Moonstone: Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits

Moonstone spurs creativity, intuition, and wellbeing. Read the ultimate guide to moonstone meaning and its healing and metaphysical properties and know how it helps you live a fulfilling life.

What Is Moonstone?


Moonstone is an ethereal gem and a variety of orthoclase, one of the feldspar minerals which constitute around 60% of the Earth’s crust. The ‘moonstone meaning’ incorporates abundance, fertility, love, and renewal for centuries while carrying a history of profound admiration from various cultures and eccentric popularity among the followers of different art movements and social classes.

A fair share of moonstone’s aesthetics derives from adularescence, an unearthly sheen that moves under the stone’s surface and creates a semblance of moonlight glimmering in water and thus diffuses a hypnotic effect. A special cut called cabochon is adopted to flaunt the famous shimmery appearance which is believed to shift in line with the moon’s phases.

This potassium aluminum silicate (KalSi3O8) is colorless and transparent to semitransparent in its most classical and finest form, moonstone has found its place in modern art of jewelry making. Believed to be the gift for the 13th wedding anniversary, it’s the third of June birthstones preceded by two special gemstones namely alexandrite and pearl.

Moonstone Meaning

Purification. Self-Development. Spiritualization. Energization

Supports inner strength and growth. Restores emotional balance and stability. Facilitates fertility and childbirth. Removes stress and selfishness. Marks new beginnings

Everything that is good for healing, empowering, and rediscovering one’s inner self is what moonstone is all about. So, the meaning of moonstone can be attributed to ‘new beginnings’ for an individual.

Over the centuries, moonstone meaning and uses haven’t seen much of a paradigm shift except only the fact that the value is now equally put on showiness and health value along with moonstone spiritual meaning. This leads to the understanding of the stone’s historical and contemporary meanings.

Historical Meanings

Hindu legend links its formation to the moonbeams, and Romans calls it the ‘collective beam of moonlight in a solid form’.

Once a part of the cultural and religious beliefs of Greeks and Romans, moonstone became a common jewelry element during the Art Noveau movement (1890-1910) and a favorite healing, meditative, and transcendent item among the ’60s flower children and ’90s New Age followers.

According to Middle East women, the stone has effects on fertility while European Legend associates it with love and renewal.

Current Meanings

The late 20th century revivals saw it as a part of fashion statement, especially the one that involves jewelry and accessories and realized the many metaphysical and therapeutic properties. It’s pretty much the moonstone trend that is prevalent even nowadays.

Rainbow Moonstone Meaning


Rainbow moonstone displays its ultimate splendor in natural light featuring a creamy translucent aura with occasional iridescent flashes and transparency, especially in between opaque and semitranslucent.

Being a variety of labradorite with ‘blue-sheen labradorite’ as the trade name, this one isn’t a moonstone at all. Nonetheless, it’s known for strengthening psychic ability and intuition, it’s associated with a boost in creativity, inner confidence, balance, and endurance.

Whatever qualities this stone brings in are best exploited through making ornaments especially rings with it. Thus, moonstone ring meaning has something to do with the development of one’s psychological health.

Black Moonstone Meaning


The conventional black appears differently with the silvery grey flashes when the stone is moved. Some of these stones feature peach lines from within, which is why you may find its association with the navel or sacral chakra.

Many researchers love to attach its meaning with the renovation of things and restraint of negative energy residing inside the human soul. Thus, there’s a belief that one’s psychic gifts can be developed due to the stone’s deep resonation within some supreme chakras.

White Moonstone Meaning


You want to call it ‘the moonstone that shows white light’. Unlike other varieties, this one comes in a very small amount as far as distribution is concerned. It’s originally perceived to carry the new moon’s energy and improve the user’s psychic capability and visionary concept.

For women, its significance is understood with the belief that Kundalini energy, a Sanskrit term that denotes divine energy available at the bottom of the female spine, according to Hinduism.

Peach/Yellow Moonstone Meaning


Known as the ‘stone for women’, the peach/yellow variation is supposed to incorporate soothing abilities along with the moonstone crystal meaning attached to calm, fertility, and transition. It symbolizes feminine energy and transmutes one’s negative emotion and purifies the soul.

Blue Moonstone Meaning


More of a classical and transparent variation with a bluish shimmer, blue moonstone is appreciated for its gentle and soft energy that heals and softens even the most inaccessible of a human soul. Ever have you had the need for feeling whole and well, this master healer brings nourishing and sensual effects.

It’s often called Cat’s Eye moonstone which may promote your focus, inner vision, and mental clarity. The chatoyancy embedded in it makes it popular although the deep-blue variations are the rarest and most precious of all.

Pink Moonstone Meaning


The gentle pink hue is what accounts for the name of this variation which often has a metallic red or grey hue, mostly because of some hematite inclusions. With the blush of pink comes a hint of feminine traits and romanticism. Its offerings are connected to the improvement of one’s psychic and intuitive talents.

