Crystal Heart: Uses, Benefits, Properties (2021)

Crystal Heart: Uses, Benefits, Properties (2021)

What are Crystal Hearts

Crystal hearts are a work of art, they are hand-carved from a diverse collection of minerals, crystals, and gemstones that are found in nature. Crystal hearts are typically associated with love and relationships. Many believe that crystal hearts bring two lost souls together, and find comfort and love with each other. Not just that, crystal hearts are also a perfect stone for self-love and enhance connection with yourself. Heart crystal is amongst the most mesmerizing stones you will see. With its energy and benefits, simply gazing at them could indeed make you feel better. There's a lot more of this stone, so keep on reading to find out more. 

Crystal Heart Benefits

Looking for perfect crystals that are beautiful, at the same provides various benefits? If yes, then crystal hearts are for you! 

Crystal hearts are widely used in so many things. Though crystal hearts are cut into shape, it still emits powerful energy. This energy is used in filling your heart with happiness and peace. It is also a great stone for relationships! So, if you want to look for a new one, or strengthen your current relationship you can use this. It also helps eliminate your worries and traumas, placing recovery and serenity into your heart and body.


Crystal Hearts Uses

Each crystal's hearts have a distinctive feature and is thought to provide various uses and healing properties. The heart shape is associated with the concept of unconditional love and compassion, with its origin dating back to prehistoric times—and grew popular during the medieval era. 

According to crystal healers, astrologers, and shamans, heart crystals and chakras help focus your thoughts and emotions in the center. It also helps in enhancing your emotional and spiritual state. 

Heart crystals are the ideal shapes that help promote a variety of purposes, such as enthusiasm, love, vigor, and zest for life. Ironic as it may seem, but heart crystals are good for your heart. They elevate happiness and endorphins, which give positive feelings to your mind and body. It is also a perfect stone for you as an individual and with your relationship with your lover, family, friends, and even with your acquaintances. It builds connections and growth that are beneficial in the long run.

Even though love is the sole benefit of crystal hearts—they are not limited to that. This crystal also influences bliss and energy. It helps in making your intention happen, thus it is useful when you are doing your meditation and spiritual ritual.

As mentioned above, hearts do not only provide healing benefits but are also pleasing to the eyes. Hence, it is widely used as a gift, jewelry, and decoration. Especially, during Valentine’s day, heart crystals are a top-selling product in the market from heart pendants, earrings, and necklaces. And even without occasion, you can show love to someone by giving them heart crystals. They are also perfect for decoration or as accent pieces in your home. It elevates the look and uplifts your home with positive energy. 

So, do not forget to grab and check out crystal hearts, may it be for you or someone! 

Healing Properties of Crystal Hearts

List of Powers

Indeed, crystal hearts are powerful as they are known to provide the power of love. So, do not be shocked if a positive relationship, love, and heart welfare are some of the best uses of heart crystals.

Crystal hearts are perfect if you want to show love for someone since they radiate and reinforce love to the person you want. You can effectively do it by the use of programming the crystal to your intention and by saying who your target person is. The heart's energy power is not only focused on love, it also extends to healing (physical, mental and spiritual), as well as to your environment.

Additionally, the position of the heart's tip influences energy flow and is often employed in crystal grids and crystal therapy. The heart's energy will also flow into the grid's center when pointed inside in a grid arrangement; if pointed outward, the energy will flow to the outward surroundings.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Are you perhaps seeking a crystal that radiates love? Well, you do not have to consider anything else since the heart crystal has it for you. A heart-shaped crystal or gemstone is a powerful tool for attracting love energy. The law of attraction attracts the frequencies of pure love and light to you because crystal hearts have a specific resonance and constantly exude light and love.

Heart shapes are known to connect romance and delight into your life. So, if you want to find new love or strengthen your relationship, use these crystals. In addition, if you are having a hard time with your emotions and thoughts, feeling under the weather, and your heart is clouded with unnecessary things—crystal hearts will be your savior. They will help calm you down and increase your intuition in life. They promote all kinds of love, including self-love. Hence, when you feel like you are not loving yourself enough, you can use crystal hearts to increase the lost fire of your heart. 


