Dragon Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

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What is Dragon Stone?

Dragon Stone is a stunning gemstone with a reddish tint and pale streaks flowing through this one. It can be a feature that every Jasper gemstones share. Its moniker is derived from the Ancient Greek phrase "dotted gemstone," referring to its patterned, ignited, observed, and kaleidoscopic look. The crimson markings on this crystal were thought to represent blood drops by the ancient Greeks. As a result, the gemstone is known as Dragon Blood Jasper or Dragon Stone.

Inside a translucent backdrop, this gemstone has streaks and sparkles of crimson. This crystal was described in classical myths as good weaponry for fighters or anybody facing disputes and obstacles. Several people thought that this gemstone could halt the flow of blood. According to legend, spouses of fighters often offer Dragon Stone to their partners and urge them to take it with them to improve circulation from the trauma inflicted by cutting blades or soaring crossbows.

Dragon Stone Meaning

Dragon stone, known as Bastite, is an excellent Kundalini force stimulator. This uncommon, lovely green gemstone opens your meridians and increases your imagination across all aspects. Dragon stone flushes and straightens your channels and the solar system systems, making it an excellent environmental remedy. According to folklore, these gemstones comprise preserved bone fragments from ancient dragons. This gemstone is known for helping regulate yin and yang energy and mood.

Dragon Stone encourages all forms of inventiveness and bravery, and willpower. It has a vitality that may provide us with the determination and tenacity to achieve significant objectives and undertakings. It's also supposed to assist in the awakening of our kundalini force and activate Humanity's Kundalini, also called dragon energy.

Conception and libido desire is reported to be enhanced by Dragon Blood Jasper. It also stimulates and harmonizes all of the meridians. It assists us in letting go of previous, obsolete habits and pursuing novel and valuable jobs and careers. It is also supposed to offer information and assistance while relocating to a different venue.

This gemstone is also known as Dragon Stone, and with good reason. Everyone who accesses the powers of the magnificent gemstone appears to be guaranteed the boldness and assurance of that tremendous fabled entity. Blood Jasper, as often as it epitomizes the steely resolve, also enables users who have been knocked down a couple of rough times on reality's harrowing journey to rest and rejuvenate.

There are several motivations to embrace this gemstone into your existence, one of which is to aid with bodily injuries and sicknesses or to overcome a sick and restless soul that's been through way too many ordeals.

Healing Properties of Dragon Stone

Dragon Stone is a therapeutic gemstone that encourages bravery, vigor, and endurance in its wearer. It will help you on physiological, social, intellectual, and individual levels, particularly if you are going through a complex process. This gemstone will help you stay rooted and balanced. Whatever problems you face, you will stay firm and calm.

Dragon Stone can increase energy in your atmosphere and biological makeup. It will assist you in developing and accomplishing performance missions. It's a gemstone that will offer delight to every one of your dealings with others and will assist you in attracting the attention of anybody with whom you engage.

Dragon Stone will also ground your supernatural force via your heart chakra. It will protect you from feeling lonely or depressed, and it will continue to preserve your energy high. It will also shield you from the poison of unpleasant individuals by surrounding you with protecting forces.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Dragon Stone will motivate you to substitute your identity impulses with good deeds to others and concern for the planet's well-being. Nevertheless, it will not drag you down if you obey all laws to the letter. Furthermore, it will instill a sense of tenacity and devotion. It will inspire you to hold on to what you believe is right, defend it, and strive for it with all your power.

Dragon Stone will teach you about becoming a fantastic comrade and a good adversary. It will assist you in developing the person one is or dispelling all wrong perceptions about yourself. It's also a gemstone that helps you cure yourself and raise your Energy field. Using a Dragon Stone crystal, your vibrations are activated, and your mystical progress is enhanced.


Dragon Stone is a mental strengthener that can help you overcome any harmful or unpleasant conditions that reduce your mental energy. It will assist you in locating your mental toggle, allowing your mind to chime with the rhythm of the excellent condition further. Dragon Stone's therapeutic powers will also aid your system in mystical detoxification.

Among other Jasper gemstones, Dragon Stone will remain dedicated instead of quickly. It will assist you in regaining mental and social balance. Dragon Stone is also said to aid in breaking unhealthy routines and introducing new behaviors. It will enable you to be tossed around by reality's circumstances, and it will permit you to feel dread and perplexity.

Dragon Stone will motivate you to substitute your identity impulses with acts of kindness to others and concern for the planet's well-being. It will allow you to engage in self-indulgence and perhaps slip into painful and destructive routines for you to get strong and to encourage instruction afterward.


Disclaimer: While gemstones are promoted as our guide in life, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor for serious medical problems.

Blood Jasper is a beautiful gemstone for diagnosing and preventing sickness. The heart, gut, colon, and lungs would help all gain. It could also help the bile ducts and liver operate better. It could help you relax and improve your taste and smell. It could also help to maintain the body's natural equilibrium.

