Shungite: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

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What is Shungite?

Crystals have been present for long periods and have long fascinated humanity. Shungite is a shiny black gemstone that has gained recognition for its robust anchoring characteristics and is still utilized today for vitality healing in both the mental and physical aspects.

The term Shungite was named from the location where they found it, in the Russian settlement of Shunga. Shungite can allude to large chunks of a carbon-based gemstone and other crystals that include fragments or aggregates of Shungite gemstones.

Shungite is a black gemstone composed primarily of carbon. Its high carbon concentration is responsible for its characteristic dark-sucking black hue. The same ingredient is used to create graphite and diamonds. It is, nevertheless, glossy, as opposed to graphite. In addition, some high-quality specimens show a silver sheen.

Shungite Meaning

Shungite is an anchoring, cleansing, and balancing gemstone. Shungite's symbolism to several gem lovers spans from proper security to psychic safety against depleting or destructive energy energies. Shungite can assist the aim of purifying and cleaning if you are burdened by a massive emotional load or wish to protect yourself from a physically harmful atmosphere.

In medieval alchemy, black is usually a good symbol of immunity. It is supposed to envelop the bearer of the charm in shadow, preventing bad luck from finding them. Shungite's black hue makes it a suitable gemstone for activities involving fleeing from horrible luck.

Because of its electrical conductivity, it is also helpful as a booster in mysticism and meditation and amplifying the strength of cosmic rays. Surprisingly, it has been claimed that it can assist improve area network transmissions.

Shungite may function as an amplifier of your force if you direct your brainpower toward a particular purpose. It might assist in anchoring your ability to keep it concentrated on your objective so that it does not wander. And it can push it even harder towards your intended result.

Shungite might assist you in focusing on your objectives. Then again, it is they who will open the way for your achievement—all the while ensuring that you stay rooted enough to carry out your activities. This gemstone can also assist you in understanding and finding effective methods to why specific goals you see have not been realized. In several respects, the crystal is linked to existence essentially. It may provide you with a more in-depth understanding of your role and where you need to go in the future.

Shungite, however, can assist in synchronizing you with your environment in such a manner that you are never a people pleaser.

Healing Properties of Shungite

Shungite has long been utilized to promote health and well-being. Countless people were believed to sip Shungite-infused water to boost their wellness. People still utilize it in tonics and charms nowadays. It is widely established that some types of carbon can be helpful. Activated charcoal is an instance, as it is now widespread in fitness and cosmetic goods.

Shungite, which has a very similar arrangement of atoms to charcoal, primary carbon, can provide related cognitive advantages as charcoal does on a conscious level. It removes and sanitizes contaminants.

You may use it to get rid of harmful individuals and disappointments in your life. And, to put it another way, it can assist with stress, sleeplessness, and even irritation or skin problems. Always consult your doctor if you have any health issues, and never use a gemstone to replace medical treatment.

Based on your specific demands, you can utilize it for all these objectives, either or out in conjunction. Shungite can also boost your mental powers in a broad sense. That is, you can do the same in combination with other gemstones or mystical artifacts to enhance them.

Shungite has been shown to absorb hate and anger due to its darker shade. It can also defend you from ominous vitality by shrouding you. It is advantageous if you are coping with dangerous or poisonous individuals in your career.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Shungite can aid in the transformation of unpleasant or trapped emotional images and make up your dark persona. These are the aspects of yourself that you've hidden as they're uncomfortable or unacceptably you. The anguish evolves into insight and kindness as you work on emotional recovery. Shungite is a balancing gemstone that aids in the purification and transmutation of trapped power, helping you handle life perceptions and emotions with insight and perspective.

The ability to recognize your actual limits without trying to justify or be inflexible is a virtue of Shungite. It's advantageous if you're stuck in an emotionally unstable habit. You would be capable of understanding where your duty stops and others commence as you learn to own your past and feelings. Everyone will automatically change to this new energy rhythm as you start showing up entirely in your zone, existence, and attention to your internal strength.


Numerous individuals believe that it can reduce anxiety and worry by absorbing bad energy. It's a novel concept that no proof hasn't supported. Alternatively, try a perceptual approach using Shungite. Feeling and carrying items might assist you in overcoming anxiety. Holding or touching a Shungite gemstone might be one of them.


This two-billion-year-old jewel has been utilized in healthcare, farming, water infrastructure, and more as a purifying aid. It has been shown to protect the body from damage caused by free radicals and avoid potential aging.  It improves the body's absolute immunity, significantly increasing vigor.

You can use it to eliminate poisons such as toxic substances, drugs, chlorine, fluoride, and other inorganic particles from the body. As a result, Shungite increases general energy, restores the body, relieves anxiety, and cleans our interior and exterior systems.