Crystal hearts stand for inner peace, kindness, love, and tenderness. It is a popular and effective stone in targeting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual incapacities. Heart-shaped crystal is extremely popular in women due to its aesthetic and various uses. One of its notable uses is that it has a high vibration that activates the heart chakra, as well as connecting with the energies of love and spirit. There are many crystal types under heart crystal, but one of the most bought is rose quartz crystal.

Rose quartz hearts are soft and feminine looking with their light pink color you will be mesmerized and calm. When you want to bring love into your life, then this crystal is a vital element that you might want to keep. By continuously using it, love will overflow into your life, and you will be abundant along with the people around you. In addition, this crystal will also activate your heart chakra and self-awareness that will help uplift your soul.


Crystal hearts are also notable in terms of physical uses. Heart shapes crystals have been widely used in healing illness and discomfort within your body. The heart shape also has a powerful vibration that heals your heart, balances your heart chakra, and instills serenity to your nerves. It is also said that, when you use crystal hearts along with medical care, your body and physical ailment will heal fast. 

Crystal hearts are mostly used in crystal healing and Chinese medicine. They help strengthen your blood and keep the energy of your body alive and working. Along with that, it helps in treating heart palpitations. Heart palpitations are the irregular beating of the heart due to blood deficiency and Qi deficiency. So, when you have a similar case, you can use crystal hearts to meditate and heal them. These crystals aid healing by allowing the vibrations of your body and the crystal to align. 


In so many cultures, crystal hearts are often regarded as the "place of soul" since they reflect the spiritual and emotional essence of yourself. It represents the energy of your heart that touches a variety of purposes, including your contentment, resilience, and faith. It is an effective crystal if you want to feel the energies of love that come from divine beings. There are different types of crystal hearts that specifically target your spiritual state. One of these crystals is an amethyst crystal.

Amethyst crystals are powerful stones that can calm your mind and bring tranquility to your heart. They are effective in both meditations and prayer. As you use this crystal, it can provide you with protection from harmful energies and psychic attacks. It also activates the barrier of your mind for negative thoughts and energies to not pass through.

Hence, incorporate heart crystals in your meditation and spiritual practices, and it will guarantee an uplifting spirit and mind.


Crystal Heart Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Crystal Hearts at Home

Crystal’s heart is a stunning crystal that can fit in your home. It can serve as an ornament, decoration, or crystal accessories, and can be placed anywhere in your home since it will surely be uplifting. They are a one-of-a-kind shape that is aesthetic at the same time provides lots of benefits. One of these benefits in your home is that it blocks the negative energy in your home and instead attracts positive energy, and it can even bring your family together. So when you want to bring tranquility and lightness into your home, make sure to place it near your family area, or near you.

Crystal Hearts at Work

Crystal hearts have smooth and unique properties that will lift the ambiance of your workplace. Since it brings positive energy to your workplace, it also provides benefits for you and the people around you. These benefits focus on abundance and growth in your career and your business. You can place them in a place where you usually work. In addition, since this crystal amplifies the energy of love, it can also bring love to your workplace. It can fix unwanted relationships and build one. Hence, if you are someone who feels awkward in connecting with other people, then this stone is perfect for you. 

Meditation with Crystal Hearts

A crystal that is Reiki-activated brings love healing, and serenity in your life is no other than crystal hearts. Crystal hearts are said to be healing talismans that are perfect for your meditation and spiritual practices. Many crystal heart types specifically target meditation, one of them is amethyst crystal hearts. Amethyst when used in meditation would bring inner peace, relaxation, and consciousness. They naturally help relieve stress and bring you to your senses. It also increases your intuition and critical thinking. They are even recommended to be placed near your bed or wear for their energies to work effectively in your life.

People and Relationships

The energy of love is represented by the heart crystals. This stone is perfect for promoting a variety of purposes, particularly love, joy, strength, and emotion. Crystal hearts have a specific resonance that attracts the frequency of love. Hence, its energy extends to someone and the internal part of yourself. When you want to enhance your self-love and self-awareness, you can use these crystals and add them to your meditation practices. In addition, it creates a bond and connection to your family, friends, and other people. 

Crystal Heart Therapies

Crystal hearts are a superb contemplative stone that activates your Heart Chakra while reflecting love and the heart of the entire universe. Because of the crystal heart shape, it provides healing in terms of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They are recommended by crystal healers since it provides various benefits, especially in therapy.

