable in opening your third eye chakra and helps in increasing your intuition. When you use crystal eggs it can help you clear your mind, your intuition, and your decision making. 

Overall, crystal eggs can be used as a decorative piece, as a gift, and provides metaphysical healing.

Crystal Egg Uses & Metaphysical Properties

List of powers

Crystal eggs are said to be powerful crystals that are known to reset and help you start a new beginning in life. Its energy and power are heavenly, pure, and powerful. Hence, they are used in so many things. They are also used in your home to cleanse and repel negative energy, it is used widely for effective meditation and to treat your mental issues such as stress and anxiety. As well as, it is also used for healing your illness, healing your unhealthy habits, clearing your thoughts, and increasing your intelligence. It also provides healing to your emotions, especially if you are having a negative feeling towards yourself and to the people around you. Overall, the use of crystal eggs will amaze you and will greatly help you in the long run if you continue to use them. 

Feelings and Emotional Healing

One of the uses of crystal eggs is cleansing, especially in cleansing your aura and your emotions. When you use these crystals you should expect a positive vibe and light atmosphere in yourselves and your surroundings. In addition, one of the most notable crystal egg types is the rose quartz egg, which is perfect for your emotions.

Rose quartz eggs are said to be a stone of love and are perfect crystals. They are known as "the ultimate love stone", hence if you are looking for a fresh relationship, rose quartz egg would be perfect for you.  This stone also enhances your self-love, empathetic expectations, and negative energy for love and emotions. 

Overall, crystal eggs can help you find new love, grow as a person and even help you to be more empathetic to others. So, when you continue to use it you will have positive flowing energy in your life, and you will be in control of your emotion.


Crystal eggs can also be used when it comes to your mental aspect. Especially when it comes to meditation and calming properties. Whenever you feel stress, anxiety, and depression crystal eggs will be your savior. You just need to follow simple meditation ways or by holding them into your hand. By doing so, it can radiate an aura that will make you stay in the moment and make you mindful.

They are also widely known for making your manifestation happen. It will help in your long-term goals, allowing you to go all out in pursuit of your ambitions. So, all the things you want to achieve and set in your mind will possibly happen. In addition, there are recommended ways to properly utilize this energy, first is by holding them in your hand, listing the things that you want to manifest, and read them aloud. By doing so, will speed up the manifestation process. 


Egg-shaped crystals could be used to uncover and heal energy imbalances and obstructions by confining and shaping them. These healing properties extend to all aspects of your life, particularly in physical healing. 

In terms of physical healing, crystal eggs are perfect especially for women who have reproduction problems. So, they are perfect if you want to conceive and have a baby. They also treat various reproductive issues, such as pregnancy and postnatal issues, and weak vaginal muscles.

In addition, They are effective in treating your bad habits. By using crystal eggs, it will develop and change your actions, especially those things that lead to addictions. 

One of the notable types of crystal eggs when it comes to physical healing is the celestite crystal egg. Celestite egg helps in fixing issues in your life such as imbalances, cellular disorders, and maladies of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat by sending energy to the organs of the higher chakras.


A crystal egg can help you in uplifting your spiritual state. They are perfect if you want to overcome negative thinking and past behaviors that are not good for you. It also provides you the courage and determination to begin new and better habits. 

They are also perfect for providing miracles and amplifying your prayers. When you use these crystals, rest assured that they will help you to communicate directly with the higher power, the universe, and with God. To effectively utilize this energy in communicating, it is recommended that you should hold your chosen crystal egg while you pray and meditate.

Another spiritual benefit it provides is that it helps your body attract energy, particularly positive energy, and take away all the negative energy as it will be released into the earth.

Overall, a crystal egg is a perfect crystal to cleanse your spirit, communicate with the higher beings and helps you attract positive and release negative energy. 

Crystal egg Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Crystal Eggs at Home

Crystal eggs are unique looking and colorful, and they are a great addition to your home space. They can elevate your home as well as create beautiful works of art in different home styles such as modern, Mediterranean, wood themes, and a beach home. They also provide great energy for your home that can help you create a strong bond with your family and make you intact. Crystal eggs also provide you with benefits such as they can give a powerful flowing energy into your home as well as in your surroundings.

Crystal Spheres at Work

Crystal eggs are also perfect to be placed in your workplace as a decoration and an amplifying crystal. Crystal eggs come in a variety of colors as well as properties, hence you have so many things to choose from. Another thing is that crystal eggs have the best energy if you want to increase your productivity and mindfulness. At the same, it also increases your awareness, intelligence, and decision-making. Crystal eggs are also beneficial for businesses, especially if you are entrepreneurs who are embarking on a new venture. This crystal will provide you more courage and increased success to hard-working business owners.