Star Moonstone Meaning


One close look at the stone under direct light reveals its asterism effect which means you’ll see a four-rayed star floating across its surface. For that particular effect to be visible in the best possible manner, you need to tilt or rotate and view it from different angles. Like most of its sisters, star moonstone has its value when energy and power count.

Green Moonstone Meaning


Without the striking display of color, this stone may seem a little lackluster. On the contrary, its beauty doesn’t escape your naked eyes if you can just follow the light that comes from within, the clear or slightly hazy appearance may not bother you because these stones occasionally occur with shades of blue, gray, peach, and pink shades.

Its power emanates from the Heart Chakra’s vibration which leaves calming, healing, and reflective effects and makes the stone a prize for women who just believe in moving along the way of life.

Gray Moonstone Meaning


These moonstones are popular with shamans who often call them ‘New Moon Stone’ and focus more on their mystical aspects than anything else. Condensed in such a stone are the healing properties and love which make it important to healers as well.

Moonstone Healing Properties and Benefits

Since prehistoric times, the healing properties of moonstone have been acknowledged by many cultures and ethnicities. So, what is moonstone used for? Truth be told, the benefits of moonstone are prevalent in almost every phase of our life.

The number of moonstone healing properties can be overwhelming. So, a categorized list of moonstone benefits along with all its healing properties has been given below.

  • Healer of Diseases: Its usefulness is associated with problems and disorders specific to one's liver, pancreas, stomach, and spleen. It's also known for assisting the lymphatic system to enable it to cleanse the blood and improves the digestive system.
  • Women's Stone: The powers of moonstone are often perceived with the enhancement of emotional balance by enabling a woman to control her anger and negative energies. It's believed to help with the regulation of your menstrual disorders and pain relief during childbirth.
  • Bringer of Daily Wellbeing: It's a soothing gemstone that helps keep the pituitary gland balanced, aids the pineal gland to enhance the circadian cycle and normalize one's sleep cycle to cure insomnia. Its link to the moon brings you the serenity and calmness required for concentrated meditation and thus emotional wellness.
  • Companion in Hard Times: Thinking that your world has ended? On the contrary, moonstone carries the tune of "new beginnings", perhaps the most important message for anyone in such a situation. Transfusing the moon's powerful energy to human soul, the stone improves your intuition, lets you get past the melancholy and grievance. Thus, moonstone powers an individual to the 'new' self.
  • Vehicle to Growth: A person who wears this crystal enjoys improved intuition, a surge in creativity and psychic talents which contribute to the development of personality, professional skills, and thus productivity. The healing powers of moonstone contribute to a prosperous life with success in livelihood and relationships.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Being in link to the great moon, the gemstone has fame for carrying soothing influences and relaxing effects which bring a sense of composure to the person wearing it. Its milky appearance not only adds to your elegance and boosts your confidence and feelings of stability.

Regular uses of moonstone help make you more receptive and responsive to any call for care and nurturing. This way, you don't risk getting isolated or closed off from the community. A more amiable self becomes noticeable in you, and in people's eyes, you become a respectable human.

When you reach a moment of existential crisis at some point of life, you need to fear of being lonely because your calming personality will draw a friend to stand by your side. Eventually, you can develop a balanced state of strength and stability to look beyond any calamity and make the most viable choices. It’s certainly a favorable consequence driven by moonstone’s emotional healing ability, isn’t it?


Do you still doubt if moonstone is a healing stone? Well, have a seat and start diving inside your mind to realize what defines you as a woman. Maybe, you see yourself as a modern woman, a mother, a sister, a friend, and a citizen. You’ve compassion, mildness, sympathy, kindness, and many other psychological traits.

Similarly, you’ve anger, envy, and other polarizing emotions which sometimes cloud the beautiful ‘you’ and make you look like a less friendly being. It’s likely that you wonder how moonstone healing crystals help someone with so much negativity lying inside their heart.

Imagine how you would feel if all those darker parts of your characters were suppressed. You would become a warm-hearted, sympathetic, and gregarious human. These gemstones are thought to have the power to help take those feelings out and instill tranquility into your rejuvenated mind. This is how you can have your mind healed and reshaped into a fuller and more personable form.

Some powerful ancient civilizations used to hold these stones like treasures which could supposedly bring them love and affection. That’s another way to enrich your mind and make it livelier than ever.



The health benefits of moonstone are so pronounced that anyone who knows may want to take a chance to cure some of their diseases and bring energy to their body. While most of the physiological benefits have been discussed above, several others are important too.

Women need support to pass through their hormonal ebb and flow which occur constantly. Moonstone gives them that support. Those with shocks may resort to this healing object. It helps balance their water retention. Besides assimilating the body's nutrients, the gemstone abates the severity of degenerative conditions associated with eyes, fleshy parts, hair, and skin.

