Tourmaline: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

Experience the thrill as you begin your journey with Tourmaline’s incredible healing powers.

What is a Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is a gemstone renowned for its natural beauty and healing properties. Although there are many colors and shades, Tourmaline is known for its black appearance. However, other colors are as good as they get.

It is known as the most colorful gemstone. In general, Tourmaline is not only composed of a single mineral. Many ores make up its structure, and they are physically and chemically correlated. Interestingly, one type of Tourmaline, Elbaite, makes up almost all of its varieties.

Tourmaline's value is quite variable. The more common types can be reasonably priced, while the rarer and more unusual hues can fetch astronomical sums. The most expensive kind of Tourmaline is the Paraiba Tourmaline. It has a unique neon-blue color and was discovered in Brazil. There is a shortage in supply of Paraiba Tourmaline globally, which makes it very expensive as a gem.

Tourmaline Meaning

Tourmaline's many colors are believed to have been conceived from the unique energy flow coming from the rainbow. The mixture of colors streaming within Tourmaline promotes insight, intelligence, charity, and happiness. Its name comes from the Sinhalese word ‘turmali’ which means unknown stones of different colors.

Because of its color varieties, people tend to mix Tourmaline with other gemstones. During the early Spanish era, a gallant knight extracted what was believed as a rare emerald, only to find out that it was a Green Tourmaline. Anyone who might have been in the same situation would've thought of the same thing.

One of the many bizarre facts about Tourmaline is its electrical characteristics. Among many crystals and gemstones, it is the only one that can be charged with electrical energy.

Tourmaline is a stone of serenity and healing. The many colors it represents also signify different values and strengths. As stated, many people thought of it as a fake crystal because of its many variations. But, the truth is Tourmaline is as real as it gets.

Healing Properties

If you are tired of going through your daily life, get yourself a Tourmaline gemstone. It is a unique gift from Mother Nature that possesses countless benefits to an individual's heart, mind, body, and soul. Read on and learn more about these healing properties.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

If you want superior relief from stress and anxiety, Tourmaline is the gemstone of your choice. The energies that flow from the different colors help you overcome the overwhelming odds of life.

When you feel like you have the world on your shoulders, Tourmaline does marvelous things like alleviating all the burdens you carry. Besides, no one deserves to feel accountable for everything that is happening in the world. Tourmaline gives you a comfortable vibe that allows your senses to feel life's natural essence and meaning.

This stone also provides a sense of emotional control. When you feel like you can no longer hold onto your anger, the Black variety of Tourmaline diminishes the itch to unleash the beast within you. It calms and soothes the entire body and allows you to be the real you amidst any confrontation or situation.


When the mind is one with the heart, everything follows. Tourmaline does everything well, most especially healing the mind. When you have a Tourmaline amulet, expect the tremendous mental benefits that it will provide.

When the mind is uncertain about what tomorrow may bring, the Pink variety of Tourmaline releases positive energy that flows within its bearer's body and is centralized around the brain area. This energy stream motivates the mind to not worry about the future and live in the moment.

At the same time, the Pink Tourmaline variety covers the mind with a protective cloak. This layer of security ensures that no hostile external forces or influences can penetrate and ruin its bearer's mind. This property is enormous for people who have repeated experiences with gaslighting, brainwashing, depression, and the likes.


The body is the temple of the spirit. If the body is compromised, so is the soul. Tourmaline preserves the human body from impurities and cleanses its wholeness.

Tourmaline has a relaxing effect on the muscles and nerves, relieving persistent muscle cramps, headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain, heartburn, and many more.


Tourmaline is an eccentric spiritual healing stone. The blue variation of the stone has the most apparent spiritual energy source among the Tourmaline gemstone types. Its bearer can gain an immense amount of spiritual energy that helps in times of darkness.

Moreover, the Blue variety of Tourmaline has a super-strong spiritual force that opens the Third Eye Chakra. Hence, you can expect to experience and see what the Third Eye feels and witnesses. This power is beneficial, especially for healers.

Wearing Tourmaline

Shamans believed that wearing a Tourmaline necklace fends off demonic spirits from attacking its wearer during ancient times. Tourmaline was also used during ceremonies and rituals involving evil entities. They thought that the lively colors from the stone would defeat their foes.

Presently, wearing Tourmaline is fashionable. The vivid hues and elegant looks of the stone make it a great statement for an OOTD. The variety in colors also gives you a wide range of selections. You can also have an idea of which pairs which.

If you want supreme guidance, wear a Tourmaline talisman. It is considered as one of the protection stones. Its vital spiritual presence helps prevent malicious forces from inflicting curses or spells.

Tourmaline at Home and at Work

In feng shui, Tourmaline is considered the light-bringer because of the variety of colors that it brings. No matter how dark it gets, Tourmaline's brilliance is dedicated to brightening the days.

