Sodalite: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

Focusing on your self-core or essence of your intuition gives you a higher understanding while carrying this crystal along your journey. Read more to see how this stone magically transform your negativity to a better mood.

What is Sodalite

Sodalite is one of the best tools for ideal healing and spiritual growth. It is also used to enhance self- expression by soothing and calming your spirit and gives strength to your intuition.

Sodalite crystal is not classified as rock. It is a deep blue mineral that is cut and carved as statues, pyramids, and obelisks. It does not carry the hardness of rock gemstones, but it is a masterpiece for making classy jewelry.

Sodalite meaning comes from its contained mineral, sodium-rich magmas and it's called the blue "Logic Stone" for its ability to clear the mind and bring out deep thought. It empowers the analytical side of a person, creativity, observation, discipline, and clears one's vision.

Sodalite Meaning

Sodalite was discovered in the Ilimaussaq complex in Greenland in 1811 and was considered as an ornamental stone in 1891 when they found vast deposits of this crystal material in Ontario, Canada. This became known as the "Princess Blue" by the Canadian people when the Princess Margaret of England visited Bancroft Canada, fell in love with the appearance of sodalite, and chose this crystal as the interior decoration for the “Marlborough House". Sodalite stone meaning in the Latin term solidalitas which means comrade

The meaning of sodalite represents a comrade to those who wear it as it assists them in feeling peaceful and healing their troubles or conflicts, or their aching hearts. There are other names for Sodalite: Blue Stone, Canadian Blue Stone, Canadia lapis lazuli, and Glaucolite. It is well known for its blue color, but sodalite may also be in other variations like yellow, green, gray, green, or pink. and mostly mottled with white patches.

At a first glance, blue sodalite is frequently mistaken as Lapis Lazuli, because of its blue and white color combination. Lapis Lazuli has flecks of pyrite if you take a closer look and a rich ultramarine color, while sodalite has a royal blue one and is called "poor man's Lapis" because of its white streak rather than blue from Lapis Lazuli. Sodalite is used as a substitute for the rare and expensive Lapis Lazuli. It is an opportunity for Sodalite sellers to be appreciated and be used commonly as an alternative gem for those who can't afford to buy Lapis Lazuli. Sodalite has a strong vibration which is particularly helpful to treat the development of psychic abilities and with progressing intuition. It is commonly in a blue-grey with white Calcite mixed within the surface of the stone, and other sodalites are made from yellow, red, and green colors combined with the blue base color.

Sodalite is also a member of the Feldspathoid group of minerals, which are formed in rich alkali, but poor in silica environments. These are rare minerals that contain more calcium, potassium, or sodium. Examples of these are found in sodalite, leucite, nepheline, nosean, hauyne, lazurite, cancrinite, and melilite. This is not considered as a surface stone, it is usually brought up from the deepest levels of the earth through some volcanic activity or found as masses in igneous rocks. Sodalite may be polished to achieve a very high gloss, as well as to make it look more brilliant, and elegant as jewelry.

With a splendid and royal blue appearance, sodalite is widely appreciated as an ornamental gemstone. It is best for those who are in a public speaking profession since it can create and understand philosophical principles and an excellent communication skill developer. This stone will not just help you survive the day but aiming the best of what you can give to yourself. There are lots of benefits our soul sodalite can provide, deep understanding of our minds, and heals as much as other crystals can do. Because of this, sodalite became known as the "Poet's Stone" as its natural communication-enhancing skill helps those writers, and speakers deliver their lines and create more ideas while wearing this crystal. It helps them reduce the negativity and intensifies the positivity for better thinking putting their work into functioning mode throughout the day.

Sodalite is a stimulator of the Brow Chakra, or Third Chakra, the center of our command and perception. It justifies the important and the unimportant, it also commands the energy flow within the body. These dark blue and purple colors of crystals are used to aid imbalances of the Brow Chakra. 

Sodalite Healing Properties and Benefits

The sodalite healing crystal is not just a beautiful stone but a powerful one helping to boost intellectual abilities. When you possess this kind of stone, you may notice an increase in your rationality and intelligence. It gives clarity to your mental issues and balancing thoughts.