A lot of claims are there surrounding the stone's link to the stabilization of fluid imbalances and harmonization of the biorhythm clock. Claims have it that people with somnambulism (sleepwalking) can also benefit from the stone. Even children who you call ‘hyperactive’ and ‘not quiet’ can also be helped.

Travelers can make it their own because the stone got dubbed as "The Travelers Stone" centuries ago. While on the go, you may suffer from a distance, jet lag, and other negative thoughts. Do you want quick protection from these problems? Pick a moonstone and let its talismanic power elevate your mood, and keep up your spirit of adventure.


Different variations of this gemstone are admired for their spiritual offerings, such as,

  • blue moonstone for developing communication and telepathic connection;
  • grey moonstone for removing confusion and improving second sight;
  • peach moonstone for emotional healing;
  • white labradorite or rainbow for protection from psychic attack; and
  • white moonstone for spiritual growth

To understand moonstone’s spiritual properties, you need to know about a 3500-year old Chinese philosophy named ‘Yin-Yang which considers the universe as a composure of two complementary or competing energies/forces which are often characterized as the sun and the moon, man and woman, or light and dark.

The philosophy further concludes that every human possesses both forces and that a balance has to be maintained between them. Moonstone is regarded as the most appropriate balancer.

Moonstone Uses & Metaphysical Properties


Alongside the moonstone properties discussed above, its metaphysical qualities are worth your attention because these abstract features affect your personality, health, image, and relationships with others throughout the course of your daily life as you wear it.

Wearing Moonstone and Preserving It

There’re common ways to use these stones. Use a moonstone bracelet to accentuate your wrist. Again, put a moonstone ring on your finger and keep it for at least 4-5 days. You’re likely to feel its effect on your body and mind.

  • For a dazzling combination, use a moonstone pendant matched with the color of your earrings. Pick a moonstone necklace to adorn the area down your cheek. With unflinching adoration for it, you may want to wear moonstone cluster in which multiple stones are grouped in a particular setting.
  • You can wear moonstone with just about any piece of jewelry. But, remember a few points to maximize your benefits and protect it from breaking.
  • The metal of your moonstone jewelry should be silver. Try to avoid gold and Panchaloha, five traditional metal alloys.
  • Put it on the little finger of your dominant hand.
  • Wear it on Monday (during the early morning or evening) and especially during the time of Waxing Moon.

You may want to use moonstone but not in a piece of jewelry. In that case, carry it with care. Wrap it with a small piece of soft cloth, find a small chamber inside your pouch, and keep it there. You can also hold it softly in the palm of your dominant hand. Be careful about moving your hand with a moonstone in the palm.

Moonstone at Home

When not in use as jewelry, you can choose moonstone for home decor. Does it sound incredible? Bring some small items like coasters, wall posters, tapestries, etc. accented with colorful moonstones.

Think about a moonstone dresser mirror. Even more fascinating, you can get the entire moonstone furniture set instead of a few small pieces. There’re items for your bedroom, living room, dining room, and patio.

Popular moonstone home accessories include centerpiece bowls, abstract sculptures, jars with free-form and natural moonstones, etc. Keeping these small objects in your home can bring positive energy to your interior surroundings while helping the family members with their psychic and health issues.

In case you’re wondering where to place moonstone at home, there are many spots where your moonstone can find its way. A tabletop freestanding gemstone both lets you enjoy its utility and enhances the beauty of the furniture. You can also preserve them inside felt-lined box especially crafted for jewelry storage.

Don’t forget to wrap the stone with protective clothes or similar items when you’re putting it in a drawer or somewhere there are chances for it to have bumps or scratches.

For those who wish to have Moonstone and Feng Shui at a time, the household has to be arranged and decorated following the specific method as explained below.

The term suggests a traditional Chinese belief that our destiny is linked to our environment. It’s all about bringing harmony to your living space keeping some air-purifying plants, using a mirror on the door of the bathroom, using wind chime, and other elements while removing anything that symbolizes negative forces.

Place a moonstone near your bed. You can also place it under your abdomen, technically underneath your mattress in such settings. This practice, according to Chinese people, will improve the reproductive system, cure any hormonal imbalance, and fix your fertility issues (if any). Moonstone kept somewhere in a Feng Shui bedroom can provide a couple with the drive to get more intimate and make love.

Moonstone at Work


As long as you’ve moonstone jewelry on your body, it’s going everywhere, even at the workplace. What if you wanted to enjoy more of the moonstone benefits at workplace? The idea can be exciting only if you know how to decorate your office space with things enriched with the glory of moonstone.

Purchase moonstone sofa or chair for your office. Even a door bell or wind chime with moonstone set in it can be a wonderful addition. Also, some showpieces should complement your work table. Many professionals and businessmen believe to have benefited from keeping moonstone while on duty. To some people at work, moonstone meaning can go far beyond just healing and wellbeing and suggest guidance to take the right steps.

