Selenite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

Get ready to be enthralled with Selenite, a beautiful stone with amazing healing powers.

What is Selenite?

Selenite is part of the Gypsum family, a group of minerals. The majority of Selenite is transparent when fresh from extraction. Nevertheless, there have been many Selenite color varieties found these past few decades.

According to the Mohs hardness scale, Selenite is in level four. When placed under ultraviolet light (UV), it glows because of its fluorescent-like ability.

Selenite has many variations when it comes to size, color, and shape. Its transparent variety is usually extracted from sedimentary rocks all over the world, just like limestone. Typically, Selenite is found within the limestone. Sometimes, green-colored crystals have Selenite inside them.

Overall, Selenite is a bizarre gemstone that has unique capabilities. It is indeed a stone that you have to have.

Selenite Meaning

Selenite is always associated with simplicity, innocence, devoutness, and beauty. Its name is undoubtedly derived from Selene, a Greek divine figure, also known as the moon goddess. Many of its essences revolve around spirituality. Some of its famous monikers are Desert Rose, Maria Glass, and Satin Spar.

Redemption, resurrection, and remediation - these are the things that come to mind when talking about Selenite. It is a gentle but mighty stone. Many people are mistaken because of its looks. Some think it's great for fashion; others say Selenite is an excellent material for design. However, the most meaningful use of Selenite is a gemstone.

Selenite is often related to the moon. This stone serves as a beacon of light when in darkness. True to its nature, Selenite provides many healing benefits for its bearer. When all else fails, Selenite lends a helping hand.

This stone is an incredible energy conductor, just like the moon. The moon acquires its light from the sun. On the other hand, Selenite absorbs moonlight and turns them into a tremendous amount of power capable of energizing other objects and gemstones.

One cannot overlook its feminine qualities. Selenite is soft, silky, and delicate, just like women. Make no mistake; Selenite is as resilient as a femme fatale.

Healing Properties

Selenite shares the pinnacle with other gemstones like Tourmaline, Tiger's Eye, and Amethyst regarding its healing properties. Whether you look at Selenite's emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual healing powers, this stone is definitely one of the gemstones' standouts.

It is considered by many as a beautiful stone. It blocks all impurities from penetrating the human body. The body of its bearer responds positively to its therapeutic powers. The most evident benefits are better metabolism, fluid blood circulation, stable blood pressure, enhanced eyesight, and many more.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Human emotions are contagious, and it has been proven throughout history. Selenite is a fantastic stone because of its ability to influence emotions positively. If you are an emotional person and you get carried away quickly, you should be friends with Selenite.

Selenite also affects other people's feelings. It has a relaxing aura that gets transmitted to its surroundings. Hence, people around its bearer tend to be calmer and happier, which is very helpful because conflicts usually happen when tempers flare.

So if you want to conquer your emotional demons, get yourself a Selenite. Be yourself and influence others with this magnificent stone.


The mind controls everything the body does, except involuntary actions. Selenite gives its bearer a healthy mind by increasing the body's energy flow, especially around the brain area. As a result, the mind is more productive and more creative.

Selenite also prevents the mind from dwelling on the nightmares of yesterday. As humans, we tend to think about the past too much. In some cases, it leads to anxiety, depression, and, worse, suicide. Selenite helps the mind to focus on the present and live in the moment.

So if you have been struggling with your mental health, get yourself a Selenite and enjoy its healing powers.


As vivid as its physique, Selenite clears all impurities from the human body. It is a reliable detox partner. Contained within Selenite are different therapeutic energy waves that slowly help the body to excrete toxins. It can also help in your weight-loss projects.

The physical healing properties of Selenite have wowed the world since its conception. One of its most recognizable abilities is its healing effect on the human spine. Selenite releases a soothing energy wave that helps align the backbone.

Free radicals are unstable atoms that can harm cells, causing sickness and aging. Selenite prevents them from destroying the human body, which is extremely helpful for those who have such. What are the potential diseases that may occur when free radicals deteriorate the body? Alzheimer's disease, Dementia, Parkinson's disease, Eye Cataracts, and the likes. These are illnesses that often make life hard for some. Selenite stops this from happening.


The majority of crystal lovers refer to Selenite as a spiritual stone. Indeed, it possesses a substantial spiritual capacity, capable of healing other people, even its bearer. The stone helps in warding off hostile spirits who want nothing but revenge and destruction. Selenite flashes its blinding light and easily fends them off.

