Rose Quartz: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

Ultimate guide to the healing properties of rose quartz, uses and meaning. Read on to find out how rose quartz can be of help to your well-being.

What is Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is a light rose pink quartz. It is a crystal of universal and unconditional love.

Its natural beauty makes it a common talisman and a favorite among crystals. Known for its great healing properties, rose quartz is one of the most valuable and prized stones among jewelry owners, modern enthusiasts and holistic healers. 


The Rose Quartz meaning is greatly connected to its pink color. Pink represents gentleness, calmness, femininity, compassion and love. The gentle energy it carries support and rekindles relationships, bringing joy, passion and contentment. Its delicate charm and soothing color give a calming effect to the mind and body. 


Rose Quartz History


Early civilizations used to call rose quartz, pink quartz or hyaline quartz. The name rose quartz came from the Greek word “hyalos” meaning glass. The rose quartz crystal meaning in legends suggests that Aphrodite’s blood-stained on white quartz when she cut herself on a thorny bush to save her love Adonis from Are’s war. Zeus brought Adonis back from war out of empathy and made the meaning of rose quartz, love rekindled or renewed. In another Greek story, Cupid and Eros brought the rose quartz to humans to sow love and hope. 

The use of rose quartz can be dated back to ancient times. It was extensively part of the arts and crafts of the Assyrians as early as 7000 B.C. The Assyrians of Mesopotamia were the first people who have utilized and embodied rose quartz spiritual meaning in their practices and ceremonies. 

For Romans and Egyptians, rose quartz stone meaning was beauty. It was being used in facial masks and cosmetic products as an anti-aging component. On the other hand, Americans connect with the crystal to achieve balance and peace. Rose quartz crystal meaning for them is akin to personal growth and well-being. In East Asia, it was used as a token of love and had been widely used and honored in their carvings and lucky charms. 

During the '90s, mineralogists discovered that rose quartz and pink quartz are different by examining unique crystalline specimens. Rose Quartz’s color is always even and does not form a single crystal while pink quartz’s color is unstable and normally forms a single crystal. The characteristics and the difference between the two have been developed over time and the meaning of rose quartz has been identified. The rich history of this semi-precious stone and its popularity makes it a true gem over the centuries and it is cherished worldwide.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties and Benefits


Powerful vibrations that echo into your ambiance is how the rose quartz benefits affect your life. Coined as the “Heart Stone,'' it is an important gem that draws new love, keeps family ties together and nurtures friendship. The presence of rose quartz in your home brings emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Delicate in color but strong in presence, the benefits of rose quartz are quite magnificent.

  • Strengthening love or romantic relationship.
  • Awakening sensual creativity and tender fantasies are well known rose quartz powers. It is an aphrodisiac that encourages passion and intimacy between you and your partners
  • The emotional healing powers of rose quartz give lasting positive results as it empties suppressed negative emotions.
  • Powers of rose quartz in the workplace can be sensed as it controls disagreements and personal conflicts.
  • The pink crystal works wonders in your sleep as it does not only give you a sound sleep but blocks nightmares and gives happy dreams.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Comparing other gemstones to rose quartz emotional healing properties are subtler. It can resonate both gentle and strong vibrations in your environment to target your heart and release negative emotions that you’ve been holding on for a very long time. Rose Quartz works well with childhood trauma, fear and anger. It helps to let go, and deal with negative emotions to start the road to forgiveness and unconditional love.


Rose quartz is a stone for the family. You can easily bond with your family members and deal with their differences . The energy it imparts goes within your heart to help you more with healing and let you nourish love and compassion with your loved ones. If someone from the family left, rose quartz can be a reminder of faith and hope, for this person to come back and rebuild relationships with you.


If you are adamant of love the rose quartz emotional healing properties will help you develop a love for yourself so you can share life and love with others.


The mind is the center of all that you are, your thoughts, dreams and aspirations need not only inspiration but a physical symbol to remind you of what to think and feel. As a “Seeker Transformer,” rose quartz crystal benefits the way you think by positively directing your thoughts to what you want and disregarding any disturbances. 

The way you think will transform your life and will help you to be who you want to be and help you achieve things you’ve been wanting to enjoy. The rose quartz stone has been used as a charm by successful people of different professions, loving and enjoying what they have transformed their lives into.