Meditation with Moonstone


Sitting for meditation with moonstone is one of the traditional ways to live with the stone for it enhances one’s positivity, creativity, and intuition. There’s a procedure for it.

  • Get to somewhere calm and quiet and sit there relaxed.
  • Close both eyes and try to focus on your breathing and then on attention.
  • Hold two palm stones comfortably in your hands.
  • Try to feel the stone’s energy by imagining your sense spiraling down into your stones.
  • Upon the availability of the highest white light, breathe in it to let the stones fill your mind with its energy. Gradually, your senses will be permeated.
  • Picture your intention knowing that the stones keep listening. Stay that way for a while.
  • Soon, you’ll feel like being connected your body with the Earth.
  • Open the eyes and start breathing deeply for a few seconds.

That’s how you can accomplish one ‘moonstone meditation’ session.

People and Relationships

Several gemstones are associated with love and romance, but moonstone bears a special effect on lovers and people in any kind of positive relationship when it comes to meaningful one.

You might be struggling with your existing relationship or simply in need of more intimacy with your partner or seeking to get romantically involved with someone. Either way, you’re going to have to know how to use moonstone for love.

  • For greater intimacy, wear it at full moon and make love. The bodies of the lovebirds will be harmonized into the lunar cycle.
  • For fertility or fidelity, thirteen moonstones set in a twelve-month circle placed near the bed are said to bring amazing results.
  • To attain closeness, keep the gemstone nearby when you’re meeting your beloved.

Moonstone Crystal Therapies

A moonstone therapy is a non-invasive technique that uses a holistic system based on vibrational energy to direct and transmute the energies around or of your body. The method releases the unwanted/unintended thoughts and emotions and amplifies the positive energies. The process empowers your healing process and supports it continuously at all levels of your body, mind and spirit.

During a session, a therapist places a set of moonstone wand, crystal chips, and/or moonstone heart on some of the vital parts of one’s body. Preferred areas are the ones known as the energy centers of the body. Then, the therapist places more stones all around the body so that an "energy field" can be created.

The crystals and stones being placed together start generating and reflecting a lot of energies which infuse the glow with light. This process restores balance and harmonizes the internal energies. Thus, the process ends and leaves its effects on the body, mind, and spirit.

The moment each element gets infiltrated into the crystals’ aura to open it, the mind becomes free of doubts and the chakra centers get activated. Thus, a woman taking the therapy can contact with the purest and most natural traits of herself.

Moonstone and Chakras

Moonstones are linked to the Second (Sacral), Sixth (Third Eye), and Seventh (Crown) chakras according to Tantric Buddhism and Hinduism.

Located below one’s belly button and extended up to its center, sacral chakra (Svadhishana) provides all the creative energy. Moonstone being placed right on the belly button brings balance to this chakra and inspires healthy eating, creative activities, and even eroticism in an individual.

Another moonstone chakra known as the Third Eye (Ajna) is located in between the eyebrows and radiates gradually down to one’s mouth and extends up to the top of the head. This chakra gets activated with the moonstone being placed right where it’s located. It’s all about spiritual development which creates a tune between your material and physical world allowing you to get benefitted from all five of your physical senses.

The last of chakras called Crown (Sahaswara) is located at the top of one’s head and radiates down to between one’s eyes. It then extends both outward and upward infinitely to connect an individual to all the energy the universe has to offer. Using moonstone, especially a white one, gives you the energy of awareness and consciousness to help you proceed to the path of happiness, wisdom, and good health.

Moonstone Beauty Products

Alongside the regular ingredients, beauty products these days use moonstone and other crystals quite abundantly. It’s not hard to find face clay, cream, and oil manufactured with the essence of the gemstone.

The role of moonstone essence is to remineralize the skin as it exfoliates. Anti-ageing, hormonal balance and enrichment of skin tone can be some possible benefits. Some of the beauty brands and shops known for their collections of gemstone cosmetics include Dermstore, Lionesse, and Kristals.


A moonstone roller can be found in different parlors that offer alternative beauty treatments and spiritual healing therapies. The moonstone facial roller as a massage tool to your face comes in deep contact with your skin and unclogs its pores to let cream into them while directing healing energy beneath the facial surface.

As a result, you may enjoy rejuvenated facial tone and youthful look. However, a moonstone face roller alone can’t be praised for the entire process.

Moonstone Intimate Accessories

Moonstone again! Even when you’re off to a shop where intimate items like sex toys, dildos, etc. are available, you can look out for some moonstone creations. Not essentially part of this particularly secret merchandise, the gemstone is in use for making accessories.


For example, Moonstone Yoni Egg is a women’s favorite intimacy tool that helps eliminate their anger, stress, and tension while leading them to a wholesome physical and psychological bonding with their partners. Other accessories like butt plugs, nipple flakes, and heart labiens are getting popular among women who crave very distinct sexual tastes or self-induced satisfaction.