Tourmaline covers the home with an invisible protective shroud that wards off unwanted forces. This stone promotes equality between men and women. It also balances the yin and the yang. If you have a constant problem with your partner, a Tourmaline at home won't hurt.

Meanwhile, wearing a Tourmaline amulet at work is effective in boosting your relationship with your officemates. If you are experiencing bullying at work, don't report it just yet. Get yourself a Tourmaline and say goodbye to bullies.

Meditation with Tourmaline

Is Tourmaline a good gemstone for meditation? Absolutely! This stone possesses the beauty and vitality that no other gems have. Also, its great appeal and remarkable healing properties make it one of the best partners when meditating.

Meditation is about releasing the tension and stress from your entire body to create a cleansed temple for the soul. Tourmaline, on the other hand, gets the job done efficiently for you. It is highly recommended to hold the stone while concentrating because its colorful essence brings an unbreakable seal that latches the mind and body together. If an individual fails to focus both the mental and physical factors together, meditation is senseless.

People and Relationships

Since Tourmaline fosters the feelings of its bearer, it resonates with the emotional connection of an individual to his surroundings. Thus, creating a light atmosphere for everyone and ultimately preserving the friendship.

The multiple colors of Tourmaline shine brightly like the stars, which symbolizes the light of every person. Such light can either glow or not, depending on how lives are lived. Tourmaline gives a brighter light for its bearer.

This gemstone is yet another reminder that it doesn't matter if society is divided by colors. At the end of the day, every color unites and merges to create an ideal world.

Tourmaline Crystal Therapies

Tourmaline is a crystal that has many healing benefits as opposed to some of its misconceptions. Expect therapeutic relief from this powerful stone when you slowly rub it on your skin. It is believed that Tourmaline can help alleviate skin allergies and other ailments.

In feng shui, this crystal has protective energy that balances the energy flow from the body's vital points. It also dissipates uninvited energy that has penetrated the body.

Tourmaline Shapes and Forms

Tourmaline takes on many shapes and forms. The most prominent Tourmaline shapes in jewelry are round, triangular, rectangular, square, oval, diamond, and other diagonal forms. Typically, many pieces of jewelry made of Tourmaline are found online. Other products outside such industry are Tourmaline plates, geodes, spheres, tumbles, and many more.

Tourmaline plates are popular because they are used in recharging objects, including other gemstones. Place an object or another gemstone on top of the plate, and it will transfer an enormous amount of energy.

On the other hand, Tourmaline geodes and spheres work the same as their gemstone. They are often used as home or office interior decoration. The roundness and finesse on the spheres signify the boundless powers that gemstones possess.

Tourmaline beads are also trendy. Even during the early times, fragments have been shaped to form beads. These beads were used in clothing and jewelry.

Tourmaline Crystal Combinations

Tourmaline synchronizes with other gemstones to produce a longer-lasting effect. Indeed, the majority of crystals function better when combined with another stone. Tourmaline is compatible with almost every other gemstone. Let's look at some of the most recommended crystal pairings with Tourmaline.

Tourmaline and Aventurine

Aventurine is glittery quartz that prides on its maximum healing properties. Among all gemstones, Aventurine is considered the most flourishing. It is typically green in color but has other hues.

The natural healing ability of Aventurine and the diverse nature of Tourmaline make this combination a sight to see.

Tourmaline and Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a gemstone with a golden to red-brown color and a silky polish with sheer opaqueness and iron bands. It is believed to be a potent amulet that helps release oneself from fear and anxiety.

This combination is unique and beneficial in its way. The masterful reputation of Tiger's Eye as a protection stone and the spiritedness of Tourmaline as a healing stone make a must-experience crystal pair.

Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz

Imagine having a combination of two gemstones that have opposing appearances but similar marvels. That's what you get with Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz when paired!

Clear Quartz is known for its colorless aesthetic. Clear Quartz is all about kindness, integrity, free-thinking, and innovation, which work best with Tourmaline.

Tourmaline Origin

Tourmaline is often found in countries like Afghanistan, Africa, Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, USA, and Zimbabwe. Additionally, they can be found everywhere across the world.

Tourmaline Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Are you a Libra? What about Virgo? Well, either or Tourmaline is your zodiac birthstone! Yes, you are lucky because your astronomical stone is as colorful as the universe. Tourmaline protects Libras and Virgos from the bent ideals of society. If you feel aloof from everyone and want to break free, get yourself a Tourmaline and enjoy life.

Tourmaline Energy Color and their Chakras

Tourmaline prides on its different energy colors. Here are some of them.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is probably the most popular of all its kind. This silicate crystal is the true definition of grounding and certainty. Even without other hues, Black Tourmaline is powerful on its own.