Rose Quartz crystal benefits you by giving you the energy to transform yourself whether you want a new hobby, trying to be physically fit or want to improve your relationships with the people around you or even to help you travel the world.


The “Heart Stone” energy essence covers your body with vibrations that heal ailments of the heart and circulatory system. Relaxing the heart leads to correction of the body's functions. From your headaches or migraines, sinus issues, earaches and throat problems the benefits of rose quartz are highly regarded. The heart issues, lung problems and kidney diseases are known to have been stabilized due to the benefits of rose quartz.

In the reproductive system, the rose quartz energy can be used in sexual challenges and infertility. Childbirth, complicated pregnancy and postpartum disorders are issues that rose quartz wonderful healing energy works with.

It aids in addictions, depression, anxiety disorders and stress-related ailments too like eating disorders as the calming effect of rose quartz presence relaxes the brain to function in harmony with the body.

Lastly, the anti-aging properties of rose quartz prevent wrinkles, age spots, acne, rashes and brighten the skin’s natural glow and appearance.



Rose Quartz belongs to the “Great Mother” stones. It links your heart to the earth and the whole cosmos. Rose quartz spiritual properties are deep and touch the inner longing of your soul. Its soft color works with your broken heart and free self-resentments and anger that your soul is suffering from in years. 

Rose quartz will create a sense of calmness for the inner peace and self-healing. This way, you will start to love yourself and express your desire without self-doubt.

The light of healing is a gift that rose quartz presents is so generous that your soul will feel renewed and it will only possess hope, faith and kindness. The free soul that the Rose quartz spiritual properties help you achieve in your life is the first step for you to love others as well. 

The unconditional, unselfish and pure love that your heart desires is what you will get in return.

Rose Quartz Uses & Metaphysical Properties


Wearing a piece of jewelry is a gentle reminder that you are being loved, valued and remembered. Depending on your mood or occasion, you can relish the benefits of rose quartz jewelry wherever you are. You can wear a rose quartz necklace and keep it close to your heart. When the rose quartz is near your heart, you can easily be reminded of your day’s wishes.  Rose Quartz's ring will give you a visual alarm of all the good energy that’s ahead of you whereas a rose quartz bracelet will serve as your tie to beauty and calm of your surroundings.

Releasing pain and sadness and renewing your energy are also benefits of wearing rose quartz. You should take good care of rose quartz jewelry. Keep it in your purse in unavoidable times or if you need to do strenuous activity. Do not lose it and just like other gems it is needed to be kept inside a jewelry box or wrapped in a piece of cloth when not in use. Wearing rose quartz is not just attracting love and joy but also blocking daily disorders, disagreements or accidents.

Rose Quartz at Home

Rose quartz home accessories are classic. They’ve been in the homes of crystal lovers for generations and have adapted the transformation of art and architecture. You can beautify your home with rose quartz stone furniture like side or center tables. 

Give a room in your home a gentle pink light from a rose quartz lamp. Large rose quartz for home decor crystal or polished stone for home décor can never go out of style. The living room and your bedroom are the right spots where to place rose quartz in the home. Rose quartz in living room can attract love and harmony and the bedroom to ignite devotion and intimacy between couples.

Rose Quartz at Work

To amplify the energy of rose quartz crystal we need to be surrounded by its presence most time of the day. Designating rose quartz in the workplace where we spend eight to ten hours a day will surely give us the drive to work hard and inspiration in your low days. 

Place a small rose quartz table lamp to give a shine to your aura. Sometimes you may get too tired or too sleepy at the beginning of the day, the light from the rose quartz table lamp will work on your crown chakra and awaken your mind with bright ideas and diligence for a very productive day.

Meditation with Rose Quartz

Meditation is the best way to come back to earth renewed. Our everyday hardships disconnect us to our dreams, loved ones and our self. Rose quartz meditation releases negative emotions from your heart and all throughout the chakras. Once the heart chakra is cleared, the energy cleans up all other centers and rose quartz energy freely rushes the entire body. Meditation with rose quartz will favor your heavy heart and will allow it to unravel great, pure and genuine love. Hold your crystals during meditation and remember that rose quartz requires activation before meditation and cleansing before and after the mediation process.