Meditation with Crystal Eggs

One of the notable uses of crystal eggs is meditation. Crystal eggs have the power of cleansing, uplifting and calming energy. Especially if you have been feeling stress and anxiety, this crystal comes in handy. Crystal eggs also provide miracles and make your manifestation come through. Hence, one of the types of crystal eggs is clear quartz. Clear quartz is one of the best crystals for your meditation since it provides consciousness and restoration by meditating with a crystal quartz egg. It is also a great addition to your meditation crystal since it helps to calm your mind and your chakras to activate. 

People and Relationship

Sometimes having a bad relationship and weak bonds with people can cause difficulties in your emotions and life. But, no worries because crystal eggs are your savior! Crystal eggs help in connecting you with other people. They also help in rebuilding your relationship with your family, romantic relationship, friends, and acquaintances. They are also the best crystals for calming your emotions and help balance them. One of the crystal types you can use is rose quartz. Rose quartz is known to attract any form of love and is perfect if you want to find new love. They are also perfect to increase your communication and empathy towards others.

Crystal Egg Therapies

Crystal eggs have a lot of healing energy in them. They are connected to the following healing abilities in metaphysical healing and therapy such as:

Crystal eggs provide benefits in enhancing your new journey, and you can use them to amplify your prayers. It can also be used to take the negative energy in your body. When you use a crystal egg, it will emit positive energy, that will help you feel uplifted and calm. At the same time, during your prayers, the result will be amazing and there will be a higher chance for them to be answered. 

Another thing is that a crystal egg can also help you break old behaviors and negative mental patterns. It provides you the courage and determination to begin practicing better habits. Hence, this is perfect if you want to quit an addiction or want to change your old way of living.

Crystal eggs also provide therapeutic energy for your body, specifically when it comes to your reproductive health. These stones are a big help if you want to be fertile and conceive a baby. It also helps in boosting the odds of your pregnancy and encourages healthy childbirth. 

In addition, when you are feeling unnecessary emotion, you can use crystal eggs to treat them.

Crystal Egg and Chakras

Crystal eggs could serve as a mirror in a way that we can contemplate and concentrate within ourselves. We are drawn to crystal eggs because they remind us of life's secrets and miracles, as well as new beginnings and births. They can also be a big help to heal energy imbalances and obstructions by confining and shaping energy. Through this energy, they help in utilizing your body's chakra energy. There are different types of crystal eggs that you can choose from aligning with your chakra. One of them is an amethyst crystal egg.

Amethyst eggs are known for their spiritual benefits. It is a powerful Crown and Third Eye chakra crystal that opens up new worlds for you. When you use an amethyst egg, it will help you in communicating with the higher beings, spirit guides, and angels. 

Another type of crystal egg is a clear quartz egg. They are also perfect if you want to ease your mind and emotion and helps in activating your chakra energy. 

Overall, crystal eggs will be a big help if you want to develop your crown chakra. In addition, you can also use them for various spiritual benefits such as spiritual healing, communication with higher beings, and more!

Crystal Egg Types

Amethyst Egg

The exquisite appearance of this pale lavender Amethyst egg will dazzle you. It is unique and provides lots of benefits that you will surely love! One of its benefits is that it removes everyday anxiousness, allowing you to reclaim your sense of well-being. It has a strong vibrating energy that can take away the negativity in your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Additionally, they are a perfect egg for various uses such as meditation, feng shui, and healing.

Quartz Egg

Quartz egg is a versatile crystal that has benefits in various areas of your life. One of these benefits is spiritual growth and spiritual consciousness. It is also a perfect stone if you want to communicate with the prints and divine beings. In addition, quartz is used to enhance your memory, mindfulness, and intelligence that can help with your attention, memory, and study.

Citrine Egg

Citrine egg is a yellowish-colored crystal that is said to help attract wealth and abundance in your life. They are also known for promoting good fortune now and in the future. By using these crystals, all things for good will come into your life and you would be able to extend your generosity and those people around you. 

Clear Quartz Egg

One of the most notable uses of the clear quartz egg is providing spiritual healing that aids in chakra healing and attracting positive energy into your life. Clear quartz egg has destressing properties in terms of your thoughts and emotions, as well as they, can absorb, store, release and regulate energy. It resonates with all of the chakras as well as each Zodiac sign. Quartz enhances spiritual growth, spirituality, awareness, and wisdom. It increases inspiration and creativity. These eggs can also help with concentration, studying, and retaining what one learns.

Celestite Egg

Celestite is linked to spiritual healing and cosmological spiritual energies since it is related to heavenly creatures. They are ideal for spiritual growth and targeting other spiritual needs. Celestite also encourages spiritual awareness and discernment.