Shungite may be used as a cleansing gemstone to remove any pollutants from the atmosphere and spirits. It's ideal for cleaning routines and energy balancing. You may use it to defend against psychic threats, like black magic and witchcraft activity. Its intense magnetic resistance renders it an effective conductor for increasing the orientation of energy transfer.

Wearing Shungite

Using Shungite is best done when wearing it. Regularly wearing Shungite is the most effective method to utilize it. Necklaces are timeless, but studs, wristbands, trinkets, and even rings suit well too. However, if you wear your Shungite as a ring, you must take caution because its comparative tenderness renders it quite delicate.

The critical thing to remember with Shungite is to keep it close to you at all times. Shungite accessories possess the ability to clean the atmosphere by eliminating bad vibes. However, it will not operate until it is close to the negativity to dissipate it.

Shungite at Home and at Work

The same approach is applicable if you wish to consume negative vibes in a given area, like your home and property. Put a piece of Shungite in the area, especially in the area where you are most aware of bad vibes. If you sit at a desk, this should be at your doorway, where you can go through all the employees with whom you have had unpleasant encounters.

If your household has terrible feng shui, put a piece anywhere where the atmosphere seems very unpleasant - especially locations in your home where you get weary and irritated when you remain there for no explicable cause. Shungite gemstone can help to balance the energy in your home. With its historical links to nature, you may notice it when your Shungite is appropriately placed. Everyone in your family feels somewhat more energetic and eager to overcome the difficulties life throws at them.

Thus, as previously said, this gemstone is suitable for soaking negative energy and producing a more comfortable environment to work and enjoy alongside. If you always have a large or developing variety of gemstones on display in your house, Shungite will blend perfectly in.

Meditation with Shungite

Morning meditation with Shungite helps you stay rooted and focused during the day. Conditioning is essential, especially during challenging situations, since it makes you stay peaceful and more focused, reducing stress, promoting great vibes, and supporting the total body, mental, and emotional growth.

People and Relationships

Individuals frequently appear to focus on bringing you down. Shungite will misdirect their negative thought away from you, maintaining you protected and optimistic in your capacity. It, like Hematite, may result during the subsequent few early clashes. However, it will significantly improve your general enjoyment and effectiveness in your connections in the foreseeable future.

These qualities are not as frequent as usual compassion, and other gemstones see peaceful energies. However, this crystal's dynamism is among the best attributes. Occasionally you have to speak what you intend and believe what you express while also sticking to your values.

What's noteworthy about Shungite is that it doesn't always foster a harmful or violent attitude. Instead, you will seem more forceful and self-assured — characteristics we can all use more of from time to time. Suppose you've had enough of others disregarding your thoughts or contributions as soon as it is possible to express them. Consequently, this gemstone may provide you with the self-esteem and conviction in the viability of your goals to take you there.

Shungite Crystal Therapies

The gemstone does not wear off after it diffuses or absorbs enough of that negativity. You'll notice yourself growing fortunate and more effective in almost every type of situation where you devote psychological attention.

Even if you are concerned with your profession, economic state, love life, or personal wellbeing, Shungite can assist you in directing your positivity in the right direction. People will grow to respect your boldness and say it like it is a mentality, as well as your opportunity to collaborate freely and creatively to fix issues instead of attempting to push them under the carpet.

Shungite and Chakras

Wearing Shungite can assist in regulating the chakras, which is among the most potent benefits. The Shungite's power elicits feelings and ideas that drive us to evaluate our ideas, routines, and life situations that bring us grief. It also physically detoxes zones linked with various chakras, which is why it is advised that you progressively include Shungite into your daily routine until you are comfortable with its vitality.

Wearing Shungite will indeed increase the effectiveness of chakra healing, and it will also help counteract the energy generated by an obstructed or hyperactive chakra. You may safely conduct chakra healing and restore equilibrium to the Root Chakra after negating the force. Because the feeling of stability, grounding, and professional life is linked to this chakra point, maintaining it balanced is critical to your full health.

Shungite Shapes and Forms

If you want to utilize Shungite to enhance your wellness, the ideal approach is to dissolve a tiny, well-cleansed crystal in filtered water and consume it. You can use either cold or warm water. Hot beverages, like coffee, will increase the intensity but may dilute a few of the subtleties. A chill-temperature Shungite concoction requires soaking the Shungite and water in the sunlight for a few minutes to make it effective. However, it retains the Shungite's multidimensional strength. A warm pale ale may cause distress, but it will ultimately cut to the foundation of the factors that cause challenges. On the other hand, a cold brew will cool you down and collected in the face of difficulty.