Wearing Selenite

Are you a fan of Selenite jewelry? If not, it's time for you to join the bandwagon! Selenite has the beauty of an angel and the charisma of a goddess, making it one of the most suitable and preferable stones in making jewelry.

The Ancient Greeks loved wearing Selenite. They artistically cut its fragments and turned them into necklaces, rings, earrings, talismans, and the likes. They believed that the jewelry pieces with Selenite stone released various vibrations that helped them achieve their goals.

Wearing Selenite entails many benefits. It may look gentle and beautiful, but it is a powerful stone. It is believed that when you have a Selenite ring on, you are protected from unseen elements with malicious intent. The stone creates a stream of aura that clouds the body and enhances its resistance from possession and curses. Invulnerable, per se.

Selenite at Home and at Work

If you want to light up your home and never let darkness seize it, get a Selenite sphere. It represents the moon and possesses incredible abilities. The Selenite sphere guards the house against opposing external forces, just like other stones. The only difference is the Selenite sphere emulates the moon at night.

On the other hand, a Selenite amulet is helpful at work. It gives you a massive boost with the ethereal aura around your body. Thus, people at work will recognize your works easily. Your activities are also affected positively by this stone. It applies an unbreakable energy field around your work, making them invulnerable from depreciating forces.

Meditation with Selenite

The Blue variety of Selenite is deemed the best when meditating. As observed, meditation requires absolute silence and peace. The Blue Selenite thickens the invincible air around the body, allowing it to continue focusing on uniting it with the mind.

The Blue Selenite also enriches the soul during meditation. Since Selenite is known as a spiritual stone, it enables its bearer to connect spiritually with its environment and stay committed to meditating.

Selenite is also often related to the divine light, which makes it a perfect partner while meditating. The radiant energy flashing from this gemstone guides the soul as it wanders the spiritual world during meditation.

People and Relationships

Selenite is an excellent choice of gemstone for those who have not yet established a solid connection to society. If you are inferior, shy, or hesitant to mingle with others, and you want to get out of your box, get yourself a Selenite.

The stone emits powerful energy that encapsulates its bearer. This energy then revitalizes the urge of an individual to be connected with people. The stone's beautiful aesthetic calms the heart, attracting its bearer to participate in social and charitable activities.

On the other hand, Selenite is the stone for you if your relationship is on edge. There comes a time when relationships become unstable, which can be caused by many factors. But with Selenite, nothing matters. Its intense emotional healing properties envelop couples and tighten the bond.

Therefore, Selenite is the gemstone for people who want to be one with the environment and want to strengthen ties.

Selenite Crystal Therapies

Selenite is also called the stone of purity. From its etymology, Selenite has always been seen as a divine, holy, or royal stone.  Its colors resemble that of an angel, a goddess, or a queen. As a result, its therapeutic prowess has been looked up to until now.

Selenite shifts negative energy when absorbed, then transmitting them to other objects and gemstones around it. It is a unique property that makes it an excellent charging stone. Consequently, Selenite brings peace, wisdom, and healing to every part of the human body. Gently put and scrub the stone on the skin to feel its effects.

Selenite and Chakras

Selenite awakens the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. As a result, you are more receptive to spiritual forces. With the Third Eye Chakra activated, you also gain access to communicating with the other realm, which is conducive for healers. At the same time, several people want their third eye activated. If you're one of them, then Selenite is the stone for you.

Selenite also programs the Heart Chakra, which is pretty obvious. The beautiful ambiance that Selenite produces is strong enough to open it with ease. The light energy coming out of Selenite attracts other positive energy in the surroundings and goes inside the human body through the Heart Chakra.

Selenite Shapes and Forms

There are many shapes and forms that Selenite takes. Uniquely, Selenite wands have become a trend since its inception. Have you heard of them? If not, you’re at least aware now. Selenite wands look like the typical wands that you see on the television. It functions just as the Selenite stones do.

Round Selenite fragments are used in making jewelry pieces like rings, earrings, piercings, bracelets, necklaces, cabochons, and many more. These jewelry pieces also involve other shapes such as squares, rectangles, ovals, triangles, and the likes.

Selenite plates are used as chargers. It functions as an actual charger, only that it supplies a massive amount of light energy. Selenite geodes and spheres, on the other hand, are typically used in home and office interior design. They provide the same benefits as the Selenite gems do. Vendors can sell them at a reasonable price because of Selenite's natural beauty.

Selenite Crystal Combinations

Are you looking for the best crystal pairing with Selenite? Don't fret because there are many gemstones for your selection. Since this stone is connected with the Crown Chakra, you should get a crystal that has the exact nature of Selenite. Let's have a look at some of the best Selenite crystal combinations.