People and Relationships


Rose Quartz wonders and powers of how it helps relationships are endless. It keeps peace and harmony by bringing together  people in relationships, co-workers and friends. If a relationship is broken or there are disagreements, rose quartz will revive and restore goodness in everyone and will work on positive memories for people remember what it was like to be loved and cherished. Rose quartz will move you into a deeper meaning of a relationship in which communication between people is being valued.This is how to use rose quartz to attract love. Everyone will be inspired to express their ideas and emotions to their loved ones.

Rose Quartz Crystal Therapies

The core energy of rose quartz is the Heart Chakra where you can direct the healing of your soul, body and mind. A rose quartz heart is the starting point of any emotional therapy. The polished, shiny small rose quartz heart provides you with self-forgiveness, acceptance and self-love. You can give it as a gift to someone who is in great pain of loss or trauma. In this way, you can share the overwhelming energy of the crystal.

There are moments when you may feel heavy, worried and blue. Rose Quartz wand can help you to go through your chakras to unblock the passageway of good vibrations. The rose quartz wand tip holds strong energy to clear your chakras from imbalances. It is widely used together with other healing techniques such as massage therapies, Reiki and other crystal works therapies.

Lastly, rose quartz pendant is a type of crystal  that can always be near your heart for whatever issues and therapy that you are undertaking. Wear your necklace with the rose quartz pendant and it will serve you a gentle reminder of your intentions from the heart to mind. It gives hope and encouragement in therapies and radiates the energy of faith in healing.

Rose Quartz and Chakras 

Heart chakra paints your life with all the wonders of beauty and love. Rose quartz chakra, the heart, is the gate of pure light that aligns all energy in your body and uplift, heals and transforms you.

A blocked or unbalanced heart chakra can bring detachment to the world, the disconnect between yourself and the universe which leads to negative effects in your relationships and career. Your heart chakra may be weak and needs to be replenished. Rose quartz is the one crystal that will boost back your aura by cleansing and recharging all chakras of good energy.

Linking rose quartz's heart chakra and the base chakra provide balance. 

When they are aligned, it harmonizes all the other chakras. The heart chakra welcomes vibrations to soften the heart and purify it then will heighten self-love, forgiveness and love of others.

The base chakra is located at the base of the spine. Base chakra receives from energy form the rose quartz heart chakra and stabilizes movements and physical bodily functions. The heart chakra works with the base chakra to make you strong and always on the go.

When rose quartz 's heart chakra is open, you receive and emit love naturally. Finding and sharing love is effortless and genuine.

Rose Quartz Beauty Products

Rose Quartz face roller has been a hit for the young and older consumers. The feminine properties of rose quartz are ignited in this anti-aging and face lifting product. Loved by everyone, rose quartz roller has been a proven tool to clear out acne, smoothen the wrinkles and lighten dark spots. 

Rose quartz facial roller is a very handy tool that you can bring everywhere, it is 3 to 4 inches in length with two polished stones that massages even the hard to reach edges of the face. Using rose quartz face roller before bedtime gives you the calming benefits of the rose quartz crystal that can give you a relaxing night and a sound sleep.

Rose Quartz Intimate Accessory

Rose quartz yoni egg is a sculpted stone from rose quartz. It is a sensual tool that comes in small and medium sizes with drilled or undrilled style. Rose quartz yoni egg helps women to improve sexual health and resolve vaginal issues. It strengthens pelvic floor muscle, lessen menstrual cramps and PMS. It boosts libido and enhance the body’s natural lubrication.

Its energy will stimulate your sensual imagination and reawakens your heart to feel love and give love to your partner. Using rose quartz yoni egg can uplifts your self-confidence in bed for self-fulfillment and satisfaction. It attracts affection and passion between you and your partner for a happy and gratifying relationship. As the rose quartz shines over your heart with bliss, rose quartz yoni egg is one stone to obsess with.   