Its therapeutic qualities may both guard and mend the body. Pneumonia, hepatitis, and Immune System disorders are all conditions that could recover from it. Backaches, pains, and the usual cold and cough could be relieved with Blood Jasper. It can help you maintain your muscular stamina and motivate you to follow your food and lifestyle plans.

It can aid the cell's healing time and activate the intestinal tract. It's also thought to help the immune function, neurological framework, mind, and hormone levels. However, in addition to its therapeutic effects, Jasper may also offer you a great deal of energy in general, which can help you with regular tasks and prevent diseases for the first time.

Whereas good nutrition and plenty of movement are far more critical, you may indeed touch your immunity being bolstered by the crystal's bold resolve and winning mentality.


Soldiers were granted Dragons Stone as a protective amulet. It was said to offer soldiers the bravery of a dragon and the biological regeneration repair of a reptilian when it came to repairing injuries and stopping clotting. It will give an individual the inner power to go down into themselves and confront their most profound realities and repressed backstories. It helps build personality by accepting those realities with compassion and knowledge. Embracing oneself is the first step toward realizing one's inherent strength.

Wearing Dragon Stone

Wearing this magnificent Dragon stone helps bring tremendous energy into the person, keeping it energized and robust. It's a courageous gemstone, assisting in discharging all anxieties, timidity, and ego. It aids in the development of a profound perception of the self by assisting the individual in rediscovering and tapping into areas of oneself that they may have neglected.

It's a potent journeying crystal since it awakens the soul to healing, both from others and oneself. One can only adore and accept everyone through forgiving oneself, resulting in a tremendous interaction of Heart and Root forces.

Dragon Stone at Home and Work

Dragon Stone is a potent amulet that may help you convert a negative aspect of human existence into a positive element. It's an amazing gemstone acquired if you need to find another way or approach to accomplish anything. This stone can assist you in building strong connections that will enhance your health.

A powerful relic, Dragon Stone, will carry you away from harm. It will safeguard and support your attempts to attain monetary sustainability in retirement. The eastern and southern corners of your house or bedroom are ideal for Dragon Stone.

This gemstone will attract energy and enthusiasm into your life and improve your blood ties, wellness, and wealth. This gemstone may help parents who are having trouble comprehending or gaining together with their kids. By storing Dragon Stone in a container, including some cash, you can indeed bring riches and fortune. Put it where the sunlight may reflect on it at your house or business.

Meditation with Dragon Stone

Dragon Stone is a gemstone you must carry with you if you're looking for physiological, psychological, psychic, or academic assistance while facing complicated situations and difficulties. Individuals who meditate with Dragon Stone experience a surge of fresh energy, particularly bravery and endurance. Dragon Stone's qualities hold you rooted and guarantee that your energy is focused on the fundamental issues in reality.

Purely, no matter how daunting an issue appears to be, having the faith and confidence that you will overcome it will assist. Participating in meditation and sitting with this magnificent Dragon Stone gemstone can provide that assurance. Start by looking at the combination of hues in your Dragon Stone and the tremendous external causes that joined together to create it if you ever have any questions or anxieties.

People and Relationships

Dragon Stone summons the soft power of empathy, tolerance, and affection. Once it pertains to feelings, Dragon Stone will assist you in getting the conviction to do that with what you desire and consider it exclusive. It will increase your resolve and inspire you to speak your mind openly.

It will also foster a drive to assist somebody you care about, as well as a real need to see them pleased and affluent. This gemstone will provide you with the perseverance to create a genuine, sincere, beneficial, and successful difference in people’s lives.

Dragon Stone will help you comprehend your personal feelings by connecting directly to your chakra system. It will motivate you to pay attention to what your emotions are telling you and provide you with the confidence to act.

It will strengthen your will to confront whatever suppressed or firmly embedded mental distress and seek a coherent approach. Dragon Stone will assist you in confronting your fears and challenges straightforwardly.

Dragon Stone Crystal Therapies

All gemstones have their layout, and they could serve as a reminder of your unique abilities and how to develop them. Part of our problems will be solved by trust and conviction. In contrast, the other part will determine when you are using your previous knowledge and expertise to get the most significant result.

Once combined with a March Birthstone, Dragon Stone is said to give pleasure to your existence, particularly in your partnerships. The crystal's abilities will earn you the admiration and devotion of your coworkers, acquaintances, and family members, as well as assist you in communicating and working with them more effectively.

As you'll be conscious of just how much the tiniest of attempts materialize on a grander range to take you another inch ahead to the end zone, Dragon Stone will empower you to keep striving for yourself rather than accomplish them in the business world. The heart chakra is indeed found to benefit from Dragon Stone since it pushes horrible and painful feelings away, such as anger, sadness, and isolation. It guarantees that your love has a place in anything you do.