Calcite Egg

Calcite eggs provide benefits in all areas of your life. They have different subtypes that you can choose from, and one of these is the blue calcite egg. Blue calcite egg will provide you with peace and tranquility within yourself as well as to your home. It also bestows joyful energies as well as divine benefits upon you. You can also use this egg to experience the peaceful and harmonious existence you have always craved. Overall, it is a must-piece if you want to heal, be stress-free, and live in peace. 

Agate Egg

Agate eggs are known for their assistance and consistency when it comes to healing and various uses. It helps you in dealing with your stress, anxiety, and even depression. It can also help you balance your mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Generally, an egg is a cleansing stone that will take away the negative energy in your life and transform it into a positive one. If you are looking for a stone that has many benefits, such as healing, balancing your yin yang energies, and preventing nightmares, then agate egg is for you!

Crystal Egg Combinations

Crystal combinations are one of how you can fully harness and utilize your crystal energy. There are different crystal egg combinations such as the following;

Amethyst Eggs and Calcite Eggs

Amethyst is known as the "wisdom and charity" stone that provides healing in your life. Amethyst aids in connecting your physical and spiritual self to higher beings. As well, it can activate and increase your psychic talents. While, calcite stone is a stone that promotes creativity, mindfulness, and strong emotions. They are also perfect if you want to resolve different issues in your life. When both of these are combined, it will create simultaneous energy as it activates the third, solar plexus chakra, as well as the crown chakra.

Celestite Eggs and Clear Quartz Eggs

Clear quartz, when paired with celestite, will help you absorb the negative radiation from all sorts of harmful things, including electromagnetic smoke and fog, as well as petrochemical emissions. This combination can also help with your spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental realms. 

Additionally, they will also purify and improve your body and your organs. They will act as deep soul cleansers, connecting the physical and mental levels.

On the other hand, the stones will boost psychic powers. They will also help you focus and remember things.

Celestite Eggs and Amethyst Eggs

This combination is ideal for when you are stuck in a predicament and do not know what to do. Celestite and Amethyst will assist you in thinking clearly and rationally without allowing your emotions to cloud your judgment.

In addition, both celestite and amethyst can help you become more mindful, and it can also improve your intuition for them to assist with your spiritual growth. It can also help you awaken the universe's energy in your life.

How To Care For Crystal eggs

Taking care of your crystals is a must! Crystal, in general, absorbs negative energies. They can be trapped inside the crystal and worst be transmitted to you. Hence, there are recommended ways for you to properly care for your crystal egg.

By using the smoke of sage, is one of the best ways to cleanse them. When you use smoke as a way of taking care of your crystals, rest assured that it can be fully recharged and make its energy more powerful.

Another way is by using a singing bowl. When you use a singing bowl or even a quartz crystal bowl, your crystal egg will release and break up the negative energy that is built up inside the egg. In addition, positive energy will come to your crystal egg as the vibrations of the bowl surround it.

In addition, to care for your stone, place it on a crystal cluster. Clusters are energy-circulating crystal points that emerge out of a shared foundation.

How To Cleanse Crystal Eggs

Cleansing your crystals will make them work effectively. Especially if you are constantly using your crystals, then it is a must to cleanse them! Here are some of the ways you can cleanse your crystal egg:

Methods involving water are one of the most popular ways to cleanse your crystals. You can soak your crystals in a glass of water, or set them in a mesh bag in a running stream or the ocean waves. By using this one, it can physically and metaphysically cleanse your crystal.

Another popular way that you can do this is to bury the crystal egg into the ground. Through this method, the original energy of the crystal egg will return. It also allows your stone to rest and to gain more powerful energy. You can do this way, by using a pot, in your yard, or even on the beach.

In addition, you can also use brown rice. Brown rice is a preferred technique amongst some of the ecological groups because of its raw and natural quality. Yet, it is effective and will surely cleanse your crystals.

How To Program Crystal Eggs

Programming a crystal for your specific goal means that you are telling the crystal exactly what you need so that it can assist you in achieving your goal. When you program a crystal it can help your goal be achieved successfully. Hence, here are the 3 steps you can do to program your crystals.

Step 1: 

Go somewhere quiet where you will not be bothered. Take a moment, breathe in and out, and relax.

Step 2:

Hold the cleansed crystals in both of your hands and place them in front of your Third Chakra. 

Step 3:

Then, Say one of the following or similar statements out loud or in your brain while focusing on your crystal and your clear intention:

“I created this crystal for... (insert purpose or request)”

"I intend to charge this crystal with my intention to... (state purpose/request)"

“Crystal, could you please help me with... (insert purpose/request)?”

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