Rose Quartz Gem Water Bottle


Overflowing with abundance, the universe moves in a way that is always favorable to you. Whatever your lifestyle is, love will come to you most cleverly. Rose Quartz Gem Elixir Water Bottle infuses your water with pure energy for you to detoxify and revitalize. If you are always on the go, you can bring it in your backpack or gym bag, your car, at the office or even at home. Drinking water from Rose Quartz Gem Bottle Water is both calming and invigorating. It gives the calmness you need after workout, travel or long hours at work. The fancy bottle will keep you both inspired and healthy.

Rose Quartz Shapes and Forms

Rose Quartz Cluster


Rose quartz cluster is the natural raw rose quartz form. It is a gracefully formed transparent crystal cluster. Crystal cluster is the bloom of rose quartz crystals forming quartz matrix This form of rose quartz is very rare. The most exquisite of this form are from Brazil, rich deposits were found in Galiléia, Minas Gerais. The highest grade becomes mineral specimens and is very high in value and is being sold and auctioned.


Called the “Angel Stone”, rose quartz cluster crystal serves as a guide and protection, promotes pleasant dreams and sound sleep.


Rose Quartz Plates


All of your rose quartz possessions are the vessel of the overwhelming power of love and. Rose quartz charms, jewelry, and your favorite rose quartz piece or beauty products need configuration from the universe to the earth by the use of rose quartz Plates. 

Rose quartz plates are flat crystalline quartz. The shape is natural elongated or rounded with rough or polished edges. The Common plate size is seven to eight inches or can be bigger.

The main purpose of the rose quartz plate is for charging all your crystals and stones with pure love energy so it can renew for your daily needs.

Rose quartz plate can be a decorative centerpiece at home where you can personally adore and glorify for personal healing or good luck.


Rose Quartz Geodes


The “looking within crystal”, rose quartz geode works with the inner self. It shadows all your doubts, fears and resentment. Beholding your inner self for cleansing is paramount to everything that you want to see, feel and receive. It is the first step of healing and receiving blessings. Self-knowing and self-awareness are being present and by being present you can easily connect to your past the future.

For meditation practices, you can place rose quartz geode in each hand to open the heart chakra towards the crown and back. Immediate release with a calming effect can be felt reaching peace and quietness at the end of your practice.


Rose Quartz Points


Concentrated by energy, the rose quartz points are to spot the exact location of your intentions. The rose quartz crystals points are used mostly in healing and therapies to unravel the source of imbalances of your mind, body, and spirit.

Holding the rose quartz point in your hand with the point facing your body, the vibrations will carry the wand towards the source of negativity and dissolve the blockage for a satisfying release. The unique form of this rose quartz raw points lifts the vibrations faster to cleanse, revitalize and regain strength.



Rose Quartz Spheres


The beautiful rose quartz sphere is a magnificent ball glazed by hand or by machine. The ball emits equal energy to every part. You will be completely drawn to the love energy which is continuously flowing and endless. The rose quartz sphere is a representation of your world to see and reflect on the true meaning of love and being loved.

Rose quartz spheres are very helpful in meditation. It will open your heart to remove bad habits and replaced the energy to shifting variations of self-improvements and self-love.


Rose Quartz Crystal Combinations


To strengthen the power of rose quartz you can combine it with other crystals. It could be fashionable for pieces of jewelry too, mixing and matching it with compatible stones. There are crystals with a similar purpose in some areas, especially in romance. Rose quartz is a genuine reminder of self-love and compassion.


Pair Rose Quartz with Ammolite


Ammolite is the Stone of Perfection. The prism of colors that it embodies matches the gentle color of rose quartz. Ammolite works directly with the Root chakra. Rose quartz works directly with the Heart chakra and then the Root chakra activation helps to heal imbalances in the body. Together the power of both stones can ignite extraordinary results.


Pair Rose Quartz with Amethyst


These two crystals are naturally pleasant to the eye and their combination speaks out true love and beauty. Amethyst is connected with the crown chakra and helps alleviate stress and depression whereas rose quartz deals with self-knowing and self-love. Coupled together, the two stones bring answers and clarifications to relationships issues. Amethyst can also help recharge rose quartz before rituals.


Pair Rose Quartz with Citrine

If you are adventurous and always looking for new experiences in both love and life then you will benefit from pairing your rose quartz with Citrine. Citrine is the Merchant stone and works well with money and good fortune. A harmonious relationship and life are adorned by this wealth stone and can bring you endless possibilities.


