Obsidian: meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

A great way to feel more energized and for deep grounding.

What is Obsidian

Obsidian is an intrusive rock which means it is made from a magma that erupted out of a volcano. It is called intrusive because it was an igneous rock that had not erupted from a magma. Obsidian is an igneous rock that forms when molten rock material cools so quickly that atoms are unable to group themselves into a crystalline structure.  Obsidian is a mineraloid. A mineraloid is a naturally occurring mineral-like substance that does not demonstrate crystallinity.

Taking place as a natural glass established by the rapid cooling of viscous lava from volcanoes. Obsidian is typically in jet-black color, the presence of hematite (iron oxide) consists of red and brown varieties, and the addition of tiny gas bubbles may create a golden shimmer. 

Obsidian Meaning

The Aztecs constructed flat sheets of Obsidian into scrying mirrors, and ancient peoples created arrowheads and axes with these magical properties. A strongly protective stone, Obsidian shapes a shield against negativity, supplying a grounding cord from the base chakra to the center of the earth.  It captivates negative energy from the environment and blocks psychic attack as well as negative spiritual influences. Obsidian conducts clarity to the mind and clears mind confusion. Giving a deep soul healing, Obsidian goes back to past lives to heal discharging emotions or trauma that carried forward into the present, bringing back the clarity to emotions.

Obsidian is considered a truth-enhancing stone. Obsidian pulls out mental stress and tension. It restores growth on all levels, and opens new horizons.

Obsidian was used to create deadly spears, arrowheads, and other weapons from the Paleolithic Age.

As time went by, ancient people began using obsidian for other major purposes. Obsidian was also carved into kitchen utensils and other housewares. On the other hand, Shamans and healers admired obsidian for its spiritual properties.  

Back in 77 AD Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder’s encyclopedic work Natural History mentioned the word obsidian for the first time. It noted that obsidian glass was similar to a stone discovered in Ethiopia by a traveler named Obsidius.

Obsidian stones carried a special place of honor within the Mayan Empire. The Mayans adored obsidian the way others desired gold. Mayan merchants used to exchange obsidian as a form of currency. The Mayans even believed that obsidian mirrors tell out the future.

Centuries later, the Aztec Empire came to revere obsidian as well. The Aztecs linked the striking volcanic glass with Itzli, the god of stone.


Obsidian Healing Properties

Obsidian meanings can give a life full of peace, self-love, patience, and happiness.

Obsidian stands for the truth in all – the pretty and the ugly, the good and the bad. It will surely help you to better understand both the light and darkness in your soul. In addition, this stone can help you turn away from that darkness to accept light and love.

Obsidian stones can also soothe any type of aggressive energy with clear patience. As a result, you’ll be able to get control of the challenges and find self-acceptance.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Giving you clearness to the mind and clears confusion. Helping you find your true self. Obsidian liquifies emotional blockages and past traumas. Encourages qualities of compassion and strength.

This stone has the power to remove all kinds of stress, fatigue, and guilt from the body, thus healing it moderately. 

Obsidian has the capability of revealing many of your secrets and it can answer your biggest questions about life and love. It can manifest to you the meaning of the deepest mysteries of your life, the people you love, and the world in general.


Obsidian is protective and perfectly composed to help you heal deeply, is known for keeping you in the clear path when it comes to negative emotions and negative mindset. It has the power to keep you focused and determined on things on your way.

Obsidian is here to help you to let go of disharmony that has assembled from your day to day life.


Obsidian helps digestion and detoxifies.  It reduces pain from arthritis, joint problems and cramps.  It can also warm lower extremities.

It has a strong healing energy, and is known to aid the free of addictions, eating disorders, and negative behaviors.


Light healers hungered for Obsidian and crystal gazers also sought the stone so they could look great deeper into the spiritual realms.

Obsidian grants an unimagined depth, on your  emotional nature and aids with any type of obsession. It cleanse the atmosphere of negative spiritual influences and represents protection against psychic attacks. 

Obsidian Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Wearing Obsidian

To enhance your obsidian crystal for healing, keep a piece of this stone in your purse or pocket. Every time you need support on your healing journey, hold your crystal and allow it to comfort your spirit. 

Wearing Obsidian as your jewelry is a powerful way to tie up with the stone’s energy throughout the day. Your obsidian necklace, bracelet or earrings can conduct awareness to any negative energy you want to let go.  This stone also breaks negative attachments to people with whom you have been close. 

If you value integrity, this stone is a match for you, keeping you straight and narrow. It increases the focus and coordination of your mind to the real situation for you to stay alert all day.

Obsidian at Home

Obsidian is a perfect stone for balancing out your home and keeping the entire space protected. This stone is powerful as it has volcanic rich elements for earth, fire, water, and even air,

It may also be placed in a black obsidian in a particular room of your home with the intention of protecting a certain area of your life. Obsidian can also be placed at the main entrance of your house so the energy, people, and opportunities come into your home and your life. If you’re looking for extra protection around what or who you are allowing in, you can place black obsidian near your front door.