Moonstone Gem Water

Now that you’ve learned every possible way a moonstone can be used for your benefits, one more way is left, and that’s by drinking water with moonstone submerged in it. You can use only moonstone if healing benefits are in your mind. Use specific gemstone water bottle if you’re okay with spending some money on it. Otherwise, a regular water bottle made of eco-friendly, food-grade plastic should do.

To receive creative inspiration, you want to combine it with other stones like citrine, amazonite, and lapis lazuli. A combo of labradorite, lapis, moonstone, and crystal quartz makes a calming room spray that cleanse the bad elements and makes your living space more refreshing.

Moonstone Shapes and Forms

The terms used to describe different gemstones including moonstones make it a problem for many to understand the subtlety of shapes and cuts. The face-up form of a moonstone is what we call its shape. However, the way raw moonstone is cut tells a different story and only corresponds to certain shapes.

The most popular choices include round, oval, square, rectangular, etc. There’re mixed shapes like Merkaba, pyramid, and free-form stones.

Round and Moonstone Spheres


Round moonstones are a classic, and the different cuts they come in add to their eternal appeal and reflection into the moon’s main phase. Apart from the plain round shape, there are other styles including cabochons with and/or without facets, diamond cut, concave cut, checkerboard cut, rose cut, etc., all representing some level of gemstone artistry.

By the look of both, it’s easy to wonder if round and sphere denote the same shape. Geometrically, they’re different in that a round object is either cylindrical or circular with a circular cross-section in only one direction. A sphere is usually bigger than a round moonstone.



Just saying that oval moonstone is indicative of fertility doesn’t blur its brilliance which is embodied into an egg shape without deviating away from the original ‘round’ shape. Some elongated pieces elicit a creative blend of marquise and round cuts while others may look thin, wide, or slender to echo a fusion of contemporary elegance. Do you want to go traditional? Fine! Oval moonstones are even ready to let you have big time with your spirits of individuality.



Some call it a timeless possession that inspires them to attain an emotional bond. Others may see it as a vintage style that diffuses brilliant sparkles. Technically, these moonstones resemble teardrops and synergize the beauty of marquise and round cuts. If you’re a touchy type with the spirit of a trendsetter, this elliptical shape gives you the perfect edge.



Do you find the round shape way too much conventional? Well, many of us feel like being in a world which is less than chirpy. Here come the energy of square and its heuristic feel which take you one step closer to a state of balance, stability, and reality so that you can reflect on positive aspects of life and move on.



Although marquise may shed a glimpse into the 18th century’s story of French King Louis XV (1710-1774) and his mistress Jean Antoinette Poisson, its glory is too distinctive to be ruled out by the 21st century women.

Many view it as a diamond-only shape, but its narrow, whimsical shape satisfies those with the desire to have the semblance of a smile and long, slender fingers.

The two points of any marquise moonstone, if it has to be set in a ring, need to be in a perfect alignment with each other. Failing to handle the symmetrical elements may result in a piece of imbalanced jewelry.



Ever tried the famous French bread which urbanites call ‘baguette bread’? Well, moonstone rectangles feature a slender and elongated shape; credit goes to that long, thin French bread. Accentuating the central stone of a piece of jewelry, this ‘step-cut’ shape hosts geometrical flair and suggests rationality and order.

Mixed Shapes and Cuts

Most of the following formations come from artistic and controlled cutting styles to match the different occasions and jewelry preferences.

Merkaba: It contains special geometric forms which spin and generate counter-rotating space of light that affects the user’s body and spirit helping the individual to explore the potentials and realities of life.

Heart: Pendants are the most obvious choice of jewelry when it comes to the heart shape. Popular colors include rainbow, black, brown, etc.

Pyramid: It inspires inner harmony and balance while helping you focus on the good things and direct your personal strength toward a long-cherished goal. There Are variations in surface details and colors.

Tumbled: Mimicking the milky, soft sheen of a moon, a tumbled moonstone displays watery movement with its light and color shifting with the iridescence, all representing the divine feminine.

Pendulum: With the boon to let you access and channel Divine Inspiration into self-development, this shape comprises of moonstone points having sides either faceted or smooth.

Freeform and Self-Standing: The flattened bottom makes a self-standing showpiece, and the deliberate craftsmanship that brings the nonspecific formation gives you the chance to break free from the conventional shapes. Either way, you won’t miss the smoothened surface.

Sculpture: Often crafted to make a splendid Christmas present, a moonstone sculpture can be based on both humans and animals without losing its typical glory.

Curved: Bringing these stones into an opal or pear shape with the desired curves is a labor-intensive work, and only the experienced cutters are best suited to the job.

Moonstone Found with Other Minerals/Crystals

Moonstone is just one of the members of the large feldspar family. That being said, several other minerals are available besides moonstone crystals.