Pair Rose Quartz with Chrysocolla


As a Stone of Communication, Chrysocolla stone empowers expression and teaching. To pair it with rose quartz the two stones can ease problems in relationships especially in marriage. All issues of love can be healed with inspiring communication between partners, friends or family members. Chrysocolla balances the Heart Chakra’s synergy to the outside world and together with rose quartz they regulate the energy from the universe to the inner self.

Rose Quartz Origin


Mineralogist dated the rose quartz stone usage during 7000 B.C. The Assyrians of Mesopotamia were the first people who have unraveled the beauty of rose quartz. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians have used rose quartz for beauty regime and honorary tokens.

rose quartz stone can be found all over the world. The deposit is in abundance in Brazil, South Africa, Namibia, Madagascar, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Germany and the United States. The rose quartz can be dated back to 7000 B. C. when the Assyrians of Mesopotamia (now Iraq) used rose quartz as a symbol of love.

The famous “La Madona Rosa” or The Pink Madonna is one of the most famous and expensive rose quartz clusters. It was found in Brazil during the 1950s. It is noted that in Brazil you can find the rarest form of rose quartz. The Pink Madona is composed of a smoky quartz crystal surrounded by rich pink rose quartz.

In Southern Madagascar an aquamarine crystal in a smoky rose quartz was found. It is recorded as one of the most unique and valuable rose quartz.

In South Dakota, United States, rose ruartz is a highly valued mineral and can be collected in the Black Hills. It is a state mineral and valued in the jewelry industry and lapidary works.

Rose Quartz Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Rose Quartz is a magnificent transmitter of energy under the Zodiac spiritual power center, the Temple of Light. It is the stone of Taurus which is the astrological sign for people born between April 21 –May 20. Rose Quartz's birthstone brightens and shines power from the Temple of Light for great blessings.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and exhibits her traits of beauty, divinity and femininity. They are artists, radical thinkers and hard workers. They are also kind, patient, generous, trustworthy and diligent. The most notable character of Taurus is being materialistic and possessive. They are fond of comfort and fancy things. Satisfaction and happiness come from obtaining things that they desire. The passion for things is freeing for them and if do not get the things they want, Taurus undergo emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances. 

The rose quartz birthstone is a guide for Taurus to bring thoughts to the heart and desire things in moderation. If the mundane longings of a Taurus have gone uncontrolled, rose quartz will touch the Taurus’s heart for healing and strengthens the soul to desire things that the heart truly wants. Rose quartz is said to vigor the romantic fervor of Taurus. 

Rose Quartz Energy Color

Rose quartz crystal color ranges from light pink to almost invisible pink and up to Reddish shade of pink. The pink color of rose quartz shifts the feeling of the warm hug from the heart. The energy of its gently pink color means comfort, compassion and empathy. Keeping rose quartz energy in your life will compliment all other crystal as the power it holds controls the flow of vibrations and carry it to all the right direction. The pink essence of Rose quartz's feminine energy that softens the heart and stops the chaos of mind and surroundings. The pinkness of Rose quartz represents Divinity that transcends pain and misery.

How to Care for Rose Quartz 

Caring for rose quartz is just like caring for any other crystal. First and foremost you need to use and keep it with pure positive intentions so it will carry only love and beauty. Cleanse your rose quartz with methods you desire, water, sand, air, smoke, sunlight or moonlight before your meditation or healing ceremonies. 

For jewelry that is combined with other elements, always wrap them in a piece of soft cloth and place in a jewelry box or storage places so it will maintain its shininess, color, form or shape. For bigger spheres, cluster, points or geode that are used inside your home or office, you should be careful to not leave them under the sun for more than 4 hours after bathing or cleansing them.

For rose quartz massage rollers, yoni eggs and crystal elixir bottles, cleanse them before and after use not only to remove negative energies after a day’s use but for hygienic purposes too.

Bless your rose quartz with the purity of your intentions and care and thank them for endless goodness and transformation it is bringing your life. 

How to Cleanse Rose Quartz

Rose quartz needs regular cleansing. It is important to clean your stones before healing practices. You can cleanse it using the ocean water, river or stream and even tap water at home. Keep the crystal safe from falling by using a microfiber cloth or a net then gently wash it with mild soap. Keep it dry after.