It is one of the best tools for meditation and deep journeying. It leads insights into the self and an honest evaluation of one's strengths, motivations, weaknesses, patterns of destiny, and gifts. It enlightens the mind to allow new information to be received and increases consciousness, idealism, and to exert oneself vigorously for truth.

Sodalite benefits are all about expressing the truth, logic, and inner peace. Its properties are deeply connected to the heart which has a big part of its meaning. It naturally calms the heart which is easier to achieve inner peace. Sodalite powers called a calming effect also help the mind to enhance energy giving your mind the power to think and function.

Feelings and Emotional Healing 

Sodalite is a good friend to those who need emotional care. It brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks along with rational thought, objectivity, intuition, truth, and enhances self- esteem, self - trust, and self - acceptance.

This is why sodalite is called Thinker's stone because of its deep connection to great thinkers. It has the power to create profound thoughts in whoever owns this crystal. 

The deep blue and indigo colors of Sodalite represent honesty, logic, respect, and balancing thoughts. It gives the wearer integrity to his/her emotions and expresses the truth. It serves as a friend who comforts you whenever you need a compliment. It also encourages discipline and will in one's personal life. It happens to find a way to be efficient in your daily task which can help promote self-confidence. Sodalite emotional healing comes with the ability to treat mental confusion, traumas/phobias, and ease anxiety. If you're experiencing those kinds of emotional abuse, you may wanna try to keep sodalite near you.


For mind, consciousness, creativity, analysis, observation, and intuition, sodalite can handle such needs. That's why this crystal is called a Logic stone because of its ability to empower the mind and balancing thoughts. It's your guide if you wanna go deep inside and discover your way out of negativity.

Sodalite healing crystals can break all the walls from distracting the mind. It expresses all levels of understanding where the mind can easily construct and identify problems or conflicts and come up with a clear solution. It allows your mind to receive new information and balancing thoughts to perceive good communication and understanding.

With its calming energy, sodalite encourages you to avoid the worries of everyday life. With this power, it can give your mind more energy to see good perspectives. It will help your brain to release feelings of guilt and welcome acceptance and trust in yourself. By this time, you may identify the real purpose of your life and how to manage circumstances.


This is a perfect crystal for those who want to release anger and frustration. It calms not just the inside feelings but also helping the body physically. It will defend your mind for thinking of hurting yourself through actions. 

Sodalite healing properties can purify the organs and make them more efficient and work to their fullest position. It helps boost your immune system and protects you from common sickness. If you are experiencing constipation, this stone is a helpful companion for good digestion and lowers high blood pressure. 

It is also said to help those undergoing chemotherapy, wherein sodalite releases energies and dealing with side effects of the treatment. 

Sodalite is not only for treatment but also for those who have issues with their Endocrines, sleep problems, travel sickness, liver cleansing, and water retention. This stone has been prized for generations for its healing powers but not just emotionally, physically, but for overall outlook that can affect your health too.


When it comes to sodalite spiritual properties, it can balance and improve divination and psychic abilities. There will be an increase to your visions, clearing the paths of your journeying, and increased awareness. Any negative illusions will be removed from your thoughts. This can be a tool to help you meditate and speak out the truth. 

Sodalite is excellent in assisting astrologers, tarot readers, numerologists, and other oracles. This is an effective guide for inner travels through meditation and dream work. It can provide an access to the sacred laws of the universe. 

It's a way to awaken the spirit and promotes intuition. It will open a window to your spiritual path and guide you into your deep conscious mind. Sodalite helps activate the six clairs - clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairolfaction, and clairgustation. These are important when it comes to meditating using a stone, it needs to open up those doors for you to be able to identify the needs and balance the two worlds effectively.

Sodalite Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Wearing Sodalite

Sodalite is one of the best stones used for making pieces of jewelry. Sodalite properties have a versatile characteristic where it can easily cut into different shapes and come up with a variety of accessories which helps the wearer express the truth and to communicate properly. You just have to be very careful on how to use sodalite jewelry especially if you are wearing one. This is very soft and easily scratched. It must be taken out immediately if you're already at home. 