If you want constant protection, then this is the Tourmaline energy color for you. Its darkness gobbles all the negative energy around its bearer. It is also effective in relieving anxiety and depression.

It is also strongly connected with the Root Chakra.

Pink Tourmaline

It is the stone of love. Like other stones, the Pink Tourmaline promotes empathy, courage, and modesty. Its lovely hue defines the goodness it contains.

Pink Tourmaline is a stone used in awakening the Heart and Crown Chakra. When these vital points are opened up, the stone enhances focus and dedication.

Watermelon Tourmaline

As rare as the most precious gems are, Watermelon Tourmaline shares the same reputation. They have vivid, clearly separated colors that emanate that of watermelon. Hence, the name. The rarest Watermelon Tourmaline gemstones are worth $500 to $600 per carat in Europe. Despite its unreal distinction, genuine Watermelon Tourmalines are a hundred percent real.

Watermelon Tourmaline encourages self-assurance and confidence. It awakens the Heart Chakra, which is responsible for supporting and purifying all the vital points in the human body.

Green Tourmaline

Green represents life and vitality. This Tourmaline variety is excellent for overcoming many negative characteristics such as envy, pride, ego, and narcissism. Physically, Green Tourmaline has many benefits. It promotes a more intensive endurance and stamina for its bearer.

Verdelite, as Green Tourmaline is usually called, opens the Heart Chakra.  

Brown Tourmaline

Also known as Dravite, this Tourmaline variety is beneficial for people who want to break a chronic habit. Some of these customs are vices such as gambling, smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, and many more. Its color represents the Root Chakra.

Blue Tourmaline

This Tourmaline variety has a deep connection with Throat and Third Eye Chakra. Its bluish shade encourages its bearer's spirit to continue growing and develop intuition.

How to Care for and Cleanse Tourmaline

Cleansing the Tourmaline is undoubtedly the best way to show your care for the stone. Indeed, it is suitable for all gemstones. There is a saying that if you treat the gemstone right, it'll do the same. As for Tourmaline, all it needs from you is constant care and affection.

This stone, as colorful as it gets, can be very absorbent as stone. When the stones suck negative energy, they tend to get dirty. Just like us, they deserve to be taken care of.

It doesn't need soap. Just warm water is enough. Dry it using a soft piece of cloth. Afterward, it is highly suggested to recharge the stone to regain its powers from depletion. When recharging Tourmaline, the best practice to follow is placing them under the moonlight or on a charging plate made of different gemstones.

How to Program Tourmaline

Regardless of the Tourmaline variety, activating this stone follows the same procedure for every type. Tourmaline is a stone that depends on its colors when producing a healing vibration. It is important to remember that to program this stone properly, it must be cleansed and recharged. This statement is true to any other stone.

Depending on the color energy of Tourmaline, you will experience different sensations when activating the stone. To begin with, hold the stone with your right hand while slowly closing your eyes. Let your mind and body unite.

The stone will transfer its energy to whichever vital point (based on the color energy). Then, a stream of energy will smoothly transition throughout your whole body.

You will feel calm and refreshed as Tourmaline finishes its energy transfer. Also, along with the positive energy you absorbed from the stone, you will gain an inexplicable attraction to good things.


Tourmaline is as colorful as the rainbow. Remember that a rainbow always comes after the rain. Indeed, Tourmaline can wash away all your fears, tears and hears your wishes. It is a stone that complements other gems. This gemstone is one of the most intricate because of its sheer beauty and unique healing abilities. They need to be maintained and taken care of, just like how we like them to do to us.

What do you think of Tourmaline? Which color is your favorite? Before getting one, think about the properties of every variety and link it to your needs and wants. You do not want to end with something you do not like. Remember to always make the best out of every second. Rely on the stones, but you’re still the one controlling your life.


Black, Blue, Green, Pink

Crystal Structure:

Hexagonal crystal system


7 – 7.5


Opaque, transparent

Chemical Composition:

(Ca,Na,K,[vacancy]) (Li,Mg,Fe+2,Fe+3,Mn+2,Al,Cr+3,V+3)3 (Mg,Al,Fe+3,V+3,Cr+3)6 ((Si,Al,B)6O18) (BO3)3 (OH,O)3 (OH,F,O)


Root Chakra (Black), Throat Chakra (Blue) Heart Chakra (Green,Pink)

Astrological Sign:

Virgo, Libra

Numerical vibration:

Blue (1, 6), Black (3, 6) Brown (2, 9), Green (6), Pink (9)


Brazil and many parts of Africa, including Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Malawi, and Namibia.



physical conditions:

Tourmaline releases tension, making it helpful for spinal adjustments

Emotional conditions:

It promotes self-confidence and diminishes fear.  Tourmaline attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.

spiritual purposes:

It balances male-female energy within the body.  Enhances energy and removes blockages.

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