Smoke cleansing is another way. Use sage or incense stick and cleanse the crystal with the smoke. Do this in a quiet place where you can meditate too. The smoke will seem to stick in the crystal and pass through and that is an indication that the rose quartz has been cleansed.

You can cleanse the rose quartz crystal under the sun or the moonlight for limited hours. You can bury in a mud pot wrapped with a cloth for several days. Lastly, you can cleanse it using your breath just like blowing.

How to Program Rose Quartz

Programming all crystals is a personal choice. You can begin your ritual or meditation without programming but it is highly recommended that you do it. Programming is used to clear the rose quartz crystal and make sure that the energy will focus on a particular goal. For a Crystal Grid with all your crystals and the rose quartz Crystal in the center, saying your intentions will empower the rose quartz. Use herbs, essential oils and incense as their energies will empower the rose quartz during the programming process.

If you feel disconnected with your rose quartz and you think that it is not affecting your life in any way, program it. Connecting with your rose quartz will be a lot easier when it is programmed. Another way is to cleanse your crystal and find a quiet place where you can say your intentions. Hold the rose quartz near your Eye Chakra and program the crystal according to your intentions.

You can deprogram your rose quartz crystal after you have achieved your goal or if you want to change it. Use the same method you’ve used to program it, but this time you will have to clear out all the previous intentions.

Where to Buy Rose Quartz

Top Online Stores to Buy Crystal


Sage Goddess

This online shop has everything from crystals to herbs and candles. It offers ritual packages and a wide crystal line. You can buy rose quartz with undeniably outstanding designs. They have clusters, spheres, points and enhanced forms for different occasions. The founder Dr. Athena Perrakis writes comprehensive descriptions for each product helping shoppers of the right crystal to get.


Crystal Dreams World 

Crystal Dreams Worlds is the largest crystal store in Montreal, Canada. They do both wholesale and retail with a product as low as $2.99! From their online store, you can buy rose quartz crystal lamp and it is just one of a kind.

Crystal Dreams world carries not only crystals but essential oils, incenses, minerals and alternative medicine products.

Gem Rock Auctions is an Online Platform for gemstones and crystal sellers, they have a unique Verified Sellers program. The sellers are hobbyists or enthusiasts with extensive experience in crystals and minerals. Their excellent reviews and customer records are proof you can avail of authentic, quality rose quartz crystals. 

You can browse Etsy under rose quartz and you will see fascinating rose quartz crystal. From raw rose quartz Pendant to a 3lbs rose quartz Point, the variations are endless. If you want something unique, personalized rose quartz products are available too!

Rose Quartz Crystal Meaning

Rose quartz jewelry has been used since the ancient civilizations of Assyria and Rome. However, it was the talismans of the Egyptian, Roman, and Greek civilizations used it in a different manner which is to signify a closed deal. Apart from that, Egyptians believe that this crystal can help prevent the signs of aging like wrinkles.

The rose quartz stone meaning was first born in the Roman and Greek myths making it a symbol of love. The myth involves Cupid, the Roman god of desire and its Greek counterpart Eros, the god of love. It is said that the two bestowed the gift of love to human beings using the rose quartz. Another myth says that the pinkish color of the stone is from the blood of lovers Aphrodite and Adonis. Because of that, it represents eternal love.

In Ancient Native American cultures and the modern days, the rose quartz crystal meaning still points to love. It is used as amulets to bring love and to resolve arguments between lovers or even between family and friends. It is considered a stone of tenderness, love, and sensuality. It emits a strong vibration of emotional healing, joy, warmth and unconditional love.

Uses and Metaphysical Properties


Rose quartz benefits its users in many ways. It is not only used to attract love, cure heartache, and reunite relationships. Below are the rose quartz metaphysical properties and its different uses:

Places and locations

  • In the house. Metaphysical experts also suggest different ways of how it can be used in one's home. When placed in every room, it will give rejuvenating energy and inspires dwellers to love and be compassionate.
  • In home Feng Shui. Following the classical bagua, rose quartz is best placed in the southwest area. It can be placed in a bowl at the center of the home while its crystals can be placed in the bedroom. It can also be helpful for children to get a good sleep at night. You can place the crystals by the bed stand or under their pillow.
  • In the workplace. Adding a chunk of unpolished rose quartz in the workplace will provide ongoing protection. It will help avoid gossip and intrusion. It is also used as professional support for people who are working as beauty consultants.