Since sodalite has an attractive color, many women are taking advantage of wearing sodalite necklaces, sodalite bracelets, sodalite earrings, and different accessories made from sodalite. This is not as expensive as Lapis Lazuli or other semi-precious crystals but it will give the same attention to those who wear it.

Sodalite linked to Throat Chakra means it is best to wear in the upper part of your body to maximize its powers needed by the head part of your body. Keep it close to your mind and heart so the energies can easily connect to them. Sodalite benefits of wearing bring calmness and balance emotions every time it’s attached to your body.

It is advisable to remove those accessories when you're engaged in physical activities such as sports, household chores, and other activities that may scratch the stone. 

Others are making sodalite pendant and sodalite rings that will bring more attention because of its stunning colors.

Sodalite at Home 

To use the sodalite crystal at home, it is not good to wear some sodalite sets of jewelry but you can use palm stone sodalite for meditation. For communication and public speaking, this won't be effective at home since you don't need much confidence to express yourself alone. 

Using sodalite for home decor will be a perfect match for your needs. It will calm things around you and balances energies to maintain a peaceful environment inside your house. It is also a way to avoid arguments within the family and balancing emotions for better understanding. 

Sodalite and feng shui can be more powerful because the stone can absorb energy from the Northeast part of the house that releases wisdom, and to the Southwest, for good relationships, You will have an idea where to place the sodalite at home to energize the whole area.

Sodalite at Work 

Sodalite benefits at the workplace are a perfect fit for those who want to avoid arguments and express truth especially when there's no effective communication inside the workplace. Some frustrations are coming from work when they can't understand your feelings and avoid telling the truth about important matters inside your office. 

Mistakes are common problems in all jobs, but sodalite helps prevent making mistakes and focuses on the main ideas or thoughts the mind can give. Misunderstanding can easily be avoided when there are clear intentions and communication ahead of it. Sodalite calming effect will keep you going confidently without dealing with negativity around you.

Meditation with Sodalite 

For sodalite meditation, you may simply wear it as an accessory close to your throat or heart to correspond to its chakras. You may also use palm stones, or sodalite figures inside your house and begin meditating. It will energize the whole area and remove 

Meditation with sodalite can also be used not just for self benefits but also for group work. It happens to be a tool to promote/secure friendship, common goals, purpose, and agreements. It will help increase feelings within the group and fix broken relationships. If you feel that someone is not honest with you, you may meditate with him/her using sodalite to express the truth.

People and relationships 

Sodalite powers help you remove unnecessary emotional baggage in your heart and mind for you to move forward. This is a helpful tool for those who want to move on from their past and begin the future with a clear mind and true purpose.

When it comes to relationships, sodalite enhances the confidence to speak out the truth and expresses the true emotions of both parties. It helps the relationship to grow and trust each other for balancing their energies and enhancing their understanding of better communication.

Some relationships are having a hard time telling their true feelings to their partner or family or friends. They are carrying so many emotions and sometimes they can't bear it. This stone is a great tool to get along and a strong foundation within the relationships. If you wanna express what you really and how you are feeling, this crystal is a perfect deal.

Sodalite Crystal Therapies 

Sodalite brings orders and calmness of both mind and body. This is highly effective to lessen fears associated with flying, take-off, and landing, and to help counteract jet lag.

If you're experiencing insomnia or other sleep issues, it is advisable to put a sodalite stone under your pillow to encourage a night of good and restful sleep. It is said to help banish bad habits and negative thinking patterns which you're able to think more and focus on what you're trying to express.

Sodalite crystal therapy is also recommended to those undergoing treatment like chemotherapy. It helps the body produce hormones and balances the production of blood. Most importantly, stabilizing energies and helps the body recover from side effects.

Sodalite is not just for treatment but it is also a fighting weapon against radiation damage. Other deficiencies of calcium can also be treated by sodalite. It gives the mind the discipline to be better inside and out. It is used to control body weight and bad body habits.