One of the benefits of the crystal heart is it boosts positive energy. And also, it attracts all forms of love into yourself. It said that, when you seem in trouble in finding your purpose and truly loving yourself, you can use a crystal heart to work on this specific area of your life. Heart's energy can also extend to your relationship with your special someone. It can balance your relationship, along with enhancing your communication and physical interaction. 

Crystal hearts are also used in therapy when you want to let go of the things that keep on holding you back. As you hold this crystal, relax and feel the energy of the crystal flow into you. Slowly, think about those things that caged you and release them by saying them loudly. 

It also provides therapeutic energies into your mind, especially if you always come across unnecessary thoughts. Using crystal heart for your meditation therapy will provide you with benefits that will expand your intuition, clear your mind, and think of better thoughts.

Crystal Hearts and Chakras

Crystal’s heart is a perfect stone that provides various benefits. One of its benefits is that it promotes good well-being at the same time it fixes and strengthens your heart chakra, while still embodying the love and universe energy into your life. Additionally, heart crystals because of their shape can help heal your heart chakra and even your heart. 

Heart chakra aligns your emotion to all aspects of your life such as the spiritual, mental, and emotional care of yourself. These crystals have clean and high vibrations that penetrate deep layers of your body. These vibrations also help in activating your heart chakra. There are different types of crystal hearts that you can choose from. One of these types is rose quartz heart.

Rose quartz heart is a must-have in your life, love, and heart chakra. These crystals promote not just love but compassion, kindness, and understanding to yourself and others. It is a beautiful soft pink crystal that helps activates and awaken your heart chakra. Along with that, it will also activate love energy and self-love. 

There are different ways for you to properly activate your heart chakra. First, you can use essential oils to create a relaxing environment. Second, you can use other stones. Another thing you can do is to say affirmations and do yoga poses for opening the chakra. Lastly, recite your mantra or your intention.

Crystal Heart Types

Amethyst Heart

Amethyst heart is a crystal that will bring both your intuition and your heart's innermost aspirations to alignment. This crystal is known to provide various benefits to your mind, heart, body, and emotions. One of the benefits it provides is that it can calm your mind and bring peace to your heart. Amethyst can also give you protection from harmful negative energies as well as psychic attacks. Overall, you can make use of its energy to gain pure energy and centeredness into your life.

Rose Quartz Heart

One of the most potent crystals for attracting love energies is a rose quartz heart. Rose quartz provides lots of benefits, especially with love. It helps in attracting all forms of love in your life, whether it is with your romantic relationship, strengthening your family relationship, with your friends, and even with your acquaintances. In addition, rose quartz softly absorbs the negative energy and replaces it with loving vibrations. This vibration helps in increasing your empathy, positive affirmations, and sensibility. It is also a powerful emotional healer that helps in releasing your pent-up feelings and sadness while still calming your discomfort. Benefits such as forgiveness, increasing worthiness, and consciousness can be provided by a rose quartz heart.

Clear Quartz Heart

Clear quartz heart came from one of the clearest crystals, which is known as the stone of power. A clear quartz heart is indeed a powerful stone that helps in amplifying any type of energy as well as intention. It is frequently used to cleanse and activate the chakras in your body. Also, due to the main properties of amplification and programming of clear quartz, it is frequently utilized as the focus of crystal grind. Crystal quartz also provides various benefits such as it allows clear thoughts and focus to come into your mind. It also helps with your spiritual development as it clears any obstruction in your body that will allow the positive energy to flow into your body. 

Celestite Heart

Celestite is a pleasant stone that has uplifting energy, which helps boost your energy and consciousness to a higher level. It is among the powerful pillars that can help you enter the celestial realm. Hence, when you want to connect with the higher beings, you can use the celestite heart. It also provides various benefits such as it activates the throat chakra to give wisdom and tranquility. At the same time, it also helps balance all energy levels of your body. It creates protective layers in all aspects of your life.