Usually the bedroom is the area which is the most closely connected to you, so black obsidian placed in your bedroom can help with personal protection. This is a great healing for feeling particularly ungrounded or anxious, especially when you’re trying to sleep. 

Obsidian at Work

Your home office or workspace represents your career. Black obsidian on your desk or in your home office can be helpful if you feel like you need more protective energy in your work life. 

Placing obsidian on your workstation or home office makes you feel more protected especially from negative vibes coming your way. It’s a way to get rid of stress and heavy feeling when getting too much work. 

Obsidian can be your partner for getting things done accordingly, giving you clearer mind and heart to start the day right.

Meditation with Obsidian

Obsidian is surely a powerful protection stone. Imagine having this stone around you can give extra protection power you can receive when you send energy through meditation. During meditation, the aura will be enriched with a strong, securely black obsidian armor. You can’t go wrong with these extra shields by obsidian crystals.

If you’re trying to use it for exploring your astral realm, you may put it under your pillow or on the table beside your bed with an intention to have relevant dreams or getting advanced with your astral travel.

People and relationships

Obsidian is not exactly a stone for love, but it’s healing power can help you move forward and learn to start a new chapter for a relationship.

It can also be a protection on your on-going relationship from issues, and problems you’re both facing. Overall, it can surround you with both positive energies making you feel more intimate.

As negative thoughts can give you reason to hate each other, obsidian can help you remove all of those and help you build a strong foundation in your relationship.

Obsidian and Chakras

Obsidian has the first primary chakra called base chakra, also known as the root chakra.  This chakra is located at the base of the spine. Red or black are colors associated with the root chakra which are good for grounding or defining stability.

These are also representing passion for life, or strong grounding feelings.

Muladhara is also a name for Root Chakra, (derived from two Sanskrit words, Mula meaning “root” and adhara, meaning “support” or “base”), in Sanskrit, Mula means “root” and Adhara means “support” or “base”.  is located at the base of your spine and creates the foundation for all the chakras that lie above it.  

Root Chakra has an earth energy which is associated with safety and the feeling of grounding. It controls the functioning of the lower part of the body, including kidneys, bladder, lower spines, and lower back.

Obsidian Beauty Products

Black Obsidian Beauty Wand & Roller - Ultimately, Black Obsidian’s primary benefit is that of protection. Because of its ability to draw in bad energy, it protects its user from negativity. This gemstone often speaks to the minimalist, and is connected to the root-chakra to promote balance and inner-peace. It has a strong healing energy, and is known to aid in improving your mental wellbeing, while releasing your emotional blockages. Its strong vibrations also act to remove built-up stress and self-doubt. Black obsidian is excellent for calming and softening the skin, while minimizing the appearance of pores, and helping to prevent breakouts.

Obsidian Sex Toys

Obsidian G-spot Yoni Wand - Look no further for the sensational erotic zone known as the G-spot. Allow our obsidian yoni wand to discover your root of pleasure hidden within you. Our obsidian crystal dildo's curve rapidly sparks climax. As you indulge in the sleek obsidian crystal sex toy, you will be overcome by intense power followed by serenity.

Obsidian Gem Water 

This Obsidian Crystal Water Bottle contains a genuine Black Obsidian Crystal to infuse and recharge your drinking water. It can turn your water into an Obsidian Elixir and start recharging, cleansing, and reviving yourself inside out. 

Obsidian Shapes and Forms

Raw Obsidian

This is a Raw Obsidian stone but some of it has a rainbow constructed which has an added effect to the person owning it or having the stone. Reminding the person that there’s always a rainbow waiting for you once darkness or trials challenged you along the way.

Obsidian Tumbled

Tumbled obsidian can help us channel our answers from our spirit to our higher selves. This shape is a lot more beneficial when meditating. It is put inside the pocket or put under the pillow, on the table in any part of the house or keep it inside your bag and carry it anywhere you go with a strong feeling of positivity.

Snowflake Obsidian

This obsidian stone is considered a protective stone, which is supposed to protect its owner/wearer from coming dangers, false friends, negative influences and also from black magic. This is one of the most important healing stones of all types of obsidian. Snowflake Obsidian strengthens the character and encourages unused strengths.

Mahogany Obsidian

This Tumbled Mahogany Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass and found in areas with volcanic activity including Japan, South America, Afghanistan, Mexico, and parts of the western United States.

This is described as a deep reddish-brown with black inclusions. The typical coloring comes from high concentrations of iron. Tumbled mahogany obsidian gives both grounding and protection, and as a stone of reflection helps inner reflection and mirroring flaws while encouraging self-acceptance and decision making.