Athletes are also one of those who can assist by sodalite. It brings out the best on what they are into, not just physically but logically. It gives them endurance and motivation to move forward to their goals. Sodalite has more to offer, with a complete package in and out!

Sodalite and Chakras 

Sodalite chakras are the following: the Third Eye chakra and the Throat Chakra. Both are linked to the upper part of the body which focuses on the mind down to the neck. Here’s a piece of brief information on what chakra is sodalite producing more on these two.

Third Eye chakra focuses on logical abilities and intuitions. I will bring energy to produce clear thoughts, and remove unnecessary things blocking the mind to think more. This chakra is helpful to those who want to focus on their desire and goals. It encourages the mind to control a situation some people can't handle.

While Throat chakra is best for balancing the motions. This chakra is also near the heart which composes feelings. It helps the heart from releasing so much anger, frustration, doubts, and jealousy. It lowers the expectation of the mind to negative issues that arise when that person is experiencing so much pain. It helps the circulatory system to maintain a healthy status. If these chakras are out of balance, people tend to be over-sensitive to others' opinions and look down on others to make themselves feel good. 

They are both an opener to the other world and connect to the higher realms. They bring energies to allow compassion, kindness, peace, truth, and love to enter and share the energy with others.

Sodalite Beauty Products 

Sodalite has a lot of benefits inside our body, but when it comes to the skin which is an outside part, this crystal has something to be proud of. Blue Sodalite Beauty Tool is one of the best anti-aging tools used by women to improve skin’s elasticity. This comes with Gua-sha facial massage therapy where a traditional Chinese massage helps the skin against aging. Sodalite healing properties for skin helps remove and prevent wrinkles, puffy eyes, dark circles, and it contours the face to awaken skin's natural glow.

They use sodalite for this kind of beauty tool because it can release fears and tensions in which our skin is at high risk of damage when facing stress or pain.

Sodalite Intimate Accessories 

Natural Sodalite Yoni Egg is used by women which is beneficial to increase blood circulation and balances estrogen levels. It is also said it helps increase libido, and relieve menstrual cramps. You may use it with Kegel exercises for a few minutes and feel the soothing and tightening sensations inside your vagina. It helps your vagina tighter after a few weeks of using this sodalite yoni egg. 

Sodalite Gem Water

Sodalite balance gem water evolved by blending the sodalite crystal in the water using a glass jar to see the beauty and magic that comes with it. It has a natural way of healing by drinking the water with sodalite. It gives powerful energy for the whole day of work. It also helps promote a positive mindset throughout the day removing all negative energies around you. 

This is a great companion when going outside meeting a lot of people. It not just refreshes your body when you drink it, but increases the level of confidence when speaking and thinking.

Sodalite Shapes and Forms

Sodalite Cluster

It is an amazing unique natural sodalite cluster. Commonly produced from Afghanistan best to house interiors, bathroom, bedroom, or living room. 

Sodalite Points

Natural sodalite points divided into different weight and height. These can be used as part of interior design inside the house and can be used with other gems for meditation, especially in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. This is also used as an accessory like a pendant in a necklace but in a smaller size.

Raw Sodalite Chunk

Unpolished or raw sodalite stones have different sizes and cuts but have the same power and abilities as polished sodalite. It can be used as a palm stone when meditating or getting into a competition as a lucky charm.

Sodalite Plates

Here's an example of sodalite plates, it has a beautiful display of colors and its rare sunset sodalite which is commonly found in Canada. This has a feature wherein, it has an added power to usual sodalite to heal more and enhances more self - confidence and self - esteem. It is also used as a creativity booster if you're not in the mood to paint, to think, or to write something to start your task or job. It is also so powerful that you can simply place it on your altar to charge your other ems and stones.

Sodalite Spheres

This is a polished sodalite spheres depending on your desired diameter but this is a 1.5" diameter commonly selling online or in physical stores. This can fit your palm for meditation, or on your altar. You can hold these sodalite spheres when undergoing treatment to ease the pain and to keep you calm.