Shungite Crystal Combinations

The most excellent Shungite therapeutic gemstone pairing is with gemstones that create harmony. Shungite can occasionally lead to combative mindsets due to its apparent and concise capacity to assist you in recognizing and prevent criticism. You will no longer be affected by the negativity of others.

In the long term, this is a positive development. However, if you begin to incorporate the influence of Shungite into your existence, you may discover yourself destroying relationships. To alleviate this, use gemstones that promote peace, serenity, and interpersonal communication to flatten out the challenging moments. Amethyst, Citrine, and Tourmaline are types of gemstones that promote unity.

To utilize Shungite for protection, combine it with a red stone such as Ruby or Garnet. All of these gemstones contain a blazing spirit that will boost Shungite's strength even more. This combo is perfect for ensuring that no threat comes near you. And for providing you the authority to cope with even the most demanding circumstances.

Due to Shungite's usage as a strength amplifier, you can effectively combine it with almost any gemstone to boost its characteristics. You can satisfactorily mix any gemstone with Shungite. It can be utilized with other minerals or crystals to attract romance, money, or happiness.

Shungite Origin

Genuine Shungite gemstones originated from the Russian village of Shunga in Karelia. For centuries, mankind has been fascinated by these gemstones, and the locality is rich in Shungite resources. Carbon makes up the majority of Shungite crystals.

Shungite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Shungite, unlike other gemstones, is not associated with any zodiac sign. Consequently, all of the other zodiac signs can benefit from this stone's dynamism and charm.

Shungite Energy Color

Black is associated with control and influence in color theory and holding on to knowledge instead of sharing it with others. Due to the apparent strength it generates, black is daunting, aggressive, and introverted.

Because of its intimidating nature, it might inhibit two-way dialogue. It exudes power while also instilling fear. Black is associated with self-control and restraint, autonomy and positive willpower, and leadership and strength.

How to Care for and Cleanse Shungite

Shungite is a beautiful gemstone that seldom has to be washed. It has the extraordinary capacity to blend with the energy that encircle it or that it accumulates. It will stay linked with your chakras and provide that tremendous anchoring impact on your body, mind, and soul if you cleanse it.

Shungite is a potent healer capable of dispelling all types of bad energy. It can also shield you from the harmful frequencies emitted by individuals, locations, and items. You may purify your Shungite gemstone every week or simply once a month. Rinse it with water and let it soak for at least two hours in the sun or moon. Shungite gemstones can also be let to drench in saltwater. If sea salt is not present, you can employ table salt.

Shungite is a fantastic cleanser, capable of dispelling a wide range of bad energy. It can also shield you from harmful frequencies emitted by individuals, locations, and things.

However, since Shungite accumulates a great deal of difficulty, it's still necessary to purify it, even if it's a gemstone that doesn't require it. Shungite will stay a powerful cleaning, detoxifying, and protecting gemstone once cleansed.

Shungite is a mineral that both heals and inspires. It will eliminate everything harmful to you or your surroundings and return everything to its original state. The vibration of this stone destroys spiritual blockages. It will only become a concern if you utilize it after a period of experiencing negative energy.

How to Program Shungite

Put Shungite at the Root Chakra, right under your abdomen, while lying flat. Establish the purpose for your meditation and be available to accepting positive vibes without any preconceived notions. Envision your goal using all of your sensory systems, envision where in your life you want aid, and ask your Shungite Gemstone to deliver comfort to you.

It may not start early or on your initial session, but the gemstone will patiently communicate its word within you. It might be with thoughts, images, or sensations. Once you put yourself in a positive vibe, it is better to let the gemstone intuitively discern where mending is necessary. And if you have a curious mind, the gemstone will provide you with what you require at the perfect time.

Final Thoughts on Shungite

Its capacity to boost the strength of other gemstones is beneficial to everyone. Shungite is a lovely gemstone to utilize to enhance the abilities of other gemstones and minerals, even while we're in its unique properties.

Shungite is also helpful because of its ability to handle negative vibes. It's anything anyone can take advantage of. It will help you boost your connections and your fortune in total. It's possible that you're stuck in a toxic situation or that individuals are pulling you down, but you can't pinpoint why. Perhaps Shungite might be the gemstone to help you get rid of their negativity.



Crystal Structure:






Chemical Composition:



Crown Chakra, Third Eye, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Root Chakra

Astrological Sign:

Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer

Numerical vibration:

Number 4


Russia, Austria, Africa, India



physical conditions:

It improves the body's absolute immunity, significantly increasing vigor.

Emotional conditions:

Feeling and carrying items might assist you in overcoming anxiety

spiritual purposes:

Shungite may be used as a cleansing gemstone to remove any pollutants from the atmosphere and spirits

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