Moonstone Heart

Moonstone is also a powerful crystal that is designed to reap the moon’s energy. This crystal symbolizes the energy and calmness of the yin energy. This calming energy of moonstone extends to the mind and emotion, which helps reduce stress and irrational behavior. It also stimulates and improves your thoughts, intuition as well as your overall well-being. Overall, moonstone boosts your intelligence, helps with your achievements, and brings luck in love and business.

Carnelian Heart

Carnelian is a stone that is brimming with inventiveness and self-assurance. It has a powerful force since it signifies the element of fire. Carnelian heart provides lots of benefits such as it directs your focus and provides you with all the energy you will need. It also enhances your mind while also preserving your emotional vigor and energy. In addition, the carnelian heart is a powerful sacral chakra, which aids in your spiritual enlightenment and personal growth. 

Crystal Heart Combinations

Crystal combination is one of the powerful ways that you can fully utilize the effects and benefits of your crystal. There are various crystal combinations, that specifically target a specific intention. Hence, here are the list of uses and the crystal combination that are perfect for them:

Amethyst and Rose Quartz Hearts

Despite challenging circumstances, a regulated Heart Chakra will bring you calm and patience. There are different crystals that you can use and combine to achieve peace and love, some of these crystals are rose quartz and amethyst. 

Rose quartz is amongst the most effective crystals for assisting in the recovery of your emotional traumas. Its energy is very uplifting that you can use it when you are going through tough times such as break up, marriage difficulties, and sadness. While amethyst crystal is a multifunctional stone that is popular in providing peace and serenity into your life. It also provides a sense of peaceful concentration, internal power, and calming energies.

If you consult any crystal healers and therapists to give you a list of crystals for your anxiety, amethyst, and rose quartz will be one of them. 

Amethyst is a calming stone with a light purple. Rose quartz aids in releasing all the negative emotions in your body such as sorrow, despair, and anxiety. So, when you combine these two crystals it is guaranteed to calm your nerves and at the same time helps with your anxiety.

Carnelian and Clear Quartz Hearts

There are two crystals that you can use to combine for the benefits of luck and abundance, these are carnelian and clear quartz. 

Carnelian is a powerful stone for efficiency, achievement, and fortune. This stone is very effective especially if you are a businessman or someone who wants to produce good output. The reason why is that, carnelian blocks any harmful energies in your body and lucky energies flow into your life. Clear quartz is the amplifier of luck, hence when you combine these crystals abundance will overflow in all aspects of your life.

How To Care For Crystal Hearts

Numerous individuals appreciate crystals because of the positive energies they contain. However, some of the crystal owners, mostly the new ones, don't have the idea of the effects of not properly taking care of their crystals. In general, crystals accumulate negative energies and tend to be trapped inside the crystals which can impact the crystal's energy level. So, you must always take care and store your crystal in proper storage such as in a cabinet or drawers, to keep them in a good condition. When you consistently cleanse your crystal its effects will be much more effective and you can harness the full energy of your crystal.

How To Cleanse Crystal Hearts

Cleansing your heart crystal is a simple yet effective way to keep their energy flowing. However, not all crystals should be cleaned in the same way. So before you do any step in cleaning them you must first learn and educate yourself, on what type of crystals you have and ways to properly clean them. Nevertheless, there are different ways that you can cleanse your crystal.

One of these ways is by using running water. Cleansing your heart crystals with running water is one of the easiest yet effective ways. Putting your crystal under a running faucet can remove any negative energy that was accumulated by your crystals. At the same time, your crystal will return to its natural healing state. 

Also, you can rub your heart crystal into sage. Sage is a great method that will help rub all the negative energies in your crystal. You can also use natural light together with sage so you can cleanse the deep layers of your crystals.


How To Program Crystal Hearts

A lot of people are unaware that crystals may be programmed for a certain purpose and can even be reprogrammed if the energy is lost due to inactivity. It is a great way to specifically target your needs. Hence, here are the ways that you can program your crystal heart.

The first thing that you can do to program a crystal is to decide what type of crystal you want to use and your intentions. After that, you can now hold the crystals close to your heart, then slowly transfer them to your third and mind's eye. While still holding the crystal, you should relax, be calm and focus your mind. Then, imagine the task and goal that you want your crystal to achieve for you. To finish the programming, say loudly the task and goals that you imagined. 

By doing these steps, you can effectively program your crystal at the same time harness your crystal's purpose. 

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