The most prominent feldspar gemstone classes are plagioclase and potassium with the latter including all moonstone varieties. Some other notable potassium feldspars are orthoclase and amazonite. Apart from lookalikes, such as rainbow and star moonstone which are discussed above, other stones that share some similarity include sunstone, andesine, and labradorite.



This silicate mineral comes from a solid mix of albite NaAlSi3O8 and KAlSi3O8. The rarest variations of these semiprecious minerals which are known for possessing ‘gemstone quality’ are yellow and golden beryl, otherwise called heliodor. Having refined and pleasant energies along with other metaphysical properties, these crystals are pronounced with improved perception, aspirations, discernment, and new beginnings.



Chemically labeled as K(AlSi3O8), amazonite bears hardness from 6 to 6.5. It comes in some interesting variations of color which include pale green, deep turquoise green, and other blue-green hues. The darker an amazonite is, the more powerful vibration it offers. A lighter form of this stone isn’t entirely devoid of impacts.



The name of this feldspar derives from its warm shades of brown, gold, orange, and red which sparkle just like the sun. As you use different angles to view it, an iridescent effect comes into play as a result of the refraction of light by Goethite or Hematite between the crystal layers of the stone. Whether you choose a clear or opaque or transparent specimen, you can take your chances at warmth, personal power, openness, and benevolence.



It’s a red gemstone exhibiting a slight labradorescent glow. It’s preferred by people who seek help with their brain and ocular diseases. It’s also called a meditation crystal that brings energy to help you fight stress.



If you want to know if there’s anything so awe-inspiring to look at as the mystical adularescence, you’ve got labradorescence coming from this particular stone. Color variations include dark gray, grayish or blackish white, and gray-green. The colors are composed in the stone’s aggregate layers which refract light to produce iridescent flashes of coppery red, gold, pale, and peacock blue.

Moonstone Crystal Combinations

Pairing moonstone with other crystals seems an amazing idea to those who seek ways to take their psychic power to an advanced level like having the gift of ‘second sight’, the supposed foresight to realize distant/future events.

So far, the common stones which have been in use for this purpose include Blue Sapphire, Charoite, Lapis Lazuli/Prasiolite, and Sugilite.

Here’s a table showing the popular moonstone combinations with other crystals.

Pair Moonstone with Merlinite 

Merlinite is recommended for use with Rainbow Moonstone to enjoy a balance of feminine and masculine energies within individuals.

Pair Moonstone with Golden Yellow Labradorite (Clear with Strong Tone)

Golden Yellow Labradorite is believed to be combined with moonstone for making jewelry that harmonizes male and female abilities.

Pair Moonstone with Orange Sunstone (Sparkling)

This particular combination is believed to bring order in energies of god and goddess and worldly inclinations.

Pair Moonstone with Sunstone

Sparkling orange has long been cherished as a fine combination to balance and harmonize one’s individual energies for greater good.

Pair Moonstone with Amethyst Crystals, Titanite, Gabbro, Moldavite, Pietersite

You can choose any of these crystals/gemstones to use with moonstone for help with your meditation and exploration/exploitation of psychic gifts.

Pair Moonstone with Angel Phantom Quartz, White Beryl, Axinite, Kyanite, Staurolite Fairy Cross

There’re believers who tend to a combination of moonstone and one or more of these crystals for enjoying lucid dreaming while having an access to clear visions.

Pair Moonstone with Amber, Black Tourmaline, Jade

Use Amber or Jade with your favorite moonstone to arm yourself with protection of your psychic abilities.

With this information in mind, anyone might think it’s a good idea to have one of those crystals for their moonstone depending on their personal needs.

But, fortune may not always be in your favor because certain crystals are known to be more compatible with moonstones than others while some stones aren’t yet found to bring any desired effect. A quick guide has been given below to help you out of the unending confusion specific to the combination of moonstone with others.

  • Crystals preferred for their superb match with moonstone include Amethyst, Blue Sapphire, Carnelian, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Light Agate, Onyx, Pearl, and Turquoise.
  • On the contrary, the ones you don’t count on include Bloodstone, Emerald, Garnet, Gold Topaz, Heliodor, Hematite, Jasper, Malachite, Motley Agate, and Ruby.
  • Some names that aren’t still proven to be part of a successful combination include Aventurine, Chrysolite, Black Agate, Diamond, Hyacinth (Jacinth), Onyx, and Sardonyx.
  • Amber and Obsidian are two choices that may be the last elements to combine with your favorite moonstone for their effects are neutral.

Moonstone Origin

Wherever you find igneous rocks like syenitic pegmatites and granitic which are rich in feldspar, you’ve sure chances to find moonstone. India and Sri Lanka are the most affluent origins. Let’s learn a few quick facts about moonstone origins.

  • Sri Lanka has an esteemed history of producing world-famous blue moonstone.
  • India earned great name by offering rainbow moonstone.
  • Myanmar owns the source of moonstones known for their opulent cleanness and purity.
  • Adula Mountains located in Switzerland has a large number of mines which produce the most historically significant moonstones.