Dragon Stone and Chakras

Dragon Stone strengthens and expresses the Heart Chakra. To fight for change and fairness. It balances masculinity and femininity elements and cognitive, social, physiological, and auric forces to reconcile the system. This gemstone helps to expand the soul and let go of anxieties. It also shields the Heart Chakra by enveloping it in an energy barrier. You may sense positive vitality as you activate your Heart Chakra, which will allow you to be more eager to welcome progress and try new things.

The Root Chakra, situated at the bottom of the backbone, is activated by the Dragon Stone. Since it delivers vitality further into Root Chakra, it pulls good, caring energies from Humanity's burning center. When the Root Chakra is stimulated, different energy output, excitement, enhanced raw prowess, and stamina are all felt. It promotes self-acceptance and safety.

It has excellent power in sparking the energy field, which leads to beautiful long enlightenment. The rising of Kundalini sends vitality spiraling up through the brain and then around the temples, culminating in a deep mystical connection. Kundalini power is also referred to as Dragon or Serpent power. Hence a Dragon is by far the most potent symbol.

Dragon Stone Crystal Combinations

Dragon Stone may assist you in regulating your wrath and dramatic eruptions if you have trouble regulating your emotions. You may use it with gemstones including Agate, Amazonite, Aragonite, Bloodstone, or Caribbean Calcite, suitable for emotional regulation.

Several gemstones and minerals that match this rock include Black Onyx, Chrysocolla, Goldstone, Howlite, Lepidolite, Peridot, Rhodonite, Smoky Quartz, Sodalite, Shungite, and Turquoise. While combined with Chrysoprase, Astrophyllite, Tourmaline, Snowflake Obsidian, or Unakite, Dragon Stone can calm you down when you have depression episodes.

Dragon Stone Origin

Dragon Stones, officially known as Ohko stones, were first discovered in Japan, among rivers, streams, and the seashore. Within the Dragon Stone, wave action from the tidal currents forms the distinctive cracks and swirls, subsequently cemented by the sunlight.

Dragon Stone Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

The zodiac gemstone for Leos is Dragon Stone. It is also a gemstone for people born in July and August. The four critical traits of Leo's temperament are empathy and significance, knowledge, ambition, and natural leadership. Leos are noted for their charity of attention, talent, esteem, and wealth. Leos are born with a solid, strong sense of self. As a consequence, Leos are drawn to other people.

Dragon Stone Energy Color

Brown is a color typically linked with durability, reliability, stability, and protection, and it is also considered substantial, similar to the ground. Insignificant numbers might appear huge, harsh, and barren, like a barren expanse empty of anything. Brown is typically regarded as organic, earthy, and traditional, yet life may also refine it. It, like other darker hues, is linked to more unpleasant feelings.

Each hue corresponds to a distinct feng shui component in feng shui, a technique for balancing your surroundings. Brown may be either deep and thick timber or spacious soil. Brown must be used carefully in your design and harmonized with other hues to prevent a lack of willingness and purpose, despite its dynamic, caring nature. Due to the apparent planet's surface balance, blue is an excellent hue to pair with brown.

How to Care for and Cleanse Dragon Stone

Cleaning Dragon Stone is highly advisable to eliminate any harmful or unwanted vibrations it could have taken up through treatment while using. Upon usage and purification, recharging Dragon Stone restores its activity levels. It's like refilling a power source after its run out of juice. A total eclipse is a fantastic moment to accomplish this and convince you that it is an opportunity to do just that.

How to Program Dragon Stone

Dragon Stone brings benefit, great fortune, and richness into your existence in all aspects. Dragon Stone boosts your primordial power and might help you have visual hallucinations about history. This crystal also connects you to the ground, laying the groundwork for concentration, tenacity, and perseverance. To activate Dragon Stone, ensure to use it in meditation. You may also put it under your pillow at night to improve your dreams.

Final Thoughts on Dragon Stone

The Dragon Stone, also regarded as the Crystal of Strength, is an ancient and revered gem. It will assist you in coming up with new methods to stay energized, engaged, and focused in your journey. It will give you a greater sense of fulfillment that will motivate you to attain your objectives. Your chakra system will also anchor you with positive psychic power.

It'll inspire you of the great heritage around this lovely Dragon Stone crystal each time you glance at this. Dragon Stone is a beautiful friendship gemstone and unique present for the safe and healthy work hero or general folks in your existence. It will infuse your immune system and individual life force system with powerful rhythms of sensory vigor and improved health.


Brown, Green, Red, Venusian-Green, Blood Red, Olive Green

Crystal Structure:






Chemical Composition:

n{Ca2(Al2Fe3+)[SiO][SiO]O(OH)} p{Ca2(Al2Mn3+)[Si2O7][SiO4]O(OH)}


Heart, Root

Astrological Sign:


Numerical vibration:



Japan, Australia and South Africa



physical conditions:
Emotional conditions:

instill a sense of tenacity and devotion

spiritual purposes:

gives inner power to confront realities

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Dragon Stone
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