Selenite and Amethyst

This purple stone is a perfect match with Selenite. A spiritual stone, Amethyst complements Selenite in terms of its ability to turn nightmares into sweet dreams. Yes, if you are experiencing constant bad dreams, it's time for you to pick this crystal pair. Their spiritual powers are so strong that they transform your horrifying visions into calm and collected scenes.

Selenite and Moonstone

Selenite charges and acquires its healing powers from the moon. Naturally, it is a suitable match for Moonstone. Both these stones are tender, relaxing, grounding, and relieving. It's off the charts! Imagine the level of comfort that you get if you have this crystal combination.

Selenite and Tourmaline

Yin yang - that's the first thing that comes to mind when you see this crystal combination. The vividness of Selenite and the darkness of Black Tourmaline complement each other well. It's a win-win situation for you! When you have this pair, you'll get the moon-like relaxation from Selenite and the ultimate protection from Tourmaline.

Selenite Origin

Selenite can be mined from different countries globally. The most notable nations are Mexico, Australia, Brazil, the USA, and European countries. The majority of Selenite's colorless variety is usually obtained from sedimentary minerals all over the world.

Selenite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Calling all Taurus! Your zodiac birthstone is here. Selenite is the lightness that the phlegmatic attribute of Taurus needs. Let's admit, Taurus can be very stubborn at times. They are aggressive, and they tend to reach decisions hastily. The relaxing effect of Selenite alleviates feelings of rage, anxiety, and fear.

On the contrary, it is not a natural birthstone.

Selenite Energy Color

Similar to other gemstones, Selenite has many color varieties that carry different energies. Let's have a look.

Green Selenite

This color variety of Selenite promotes self-assurance and confidence. At the same time, it has the power to prevent skin aging.

Blue Selenite

Blue Selenite is probably the most powerful among the varieties. It has the ability to improve the comprehension and intellect of an individual. It also grants its bearer the initiative to succeed in life. This variety immensely helps during meditation as it aids in relaxing the mind and body.

Orange Selenite

The vividness and juiciness of Orange Selenite's color reflect its abilities. It has an incredible amount of positive energy that allows it to cover the atmosphere with an optimistic aura. Hence, this Selenite variety is excellent for use at work.

How to Care for and Cleanse Selenite

Selenite is a sensitive stone. One miscalculated touch, and you'll see abrasions everywhere. There are many reasons why you need to pay extra attention and care when cleaning Selenite because it can get very rough.

When cleansing this crystal, it is best to use warm water and a brush with soft bristles. Gently scrub the stone and avoid using too much force. Do not soak the stone too long in water because it can dissolve with it.

While cleansing tends to be very complicated for Selenite, its charging is the contrary. The gleaming surface of Selenite reflects that of the moon, which makes it a perfect energy source.  All you need is moonlight to recharge this stone.

At the same time, you can use Selenite to charge other gemstones. Its ability to absorb an enormous amount of energy and transfer it to other objects and stones is indeed remarkable. It's like a sponge, sucking in all the positive vibe and releasing them when extracted.

How to Program Selenite

Selenite is programmed the same way as other gemstones. All you need to do is focus on your goals, slowly close your eyes, point the stone to your heart, and let the stone do the magic.

However, remember to cleanse and charge the stone before activating it for the best results.


Talk about heavenly; Selenite is the stone for everyone! The immense amount of energy flowing within this gem is mesmerizing. Whether you love its ethereal aesthetic or its endless healing benefits, this stone is indeed one of the most reliable.

Just like us, Selenite needs to be taken care of. Otherwise, it may not function well. It's a stone that requires a lot of delicateness and passion for working at its best. In its pristine condition, you can expect almost anything, which is why it is essential to foster it genuinely.

Besides, the stones are just our daily guide. Let's always remember this: they may be rendering their healing abilities, but we are fully responsible for everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen.


Colorless, Grey, White, Yellow

Crystal Structure:






Chemical Composition:



Etheric Chakra, Crown Chakra, Third Eye

Astrological Sign:

Gemini, Cancer

Numerical vibration:

2, 3


Mexico, Australia, Brazil, USA



physical conditions:

Selenite aligns the spinal column and promotes flexibility.  It corrects deformities of the skeletal system and can stabilize disorders.

Emotional conditions:

Selenite is a calming stone that instils deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work.

spiritual purposes:

Selenite provides for clarity of the mind, expanding ones awareness of the self and of ones surroundings.

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