Here’s a list of other locations known for producing fine moonstone.

  • Australia: Queensland
  • Brazil: Rio de Janeiro State
  • Sri Lanka: Dumbara District
  • United States: North Carolina, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Indiana, etc.
  • Armenia: Lake Seven
  • India: Bihar, Southwest regions, etc.
  • Switzerland: The town of St. Gotthard
  • Norway: Larvik Fjord Region
  • Tanzania: Kilosa, Morogoro Region
  • Madagascar
  • Mexico
  • Germany

Moonstone Birthstone and Zodiac Sign


According to the birthstone interpretation table, three birthstones are associated with June. Modern interpretation chart suggests that Alexandrite, Pearls, and Moonstone possess characteristics specific to June.

Moonstone can help Gemini natives, especially women who may have been enduring anxiety and stress. By helping those individuals to get rid of negative inner energy, these stones are described to have been the right healer at the right time.

June is shared by two Zodiac signs namely Gemini and Cancer. People born in this month have the luxury of choosing one or more of the three gemstones. Starting from ancient ages, moonstone enthusiasts have been presenting this June stone to their spouses on the 13th anniversary of their marriages and all the other succeeding 13 years after the first time.

Moonstone along with Pearl and Alexandrite may not be the first birthstones everyone born in June may want. But, it doesn’t essentially mean they’re out of choices. Since the introduction to these gemstones, different nations from different ages were seen to choose otherwise, and the most remarkable of those alternatives were Agate, Chalcedony, Cat’s Eye, Emerald, and Turquoise.

However, it’s recommended for those who believe in the power and magical attributes of these stones that they pick one once they’re sure what and why they’re making a particular choice.

Moonstone Energy Color

Did you ever wonder what the specific color where moonstone energy comes from? Well, it’s ‘white’. The stones pack all the power of white. Let’s see how.

Moon is the source of natural and timeless white rays which symbolize cleanliness, innocence, and purity. Being the visual hue of natural cycles, white marks both the beginnings and endings of things.

One of the distinct aspects of white is that feminine gender is often characterized by this color. Numerous cultures and lore societies have associated this color with Goddesses and Legends while many literary works depicted it as the color of birth and regeneration.

Drawing energy straight from the moon as it lights up the sky at night, this color helps us learn to see things that we barely knew matter.

How to Care For Moonstone?

A typical moonstone falls between 6.0 and 6.5 according to Mohs scale which measures its toughness, and this score denotes its poor hardness. As in all other feldspars, a couple of cleavage directions are there in a moonstone. This atomic weakness (cleavage direction) makes it vulnerable to breaking and thus reduced durability.

In addition, jewelry makers set these stones into certain items like earrings, pins and pendants which are several times more likely to accidental bumps and knocks. But, moonstone rings are a safer choice. So, you can ensure longer lifespan of your moonstone by taking care the following ways.

  • Don’t expose it to temperatures that feature sudden changes or high heat.
  • It’s good for women to keep the stone off their body while engaging in daily activities like working in the kitchen, doing household chores, cleaning, showering, and working out.
  • Try to keep the part of your body that wears the moonstone jewelry clean and free of body oils, lotion, sweat, and other fluids because these elements build up fast and cause damages to the appearance of the stone.
  • Avoid getting it in touch with hydrofluoric acid. However, having it close to light for a little while won’t be a problem.
  • Consider wrapping your moonstone in a piece of soft cloth to protect it from scratches.

How to Cleanse Moonstone?

When it comes to cleansing a moonstone, you can’t just pick any method. No steam cleaners or ultrasonic device, please!

Cleaning with Water

The only liquid you should use is warm soapy water. Mix 4-5 drops of dish soap with water and soak the stone for 2-3 minutes. Use a piece of clean and soft cloth to buff it dry. Avoid any kind of jewel cleaner that uses harsh chemicals.

Cleansing Through Vibration

Find a stream nearby. An ocean can also be great. Wash the stone under the moving water. This action will cleanse the stone of all its negative vibrations and charge it with the force/energy drawn from the water.

Another technique you can try at home is using salt water to cleanse it. Take a glass bowl and pour water and mix salt into it. Half of the bowl should be good. Then, you need to submerge the stone in it and leave it for the night. Rinse it carefully in cool running water to get rid of the salt. Wipe it off using a piece of soft cloth.

Using Incense or Smudge Stick

Burn some incense or a smudge stick to create smoke and hold the moonstone gently in that smoke for 30-90 seconds. It’s said to remove any negative energy stored in the stone. You can choose sweet grass, sage, or sandalwood for using as a burning item. Many also recommend that one keeps salt nearby while smudging the stone so that the salt absorbs the negative energies possibly freed from the stone.