Sodalite Tumbled Stones

This kind of sodalite has a beautiful speckled mixture of blues and whites with a polished appearance. Like sodalite spheres, it can be used on your altar or palm for meditation and treatment. This has different shapes and sizes but with a smaller diameter than plates. 

Sodalite found with other minerals

Sodalite is a vein filling in plutonic igneous rocks such as nepheline syenites. It is also associated with other minerals such as leucite, natrolite, and cancrinite. Sodalite also has these minerals: Microline, aegirine, titanian andradite, nepheline, calcite, albite, baryte, sanidine, ankerite, and fluorite.

It is also associated with a sulfur-rich form of a mineral called Hackamanite. It is known to have pink or purple color and strong fluorescence. This is one of a special mineral included in sodalite because it has a unique optical property called tenebrescence is known as photochromism, in which its lovely colors will be saturated after exposure to ultraviolet light and then eventually fade.

Sodalite is also a member of a mineral group called "feldspathoids." It is known as a rare aluminosilicate mineral that contains calcium, sodium, or potassium.

Sodalite Crystal Combinations

For crystals combinations, there are lots of things we need to consider. It really depends on how much energy or power you need for you to use a stone or more than one stone or crystals. But based on their color category, you may choose based on what you're trying to enhance or to heal.

Using sodalite stones, since it has a blue color, it represents calmness and healing. Those other crystals with the same color as Lapis Lazuli can be used at the same time.

Sodalite is also linked to indigo and purple colors, so it can be used with other crystals with the same indigo and purple color. They are also connected with the same chakra, which is the Third eye chakra, their chakras cannot be blocked by each other since they have the same functions.

Calming energies from blue stones are not compatible with those crystals that are releasing powerful energies to boost their mood. It can be an opposing effect that can be felt by the wearer. You may feel like there's something wrong with your feelings or not in a good mood. Before using or meditating, check first the background of each crystal or stone you have especially when you are to use two or more of those.

Sodalite Origin

Sodalite has a lot of minerals which are really rare that geologists cannot find them in a field. Well-known sources of different types of sodalite include the following areas:

Ontario and Quebec, Canada - Deposits of Sodalite with fine materials are found in these areas in Canada. Sodalite became an ornamental stone when they discovered a vast portion of this crystal in these locations.

Magnet Cove, Arkansas USA  - Two varieties of fluorescent sodalite are found in this state. These are the blue sodalite with fluoresces a purplish-blue to violet-red and a white variety, harkmanite, which has strongly fluoresces a reddish-orange.

Afghanistan and the Myanmar Republic (Burma) - Hackmanite with off creamy white but develops a violet to pink-red color in sunlight found in these areas. It is also an area where grey sodalites are produced.

Brazil - The largest deposit of sodalite is also found in this country. Blue sodalite from Brazil with superior technical features in terms of brilliance, resilience, and uniformity.

Lake Michigan, USA - Michigan's Upper Peninsula was being credited for the discovery of glowing brilliantly yellow rock and was considered as Sodalite composed mineral. 

Other notable locations with significant deposits of sodalite are The Ilimaussaq intrusive complex of Greenland, Northern Namibia, Italy, South America (Bolivia), Portugal, Romania, and India.

Sodalite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Sodalite is included in the Sagittarius family of birthstones. They are affinity with Amethyst, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise, and Tanzanite. Those are crystals that have a shade of blue. They have the same functions as they are categorized as energetic centers of communication because they are linked to the throat chakra.

Sagittarius sodalite birthstone is ruled by the planet Jupiter which is known as the largest planet in the milky way galaxy and a birthstone of December.

Sagittarius is outspoken, it represents water based on color, and brings balance and harmony. They are known to be adventurous, optimistic, independent, philosophical, and passionate. They are also considered as deep thinkers, warm and loving.

Sodalite Energy Color

Sodalite energy can be in another color combination with white specks. It can be in yellow, gray, orange, or pink color, however, typical sodalite has a deep blue color like in Lapis Lazuli but often has white calcites or patches running through it.