People and relationships

  • Pregnant women and babies. This is also considered as a mothering crystal since it promotes bonding and inspires nurturing of one's self. It can be placed on the stomach during pregnancy and near the baby after being born. You can also surround the baby's milk and food with rose quartz to ease feeding difficulties and avoid colic.
  • Romantic relationships. To strengthen relationships, place pink roses and twin rose quartz on a private love altar. It is also recommended to add light pink candles and rose quartz crystals forming a heart shape around the lover's photo. The stone can also be placed near the bed or at any corner of a home to encourage unconditional love and restore trust.
  • Children. Placing rose quartz in the bedroom can help both children and adults get a good sleep. It will prevent nightmares and night terrors by replacing them with beautiful dreams. It can also help children who are afraid of the dark.
  • People dealing with trauma and crisis. When facing difficult situations, the crystal is calming and it strengthens sensitivity and empathy. It also helps the individual to accept some life changes easily and comfort those who are grieving.

Healing Properties of Rose Quartz

Part of the rose quartz benefits is its healing properties. People who wear it can get calming and soothing effect which helps them deal with difficult people or strenuous situations. You can be ready to face life challenges by bringing a small piece of the crystal in your pocket. 

Physical healing  

Apart from those mentioned, rose quartz healing properties may help to prevent the following:


  • Dealing with personal trauma and stress
  • Depression
  • Insomnia and other mental problems
  • Reproductive, fertility and menstrual problems
  • Treat heart conditions
  • Problems with blood circulation
  • Prevent thrombosis and heart attacks
  • Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and senile dementia
  • Chest and lung problems
  • Prevent vertigo
  • Improve skin complexion
  • Remove scars
  • Reduce wrinkles


Emotional healing

The healing properties of rose quartz are not just limited to help certain physical conditions. But it can also heal the wounds in your heart since it will help you erase anger and let go of negative feelings. The rose quartz powers include teaching compassion and forgiveness. It also helps people who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. It is perfect for emotional healing since it can:

  • Encourage self-love and acceptance
  • Heal emotional body
  • Opens the heart for giving and receiving love
  • Ease heartache
  • Relieve loneliness
  • Release repressed emotional pain
  • Offer inner peace
  • Brightens one's mood

The rose quartz powers and healing properties encourage many to use it and to bring the crystal wherever they go. Since this gemstone has a powerful energy that resonates within the heart chakra and higher heart chakra, it brings the energy of love and heart-healing properties. The rose quartz benefits will no doubt urge you to buy jewelry that contains it from rings to necklaces. This way, it is easier to take the stone with you which will help you have a better mood, a positive outlook and a stronger relationship with other people.




Crystal Structure:

Triclinic Crystal System


7 Hardness



Chemical Composition:

SiO2, Silicon Dioxide with Iron or Titanium Inclusions


Heart Chakra

Astrological Sign:

Taurus, Libra, Scorpio

Numerical vibration:

Number 7


Brazil, India, Madagascar



physical conditions:

Alzheimer's Disease, Bruising, Burns, Cough, Dementia, Dying Process and Transitioning, Eating Disorders, Emphysema, Fatigue, Headache and Migraine Relief, Hysterectomy, Infertility, Kidney Disorders and Health, Lungs, Menstrual Cramps and Menstruation, Neck Health, Pain Relief, PTSD, Shingles, Skin Infections and Irritations

Emotional conditions:

Anger Diffusing or Release, Calming, Coping with Grief, Emotional Healing, Emotional Strength and Stability, Fear, Forgiveness, Guilt, Jealousy, Love, Reducing Stress or Tension, Relationships

spiritual purposes:

Connecting with Christ Consciousness, Divine Love/Connection/Guidance, Heart Chakra, Increasing Positive Energy, Spiritual Love, Unconditional Love

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My passion started when I was a kid and grew into a full time thing. I’m currently writing a book on crystals, running a non-profit initiative to help ethical sourcing of crystals and helping out local miner communities.
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