How to Program Moonstone

Knowing how to program or charge a moonstone is required for empowering it with fresh energy and enhancing its natural abilities to work. New users might face difficulties doing it properly and end up getting unhappy with their moonstones. You can do it in three ways.

Method #1

Pick a date that is the night right before the full moon. Leave your stone under direct moonlight and keep it for the night. The moon will do the rest. Convey your intention and to the moon by holding the stone in one hand and uttering these words, “Only positive vibration and energy may enter this stone.”

Method #2

Attain a state of mind which has strong focus, calmness, and adequate meditation. Remember that the state of your mind will reflect fully into the stone.

Hold the stone in the left hand (recommended for right-handed persons) or right hand (recommended for left-handed persons). Try to stay with undivided attention. Position the hand that is free above the stone by one inch.

Now, visualize all your intentions and let the top hand concentrate your energy within the moonstone. Don’t get astonished if you happen to be one of those claiming to feel the vibration/heat originated from the stone.

Method #3

Another way is to hold the crystal to one’s 3rd Eye Chakra properly. Then, a focused declaration of the person’s purpose is required. You can try the following words.

 “I charge this particular moonstone for love/healing/renewal.” You can wish anything that is specific to your moonstone. When the third night will pass by, the stone will be ready with renewed energy and divinity.

Where to Buy Moonstone?

Moonstones can be purchased from both online and local stores. For jewelry connoisseurs, different events and expos held throughout the year are some wonderful places.

Online Stores

Here’re some of the reliable stores that sell authentic, high-quality moonstones online.

Moon Magic: Founded in 2016, this gemstone and jewelry shop has risen to prominence very quickly by virtue of its aesthetically furnished designs, creative thoughts on gemstone cuts, and quality materials. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Moon Magic sells earrings, necklaces, bracelets, raw crystals, diamonds, and other accessories. The shop has garnered the interest of a growing community of over one million followers on different social media platforms.

Mystic Elements: If you’re big on spiritual and metaphysical elements, this can be your one-stop shop for a wide variety of crystals, jewelry items, stones, candles, books, incense, etc. Located in Wilmington, North Carolina, the shop was founded by Lorraine who is a visionary woman with a penchant for making it more than a shop, which is why it can be your favorite place for learning spirituality, healing, and psychic exercise.

Events and Expos

For those looking beyond the collections at local or online stores, different gems and jewelry exhibitions and trade fairs may create amazing opportunities. Many of these events bring moonstones with a wide range of cutting styles, carat weight and colors plus a lot of other precious, semiprecious, rare, and familiar gemstones. Following is the list of websites where you can find relevant information about the upcoming jewelry and mineral events and expos.

Local Stores

Here’s one of the most reputable and leading jeweler shops that operates in all US states.

Zales: One of the subsidiaries of Signet Jewelers, Zales was founded in 1924. Headquartered in Wichita, Texas, it’s one of the major jewelry brands and a famous place for gemstone lovers. Having 700+ outlets across 49 US states, Zales maintains the highest possible standard for its product lineups boasting a large community of millions of followers and customers.

Finding a local store is easy even if you’re doing it the first time. Go to Google, set your location from the browser, and use search terms like “moonstone shops near me/gemstone shops near me” or try similar search terms. Several results will be presented in a moment.

Then, try to find what customers tell about them. After you’ve formed a positive opinion about a particular store, you can visit it and buy moonstone of your choice. You can also ask your friends and colleagues for references. However, before throwing your bucks at any moonstone, you should try and understand your preferences with regards to moonstone meaning in its most elaborate form and consult an expert for desired outcomes.



Crystal Structure:

Monoclinic Crystal System


6 to 6.5 Hardness

Chemical Composition:

Na(90 70%)Ca(10 30%)(Al,Si)AlSi2O8, Sodium Potassium Aluminium Silicate


Crown Chakra, Third Eye

Astrological Sign:

Cancer, Libra, Scorpio

Numerical vibration:






physical conditions:

Arthritis, Birthing Problems and Health, Breast Health, Circulatory Problems, Edema, Headache and Migraine Relief, Health and Healing, Infertility, Insect Bites, Insomnia, Menstrual Cramps and Menstruation, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular/Skeletal, Pancreas Health, Pituitary Gland, PMS, Pregnancy, Stomach Problems/Constipation/Diarrhea, Vomiting, Water Retention

Emotional conditions:

Anger Diffusing or Release, Centering, Composure, Emotional Balance, Emotional Healing, Fear of Dark, Happiness, Harmony, Hope, Letting Go, Mood Swings, Nurture, Positive Energy, Postpartum Depression

spiritual purposes:

Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom, Aura Balancing, Aura Revitalizing, Awareness, Clairvoyance, Connecting with Higher Realms, Divine Will, Energy Work, Enhances Intuition, Enhancing and Stimulating Dreams, Serving Humanity, Spiritual Protection, Vision Quest

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