Sodalite can be found in a transparent colorless form, but this is one of rarely found sodalite, next are those in violet-blue and opaque color which are very rare types of sodalite.

Blue crystals bring trust, truth, patience, and respect. It helps develop discipline and balance. Other colors of sodalite like indigo bring wisdom, dignity, and spiritual mastery. This kind of sodalite is good for spiritual journeys and psychic abilities.

How To Care For Sodalite

Sodalite is softer than other gemstones. It is considered to be sensitive when it comes to wearing, especially wearing it every day as an accessory. But with care, this can last for many years.

This might scratch easily and because of strong pressure, this might get fractures. After cleansing, you may wrap it with a soft cloth and keep it with other gemstones and make sure to not get touched by other crystals especially those that are unpolished. 

Avoid doing heavy chores while wearing sodalite because it can make pressure on the stone and unintentionally scratch it which makes it weaker. Avoid exposing sodalite to too much sunlight and sulfuric acid. This can fade the color instantly and can never be effective as it was. 

How To Cleanse Sodalite

Like the other crystals, you can simply wash the sodalite with soap and warm water. Just make sure to wipe it with a soft cloth to avoid scratches. Another method of cleansing is by using salt. You don’t need to rub the sodalite with it, you just need to melt the salt into the water then put the sodalite so there will be no pressure from the salt that can affect the stone. Others have carefully separated the sodalite in packaging then soak it into the salt to make sure there’s physical contact with each other.

The last method we can use is to soak it in the water, but make sure the stone will not be there for a long time. It may crack when left in the water for long hours.

How To Program Sodalite 

There are different methods on how to program sodalite. Here are those ways to keep your sodalite powerful in every use:

1. Sunlight method: Sun can give sodalite energy to balance but it can be hard for the stone to stay in the sun for long hours. It is recommended to charge the stone in the morning sunlight for just a couple of hours at the maximum. 

2. Moonlight method: This can help sodalite to keep its balancing power and a remedy for anxiety. It is milder than the sun's energy and can leave the sodalite overnight under the moonlight.

3. Smoke method: This method will allow the sodalite to keep the fire within it. You might use a smudge stick and wave it around the stone to absorb the smoke of the stick for about 20-30 seconds.

4. Meditation method: You can help sodalite getting back the power, by meditating with it for less than an hour. You can hold it and focus on breathing to direct your spiritual energy into your sodalite stone.

Where to buy Sodalite

There are lots of online stores offering different types and sizes of sodalite crystals. You may refer to the following stores providing natural sodalites crystals:

  1. Earthbound trading - Offering great prices of high-quality sodalite crystals and can ship it worldwide. They are also providing different accessories made from sodalite. They have a lot of physical stores in the USA.

  1. The bead traders - You can buy sodalite at great prices in retail or bulk orders. They have a physical store located at 3865 Lawrenceville Hwy, Ste. 107 Lawrenceville, GA 30044.

Events and Expos

If you are curious about how gemstones are prepared or being distributed, you may refer to the following links for events and shows. You can meet a lot of people who have the same interests with different gemstones:

Local stores

Many stores decided to set up their website and sell online for their customer’s convenience. They are offering the same products and services online with their customer service. You may still ask them through phone or chat on their website on those products they are offering. And please don’t forget to check the reputation/safety of a website before giving your information.


Blue, White

Crystal Structure:



5.5 to 6



Chemical Composition:



Third Eye and Throat Chakra

Astrological Sign:


Numerical vibration:

5.5, 6


Ontario and Quebec, Canada


Commonly known

physical conditions:

Can purify the organs, boost immune system, liver cleansing, water retention, Endocrines, sleep problems, and travel sickness.

Emotional conditions:

Emotional balance, calms panic attacks along with rational thought, objectivity, intuition, truth, and enhances self- esteem, self - trust, and self - acceptance

spiritual purposes:

Balance and improve divination, psychic abilities, increase to your visions, clearing the paths of your journeying, and increased awareness.

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