Obsidian Crystal Combinations

For combining multiple stones with obsidian, you can try with some earth stones like Hematite, Pyrite, Garnet, Halite, Black Tourmaline, Onyx, Jasper, Jade, and Agate.

Based on their energies, earth stones will help you attain strong and stable ground that can provide you the right amount of confidence.

Many of the protection stones also have a strong spiritual grounding energy, and may benefit you in many areas.

These are stones that can be beneficial to each other when combined: Black Diopside, Black Tourmaline, Shamanite Black Calcite, Sphalerite, or Hematite.

Obsidian Origin

United States, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Iceland, Russia, New Zealand, Japan, and Kenya - significant deposits of black obsidian can be found in these areas.

Arizona, California, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Wyoming - These are the states where obsidian can be found within the US. Hawaii and Alaska are also locations where you can only find obsidians.

Virginia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina - Eastern U.S. states where you can find deposits of obsidian stones.

Obsidian Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Black Obsidian birthstone and zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Archer is the zodiac symbol for Sagittarius, and the ninth astrological sign. The element for this is Fire ruled by the planet Jupiter. Sagittarius are kind, frank, generous, and courageous with higher human aspirations and idealisms. They are all about positivity, with big-hearted generosity, love to travel, and have a flawless sense of humor that keeps them in good relationships with friends and family. 

For Snowflake's Obsidian, it is considered to be the birthstone of Scorpio. Those born in November, being a fire sign with all energy and force. Scorpions enhance the great qualities that are already within you, allowing you to touch into your personal power. Scorpios, people who are born between October 23rd and November 21st are passionate, loyal, and independent. They definitely have a strong drive that will let them achieve anything they want. When using a Scorpio Birthstone, the qualities that are within these people will certainly improve.

How To Care For Obsidian

To maintain an obsidian, it can wrap in a cotton or soft velvet cloth and store it separately from other stones that create scratches,

It must be kept away from other chemicals like bleach, detergents with harsh ingredients, and also some cosmetics that are long-lasting to avoid stains.

You can store it in any place inside your house, but exposing it to sunlight can cause deeper color display and may fade over time although its color does not affect its ability to produce energy.

But be aware of its color structure or if its color has changed in that area try to find some more color-safe places to avoid its effect.

How To Cleanse Obsidian

There are many ways to clean an Obsidian. You can use any running water, salt water, or even water from rain.

  • By using running water, too much exposure or soaking it in a long time may change its color.
  • By cleaning it with salt water, you can soak it with a quick rinse and not expose it to sunlight after getting it from the sea or the saltwater.
  • You can also use the rainwater to clean it, the more natural the more helpful for the stone to regain its energy produced when wearing it.
  • You can use soap with mild ingredients and no need to brush it. You can wipe it with a soft cloth and rinse it.
  • Mist sprays are also safe when cleaning obsidian, it has ingredients that are meant to keep stones the way it was before and still in effect.
  • By doing these steps and using those ways to cleanse the stone, It allows the crystal to reset and regain its energies and powers that were subjected to it.

How To Program Obsidian

For removing unwanted energy, obsidian is good for clearing any unwanted energy in our own aura or even our home. Best way you can easily do this is by simply sweeping it over your body, passing a piece of obsidian over your whole body can help clear your area.

You can charge and at the same time cleanse your Obsidian in the lunar energy by putting it outside or placing it on your window when the moon is the largest and brightest. Since Obsidian is a grounding stone, it can be pleasant to sit your stone on the earth. It recharges the stone to its highest level using this method.

Obsidian stones are a highly vibrating stone, and its vibrations can attach and balance your root Chakra. Using this sound method to cleanse and restore your Obsidian is a great way to bridge with the Obsidian’s vibrations, balance it and harmonize it with positive energy. 

By using a tuning fork, sound bowl, or by reciting chants, call your Obsidian in a cleansing ceremony to help direct the negative pollution from the stone and increase the power of its vibrations. Sound cleansing is very helpful if you combine it with another crystal or stone to cleanse at one time. 

Where to buy Obsidian

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Crystal Structure:

Not crystalline


Typical hardness of 5 to 5.5



Chemical Composition:

Consists mainly of SiO2 (silicon dioxide), usually 70% by weight or more.


Root Chakra

Astrological Sign:

Sagittarius and Scorpio

Numerical vibration:

5, 5.5


United States, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Iceland, Russia, New Zealand, Japan, Kenya, Arizona, California, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Wyoming, Virginia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina


Not rare

physical conditions:

Hard, brittle, and amorphous; it therefore fractures with sharp edges.

Emotional conditions:

Helping you find your true self. Liquifies emotional blockages and past traumas. Encourages qualities of compassion and strength.

spiritual purposes:

Grants an unimagined depth, on your  emotional nature and aids with any type of obsession. It cleanse the atmosphere of negative spiritual influences and represents protection against psychic attacks. 

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